Mic Mac Mall - Full Tour 2020



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Title : Mic Mac Mall - Full Tour 2020

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Mic Mac Mall - Full Tour 2020

Mic Mac Mall - Full Tour 2020

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alongfortheride84 2 months ago

Sad :(

John Calmonte
John Calmonte 2 months ago

Mic Mac Mall to me is a great spot to chill out and buy things you need. The space is great

Arts Elevators Gaming & Beyond

H&M and Urban Planet are also anchors

mojo Mojo
mojo Mojo 2 months ago

The entire point of a mall is to let vendors sell you stuff and the mall rents out their space to them because just owning the building costs money to keep it there.
Why even do this if you hate it?
You can even pronounce tile names correctly.

Cube Gaming
Cube Gaming 2 months ago

You make great videos! Hopefully you can post more after this COVID19 stuff

PIXEL SURPRISE! 2 months ago

Mic Mac mall was once so great. :(

Shane Spencer
Shane Spencer 2 months ago

My earliest memory of me in the Mic Mac Mall was in the spring/summer of 1983, when Simpsons was one of the anchor stores! It was one of the biggest malls I was ever in up to that time, until the summer of 2011, when I was in the Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga! BTW, the most recent time I was in this big mall was in the summer of 2019!

Jordyn Price
Jordyn Price 2 months ago

I remember, 11 years ago, when I still lived in Nova Scotia, they had a Disney Store. 4 years-old my mom bought me a Perry the Platypus plushie from there, still sits on my bed. And I remember falling down one of the escalators, my dad caught me just in time. Security guards had a good laugh.

Mandy Roy
Mandy Roy 2 months ago

Can't seem to figure out how to message you here.

I went to HSC today and, other than Showcase, it was empty.

I considered filming it, but I don't have a lot of storage on my phone.

Halifax ReTales says the malls may be open by next weekend so, if you want up document it...

Eh's World Productions

Okay, idk how I missed all of these new videos you have been posting since the summer. Clearly, Youtube's algorithm sucks major donkey poopchutes. So I'm just going to binge watch your new videos from the Shelburne Mall to this video.

I plan to film Avalon Mall and The Village Shopping Centre again once the COVID19 restrictions lift and non-essential stores can open again. I'm also going to do Atlantic Place in downtown St. John's which apparently used to be an actual mall.

Char Aznable
Char Aznable 2 months ago

I miss toysrus

Mandy Roy
Mandy Roy 2 months ago

Looks like Health Nutz went under again. They moved to the third floor near The Bay, from Barrington St. I never went in when they were there. Went once to this location. Too bad.

Cassandra Teal
Cassandra Teal 2 months ago

Love the commentary on this one :) thanks for the tour

Bel Chymes
Bel Chymes 2 months ago

8minutes & 45 seconds outside. Great tour though.

Arts Elevators Gaming & Beyond

Great tour!!!! Thank you so much!!!!