Top 10 Holiday Gifts Under $50


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Title : Top 10 Holiday Gifts Under $50

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Top 10 Holiday Gifts Under $50

Top 10 Holiday Gifts Under $50

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Hannah Heart
Hannah Heart 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing!
Also I found unique gifts from Hawaii and want to share.

Admin User
Admin User 2 months ago

More amazing gifts under $10 at everything is under $10

\-xX[STEVEN]Xx-/ /-xX[GOAT]Xx-\

The best gift for me is money
(Because most people don't really know what I want X'D)

ZEE D 2 months ago

These are some cool ideas for gifts for some special people! Yet without breaking your bank!Featuring some really cool products for anyone. Plus really cool items for cat lovers! this whole week it's a special promotion for all cat related items. This is the discount code for $$$ off NNJAKW1CADHC !

redman777ful 2 months ago

Is this video sponsored by all of these items?

Jason Greene
Jason Greene 2 months ago

Great ideas. This site has drones and smartwatches.

shygirlnow2011 2 months ago

my fave gift under $50 is a pointsettia or make up

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Has anyone else noticed that they upload 4 to 5 vids s day

Brown Tina
Brown Tina 2 months ago

Do u trade whole sale on these sku??

Ashton H
Ashton H 2 months ago

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gift ekart
gift ekart 2 months ago

supper video

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Top Gifts
Top Gifts 2 months ago

Hi, here the best gift ever for Valentine's Day ! You will not be dissapointed !

Robert Almaguer
Robert Almaguer 2 months ago

I lik that last one

Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez 2 months ago

you are not roman Atwood

Paputsza 2 months ago

How is a gaming character from the 70s not an adult thing?

Josiah Dawson
Josiah Dawson 2 months ago

I have the skeletool. It's incredible.

Jumpshot Doctor
Jumpshot Doctor 2 months ago

Check out my amazing videos and subscribe please

ΩNAPKINSΩ 2 months ago

This was just a sad video

Nate Lesan
Nate Lesan 2 months ago

you should do a top 10 gifts for parents...Thumbs up for me

Nate Lesan
Nate Lesan 2 months ago

if you get that pacman you will make any party lit

RageNinja656 2 months ago

my fav under $50 gift is $49

music lover
music lover 2 months ago

CO leader RPZ
CO leader RPZ 2 months ago

that knife oooohoooo

icampbellsoup 2 months ago

what i want to do is buy a fish tank. get soil, plants, etc. make a terrarium. buy a pet spider

Dave 2 months ago

Number 8 LootCrate is better🤓

COOLGREY3 __ 2 months ago

did anyone see the candle "smell my nuts"

Ninja 2 months ago

The Bluetooth speaker was on sale it's really 100 bucks you dumb fuck

Jake Widger
Jake Widger 2 months ago

th key board

outerflame15 2 months ago

i might have to buy my mom the sedum terrarium cuz she loves plants, and its under 50 bucks so i think that is what i'll buy her for Christmas

Nuke_Clan 2 months ago

i cant find the speaker on amazon someone help with link

Voidfaller 2 months ago

at 2:26 if you turn on generated subtitles it says it's not very good XP

cK 2 months ago

Breh gtx 1080 founders edition

Eratous 2 months ago

at 6:16 he said echo system Lol XD

Christian The Crafter

I have number 7

BROCKLY 2 months ago

atleast fucking link us the sites MOJO STEP YO GAME UP!

Peter Standaert
Peter Standaert 2 months ago

If you want the speaker get a IHip sound machine

theo smith
theo smith 2 months ago


Toyz Rule
Toyz Rule 2 months ago

I have the blue speaker in the thumbnail. it is absolutely horrible don't get it

Uncle burn
Uncle burn 2 months ago

oooooooo shit the puns are to strong isjejcjdjejejfuckfidjejv

Harjot Singh
Harjot Singh 2 months ago

How much is #7

G Kitt
G Kitt 2 months ago

I have the DKnight magic box

Andreia Santos
Andreia Santos 2 months ago

what would you give to someone who asked you something to stop time so he would have more time to watch films?

Freewillpack76 2 months ago

What about the sound bot sb571 that is exactly or better than the dknight and it i about as portable as it

DaciaSS 2 months ago

Sanatete maica.....aiai mai buna ca toate.....bunicii 2000-2016

Leonard Bawit
Leonard Bawit 2 months ago

What about gift cards

Top Ten Present
Top Ten Present 2 months ago

thanks for your grate video i got some wonderful informetoin.

JackkBurnss 2 months ago

The speaker looks cool

LpsRoses 2 months ago

how about kids

Pr0v0ked _
Pr0v0ked _ 2 months ago

How much is the pac man ghost

Jadon Gooldy
Jadon Gooldy 2 months ago

u guys are running out of ideas, not trying to be rude, whats next top 10 bridges in movies

Plasmer 2 months ago

How about POPCORN

RiceRiceBaby 929
RiceRiceBaby 929 2 months ago

That's right! Keep buying from amazon. Job security for me, woot!

