This is What Happens When You Don’t Know Who 2 Chainz is | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ



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Information This is What Happens When You Don’t Know Who 2 Chainz is | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ

Title : This is What Happens When You Don’t Know Who 2 Chainz is | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ

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Frames This is What Happens When You Don’t Know Who 2 Chainz is | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ

Description This is What Happens When You Don’t Know Who 2 Chainz is | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ

This is What Happens When You Don’t Know Who 2 Chainz is | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ

This is What Happens When You Don’t Know Who 2 Chainz is | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ

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Msvarte Muansanga
Msvarte Muansanga 2 months ago

2 chainz needs to have his own talk show.

Nitrosetheprodigy 2 months ago


Renan 2 months ago

best duo ever

inter modus
inter modus 2 months ago

I'm kinda a Big Deal😌

🤠Meee Too

😆😆and then we laughed....

TeKirah Williams
TeKirah Williams 2 months ago

He speaks to rich white people like they regular and I love it. Humble them 2 Chainz.

Gray Filtered
Gray Filtered 2 months ago

But who is 2 chainz after all lol

Ezra 2 months ago


Flowers flower
Flowers flower 2 months ago

2chinz was hurt😂

Darion Powels
Darion Powels 2 months ago

The oldmans kids reaction tho lmfao 😀😀💀💀

montanaaa123 2 months ago


VestigialHead 2 months ago

Who is 2 Chainz? He is some rich spoilt dipshit American rapper.

Randall Hahn
Randall Hahn 2 months ago

2 Chainz is the creation of Leon (Curb Your Enthusiasm) becoming a rapper.

Mr Connor TV
Mr Connor TV 2 months ago




Jaylen Lee
Jaylen Lee 2 months ago

is the add before the video annoying or what!?

Mac10 Mac
Mac10 Mac 2 months ago

man I want some cheese all of a sudden

2k god
2k god 2 months ago

who tf is elliot lol

FLameFLacko 2 months ago

Elliot is one of senators in martiwn and denny devito movie

Maver!ck 2 months ago

2 Chainz would be funny af in a sitcom, goddamnn haha

Nique ah
Nique ah 2 months ago

lmao "but it gots character" he funny as shit

Food For Thought
Food For Thought 2 months ago

Loooveee 2 Chainz, he doesn't get intimidated by whoever hes talking too, he just continues to be himself and thats too fucking cool!!

AhDee 2 months ago

so who is Elliot? i don't get it

Pr1nce 2 months ago

Damn 2 chainz murked him right away lol.

Marco Brotto
Marco Brotto 2 months ago

Dead!! this dude's hilarious

Joshua Sekera
Joshua Sekera 2 months ago

Looks like Marc

NyDeviant Gaming
NyDeviant Gaming 2 months ago

he's 10 year old daughter knows who 2 chainz is... lol i wonder from where "birthday song"??

Simon Witton
Simon Witton 2 months ago

2 chainz roasts him lmfao

Tyrone Qualls
Tyrone Qualls 2 months ago

Dog real man don't mega let paper change u

NonyaBuisness YaStalkers

This one is 2million dollars he dont give a fuck about..but it has Character xD

Jack Johnston
Jack Johnston 2 months ago

"and im like who the fuck is elliot....same shit!"

Saiful sKiNo
Saiful sKiNo 2 months ago

10 yr old girl listening to 2 Chainz? hmm...

Right2BearArms2 2 months ago

Who the fuk is Elliot? Lmaoooooo

latrice lamar
latrice lamar 2 months ago

"But it has character!" That took me out😂😂😂😂

Hank .Chocolate
Hank .Chocolate 2 months ago

No one else think 2 chainz has a smile/bottom half of a face that looks like Jay-Z?

Nicole Flood
Nicole Flood 2 months ago

😂😂😂this shit had me dying especially when 2 chainz said "Who da fuck is elliot" 😂😂😂

Dre Ray
Dre Ray 2 months ago

I thought that was Vince Macmahon..

Erlan Manosa Jr
Erlan Manosa Jr 2 months ago

0:18 like if you watched it 5 times!

Erlan Manosa Jr
Erlan Manosa Jr 2 months ago

0:20 repeated 5 times for this shittt lmfao im dead!!!

Gina Juarez-Conley
Gina Juarez-Conley 2 months ago

The funny thing is when he was like sayin Elliot had 9 mansions and this one cost $2 mil and I dont care anything about it but it has character.. Thats the truth these tricks have so much money they just dont give a fuck..

Crystal Lewis
Crystal Lewis 2 months ago


Brandon V
Brandon V 2 months ago

Oh 2 Chainz, you so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

El Chingonジョナサン

Why the fuck would a 10 year old little girl be listening to this guy songs they're all about getting fucked up and fucking hoes am I the only one who is thinking about this

Nicole New
Nicole New 2 months ago

Not into his music (or rap in general) but this guys cool.

Andreas Johansen
Andreas Johansen 2 months ago

these guys sounds so cool and chill xD

13unner 2 months ago

Damn 2Chainz was really going for the jugular. He's paid to go promote this guys car, then at the drop of a hat says 'this car costs $2 million, and I don't give a fuck about it'.

Daquan 2 months ago

The old man look like the old man from up

unown 2 months ago

This made me lol! :D

purecotton 2 months ago

''...and im like who dafuq is Elliot? same shiittttttt!''


Task Jaay
Task Jaay 2 months ago


seductivesnake1 2 months ago

what id give to be that guys son hahaha god he's must be so fing loaded 

Mr. Speyside
Mr. Speyside 2 months ago

2chainz is hilarious!

MediaIncGH 2 months ago

Great series

Benjamin A
Benjamin A 2 months ago

Pigeon John on GQ!
DOPEEEEE! Even if it's just an instrumental...

BLKMRKT 2 months ago

AHAHAHAHAHA :D That killed me ! 

SYNTH GOD 2 months ago

I never heard of 2Chainz either, but according to his bio on his record label's website he was the valedictorian of his graduating class at Alabama State University and worked as a software developer at both Microsoft and Apple the latter he left to pursue a career in rap. But after watching a few of his videos and listening to his music for the first time this makes me wonder if what he's doing is just an act for the sake of selling his brand to an audience that lacks intellectual curiosity. The true definition of "Crazy Like A Fox". 

Joe Ochoa
Joe Ochoa 2 months ago

Good one.

Shahid Choudhury
Shahid Choudhury 2 months ago

He even said it wrong, lol it's 2chainz with a 'Z'!

Louis C.k
Louis C.k 2 months ago

2 chainz seemed pretty mad.

Lord Brathwaite
Lord Brathwaite 2 months ago

This one actually made me laugh, not bad GQ. Keep the cameras rolling😏😅👌

Mitchell Gagula
Mitchell Gagula 2 months ago

this series is fucking rad