Asking Strangers to Cook Them Dinner in THEIR Kitchen


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Information Asking Strangers to Cook Them Dinner in THEIR Kitchen

Title : Asking Strangers to Cook Them Dinner in THEIR Kitchen

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Description Asking Strangers to Cook Them Dinner in THEIR Kitchen

Asking Strangers to Cook Them Dinner in THEIR Kitchen

Asking Strangers to Cook Them Dinner in THEIR Kitchen

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Stranger Kitchens
Stranger Kitchens 2 months ago

Hey guys, love the video! Such a great couple, and what a great time! We've got 13 lunches on the channel with all sorts of amazing people so check it out!

Goos de Visser
Goos de Visser 2 months ago

I think the camera helps also

Toxicty7 2 months ago

8:17 I like how they both just took out their phones and started filming

ȶǟӄɨֆ zach
ȶǟӄɨֆ zach 2 months ago

this fills my heart because it shows you there is always people out there which you will never meet that are really nice, this restores my hope for humanity

Malachi Pelly
Malachi Pelly 2 months ago

Imagine if the cook turned into Gordon Ramsey and started calling everyone dogs.

Malachi Pelly
Malachi Pelly 2 months ago

Very wholesome.

Malachi Pelly
Malachi Pelly 2 months ago

We need an update about that couple.

Edwin De La Cruz
Edwin De La Cruz 2 months ago

anyone see the resemblance in the first home of the scene in “The Irishman” paint scene

Simen Myra
Simen Myra 2 months ago

Amazing, truly amazing

Dijay Skunki
Dijay Skunki 2 months ago

the greatest war is between good and evil.....take a side now. +++ i love how this family still has hopes on humanity!

Luddy Aria
Luddy Aria 2 months ago


John 2 months ago

This was more wholesome than i expected and the wisdom that was dropped makes this truly touching

prodigix prodigixx21
prodigix prodigixx21 2 months ago

Please do another videos like this

🖤 𝔑𝔞𝔱𝔥𝔞𝔩𝔦𝔞 🖤

I would never be able to do this because I tell people I’m socially awkward but the truth is, I’m also privately awkward.

Max Peenie
Max Peenie 2 months ago

Fake video, not enough asians in this vid

Desert rose 14
Desert rose 14 2 months ago

I like this couple so lovely 😘😘😘

Wander2Wonders 2 months ago

this is beyond just knocking someone house and cook them a dinner. its more than that! the connection, the intimacy when they sitting down and have dinner together is priceless.

olliminati 2 months ago

So heartwarming!

Phebean Conteh
Phebean Conteh 2 months ago

There home but nobody be answering doors

Dmitriy Shilman
Dmitriy Shilman 2 months ago

This is a great vid!

Fail Ma midle Name
Fail Ma midle Name 2 months ago

i hope she its my grandmother

k k
k k 2 months ago

Finally after a million recommendation I clicked the video 🙄

Who you callin pin head?

I read it wrong accidently. I read it as "Asking Strangers to Cook Them in Their Kitchen".

JB 2000
JB 2000 2 months ago

I thought the thumbnail was Chris watts🤣

Ugly king Ugly king
Ugly king Ugly king 2 months ago

Imagine if that was a black man doing this lol you tryed buddy 💔💔

Aiden Duffin
Aiden Duffin 2 months ago

man me and my PB&J sandwich with crunchy peanut butter are really enjoying this video.

Dynamic T
Dynamic T 2 months ago

This makes me want to cry, so amazing!

Theresa Algots
Theresa Algots 2 months ago

What a great couple!

Paulo T
Paulo T 2 months ago

Reminds me of Yes Theory.. 😊

Anonymous .
Anonymous . 2 months ago

wow. that's all. just... wow

Lord Aizen
Lord Aizen 2 months ago

Bro i actually enjoyed this.
Not meant to be racist but i think if you were black they would have let you in.(i seriously not meant to be racist, just saying what's on my mind)


Really good video

Debjyoti Dey
Debjyoti Dey 2 months ago

This is content

Quentin Tolger
Quentin Tolger 2 months ago

truly amazing guys 1 love!

Jeff Escote
Jeff Escote 2 months ago

This is really great ♡♡♡♡

✧𒐫✧ 2 months ago

Wholesome af

Jahziel Peralta
Jahziel Peralta 2 months ago

This is like biblical when you knock but it will take awhile till someone’s let you in.

Yvng Thugbob
Yvng Thugbob 2 months ago

I thought the people that said yes we're going to be mean, but looks like I thought wrong.

Shane's Tech
Shane's Tech 2 months ago

Of all the houses they visited, I wasn't expecting that no one is home and then I realized how busy they were

Absalud Tegerero FamVlog

Beautiful people❤️

NILER 2 months ago

I randomly found this video and I heard them say “I love Thai food”. Wow. As I am Thai, thank you.

Jave Falcatan
Jave Falcatan 2 months ago

What if Gordon ramsy do this kind of stuff 😁...

Reunion Movement
Reunion Movement 2 months ago

The one who dislike the video is a horrible person :(

Void_dinxy 2 months ago


Milo James
Milo James 2 months ago

My guy make chicken spaghetti

Chadam Matcha
Chadam Matcha 2 months ago

That old man is really lucky to have this amazing woman in his life.

