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ChrisFix 2 months ago

I went though the comments and you overwhelmingly want separate videos on how to fix each problem and restore the car. That series will start soon but for now, here is the next video:

PURTNIGE GAMING 2 months ago

that guy when he finds out he could have got $400

GreedyVivo 2 months ago

10:58 i actually got scared

Earl Gates
Earl Gates 2 months ago

I'm 10 and loves these type of vids good job I'm learning how to be a machanic

Jesse Hernandez
Jesse Hernandez 2 months ago

Where can I ask u a question chris

Stephen Hall
Stephen Hall 2 months ago

Yo can reveiw some tires for me please there called west lakes

Daniyal Alvi
Daniyal Alvi 2 months ago

whenever i watch your videos i feel like im standing right next to you.
im subscribed and liked u

Zach Peck
Zach Peck 2 months ago

This video inspired me to get my first car (an 02 subaru forester) for $800 that needed the works done. I fixed the brakes, did all of the engine gaskets, overhauled the interior, replaced all of the fluids and just as the car was becoming reliable it got t-boned by a guy blowing a red light who didn't have insurance.

Abe RT
Abe RT 2 months ago

Chris fix you’re the man

peenguin 2 months ago

I love your content

Odise Dima
Odise Dima 2 months ago

The website doesn’t give me that result, only good cars

Yb3 Lix ッ
Yb3 Lix ッ 2 months ago

If chris fix responds with a way to find a good car under 1k I’ll get a car i guess

Moded Beats
Moded Beats 2 months ago

Dude he was soo sad if you didnt saw that :(

Moded Beats
Moded Beats 2 months ago

Dude he was soo sad if you didnt saw that :(

Moded Beats
Moded Beats 2 months ago

Dude he was soo sad if you didnt saw that :(

Joseph Lowe
Joseph Lowe 2 months ago

A Honda deal sol?

116 Gamers
116 Gamers 2 months ago

Thanks :)

Babyboy Jackson
Babyboy Jackson 2 months ago

I’m big fan I had a question could you do a collab with a fan by fixing my car for one of your video I’ll pay for all the parts needed it I would love to watch a video of my car in my favorite YouTube channel please please please. But if u decide to do it my number to reach out to me is 8049932375

Cole Wall
Cole Wall 2 months ago

ive saved a lot of money and bought my first car at an auction and i will resell and make around $400 but I wish i had done this instead. The teaching really helps me out so I can learn about cars and fix them myself

For The Love Of Noise

The guy is naned after a car brand from the U.K.

For The Love Of Noise

Cars are never that cheap in Atlanta

Chris W
Chris W 2 months ago

So, what happened with this car?

Kerstin Herb
Kerstin Herb 2 months ago

The fancy crawdad cytogenetically surround because engineering intermittently flap across a lavish spaghetti. tricky, classy bamboo

ChieppaChat 2 months ago

Yep except I have the 500 dollar as my daily driver. So I don’t want to brake it

J C 2 months ago

I’m 12 but I just got a car!

Anton Lando
Anton Lando 2 months ago

chris fix has jinsens shirt in the trunk

Vijay Kundargi
Vijay Kundargi 2 months ago

Show your face in next video 🤟

TALIer 2 months ago

Hay Cris! You know your my inspiration so keep on making videos 😉

My life in video style

Tip: if they took 300$ no issue. Then give 350 for no hassle

Nathan Reynolds
Nathan Reynolds 2 months ago

Are any cars for sale?

Isaac Campbell
Isaac Campbell 2 months ago

Those are the same seats that he installed the fart cleaner in

Ali Eren Doganer
Ali Eren Doganer 2 months ago

I can't believe you guys are able to buy cars that are cheaper than a PS5... The cheapest cars are around 8000 euros in my country

T El
T El 2 months ago

Fix it and do a giveaway ! :)

T El
T El 2 months ago

It's good to see how you got your take home price of the car. I would be nervous to offer $300 cus I would think he'd be offended for such a low offer. The same for the Jaguar purchase too. Good find.

horizon animator
horizon animator 2 months ago

Wise man once said: A Great Car Doesn't Have To Look Good or funky or be expensive it doesn't have to be giant or small. A good car just has to take you from point A to point B and on that we all agree

Andrew Alloud
Andrew Alloud 2 months ago

You are luyer

Craxxy Pizza
Craxxy Pizza 2 months ago

Can u tell me how u got to that location so fast it said it’s 103 miles away from ur location so how¿

Tomi Gaming
Tomi Gaming 2 months ago

You should turbo charge that honda boii

Marius Dyvik
Marius Dyvik 2 months ago

i am norvigian so 300 doller is 3000 norvigian money

James Ellse
James Ellse 2 months ago

This car is broken.


