Holiday Fun Finds: The Dollar Store | Walmart | Target | Michaels PLUS DIY Gift Box Room



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Information Holiday Fun Finds: The Dollar Store | Walmart | Target | Michaels PLUS DIY Gift Box Room

Title : Holiday Fun Finds: The Dollar Store | Walmart | Target | Michaels PLUS DIY Gift Box Room

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Frames Holiday Fun Finds: The Dollar Store | Walmart | Target | Michaels PLUS DIY Gift Box Room

Description Holiday Fun Finds: The Dollar Store | Walmart | Target | Michaels PLUS DIY Gift Box Room

Holiday Fun Finds: The Dollar Store | Walmart | Target | Michaels PLUS DIY Gift Box Room

Holiday Fun Finds: The Dollar Store | Walmart | Target | Michaels PLUS DIY Gift Box Room

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itzcream 2 months ago

Hi Froggy!Love your channel!❤️

Tamia Ali
Tamia Ali 2 months ago

Watching from 2021😁🎊🎉

KODU EI NÄPI SINA 2 months ago

5:32 you should make a scene where shopie and her freinds became tiny and they where in that town

Abdhulla Razmi
Abdhulla Razmi 2 months ago

I like dolls to 😀🌲

Francis Ashagbley
Francis Ashagbley 2 months ago

Can you make a helmet for Ken dolls

Kelly Stockdale
Kelly Stockdale 2 months ago

December 2020 anyone? Like if ur watching in 2020 December with coviddddddd :((

Evelyn D
Evelyn D 2 months ago

Toya stitch some black where teddy's ear should be to make it look like she has had him for a long time and his ear fell off

Alia Garner
Alia Garner 2 months ago

shoe box/

Jessica Bennett
Jessica Bennett 2 months ago

Challenge use nothing but Christmas stuff to make a doll room

Yasso Mohamed
Yasso Mohamed 2 months ago

I love you froggy ❤️❤️❤️💕♥️💖💗

Maya Rae
Maya Rae 2 months ago

Mom: Ok it's not even Christmas
Me: but it's My Froggy Stuff

Mark Mcwaters
Mark Mcwaters 2 months ago

how do you find good miniatures like that. 🤔🤔

Nataila _twinky
Nataila _twinky 2 months ago


Andile Nzama
Andile Nzama 2 months ago

Please do more doll hunting

꧁ ღ An Awkward Crybaby ღ ꧂

Why am I watching Toya's Christmas videos on March?

Because I can >w<

riley 1012 awasome
riley 1012 awasome 2 months ago

Make a space video

Larry Owens
Larry Owens 2 months ago

They had my little Christmas at Walmart it's a pack with mini cookies and milk and mini ornaments

Senka Lemez
Senka Lemez 2 months ago

What Walmart dollat tree and tarhet do you go to!?! I can barely find any of those things😫

Stephanie Belcher
Stephanie Belcher 2 months ago

Hi love your vids so much ❤️❤️

Saloni Gurung
Saloni Gurung 2 months ago

Froggy=Few things
Me=uhhhhh it looks like I went for clothes shooping

lia just lia
lia just lia 2 months ago

You know what they say Time flies

Makayla Keel
Makayla Keel 2 months ago

Hi my froggy stuff your barbies are so pretty I love horses so please do more horse videos about horse toys love your videos so much I also love spirit riding free and free rein so much those two shows are my fav haha Barbie house for a Barbie thanks so much for reading this comment

DAHBACXN 2 months ago


Dana 2 months ago

Forggy I love your bids but this is not that good...... Sorry but happy Christmas froggy sorry again

nadia jamil🌺
nadia jamil🌺 2 months ago

So cute !!! So so sooo ** cooooll !!!!

Georgia Bond
Georgia Bond 2 months ago

I wannnnt a smart doll

Hollie-May Farnsworth

The poor little dog is a pug like if you noticed comment if you didn't 😁💩❤️

Gabrielle Paz
Gabrielle Paz 2 months ago

Your chairs aren't short, they're made to use at the beach. Regular chairs sit too high in the sand, while the lower ones let you stretch your legs out for sunning.