Kalsy 56
Kalsy 56 2 months ago

12:40 i was eating in that time too..but the thing was all sweet

Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 2 months ago


LucidDream 2 months ago

Wow, that was such a cool experience. New to your videos, but I really love this idea.

Che Graham
Che Graham 2 months ago

This is way cool. Do this more please

~*Ms.South*~ 2 months ago

yo homieeeeee we both im canada

Adrian Arrieta
Adrian Arrieta 2 months ago

Of this was precovid thats why it works

•Epic Hero•
•Epic Hero• 2 months ago


Luis Rubalcava
Luis Rubalcava 2 months ago

Love this

Jennifer Voorhees
Jennifer Voorhees 2 months ago

Theyre such a perfect match!

Nico Bonomo
Nico Bonomo 2 months ago

“1 or maybe even 100 people can see” 6.2million veiws😂

tyler reynolds
tyler reynolds 2 months ago

Patch Adam’s ?

Crispy Siesta
Crispy Siesta 2 months ago

So wholesome

ASTRO_TH3GxAT PLAYS 2 months ago

This is touching

Rock Lee
Rock Lee 2 months ago

So wholesome you love to see it

G K 2 months ago

It’s amazing how humans can connect over food. 😁

Tony Escobar
Tony Escobar 2 months ago

This would never happen in the USA 🇺🇸 u might get shot

Kayla Rose
Kayla Rose 2 months ago

I will not except getting any stringer in my home. I tried alot beeing community person all what i get was bad people so i scared on myself🤡😈
Add:those two people was kind to open their doors

SneakyStripes 2 months ago

I love projects like this.

syahrizal bakhtiar
syahrizal bakhtiar 2 months ago

these kind of elders always have special place in my heart.

Tinnakorn Sai
Tinnakorn Sai 2 months ago

That looks like Thai food

Nathaniel Jame Cabusor


ChampionBeam401 2 months ago

Am I the only person that hides in their OWN house when a stranger knocks on the door?

Evil Poptart
Evil Poptart 2 months ago

Oh I feel so lucky i happened upon this suggestion. Good feels...

Phebe d
Phebe d 2 months ago

This is beautiful

Nor T
Nor T 2 months ago

If we all did this across the world we would prob get along better as a speices. We would break down alot of barriers of fear.

Cocoshere 2 months ago

Coming from Thailand this is amazing to see! Khao soy is a special dish from the northern part of Thailand, so if you ever find yourself in Thailand, definitely try this dish!

poby 2 months ago

just like yes theory but a bit different

Mouhameth Diba
Mouhameth Diba 2 months ago

Amazing couple giving hopes to millions of lives.
Still believing in humanity

Bonobo Beez
Bonobo Beez 2 months ago

This video makes me feel like: :D

MAKANAlani Arndt
MAKANAlani Arndt 2 months ago

that lady is really wholesome i love this video

S 2 months ago

Damnnnn i am thai, and this vdo suddenly appear on my feed! So glad u love to eat thai food😍🙏🏼🇹🇭

Matthew Reed
Matthew Reed 2 months ago

Honestly this has me thinking... i live in a small town (less then 100 people) in the U.S... why shouldn’t we do something like this, but out doors bc everyone is damn near a family

Daniela Mejias
Daniela Mejias 2 months ago

How fun

Legendary Collector
Legendary Collector 2 months ago

This is so beautiful I almost cried

Neqe Alex
Neqe Alex 2 months ago

3:27 How Where When What?

ChillPotatoChipz 2 months ago

Heck no. I’d be so scared 😂😂😂😂😑

Mike stover
Mike stover 2 months ago

They couldn’t not have found a better couple to cook for.

Царь Димитрий

Hey i just came to say hi

And then i headed over here to say hi

Dibs xx
Dibs xx 2 months ago

Awwwe.. "i worked hard to find him.." 🧡💛🧡

🥀 i wish i could find HIM one day too

Fadel Nugraha
Fadel Nugraha 2 months ago

I cry a lot watching this video.. God bless you guys and that lovely couple.

SAM 2 months ago

i crave this type of relationship

•Mocha_Playz• 2 months ago

I'm like really young and I cook some AMAZING food

SAM 2 months ago

omg i love carrie so much 😭🥺

Cool Dude
Cool Dude 2 months ago

The people you chose are so nice

Creator's Imaginations

This video…I thought it was from a channel with millions of subs but it’s not, oof. It should be

d2 hualian
d2 hualian 2 months ago

The couple is so warm and sweet.

introvertical _
introvertical _ 2 months ago

Love your ideas.. Good job

moskeelah hicks
moskeelah hicks 2 months ago

This was beautiful

lucino j.
lucino j. 2 months ago

these ppl are so wise

lucino j.
lucino j. 2 months ago

love this

Woops Gaming
Woops Gaming 2 months ago

"We're family now" I need a family too 🥺


I would love to have some food cooked for me by some strangers 😯

Justice Garty
Justice Garty 2 months ago

aye my name is justice, that’s so cool