The history of the Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"



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Information The history of the Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

Title : The history of the Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

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Frames The history of the Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

Description The history of the Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

The history of the Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

The history of the Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

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ssake1 2 months ago

Usually I don't repeat a post, but in this case it's so relevant I'm going to break my rule. This is not the real history of "A Christmas Carol." It was originally written by an American couple, Mathew Franklin Whittier and his wife, Abby Poyen Whittier. Abby died in March of 1841; Mathew, who was personal friends with Oliver Wendell Holmes, must have handed it over to Dickens in Boston, in January of 1842. If you look in Dickens' published correspondence, you will see a mention that Dickens acknowledged a letter from Mathew (if you think I'm making this all up). Dickens was desperate to avoid pending debt in 1843, and hurriedly revised the manuscript for publication within six weeks. The real back-story of how the co-authors came to write this novel is far more interesting than anything which has been speculated about Dickens. First and foremost, this was never a "ghost story" at all. It was written by two esoteric Christians who had studied mysticism and the paranormal. This blog entry gives some of the details. I will be publishing a more in-depth article later in 2021, in Real Paranormal Magazine.
Sorry, I had earlier posted the wrong URL. It should be:

Blank 2 months ago

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ryowoh 2 months ago

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Commander Lenny
Commander Lenny 2 months ago

If you think it's childish to still believe in Santa, remember there are adults who still believe CNN!

DeskAgent 2 months ago

Judging by the headline and CNN's reputation, I get the feeling this is going to turn into an anti-Christmas rant. I hope I'm wrong. After all, CNN = VERY FAKE NEWS

Jay.P 7878
Jay.P 7878 2 months ago

What’s more real: 🎅🏻> CNN

Peter Clark
Peter Clark 2 months ago

It’s a full on Christmas troll fest... obviously this piece has got them all excited.

Yann Dupuis
Yann Dupuis 2 months ago

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robert b
robert b 2 months ago

i wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

jmack619 2 months ago

Start your holidays on the right foot . that's the lightfoot. Unsubscribe cnn, and subscribe Fox for the undistorted truth. Merry Christmas to all!!

Patriot Containers
Patriot Containers 2 months ago

Cnn you are fake news dog shit, fuck your Christmas!

Oldman Stoner
Oldman Stoner 2 months ago

Merry Christmas "Very Fake News"!

President Oso
President Oso 2 months ago

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ChutheeOriginal 2 months ago

Interesting to learn such historical fact. Don't know how & why many left NEGATIVE POLITICAL Comments! So IRREVELENT to the story!!🤔 SO MANY UNHAPPY PEOPLE!! 😒😞SANTA 🎅WON'T BE VISITING YOU BAD-MAD PEOPLE! 😠 OFF THE NICE😊 LIST 🤗& ONTO THE NAUGHTY LIST YOU ALL GO!! 😡😠😝

Anonymous User
Anonymous User 2 months ago

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Anonymous User
Anonymous User 2 months ago

CNN hates Christmas and HATES AMERICA!!!

TheRepublic 2 months ago


MAGA OFFENSIVE 2 months ago

Kor Kalba
Kor Kalba 2 months ago

I suppose that Christmas carol offends liberals somehow!

Funki 2 months ago

I want that table. I think it has some magical power.

Dennis F
Dennis F 2 months ago

You are Fake News! ☝️

jrwhite21 2 months ago

How long before liberals make this story about a gay transgender?

macpony2571780 2 months ago

I was expecting this report to slant Charles Dickens as a racist, Since that's the only way CNN seems to report all straight white men of the past or present. They must be slipping.

riverw007 2 months ago

More fluff? Well I guess that's fine as long as the goal is to not say anything on youtube about the running gun battle with an islamic terrorist in Harrisburg, PA in front of the courthouse during rush hour yesterday. If nobody else is saying anything on youtube then why should you right?

RightWingTrollSlayer 2 months ago

War on Christmas is a farce and a lie propagated by the right

simplemanrobertson 2 months ago

Can we just enjoy that a news station is reporting on a Christmas story, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas? Don’t bring politics into this please, just love each other for once.

Jester's Sketchbook
Jester's Sketchbook 2 months ago

lol such good journalism - you cant even decide what its called "a" or "the" christmas carol - which is it?

James Marshall
James Marshall 2 months ago


Angelina Trump
Angelina Trump 2 months ago

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