Emerson, Lake \u0026 Palmer / Lucky Man / 1974 California Jam



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Information Emerson, Lake \u0026 Palmer / Lucky Man / 1974 California Jam

Title : Emerson, Lake \u0026 Palmer / Lucky Man / 1974 California Jam

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Frames Emerson, Lake \u0026 Palmer / Lucky Man / 1974 California Jam

Description Emerson, Lake \u0026 Palmer / Lucky Man / 1974 California Jam

Emerson, Lake \u0026 Palmer / Lucky Man / 1974 California Jam

Emerson, Lake \u0026 Palmer / Lucky Man / 1974 California Jam

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AZIZ alsubie
AZIZ alsubie 2 months ago

Who was waiting for the moog solo ? but an fortunately he didn't play it 🙄

Suz 2 months ago

He’s chewing gum while he’s singing.

Robert Livingstone
Robert Livingstone 2 months ago

He wrote this when he was 12

Dennis Gallas
Dennis Gallas 2 months ago

Awesome musician! Great voice! Had the pleasure seeing them in Chicago at soldiers field. Sad that Emerson and lake are gone.

Paul Whitehouse
Paul Whitehouse 2 months ago

The days when singers could sing and musicians could play

Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill 2 months ago

Greg stole the show that night. What a gorgeous performance.

C company /
C company / 2 months ago

Rest in peace Greg. Damn he hits better notes live then in the studio while chewing gum!

james wilson
james wilson 2 months ago

16 years old at the time. Attended the concert. Lived in Alta Loma and a year later joined the Marines. Will never forget that concert or that day.

jason laughlin
jason laughlin 2 months ago

Top shelf vocals that will change your life and has changed mine. R.I.P Mr lake

Shane Marcotte
Shane Marcotte 2 months ago

That Gibson J200 sounds so good. He talks about those guitars in a modern video.

Joel Campbell
Joel Campbell 2 months ago

Miss Greg Lake

Chris Hunter
Chris Hunter 2 months ago

"No money could save him.... So he laid down & died"..... E.L.P. you will all live on forever in the hearts of all who listen as well as in heaven.... R.I.P. (Keith & Greg) Thank you & God Bless you all!

Tammy Mativa
Tammy Mativa 2 months ago

You can feel his voice touch your soul....truly one of a kind....no other can compare....beautiful,angelic...brings back great memories.....so very missed.

daddychrispips 2 months ago

Greg singing Lucky Man at Ronnie Scotts 2003 is here (@37:50) :

Tony Peake
Tony Peake 2 months ago

A greater rock voice I do not know. ELP = 3 geniuses

Real-Time Car Travel
Real-Time Car Travel 2 months ago

1:46 - honor and glory

Thereza Dantas
Thereza Dantas 2 months ago


Joel Campbell
Joel Campbell 2 months ago

Great voice Always liked ELP

Robert Travers
Robert Travers 2 months ago

I still remember how quiet it was. Even with all that. RIP GREG

VaL Moore
VaL Moore 2 months ago

God dang ,, he was so fine

MrBeezer05 2 months ago

one of the best Bands ever,poppa.

USMC Veteran
USMC Veteran 2 months ago

My opinion, in my Top 25 songs. Great time to be a teenager.

Lloyd Lassich
Lloyd Lassich 2 months ago

no song can bring you to tears like this one...I was there to see this & something I'll never forget

Terri lew
Terri lew 2 months ago

All while chewing gum, awesome

mildred bonkers
mildred bonkers 2 months ago

borrrrrrring. i came here for the phaser.

That 70's feel gb . Sound

Theres a smart way to listen to music . ( MULDEW ) gary b . ☆

Jane 2 months ago

www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK0fhSr-ARY This is what it should sound like!

Wolfdog2u 2 months ago

At 65 years old I'm proud to say  I'm lucky man cause I just cried.

Lori Rothenbush
Lori Rothenbush 2 months ago

Best Progressive Band on this Planet! Talent that will go on and on. Ty EL&P

S Accola
S Accola 2 months ago

To help get ELP nominated into R&R HOF in 2018 (induction April 2019), write a letter NOW to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominating Committee, describing how ELP's music influenced/affected you. Then, share this info onto your own social media (FB, twitter, instagram, etc)!!!! R&R HOF NC mailing info is:

The Nominating Committee
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1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York NY 10104

Mike Reed
Mike Reed 2 months ago

You would think it would be harder to sing and chew gum at the same time.

itseasy04 2 months ago

It says a lot when the latest comments are about chewing gum and all other things than the music they gave us.

