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Margo Thatcher
Margo Thatcher 2 months ago

I didn't trust Meghan ever she is a very nasty piece of work look what she did to her first husband annulled their marriage so she could marry a Prince. Then he father she tried to destroy if I were him I would write my own book. if she can do it about our lovely Royal Family then so can her father write a book.

Wanda Youmans
Wanda Youmans 2 months ago

Megan looks devilish in this picture. The way she looks at Harry. She is evil
Harry be careful.l

M R 2 months ago

Doria and Megan knew exactly what they were doing and they knew the type of person each one was. They are disgusting causing all this havoc right after Prince Philip died.
And that savage Oprah.

Krebzz 2 months ago

By the time William is Prince of Wales, he will have six cousins to pick from to help with royal engagements. Prince George And possibly Charlotte will be in his 20s as well.

Harry's absence won't be felt then.

Hugh Sweeney
Hugh Sweeney 2 months ago

How can anyone believe what is really going on.

Ander Ander
Ander Ander 2 months ago

I doubt Meghan wants to take on Princess Anne..... That would be more than a match for her

Devin McManus
Devin McManus 2 months ago

Harry us a disgrace and Markel isn’t worth much

Lee Heard
Lee Heard 2 months ago

No one needs to leave your mom alone, the princess Royal should not be such a racist... Arms industries and this is not the first time we've heard of the princess rule behaving badly when it comes to race her and princess Michael of Kent are the women's auxiliary of the British KKK..

Carol Banks
Carol Banks 2 months ago

Are you happy now Harry Megan is all you got left scary thought huh I know too bad for you Harry

Carol Banks
Carol Banks 2 months ago


Kelley Irish
Kelley Irish 2 months ago

Everyone turned against Harry after he started to look into his mother’s death! Harry has a right to his truth.

Kelley Irish
Kelley Irish 2 months ago

I don’t doubt for a moment that Ann made racist comments. The are treating Meghan just like they treated Diana. Ann was also jealous of Diana too.

JoAnne Snide
JoAnne Snide 2 months ago

Self-serving is them in a nut shell. Who hires someone to follow them around to take pictures and make sure only nice things are written about you.
Mirror Mirror on the wall...should someone remind them how that ended

Andrea Houlind
Andrea Houlind 2 months ago

Harry isn't even blood related !!

Maryline Fravalo
Maryline Fravalo 2 months ago

Lilibet only belongs to Queen Elizabeth

BEATRIZ Nicrosi 2 months ago

The Royals always did Meghan fill on inscrutable same like Diana, ¿remember when Diana when to the Queen for help ? The Quen first table never like Diana, live her by her self to dial with the ridiculous, protocols, don't do these don't do that 😒 The ROYAL FAMILY , THERE LES ROYALS THEN DIANA. ON TOP OF THAT ALL THE SECRETS THAT THAT FAMILY HAVE,PLEASE HARRY AND MEGHAN THERE THERE THE RIGHT TO LIVE THERE LIFE THEY WEY THERE PLEASE

Andrea Guidera
Andrea Guidera 2 months ago

Can someone please shut MM down once and for all? I think we’ve all had enough of her on both sides of the pond.

Louise Narducci
Louise Narducci 2 months ago

Zara you should be very proud of your mom she is the hardest working royal I don't know her but watch and about royal family and it's Meghan should be ashamed of herself I think she changed harry so much and he should be a man and put Meghan in her place does now have no respect for the queen his grandmother when William becomes king I hope he at least could have someone like you to depend on I repeat I am so proud of you for the way went after Meghan

Jean Allcock
Jean Allcock 2 months ago

Well Zara support your mum at all costs especially when she is a honest as the day she was born. I am proud of you and your mum. x

Jean Allcock
Jean Allcock 2 months ago

The only person is worried being fascist if Meghan herself, nobody else mentions it but her.

