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Title : After Christmas Sales 2020

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After Christmas Sales 2020

After Christmas Sales 2020

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Brooke Michelle
Brooke Michelle 2 months ago

Love that little tree! Less than 5 bucks! These are some amazing deals!!

Nikita J
Nikita J 2 months ago

Budgeting is important, looks like u got some good stuff 💚

CestJackie 2 months ago

I wish I had gone shopping right after Christmas. There are so many good deals! 😯

Coach D's Planner Life

After Christmas shopping is awesome! I like to do after Christmas toy shopping for the kids. Love how your daughter will have a little tree in her room.

Lifestyle With Nina
Lifestyle With Nina 2 months ago

Congrats on your pregnancy!! ❤️❤️ I love getting the deals after Christmas, I was getting a mini Christmas tree on Amazon to put on top of my dresser in my room, but it was a bit pricy and I decided not too last minute!

Simply Teresa
Simply Teresa 2 months ago

I did shopping after Christmas too! Mainly because it was my birthday 😊 cant wait to see what all you got!

Adriana DosSantos
Adriana DosSantos 2 months ago

Christmas sales are the best! Just got a new Christmas tree finally after like 15 years of the same one haha. Perfect for next year

Pinch of Soul Cooking

That’s great that you took advantage of the after Christmas sales to get some things for the baby. I really wanted a little table top Christmas tree for my room but I didn’t get out there this year.

Coralie Rose Beauty
Coralie Rose Beauty 2 months ago

You got some cute items here. I love a good post holiday sale. Thanks for sharing

Cindy Yvette
Cindy Yvette 2 months ago

I love buying during the after Christmas sale. You got some great stuff!! I love the little tree ,the pink tree skirt and the little ornaments. So cute!! You can never go wrong with gloves too.

Kim’s Southern Home

I love that you got your new baby some special things for next Christmas! The nativity scene is my favorite

Addie Dwyer
Addie Dwyer 2 months ago

I love the little people nativity set!! I wanted to get one for the kids but couldn't justify the price. I need to look at the sale!!!! I also stocked up on batteries only to need a 1.5volt for several things... the kind I did not buy lol ugh!

Shante D
Shante D 2 months ago

You can never go wrong with batteries. I swear we never buy enough for the Christmas toys lol. Those are some pretty decent plates you got too.

Mariela Merino
Mariela Merino 2 months ago

awesome haul! after xmas sales are the best. i got some good stuff from walmart for 50 percent off. great deals!

Holo Holo Kids
Holo Holo Kids 2 months ago

Nice haul. I missed all the good stuff by the time I went to the stores.

Lifestyle with Sarah
Lifestyle with Sarah 2 months ago

love board books! We have tons of them and they last a while... some have been well used and have been taped lol. we have a few of those little trees in the bathrooms and hallway cupboard. we used to have little hooks for our decor and now we put string on all those type of decor because they sometimes fell of the tree and we were worried the kids would get them. what a great little haul. congrats :)

All Things Tiffany Nicole

You found some good deals. I love your baby girl name.

Parneet Bindra
Parneet Bindra 2 months ago

Love Christmas shopping!! Really liked your stuff.. Lil tree was cute..

Blind & Proud
Blind & Proud 2 months ago

Like the little tree might get one for next year

Marissa Jonasson
Marissa Jonasson 2 months ago

Yay I’m all about after Xmas sales!! Hell I’m about sales period! Omg I love that nativity set and I had no idea that you were pregnant wooohoo congrats!!im loving this