Modern Dollar Store DIY Christmas Decor Ideas


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Information Modern Dollar Store DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

Title : Modern Dollar Store DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

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Frames Modern Dollar Store DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

Description Modern Dollar Store DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

Modern Dollar Store DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

Modern Dollar Store DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

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nilda pennington
nilda pennington 2 months ago

No farmhouse YAY . Great job love it thank you for sharing ...

Juanalina Dichosa
Juanalina Dichosa 2 months ago

Sorry, I don't like, black for Christmas !!!

Tina Meredith
Tina Meredith 2 months ago

Yay! Great stuff! Loved it and looking for more of the same.

Nory Johrden
Nory Johrden 2 months ago

Loved all your projects ... keep ‘em coming!

Maria Tsounakis
Maria Tsounakis 2 months ago

Cute projects! Ty!

Tammy W
Tammy W 2 months ago

Those are all amazing and easy ideas! I picked up a pack of those felt trees and knew I could do something with them but I LOVE how your's look. Going to have to pick up another pack today :-) And those black trees are gonna be part of my decor next year (I'm already all decorated this year).

Raquel Clark
Raquel Clark 2 months ago

Budget friendly✔️ Minimalistic ✔️ 😍

Ms.Krueger 2 months ago

The tree skirt is amazing. Love it💚☃️❄️🎄🌟🎁

IndigoBlue 2 months ago

Thank you for the fantastic ideas!! Who knew you could do so much with the cheapest fake Christmas tree branches. I will be doing that craft this year to use on my special gifts under the tree. You have some great original ideas l totally appreciate you sharing with us! Beautiful home, new subscriber who is in raptures over your house, your statement panel walls and great colors!!

Cheryl Macedo
Cheryl Macedo 2 months ago

Here I am in 2020 watching your 2019 Christmas crafts/decor (still relevant, hip, and trendy) wishing it really was 2019 !!!!! Beautiful style you possess !! Happy 2021 🙏🏻🤞🏻

Ewelina Sz
Ewelina Sz 2 months ago

Dana Brown
Dana Brown 2 months ago

You are so inventive and clever!

Simple Yet Chic
Simple Yet Chic 2 months ago

These were absolutely gorgeous Christmas diy ideas Lindy! I love the modern look! Aren’t we lucky we have Dollarama 🤣 how awesome I love dollarama!! 💕

Karina 2 months ago


Baby_ dome
Baby_ dome 2 months ago

Меняемся => 🔁❤️&✔️&🔔

Ida van Grinsven
Ida van Grinsven 2 months ago

Great ideas, thank you.

brian denton
brian denton 2 months ago

You know, someone, somewhere in the world bought black stringy cones, spray painted them gold, added gold glitter, and a gold finial on top.

Heather Bumstead
Heather Bumstead 2 months ago

Great ideas

El Mac
El Mac 2 months ago

Nice! Nice! Nice! SO sick of "farmhouse". My Dollar Store has none of what yours carries, so I'm jealous. Good job!

Anggeliqi Rodriguez
Anggeliqi Rodriguez 2 months ago

I love it!!

Rose 2 months ago

So clever!

Ximena Tatiana Cifuentes Tolosa

Great ideas. Very creative. Love it!

Kathy Kaufman
Kathy Kaufman 2 months ago

Very high end look!

JENNISEED 2 months ago

That's not dollar tree items lol

sandhya kraleti
sandhya kraleti 2 months ago

After watching 4 of your videos continuously, i thought 💭 wait...did I subscribe yet??? And I just did!! 😍Yay!! Absolutely love your diys.. 💜They are so unique and everything turned out beautiful 🤩 ❤️

Lexy Mar
Lexy Mar 2 months ago

Gothic xmas? I like it.

Kaylea Hanes
Kaylea Hanes 2 months ago

I wish mine had those trees omg

Navjot Negi
Navjot Negi 2 months ago

super elegant

Vndrz1 2 months ago

Wow! I love this video! Such simple beautiful modern diys for Christmas. Very inspiring!

Elizabeth Franklin
Elizabeth Franklin 2 months ago

What dollar store: Dollar tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General, or 99 cent store...
Thanks for infor.