Charmain &1'Z, zln , c vfc ms


Edris Bardini
Edris Bardini 2 months ago

PRINCE William looks like his GRANDFATHER the Duke of Edinburgh when he was younger walking with his hands behind his back now that puzzled me as a child I even thought he was the KING 👑 of. ENGLAND

M D 2 months ago

Megan needs to be taken down a peg give it to her she's not even royal

M D 2 months ago

Good for you zara shut her down

Ivana Bonačić Dorić

šta ovo više gledam, više poštujem kraljevsku obitelj, zbog dostojanstva kojim ovo podnose

June Cooper
June Cooper 2 months ago

Meghan didn't have the background to marry prince Harry..... Meghan comes from trash and was a b grade actress and I can understand the royal family being less than happy... Look at Meghan's family cry and tell publicly !!! the royal family don't need all that trashy behaviour and the firm would have done their homework on Meghan and her biological family and were definitely less than pleased and Meghan Markle and her intermediate family proved the royal family correct,though the royal family have remained quiet on the Meghan Markle and Harry marriage but not Meghan and Harry. Harry's a spoilt brat,demands things his way and he assumed the royal family would back down (Charles)

J 2 months ago

This is absolutely on point!!!

J 2 months ago

Imagine someone calling y mom (unchecked) a racist on world stage. There should be consequences for Meghans public bullying and public slander.

Pierre Laliberte
Pierre Laliberte 2 months ago

I used to hold Prince Harry in high regard especially the time he became a soldier. I don't recognize him Now... It blows my mind, really. He needs to grow some balls and put that drama queen and try to work his way back Into the Royal Family...if that's even possible. Poor choices Dude.

Marilyn Alspachtoth
Marilyn Alspachtoth 2 months ago

My Son is blond/hazel , thin and 6'5" tall, with paler skin tone. His wife is a stunner from Peru. She has dark skin of the perfect tone, black hair/eyes and barely 5' tall. I promise you we have all speculated what their future children will look like. Out of racism? NO, not at all, but out of curiosity of exact opposites producing a child and the prospective excitement of a grandchild.

Jacqui Hampson
Jacqui Hampson 2 months ago

Zara Tindal is one Royal you don't want to mess with, she takes after her mother & grandfather and won't hesitate to speak her mind.
Megan is completely the opposite of Princess Anne who has a strong sense of duty, loyalty & tradition inherited from both her parents
It's wonderful to hear that her daughter takes exception to anyone bad mouthing her

Helena Duarte
Helena Duarte 2 months ago

Prince Philip was so talented and yet, he gave up on everything to serve his queen, the queen of his heart. This is true love. If Meghan loved Harry, she would have done the same.

hadassah356 2 months ago

Everyone talks about what a new baby may look like. Will he/she have blue eyes? Curly hair? Be tall? What’s the difference? If I was Zara I would be the same way. Princess Anne is the hardest working of all of them, and deserves respect! Everyone, even us Americans are on the side of the palace and Her Majesty!

Tejas Bhagat
Tejas Bhagat 2 months ago

Zara Tindall has a Olympic medal by her own hard work. What does Meghan Merkel have? No awards yet. Zara is a more believable woman than Meghan can be.

Heidi Petals
Heidi Petals 2 months ago

We love Princess Anne , and we love the ways you Zara are standing up for your mother, against that spitful Mrs Harry. Love to you all.

sonia Echevarria
sonia Echevarria 2 months ago

What is going on? Meagan was a great star saw all her action on Suite. Why all this comment to meagan like if she's a bad person? They talked bad about her son's color why? This is racism, if they say anything then they are bad people and liars and said bad things and even saying they are bullies manganese and Harry. I feel so sad of all these comments on them. This is all the queens fault, she like Kate why because she white and Meagan isn't, so she making Kate queen,Nice.

little man107
little man107 2 months ago

when the cameras click why does meghan have a smuggy grin like she knows cameras are at her smugly face..who the heck is meghan markle she is tehn racist one,,ugh smugly

Giles Dee-Shapland
Giles Dee-Shapland 2 months ago

Totally Agree!!

Jambar Returns
Jambar Returns 2 months ago

Well said Zara, you are a credit to HRH Princess Anne and the UK.