Robert Travers
Robert Travers 2 months ago

I was 17 then. I am now 60. Yet I remember it like it was yesterday. What an awesome day it was. And oh what a lucky man I am to have been there! I was by the speaker tower to the left of center stage looking in. I get goose bumps just thinking of the night sky filled with flying water jugs!!! LOL!

pappy #
pappy # 2 months ago

I was a lucky boy at 16 to attend this concert with friends. The best concert I've been to. 8 bands for $ 10. Amazing day in April 74 at the Ontario Speedway that I will never forget. RIP Greg and Keith, music will never be the same without you.

Linnéa Skoglund
Linnéa Skoglund 2 months ago

Amazing, stunning version....and THAT VOICE just gives me life. Thank you Greg ❤

Court Beall
Court Beall 2 months ago


Court Beall
Court Beall 2 months ago

What a freakin prime time Pro.

cavedog309 2 months ago

RIP, Greg

d jazz
d jazz 2 months ago

This voice will be forever missed.

Frank Hewer
Frank Hewer 2 months ago

Machs gut da oben, Lucky Man.
Ruhe in Frieden.....

scuba girlinaz
scuba girlinaz 2 months ago

you were the Lucky Man RIP

Cathie46 2 months ago

And today, we add our Rest In Peace to Greg Lake . <3

LonePigsyAndCub 2 months ago

RIP Greg Lake. I'm thankful I got to hear him sing this live. What an incredible voice.

garysmusiclist 2 months ago

He was amazing back then and still is....I would also like to say Rest in Peace to Keith Emerson

Rodrigo Moreno
Rodrigo Moreno 2 months ago

Recuerdo de juventud... Rod.

Splifford Doobois
Splifford Doobois 2 months ago

was he chewing gum?

da_hooliii 2 months ago

What a great live performance.

April Kelly
April Kelly 2 months ago

I'd love to see Kanye sit and play and sing...can't do it because he can't ply an instrument. He's better while casually chewing gum than Kanye and all these R&B hacks are. Kanye can't even sing and chew gum, can't even sing period. This guy can chew gum, sing and play guitar. We need more true musicians, like Aaron Lewis, not all this Kanye crap.

ilona Hoppe
ilona Hoppe 2 months ago

Bin Traurig ! ihn gibt es leider auch nicht mehr.

Tore Johnsen
Tore Johnsen 2 months ago

A bullet had found him, his blood ran as he cried, no money could save him, so he laid down, and he died. RIP

Ivan Nuñez
Ivan Nuñez 2 months ago

q pena sin duda uno de los grandes,descansa en paz

MCharlesJohn B
MCharlesJohn B 2 months ago

R.I.P. Keith

Siggi Be
Siggi Be 2 months ago


JeanFleetwood 2 months ago


Abigail Loesch
Abigail Loesch 2 months ago

He is SO CUTE!!!!

Sandy Sovie
Sandy Sovie 2 months ago

I was reading that Greg Lake wrote this song when he was 12 yrs old,wow!!! Its a powerful song!

petra scheiblich
petra scheiblich 2 months ago

So wonderful this Song.......Lucky Man Super 70'thies 😊👍🎼👍🎵👍🎶🎤🎸🌎

Denyse Lake
Denyse Lake 2 months ago


MusicTennis3000 2 months ago

Great performance but wondering if they ever did a group performance of this during their heyday? Drums and maybe the synth would do the guitar solo.

Elke Pluntke
Elke Pluntke 2 months ago

so fantastic

Derek Hansin
Derek Hansin 2 months ago

What a powerful voice.

IslandPalm14 2 months ago

Beds are made much more better now. Right Suzanne?

user9741 2 months ago

What a lucky man he was....that he didn't bite his tongue while trying to chew gum and sing...

David Morehouse
David Morehouse 2 months ago

I such a Lucky Man

Seaducktive1 2 months ago

did not know this page existed! That was such a great concert!! I was 22 then and the world was mine...lol...!!

Steve Hendricks
Steve Hendricks 2 months ago

would have made a great John Lennon

Jeremias Brito
Jeremias Brito 2 months ago

john lennon lo ha hecho muchas veces igual

Journey's Joy
Journey's Joy 2 months ago

what a birthday i had .....great to see all these vids.wow

Matt Gordon
Matt Gordon 2 months ago

You mean moving the effects fader up on that one word? Sad that this is the standard for sound guys. Honestly its SO easy to get good sound, but SO many have neither the ears or brains for it now days.