Alice Christian
Alice Christian 2 months ago

All is so pretty 🙏👍😀

Abbi J
Abbi J 2 months ago

Wow, great projects!

FUENTESCREWMX 2 months ago

Yay!!! I was sad to see only farm house christmas decor....until I found you!!! Soooo happy!

Derek Selby
Derek Selby 2 months ago

DOLLARAMA! 👍 So accessible!!!

Śpiewająca rączka
Śpiewająca rączka 2 months ago

Excellent idea!

Annie Hobbs
Annie Hobbs 2 months ago

Hair spray or a clear coat of paint might have helped the glitter from coming off :) I love your ideas with the black decor!

Graciane Souza
Graciane Souza 2 months ago

Girl!!! You are my soul sister in decor ! 🖤

Jana Kushnir
Jana Kushnir 2 months ago

Я вижу в этом году в моде черный новый год. Наверное в связи с эпидемией

Mary DeSouza
Mary DeSouza 2 months ago

The best dollar store DIYs I've seen. Well done!

Janella Churchill
Janella Churchill 2 months ago

Loved them! Basically the first time I've seen dollar store crafts id actually want to try.

Rose Vargas
Rose Vargas 2 months ago

My kind of Christmas 🖤🖤🖤

Patricia Ceballos
Patricia Ceballos 2 months ago

You keep saying Your dollar store. Can you please tell us the name of the store, so we can find these items? Thanks so much. I love using black and white as my colors in the house. Then you can use accent colors to change the look.

Lola Oris
Lola Oris 2 months ago

Amazing job!!!

Fleur 2 months ago

Love it. So creative and affordable

Anđelka Sinčić
Anđelka Sinčić 2 months ago

Beautiful 😍😍😍 I will copy all this year 😅

Person’s Name
Person’s Name 2 months ago

These are so tasteful and lovely!

Miss Jolee
Miss Jolee 2 months ago

Honestly this was very informative

Drea Bia
Drea Bia 2 months ago

Omg I wish Dollar Tree had those wooden letters and numbers!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for doing a modern decor video and not farmhouse 🙄

Grisel Payan
Grisel Payan 2 months ago

Christmas or Halloween???😞😳😖

Christina Marie
Christina Marie 2 months ago

I usually hate these dollar hacks plus they never seem worth trying. Yours are so simple and beautiful and I'd actually use them!

Elle 2 months ago

I loved the tree skirt

Heart2Hand 2 months ago

Love it! I really needed it the tree skirt ♡

rtd1791 2 months ago

While your style is not my vibe, I am impressed that you managed to pull off a low key, minimalist style with dollar store items. Kudos.

Tamekia Rosero
Tamekia Rosero 2 months ago

I love all the ideas and got to try the Christmas tree . Favorite!!!

Flor Martínez
Flor Martínez 2 months ago

Wow, me encantó! Es completamente mi estilo ❤️

Yali's Community
Yali's Community 2 months ago

Love it all! Great creations! Thanks for sharing!

Crowned ByJesus
Crowned ByJesus 2 months ago

THIS WAS AMAZING! Thank you! ♡

ritalyn b
ritalyn b 2 months ago

Great DIYs

LaToya 2 months ago

Thanks for doing something besides farmhouse decor. 🙌🏿 These are amazing!

Tamika A
Tamika A 2 months ago

This was an awesome vlog!!

Heather Claycomb
Heather Claycomb 2 months ago

Love that you didn’t use the classic colors... definitely will be trying some of these!!!!

Delfina Fina
Delfina Fina 2 months ago

Fabulosos!!! 😍😀

Brown_and_Curly_ NE_Girly

What dollar store sells any of this? Dollar General? Family Dollar? Those aren’t any different then a Walmart price wise?!

Tele Bo
Tele Bo 2 months ago

I like your colors. They make me happy. lol

Irene Rivers
Irene Rivers 2 months ago

Love black too

Irene Rivers
Irene Rivers 2 months ago


Kat Menendez
Kat Menendez 2 months ago

This was the most awesome and unique holiday diy video! Super cool ideas and the best part, it’s not like any other diy video! LOVED IT!!!!!