Pamela Varilone
Pamela Varilone 2 months ago

"A fool is a wise man 'til he opens his mouth." Certainly applies to the Harkles.

Dewi Susanti
Dewi Susanti 2 months ago

Meghan is an evil , she against her biological father and her step sister even bullying the Royal Family . She has some problems what she did it.
She is not a fairy tale, she lied a tell all interview with Mrs Oprah Winfrey. Because she wanted something big in her dream. So people don't vote Meghan because she doesn't want to meet her mom's black families and her father with her step sister. It's embarrassing!
She tried to manipulate Harry that H can't go away, even not see a real Meghan from the past. She had some English white men boyfriends. So she sold her body to some White men boyfriends for her advantages to get money ?
She was a divorcee, she had a bad issue in the past that H didn't know about status. H should come back to the U K to reunite his family who really care about Harry.
She should apologize the Royal Family and her father. If M refuses to apologize the RF and her father , all titles will not be given to M and children. Because M who wants to live in the United States of America
and wants to be independent. So M doesn't may to be given any titles.

Airborne Soldier
Airborne Soldier 2 months ago


Debra Turner
Debra Turner 2 months ago

Prince Phillip's mother, Alice, had a mental breakdown after his family was exiled from Greece and had to find a new life, purpose and way to earn a living in the world, but she recovered and was a remarkable woman who saved jews from the Nazis (very risky and dangerous for her) then went on in later years to start a religious order of service in Greece before Queen Elizabeth II asked her to come live at Buckingham Palace because Greece was taken over once again by the military. The request had to come from the Queen, for Alice to obey. She wanted to remain in an unsafe Greece to continue her service.

Epic Ellen
Epic Ellen 2 months ago

When this kind of media stirring nonsense stops, so will the fued between Harry, Megan and the royals. Ping pong nastiness must stop. Were all tired of it so how much more do you think both sides can take.

jennmooney 2 months ago

I think it perfectly normal that everyone wonders what their baby to be will look like- I remember wondering if my child would have our blue eys as my partner's family all have brown eyes. My friend wondered as her family all had these enormous beak like noses- it was something she hoped her child wouldn't inherit. I know its all fluff- surface stuff but why would it be racist to even think if a bi-racial couple are having a child to wonder if it would be very light skinned or not. I see nothing racist in it- Its human nature to wonder about a baby and how they will look-

Sarah Kisolo
Sarah Kisolo 2 months ago

Oh my God!!! The hatred and bitterness towards Prince Harry and Meghan is over and above. The accusers are Prosecutors and Judge. And at the same time Commissioners of prison. God forgive them , because you're peace and justice.

Bobbi Wilson
Bobbi Wilson 2 months ago

How in the hell is Meghan doing everything in that family? Karma is going to come to all you haters against this woman! Nobody is a saint! And that includes the Royal family! God is watching!

Brenda Flowers
Brenda Flowers 2 months ago

It was always about her color if it wasn't true she would have no reason to get defensive.

Agee Ibc
Agee Ibc 2 months ago

Bad choice Harry. Your woman came in2 your family with a huge baggage. Unlike Kate, she came in with a lighter baggage. Good choice William. Long live the queen. God bless u William.

Michelle St John
Michelle St John 2 months ago

If she raised concern about skin color, Anne IS RACIST!!

G D 2 months ago

Love of her life and felanderer.

Jess Such
Jess Such 2 months ago

You UK people are pathetic and depend on this institution to please your expectation's way to much. There all human and you pay for a 24/ 7 soap opera to do so. Then you attack these humans for falling out of character. Then the institution's leading executives run around and create more scenes out your money to regain you as a fan. UHHH and the nasty trash media..uhh will someone put you in your place in the country.

TheTim59 2 months ago

Zara and her mum are not ladies I would want to go to war with. Not that Princess Anne needs the help. Remember when some knuckle head tried to kidnap her ? If didn't end well for him

Carmelita Madara
Carmelita Madara 2 months ago

Feel good to hear the truth.

oceans 2 months ago

Why MM not Harry 👎👎🏾👎🏿👎🏼👎🏽👎🏻

Pixmixuneek 2 months ago

Zara Tindall, you're a strong woman like your mother Princess Ann she raised you very well God Bless you and the Royal Family!!