Mike McKinney
Mike McKinney 2 months ago

I was stationed at 32nd street in San Diego at the time of this concert and remember....well, most of the concert especially ELP and the end of their set. It was one of the best days we had in California.

Tommy D
Tommy D 2 months ago

Yes, this is a great song. There were a lot of great White musicians from this era, especially out of England. Music transcends race. Lots of great musicians in every race.

DeeDee B
DeeDee B 2 months ago

Patricia Fix...hmmm really do we not all KNOW that most of all the music today has several mixes, background, and synthesizers? This takes me back to the REAL talented artists that didn't need all of that just sayin. Awesome!

BRICKBAT 2 months ago


BRICKBAT 2 months ago

makes you wanna stab one adam

Witwe Bolte
Witwe Bolte 2 months ago

And the organ solo? :o

Amon Duul
Amon Duul 2 months ago

By the time of CJ in 1974 ELP were briefly the top concert act in the world, bigger than Zeppelin for a brief time. They were rich and at the top of their game as this video of Greg shows. After this show they would spend 3 years sitting it out and then would waste it all on the 1977 Orchestral Tour. They would never recover, but they were one of the best live acts around for this time. Listen to any ELP record and then realise Lake sang it all, wrote all the lyrics, and played all guitars.

Juli Greenspan
Juli Greenspan 2 months ago

Considering he was 12 years old at the time he wrote this, I don't think Greg was overly concerned about getting all the historic facts correct. He was just writing his first song about a childhood fantasy. Later on he did though. He did a lot of research for the song Pirates from what I understand.

Al Ashley
Al Ashley 2 months ago

I can't help but wonder... if Syd Barrett kept away from drugs.. would he not/have been writing music like this? I don't know. It's a sweet thought.

Al Ashley
Al Ashley 2 months ago

chew gum and walk? try singing a masterpiece while chewing gum !

de 2 months ago

I never understood the "bullet" reference. There were no "bullet" in the time of knights. Just sayin......

Ferdiphone 2 months ago

Thanks a lot!

Luis Escalante
Luis Escalante 2 months ago

ELP was the big grup in America ,with the nice song , an personal style, Lucky Man is my prefer song .

Dubya CWH
Dubya CWH 2 months ago

I was there, 21 years old, a Marine from El Toro

Sören Svenson
Sören Svenson 2 months ago

great ...

abrah ham
abrah ham 2 months ago

What a lucky man!

ceruleanblue58 2 months ago

It's a crime these guys are not in the rock and roll HOF. Great voice and guitar. Great song!

Patriots Global
Patriots Global 2 months ago

II recorded this live broadcast on real the day it was broadcast. Synthesized it to Quad.

Scott Clegg
Scott Clegg 2 months ago

Simply put: Just an amazing, deep song. We lost our father 2 weeks ago at a young age, and one of the things he left us all was this song. Had never heard it before until he passed and we got his "funeral" CD out he had made. Absolutely amazing song.

Serotokin 2 months ago


elemileTLDR 2 months ago

What a beautiful voice...

lordrampage 2 months ago

Long long hair he was

Rick Phillips
Rick Phillips 2 months ago

I was just 17 feeling rotten about myself as I had just been told i had type 1 diabetes. I stayed up almost all night recording the concert to cassette so i could listen in the car. while i drove. This concert tho seen on TV meant a lot to me. It was like a friend I returned too every night. Thank you for the you tube vodeo

ukesruletheydo 2 months ago

Much as the SQUEEK noises resulting from sliding the fingers along a wound guitar string are an integral part of the total sound of a guitar, (many bristle at hearing that sound) the sound of the pick brushing the strings is also part of the whole of a guitars sound as well

sexypoetry 2 months ago

i seek pole shift survival group

sexypoetry 2 months ago

women and men of the world! the long awaited answer to all important question has arrived! can one sing with chewing gum in his mouth? yes....somehow....

john meyer
john meyer 2 months ago

Greg Lake had a great voice in 1974. He was phenomenal in his solo performance of "Lucky Man". He had a great vocal range when he was young. This tune wil go on in infamy.

john meyer
john meyer 2 months ago

A beautiful live version by Greg Lake in 1974. Emerson, Lake, and Palmer were phenomenal. A trio of talent equivalent of "Cream". But much better vocals.

inyobill 2 months ago

I can't even walk and chew gum at the same time, to coin a phrase. This could be the #1 under-exposed song today.

lentrikin7 2 months ago

John Lennon and Dave Grohl are also notorious gum-chewers whilst performing

Forrest Houghton
Forrest Houghton 2 months ago

You guys (artists) make the bread, we (sound engineers) are here to serve it.