Illuminated Etched Ornaments (Dremel Tutorial)


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Information Illuminated Etched Ornaments (Dremel Tutorial)

Title : Illuminated Etched Ornaments (Dremel Tutorial)

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Frames Illuminated Etched Ornaments (Dremel Tutorial)

Description Illuminated Etched Ornaments (Dremel Tutorial)

Illuminated Etched Ornaments (Dremel Tutorial)

Illuminated Etched Ornaments (Dremel Tutorial)

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Janet Brimston
Janet Brimston 2 months ago

God you gobble when you speak..I cannot understand most of what you say..your speed is garbled..and un clear.

teresa carter
teresa carter 2 months ago

You make it look so easy, have you been doing it long ? I’ve never seen this before it’s great thank you for sharing x🇬🇧😁

Jardim 2 months ago

congratulation s on your first tutorial. it is really pretty, easy and unique project.

Sugar Xyler the blue eyed Cherokee

I love to engrave. Nice tool to have if you do calligraphy

Shirley keast-crumley

It was really neat Kim. Just relax in front of the camera and look at the lense without rolling your eyes as it is distracting. OWN your video and be confident girl!

James Murphy
James Murphy 2 months ago

Can only hear you with the earphones on ........ speak louder. JIm

James Murphy
James Murphy 2 months ago

What Model is your Dremel (Besides MICRO ) Lots of Micros

Hen Sitter
Hen Sitter 2 months ago

I found your vocal fry really annoying and distracting.

Deborah Jeffers
Deborah Jeffers 2 months ago

Since the ornaments are plastic is it safe to put those lights in them? Even though lights are small they get hot. Thanks

Mehps 2 months ago

wow i gotta get a dremel micro. the one i got sounds and feels like a beast lol

JaminGammy 2 months ago

AWSOME! I'm getting my Dremel out right now! Those are beautiful.!

L Hamilton
L Hamilton 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing this video-tutorial. I'm now heading over to Amazon to order a Dremel so I can make these ornaments. I've subscribed to your channel & I can't wait wait to make some 😊

gorp27 2 months ago

I was looking for a tutorial on carving a gun stock using a dremel tool and your vid caught my eye so I watched it. This is a really neat idea that looks cool. I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

BB Wynn Hall
BB Wynn Hall 2 months ago

Love love love!

Mama Littlefoot
Mama Littlefoot 2 months ago

I agree! You created some very beautiful art and when you switched on the light I went "WOW"! Thank you so much for sharing this neat idea. You made a real good video. P.S. I have NO trouble hearing you.

Whimsy by Kelly
Whimsy by Kelly 2 months ago

I've tried very hard to recreate these and no matter what I do, or how thin I go they aren't glowing. Any additional suggestions?

mitni45 2 months ago

Hi Kim. Good video. Is there a way to tell what color the base of the ornaments are when you are shopping for them?

September Whisenant
September Whisenant 2 months ago

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this fabulous idea and video! I am so happy I stumbled upon it since I am always needing new ideas for inexpensive Christmas gifts. Every year I have people I want to remember but who would feel uncomfortable if I gave them something expensive because they didn't get me anything. These will be perfect because they are cheap enough to make multiples but don't look cheap. Also, they will be easy to personalize for the recipient. I will definitely be making these this year! Thanks again!

Debbs Custom Engravings

I have engraved lightbulbs without breaking them. And I think I'm going to try this too.

mxcnqt 2 months ago

Very cool and very sweet delivery. Thanks.

Shauna Kirk
Shauna Kirk 2 months ago

Dremel sells a bit attachment that acts as a little fan... you use it with your engraving bit to keep your workspace clean so you don't have to "blow" your ornaments! ;)

Anthony 2 months ago

This is awesome!

Alexandre Castro
Alexandre Castro 2 months ago

Boa idéia, parabéns!!! (Brasil) ;)

Mario Campos
Mario Campos 2 months ago

me gusto la idea!!!!!

Amanda Debich
Amanda Debich 2 months ago

I love this idea, but am having trouble finding ornaments that have a white base.  Where did you get your ornaments?  I've tried Target, Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, and Michael's and they all have ornaments that have a dark gray base underneath the top coat that gets Dremeled off..  Thanks in advance!

mamablitger Monica
mamablitger Monica 2 months ago

Thank you for a great tutorial. What a fabulous idea ! Cheap, easy and decorative. Love the idea !
I agree with the above comment that it would be helpful if you could speak a little louder or more directly to the camera. Not to quarrel. Just because we want to HEAR all you
Thanks a lot !!!! Hugs from Monica... Spain

Cheryl Allen
Cheryl Allen 2 months ago

Love your project and your video was great! 
p.s. You have beautiful skin!

madamebec 2 months ago

Loved your video! Would love to see more projects with the Drexel tool. I know this was your first one and you're probably nervous, but I would like it if you'd please talk louder into your camera. I could hardly hear you. Thank you! Looking forward to more.

Pretty Handy Girl
Pretty Handy Girl 2 months ago

Very cool! Great first video Kim!