Lynda McArdle
Lynda McArdle 2 months ago

Anne, The Princess Royal, has more spunk in her than all of her three brothers !

Salina Harrison
Salina Harrison 2 months ago

Harry and Meghan don't owe the royal family anything and the the royal family isnt better than anyone...the royal family isnt perfect and has done so much evil thing's to people

Lyn Harrod
Lyn Harrod 2 months ago

Any child of The Princess Royal will understand the commitment, duty, and the admirable actions and attitudes of all the royals. They serve without any prompting and Zara will always be a strong woman within the family. Her mother has been the very best example to any royal. I am proud of Zara, and I know how much work her mother has blessed people with over her long life of public duty. Prince William will have all the support he requires going forward. I am sure. He is greatly respected also.

Darlene Wells
Darlene Wells 2 months ago

Nothing but trash n gossip...busy bodies in other's business!

Ann Sutherland
Ann Sutherland 2 months ago

Harry changed since Megan

Ann Sutherland
Ann Sutherland 2 months ago

Good one zarah you put her in her place

Milita Sacasa
Milita Sacasa 2 months ago

Zara should take care of her ugly and unloyal husband. She must be a very bitter woman

Bradley 2 months ago

Why didn't Megan name her daughter Ruth then 😕

Bradley 2 months ago

Harry looks so bad with those UGLY Smirks So disappointing 😔 and disturbing 😳 unhappy 😡

brownmouse100 2 months ago

i would like to see zara knock markel out cold

Vivi S
Vivi S 2 months ago

Zara, first my sincere condolences of the passing of your grandfather. A true leader and his undying loyalty to the Queen. I pray you will step up and help William with your wisdom and duties your mother carried out with out cameras to acknowledge what she did. I believe you would work very well together. He has grown not only as a Prince but a husband and a father. He truly believes in causes as I am sure you do to. You see the monarch as a duty to the common wealth and William also is the same. You know the changes that must be made and so does William. God Bless and God Bless the Queen.

Laetitia Venter
Laetitia Venter 2 months ago

Zara that's right I always say you can anything about me but never touch my family or my kids you can't run fast enough I'll be on your back In any case who is she to say anything wrong about your mom I really think she amazing from South Africa

Toni Spring
Toni Spring 2 months ago

Megan has done nothing but bring turmoil and heartbreak to this family. She needs to go back to D list acting.

Aztec Princess
Aztec Princess 2 months ago

Zara 👌

Kay Ashley
Kay Ashley 2 months ago

Congratulations to Zara and Mike for the birth of their little boy🥂🥂🥂❤️❤️❤️

Rocky Car
Rocky Car 2 months ago

Well said Zara, put her in place. disgusting person.

Mari Feely
Mari Feely 2 months ago

This will be the last time I visit this channel. This is sad enough anyway. It doesn't need spiteful embellishment (ugly brown background, ugly wreath ...). You're just too full of vitriol. I bet you were a school bully. Bye bye......

Sandra Storey
Sandra Storey 2 months ago

i think Harry is a snake he's just has bad has Megan there well suited sorry about the spelling 😅

Joyce Smythe-Stearns
Joyce Smythe-Stearns 2 months ago

Correction: Prince Philip did NOT "lose" his license. He voluntarily surrendered it. HUGE difference.