CatStudios 2 months ago

Once I had a pink teddy bear with a santa hat on one side of its head. I cut the hat off (it was only stitched on) and it had 2 ears uwu

CatStudios 2 months ago

sadly I have no craft stores or good miniatures in my country TwT

Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 2 months ago

Yo dudes I'm new here

Sparkle Light
Sparkle Light 2 months ago

I have that LPS!!!

just jaylin
just jaylin 2 months ago


Like to be a citizen of FROGGY WORLD

No one just me okay yay

Antony Nguyen
Antony Nguyen 2 months ago

Go to Michaels day have more perfect trees for your doll.

Geraldine Bathan
Geraldine Bathan 2 months ago

I made a tiny christmas from buying items and I got an amazing result :)

Sumit Verma
Sumit Verma 2 months ago

I think you should make a custom Santa doll and make a place where your tiny dolls such as young Chloe and Sophie to tell Santa there Christmas wish’s :)

Just Jada
Just Jada 2 months ago

I love the festive sweaters. Just adorable.

Kaylee W
Kaylee W 2 months ago

I lo
I love
I love yo
I love your
I love your ch
I love your chan
I love your Chanel

noriana p
noriana p 2 months ago


Nxggets_rxblx 123
Nxggets_rxblx 123 2 months ago


Casie Connor
Casie Connor 2 months ago

2 days until by Birthday and 4 days until Christmas!

Edit:And,Yes I liked my own comment<3

polly kahny
polly kahny 2 months ago

Can you please look through your videos and look at the video of when you made a costume for the dolls that was a horse and barbie costume and can you please make me one I liked when you made it. Keagan Gordon you don't have to do it if you don't want to you don't have to.

Daisy Hallett
Daisy Hallett 2 months ago

I love you guys

Janelle Charles
Janelle Charles 2 months ago

Hi Toya and bella

Naila Davis
Naila Davis 2 months ago

Pls do a series for the smart dolls

Naila Davis
Naila Davis 2 months ago

4:18 soooooo cute!!!

Paisley Parrish
Paisley Parrish 2 months ago


Jan Wear
Jan Wear 2 months ago

It is wreaths not Reefs

Reborninlondonuk Phillpot

Why not make the teddy a ear

Patricia Jankey
Patricia Jankey 2 months ago

I followed froggy for years until she sold out. She worries more about unboxing And shipping than actually recycling.. very disappointed as she WAS my idol.

Oonagh72 2 months ago

You ought to make these backgrounds and sell them to YouTubers to use in their videos.

BTS ARMY FOREVER 2 months ago

Love you Froggy! 😘😍💙💚💛🧡💜💋👄💕💖💓❤

Maggie M
Maggie M 2 months ago

Great ideas!! 💕💕👌🏼

Tory Miller
Tory Miller 2 months ago

Can you make a Santa fan girl or a Charlie Brown fan girl I love you channel

avathegame_gurl sykes

The necklace looks like Collin keys necklace

Angie Demoncada
Angie Demoncada 2 months ago

the disco ball is a bit much, but the rest is nice

Sophie Leggett
Sophie Leggett 2 months ago

Love your channel ♥♥

Taher Evers
Taher Evers 2 months ago

Do a georgia themed room ilyyy

Delighted Mommy
Delighted Mommy 2 months ago

My daughter and I went on a scavenger hunt at Target today. I was hoping to find the beanie hat but no luck. But we did find the dogs and dog houses. Next time we are going to Walmart to find the bear and lanterns 🥰

Demie-leigh 2 months ago

I remember watching you when I was like twelve !! omg so glad you still do this haha

Warieshka Mangal
Warieshka Mangal 2 months ago

Aaawww 😍😍😍... I would lovee a gift like thattt 😍😍😍

Zena Morgan
Zena Morgan 2 months ago

I wish I saw this sooner

Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk 2 months ago

My sister lives in mcdonnah Georgia do you live near there?