Bro i wish $300 can buy a car in jamaica😎

Xochilt Cortez
Xochilt Cortez 2 months ago

Nice car

munir abdeljaber
munir abdeljaber 2 months ago

Pls tell me where you got your weather strip I’m desperate

alex hardann
alex hardann 2 months ago

The title should be like how to get sooo lucky to get a run and drive car for 300$

Atomicly 2 months ago

man that car already had ur chrisfix logo on the plate my g


Put some donks on it

Mr. Doggo
Mr. Doggo 2 months ago

Jesus loves you btw

Zia Ahmad
Zia Ahmad 2 months ago

Dude he was ur fan and u gave him only 300

munir abdeljaber
munir abdeljaber 2 months ago

More del sole videos pls!

courage alone
courage alone 2 months ago

In South Africa it would cost me R25 000, which is like 1 716.20 US Dollar.... and He bought a car worth $300, that is like R4 370.66... Lol

Andi ILYA 2 months ago

Jinson looks like one of those street rats you see in movies that helps out the main protagonists

Sebastian Alexander
Sebastian Alexander 2 months ago

Keep your car and swap the motor
And do cool rides with the back window down around the city 🏙️

Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown 2 months ago

put a turbo on it

Speed Chaser
Speed Chaser 2 months ago

Real nice

Anil Teeluck
Anil Teeluck 2 months ago

I want to see the car

Chevelleguy80 2 months ago

I can't believe I guessed it correctly! Love used hondas

Janne Suonpää
Janne Suonpää 2 months ago

Please ChrisFix make a video for one of the used car in the world Passat wagon 2006-2009. From start to finnish. I want to fix my own car but i need your help to do so. By thecway love your work it is informational and clearly explained. Keep up the good work.👍🏻👏🏼

Cedrik Gadoury
Cedrik Gadoury 2 months ago

Motor swap

Building Skill
Building Skill 2 months ago


William Anderson
William Anderson 2 months ago

Best platform i have ever seen, i can't believe that there will still be a company that will be so sincere to their investors.Automate Forex trading account are always on point..

Tu Nguyen
Tu Nguyen 2 months ago

Why did you just make a edit about a car driving i just think jison got hit

Jokes Yay
Jokes Yay 2 months ago

90s Hondas are rising in prices. Inventory is running low. Keep yours if you have one!

Cuphead909 2 months ago

i bet my pc is louder than the engine of the car in this video

Justin Busto
Justin Busto 2 months ago

I was about to say, that engine looks pretty good on that Honda. But you know what they say, looks aren't everything.

Pavle Sakan
Pavle Sakan 2 months ago

That guy was so nice!!!

one by one
one by one 2 months ago

that jack looks scary

Jonas skadhauge
Jonas skadhauge 2 months ago

We Got a car to 150 dolers

Kyle Waldron
Kyle Waldron 2 months ago

u should do a dodge chevy pick up its my dream car

Mustakim Billah
Mustakim Billah 2 months ago

Heyyyyy man. Watch out..!!!😧

Devan Russ
Devan Russ 2 months ago

Tried to a wheel bearing I am a smoll boi it did not end well

Lucy Julien
Lucy Julien 2 months ago

That is a good car

Imran Younis
Imran Younis 2 months ago

U gave him 400

Joshua Brooks
Joshua Brooks 2 months ago

The video is good and it I think it is a Honda

Adam Williams
Adam Williams 2 months ago

im 9

My Living Journal
My Living Journal 2 months ago

I believe that car was worth more than 300.00 I think he gave it to you for that price because he knew who you were & felt obligated. I think it was very unfair to low ball him like that. Poor kid probably is not financially well off. I felt bad for him.

Deepfried 2 months ago

This video is now 3 years old , feel old alerady?

TheEndZombo 2 months ago

Then in pounds you would be getting a car for like 100 - 200 pounds

Arya Goswami
Arya Goswami 2 months ago

Bro you're a legend you are like my teacher love your videos 😀😀👍👍

Ricardo Galicia
Ricardo Galicia 2 months ago

Chrisfix is a god with cars! 😁

Mohy Ayyat
Mohy Ayyat 2 months ago

you can literally trade him a Switch for the car

Moth Man
Moth Man 2 months ago

Make it the cheapest yet fastest car

MShaKaLaKa 2 months ago

You loose creditability by underestimating Honda.

Hattan Ziyad
Hattan Ziyad 2 months ago

Only for 300 hmmm I think when I am 15 I am going to get car

ShortDak 2 months ago

love who the license plate says chrisfix when he first arrived XD like what...

Lunar Layne
Lunar Layne 2 months ago

Bet it's a del sol

Nintendo switch gamer

I love the chqnnel

Squige 2 months ago

This car costs as much as a Nintendo switch

stephanie Walker
stephanie Walker 2 months ago

Who bought a car that was 300 dollars in 2021

phillydopey the lner C1

strange honda

Glory_in The_3rd
Glory_in The_3rd 2 months ago

I got to give it up to you man I definitely would have turn that one all the way down LOL

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Milan Khan
Milan Khan 2 months ago


SandyClaws 2 months ago

Laughs in 2021 car market

Alistair Ronan
Alistair Ronan 2 months ago

ChrisFix’s secret weapon:
-Soapy wooder
-Common handtools

Zachary Tribou
Zachary Tribou 2 months ago

Holy moly I love Honda even more noe

Willy 2 months ago

That’s a cool jack!