Margaret Cardera
Margaret Cardera 2 months ago

I’m now watching your video & I like the simple clean no fussing additions! Now that I subscribed I look forward to watching more❗️Now your baby is TWO❗️ Blessings 🌲❄️😎

Denise Carter
Denise Carter 2 months ago

I love everything you made.

Cl0Wk 2 months ago

I loved all of these ideas so cute and modern

Mingo Kersey
Mingo Kersey 2 months ago

That was dope. Thank you for sharing.

Идеи сероглазки.

Интересные идеи!

Jasmine Nicole
Jasmine Nicole 2 months ago

Great video!!! I need to visit your local dollar tree since the store by me doesn’t have much 🤷🏻‍♀️

Rene Ghorashy
Rene Ghorashy 2 months ago

What dollar store are you finding these items at??

KingArthur 2 months ago

amazing! you have a great modern taste!

Vanessaaa 2 months ago

Christmas 2020 here we comeeee!! 🎅🎄
(Quarantine version)

Diane Echols
Diane Echols 2 months ago

Love💘 💘 them all have a new subscriber!!!

Elizabeth Applewhite
Elizabeth Applewhite 2 months ago

I’m thinking of making the mini wreaths and attaching them to a string of lights. All of these ideas are good. Even if you don’t do exactly what she did it inspires so many ideas!

Christina Saenz
Christina Saenz 2 months ago

Very nice 👍

Kathye Sargent
Kathye Sargent 2 months ago

Good job

FRANCO DECO 2 months ago

I absolutely love it! I'm gonna try a few of them this year for sure. Also black works for me better than festive colors.

Kathleen Farris
Kathleen Farris 2 months ago

Or, spray a sealer on the glitter trees.

Connie's Creative Creations

These are all so pretty.💕

Mama With A Fro
Mama With A Fro 2 months ago

Its crazy how cute and high quality it all looks in the end!

Tigger Bear
Tigger Bear 2 months ago

Please share where you found your items not to helpful

Amanda Harrison
Amanda Harrison 2 months ago

So cute! Loved all the finished products❤️

Michelle Love
Michelle Love 2 months ago

I know this video is a little old but these diy crafts definitely stand the rest of time. So gorgeous! Also love that they’re not what every other crafter is doing.

Sheila S.
Sheila S. 2 months ago

The $tree's here in NC are terrible compared to other states.
We never get some of the items you had...exp. glitter trees, wooden nutcrackers and felt trees.

MacKenzie LumberMill
MacKenzie LumberMill 2 months ago

Love all the DIY's my favorite is the little nutcrackers so cute. TFS, I had fun participating in this challenge with you xoxo

Wendy Burnette
Wendy Burnette 2 months ago

Love those mini wreaths!! I'm all over that idea!

Tonia Henderson
Tonia Henderson 2 months ago

So tired of farmhouse decor thank you

Julie Hyland
Julie Hyland 2 months ago

Oh my gosh! While you were scrubbing the glitter off those trees all I could think of was.... every piece of wood you cut will have glue on it for a YEAR!!!! HAHAHA Love your stuff!

Indie-Annie Jones
Indie-Annie Jones 2 months ago

Beautiful and elegant and modern - truly looks high end. great stuff - New subscriber!!!

Karen Curtis
Karen Curtis 2 months ago

Great job loved them all subscribed and bell is on .
Stay safe stay well x

Pat's HomeCraft
Pat's HomeCraft 2 months ago

Beautiful and fresh diys💖💖💖 TFS

CREATIVE GLAM - All Things Home

😍Great ideas they all turned out beautiful. Thanks for sharing I enjoyed participating in Natalee's collab too.🥰

ML Pappas
ML Pappas 2 months ago

“Was these”

T Mahal
T Mahal 2 months ago

Love a good dark xmas

kascia lelonek
kascia lelonek 2 months ago

Great video. The first dollar store diy that was actually good

Grace Hampton
Grace Hampton 2 months ago

Dollar tree or family dollar?