Sonia Stensli
Sonia Stensli 2 months ago

I looooooveee yooooouuuuu❤️❤️❤️

J S 2 months ago

Best you tuber EVER ♡♡♡♡♡

J S 2 months ago

I love u so much

Lexi 2 months ago

What if you decorated the dream house? I bet it'll look adorable. 💙 u

Abigail Torres
Abigail Torres 2 months ago

Make darbie show holiday special 2018

Abigail Torres
Abigail Torres 2 months ago

Biggest fan ever

Rachel Otremba
Rachel Otremba 2 months ago

These are all so cute! I love all the uses you found for them!

jerome domenc
jerome domenc 2 months ago

Nice fun finds 🐸 frogging

SageGreenPhoenix 2 months ago

Froggy I love your channel sooooooo much I watch it every day

Brandy Grantham
Brandy Grantham 2 months ago

Who loves froggy
1 like eque

ava bentley
ava bentley 2 months ago

I found sooo many things for my 18’ dolls at dollar general including a tree!

bxmbi 2 months ago

Can you DIY a Christmas sweater/ outfit?

Brandy Grantham
Brandy Grantham 2 months ago

Dear froggy i cant go a week without watching ur channel 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

LPS Ballerina
LPS Ballerina 2 months ago

I am a LPS (littlest pet shop) collector and these are all so amazing!! And good! Great finds 👍🏻!!

gottem 2 months ago


Gucci Dolls
Gucci Dolls 2 months ago

Is it ironic that i have alot of the items in this video

Pogo Z
Pogo Z 2 months ago

I follow her on instagram 😂

Percy Jackson and Marvel fan

I LOVE this! So searching my local Target and Dollar store!

Ahmet Emir
Ahmet Emir 2 months ago

What is your real name? 😋 You're so cute. Wish we met 😞

SamuraiFighterChick 2 months ago

I actually use wrapping paper for scrapbooking! It’s very thin and easy to manipulate.

William Schubert Daugberg

Plz read This Cormment Can you make a Christmas pecial darbie show and it is the nutcracker story when Sofie is Clara and you Can make the story froggy style ❤️just a idea 😘

Ally Clayton
Ally Clayton 2 months ago

I have the tree

Patty Goodrich
Patty Goodrich 2 months ago

I so love this idea.

Catch Up with Shelby
Catch Up with Shelby 2 months ago

Love this great job fright and can you give Carmen bangs like the old days and you can make doll phone cases using fake nails and then you glue them to doll phones it looks so cute

Tessa 2 months ago

can the beaney fit littlest pet shop?

Ajaya Menzies
Ajaya Menzies 2 months ago

Me : well I need to got to target and Walmart ... grabs coat . And grabs mom's keys then I remember I can't drive ugghhhh . Cruel world

MissPeachPig 2 months ago

I love them 😍

SpeechFairies 2 months ago

Add some foam inside the helmet to make it fit! Awesome finds

Lucylicoriceart 2 months ago

I'm really sorry Froggy, but could you maybe turn your intro down a little? It scares me so much when I open your videos. Just a humble request, no offense intended. P.S. I LOVE your videos and I'm super jealous of your smart dolls. Keep being awesome!

olivia harris
olivia harris 2 months ago

Wait where did you get the disco ball ornament?

Pumkies 2 months ago

OMG THIS IS AMAZING!! Why cant i NEVER find these when i go to target and walmart?! 😂😂😂😩😩

Jen Rice
Jen Rice 2 months ago

These are my favorite

Lauren Van der hoven
Lauren Van der hoven 2 months ago

I love the holidays

nyomilo 2 months ago

Holiday videos are the BEST.

nyomilo 2 months ago

You are the best froggy.

fran bartling
fran bartling 2 months ago

Please make a meet Santa booth with elf’s for the Chelsie Dolls!

ViLee 2 months ago

Have you ever thought of doing goodwill fun finds?