Taylor Ward
Taylor Ward 2 months ago

You do realize most of you viewers aren't middle-aged, right? No one would want any of these!

Taylor Ward
Taylor Ward 2 months ago


HollowTV 2 months ago

Thankyou😀😀😀this really helped!!

hersh23 2 months ago

Holy fuck at 01:21! There's a music video for "Junior Kickstart" by The Go! Team!? NO WAY!! :D

AL Eshem
AL Eshem 2 months ago

how about just giving $50.00 bucks?

Azalia Luna
Azalia Luna 2 months ago

my dad has the skeletool

Rami 2 months ago

canadian we say ZED

Oliver Amorim
Oliver Amorim 2 months ago

I spent all my money on myself!

ReadyvBux 2 months ago

I love knives I have about 40 I'm 12 btw but that leathermen knife is pretty shit for $50 I found one with a light seatbelt cutter window breaker and a really sharp blade for $8 on Amazon and got it for my dad

Mr Guanaco
Mr Guanaco 2 months ago

brooo what was that beat at 7:20?? beat sounded kinda sick

Toeffe 2 months ago

Make the Danish shut up! -.- For fanden...

maxresdefault 2 months ago

8:40 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Vlad Cirus
Vlad Cirus 2 months ago

Beer chiller?? Why would you keep your beer open for hours? many of the oxydate pretty fast, even inside the bottle...

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay 2 months ago

Imagine how awkward it would be if your girlfriend gave you fallout 4 and you gave her fake flowers... Worst possible situation.

Jake B
Jake B 2 months ago

I feel like this was an advertisement, but it gave me a good gift idea for my mom.

Eerik Heinonen
Eerik Heinonen 2 months ago

And i got red

Eerik Heinonen
Eerik Heinonen 2 months ago

But main is IZound

Eerik Heinonen
Eerik Heinonen 2 months ago

7.29 i got same looking izound speaker what was 20.00€

Aaron Jussen
Aaron Jussen 2 months ago


Aaron Jussen
Aaron Jussen 2 months ago

Christmas not holiday liberal bigch

Jack of all
Jack of all 2 months ago

I like the way you showed the Mpow armor bluetooth speaker that is better and cheaper, yes it is water proof to a high level and shock proof the only thing it is missing is a microphone but who voice calls on it?, also the Mpow has a built in phone charger which wait the magic box has not.Make up your own mind but I feel they got given free stuff for a good review on this video.

gnarly441 2 months ago

Im liking that multitool I just might get one for myself

TheLazysketcher 2 months ago

Skeletool, must be what Skeletor calls his dick!

Josh 2 months ago


whostolemyTV 2 months ago

A bag of high grade marijuana

Sahloknir 2 months ago


Arthur Vermeulen
Arthur Vermeulen 2 months ago

Hey how's it going? Outstanding Effort! effect prevent

William Samuel
William Samuel 2 months ago

Why did they dub over the wine guy with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Darryl Jack
Darryl Jack 2 months ago

top 10 gifts for weed smokers

blazers37 2 months ago

Sponsored content? South park was right.

Hunter Lopez
Hunter Lopez 2 months ago

its called the 99 cents store for reason

J0HNNY RING0 2 months ago

The Logitech K480 is now on my Amazon Wishlist. Thanks !

Jay Moore
Jay Moore 2 months ago

Leaving a beer out for 2 1/2 hours? That's alcohol neglect and should be reported.

Hanoota 2 months ago

top 10 holiday gifts for musicians

Mister Slosh
Mister Slosh 2 months ago

Am I the only one that saw number 1 and thought how weird a frozen anal toy would feel?

NhatHuy8204 2 months ago

my dad have number nine gift since 2013

Sandwich 2 months ago

didn't know Arnold Schwarzenegger is selling wine caraffes now

Becky Lawson
Becky Lawson 2 months ago

I want that bluetooth keyboard!!

id.ray86 2 months ago


Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 2 months ago

seriously...thats the NUMBER ONE christmas gift on that list.......dumb

Jesse 2 months ago

do they have a matching pac man light for the ghosts? totally want!

Barlos! 500
Barlos! 500 2 months ago

Top ten pranks for Christmas

Aidan Pak
Aidan Pak 2 months ago

Who else died at 8:41 ?

GoFindYourself GFY
GoFindYourself GFY 2 months ago would be the best place to go to look for grate gift ideas. No I don't work for thinkgeek, I just love shopping there....

GeordieGames 2 months ago

Great list, not sure about top spot though? You getting a back hander?

Viewbob 2 months ago

I've got the pac-man light

Neptun Norge 2
Neptun Norge 2 2 months ago

But idont have 50$

GhostMasterZzGaming 2 months ago

Number 3 looks a bit like a bong😂