Kelly Lee
Kelly Lee 2 months ago

Why worry about these people who cares the royal family are a privileged group who cares they are nobody’s they do nothing but a cry babies and I feel no need to worry they do not worry about the poor or people who have lost there income during Covid they are unchristian and behave like selfish self centred people abolish their monarchy and overtaxed them they are not worth it

Lb L
Lb L 2 months ago

Harry always looks angry in the pictures. His wife looks like she is smirking always... what a mess. Time will tell if their children will be going to England.. nothing new in families.. it’s just bigger bc of who their family is...

martha younger
martha younger 2 months ago

that is all news this page keeps bringing the same crap over and over SARAH TINDALL SHOUDL GIVE ANDREWS TO THE FBI

Anne Riddle
Anne Riddle 2 months ago

I love listening to you but I do have to correct you. Prince Philip did not lose his licence to drive. Wording it that way it looks as if there was an official reason to remove it. Quite the opposite. He drove again immediately and then because of the hostility of the British Press, who had a wonderful story and little respect for something that could have happened to any driver of any age, he decided to voluntarily cease to drive. I felt for him. A similar thing happened to my aunt in her nineties when she sliowed as she was drawing up to traffic lights. The driver behind had been tailing her in an intimidating fashion for a few mikes and deliberately rammed into her when she stopped as they changed to red.

DAVID Seals 2 months ago

God bless the Queen and you got to love Zara

R & P
R & P 2 months ago

Zara would be very helpful to PRINCE William when he becomes king and with Anns support. Harry is a complete DETRIMENT to the royal family and that wife of his ..well shes ABSOLUTELY Not suitable as a royal in any regard

Milus 2 months ago

I can barely find a speck of racism in cool Princess Anne, the most down-to-earth, hard working member of the British Royal Family. Clumsy, to make enemies with the faultless Princess Royal and her daughter, who is also a beloved member, with no titles and no deference.

socssniffin 2 months ago

what a crap video where do u get ur info from u sound like a yank AGAIN ..... Princess Annie has ALWAYS been the best hard working royal above her mam, but 4 god sake STOP slagging off Meghan, but as its stated a SENIOR member of the parasites had a conversation with Harry NOT with Meghan about colour of archies skin...

lulu gennings
lulu gennings 2 months ago

It was so refreshing and reassuring to hear you say the british dontwant m.m or hary, wedontand most of us feel betrayed and deeply offended by the pair of them xx

Jake Andrews
Jake Andrews 2 months ago

Zara, without a title, is so much more Royal than Harry's wife is or ever could be.

Robin Dore
Robin Dore 2 months ago

Mm gold earrings look like a spider web waiting on her

martha younger
martha younger 2 months ago

I do not care what she Sarah Tindal has to say Sarah lay off Harry were were you wen Princes Diana need it a friend
Ho I forgot that is the way Royals operate you should look at the stigma of your brother Andrews.
the think is the the Fox never sees it Tale

Gee Bee
Gee Bee 2 months ago

Good Lord....those UK "royals" are ugly. Why do the people of the UK still have that pathetic and useless monarchy?

Ileana Hope
Ileana Hope 2 months ago

This is bullshit! These royals are thugs imagine Henry the VIII was a murderer...Harry is lucky to have Meghan as a wife. He wants to end this bullshit royalty....Your video is full of crap!!!!!

Granny Lynn
Granny Lynn 2 months ago

I have never seen so many ads for such a short video!

Philip Brailsford
Philip Brailsford 2 months ago

It's time the royals took the two down if not the public. There's no difference in them n trump.

Linda Lucas
Linda Lucas 2 months ago

Zara is more attractive as she has gotten older than when she was a teenager.

Marilyn Willett
Marilyn Willett 2 months ago

Harry did not resemble his tall blonde grandfather. Prince Philip was very handsome in his youth and didn't have eyes close together.

Marilyn Willett
Marilyn Willett 2 months ago

Her mom Doria served 4 years in prison, financial fraud,. She was facing 15 years but Meghan's father hired a good lawyer for her.

Marilyn Willett
Marilyn Willett 2 months ago

Meghan proved one thing--there is no way she would fit in with that family.

Philene Alvarado
Philene Alvarado 2 months ago

Just a bunch of meaningless gossip!

gguyy 2 months ago

Sara i dont know i have nothink to said i see

Sindy J
Sindy J 2 months ago

Prince Philip is an excellent example of a real man

Sindy J
Sindy J 2 months ago

Zara is so beautiful and talented

Deborah Altunel
Deborah Altunel 2 months ago

Great comments spot on