How to make the Ultimate BOW for your Christmas Gift or Present


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Information How to make the Ultimate BOW for your Christmas Gift or Present

Title : How to make the Ultimate BOW for your Christmas Gift or Present

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Frames How to make the Ultimate BOW for your Christmas Gift or Present

Description How to make the Ultimate BOW for your Christmas Gift or Present

How to make the Ultimate BOW for your Christmas Gift or Present

How to make the Ultimate BOW for your Christmas Gift or Present

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George Garcia
George Garcia 2 months ago

Mine are so much more intricate! Didn't like the colors!

Sabrina Doll
Sabrina Doll 2 months ago

This was awesome! I decided I wanted to add a little pizazz to my boyfriend's Christmas gift, and this tutorial really helped with the bow! My mom was so jealous that his gift looked better than hers, so I wrapped hers like it too! I feel like my mom wants me to wrap every present like this now hahaha, this made my presents look really nice! Thank you Aurora!

Gaming Girl!
Gaming Girl! 2 months ago

This is my first year to make my own bows & I’ve looked up countless videos and this has been the only one I’ve been successful at doing! Thank you so much! My presents will be extra special this year bc I’ve done them all myself!

Linda Catzoela
Linda Catzoela 2 months ago

I did it! Thank you so much. Where did you get your ribbon?

Terry Godfrey
Terry Godfrey 2 months ago

Dang she did the Lakers durty 😂😂😂

Princern Prince
Princern Prince 2 months ago

Hate lakers

CoolKCRoyale 2 months ago

I’ve never been more mad at a ribbon in my life

Kay Bee
Kay Bee 2 months ago

Oh that right there is pretty!!!!

S Y 2 months ago

I always feel that wrapping the simplest gift makes everything extra special. I always make my gifts (no matter how simple they are) extra special and the recepient feels instantly important knowing that you took the time instead of stuffing something in a bag with a bunch of tissues😌

Samuel Bennett
Samuel Bennett 2 months ago

Thanks for this. Also you’re beautiful!

mew mari
mew mari 2 months ago

It is really hard to see. The angle does not help.

mydyisgod 2 months ago

Love the music as much as the lesson.

Paige Rasmussen
Paige Rasmussen 2 months ago

I just went from the worst gift wrapper in my family (with honors) to expecting disbelief as you said, that I must have had someone else do this for me!

kavitha arul
kavitha arul 2 months ago

Thank you so much

ACE 806
ACE 806 2 months ago

I loved that I learned this from you so easily! “Go lakers!” Lol! Yay! 🎁

Janice Chapman
Janice Chapman 2 months ago

A good trick to keep the bow nice and tight is use a zip tie to keep the middle together and then tie your extra strip in the middle.

Jackie Ombongi
Jackie Ombongi 2 months ago

Good job

Oscar Mercado
Oscar Mercado 2 months ago

Loved your work!

Cora Britton
Cora Britton 2 months ago

This is beyond my creativity... arghhhhh and so elegant..... c’mon brain and fingers work with me....

Claire Gostyla
Claire Gostyla 2 months ago

My daughters name is aurora and I’m wrapping her Christmas gift as I’m watching this 🥰

Vequalia 2 months ago

Fire your cameraman

Esther Trejo
Esther Trejo 2 months ago

Beautiful bow, looks easy to make but I'll find out when I try it,

Evelyn Cortez
Evelyn Cortez 2 months ago

Whoever was recording doesn't know how to record..

Judy Durbin
Judy Durbin 2 months ago

love the colors...very nice job and easy to follow. your package looks very professional...merry christmas to you and yours...

chindudes235 2 months ago

my mom said your bow looks like crap...:3

Cheryl Stewart
Cheryl Stewart 2 months ago

Terrible tutorial

Carrol Mumford
Carrol Mumford 2 months ago

Thank you for a very inspiring class.

Alicia Davis
Alicia Davis 2 months ago

That's beautiful

Queen Leopard Lover
Queen Leopard Lover 2 months ago

I like building up expectations with my wrapping paper and then disappointing when the gift is opened 😂

Sharon Farquhar
Sharon Farquhar 2 months ago

Thanks from Australia 🇦🇺

A Thrasher
A Thrasher 2 months ago

I've watched tons of how videos. By far, this is the simplest with the same results! Thank you. 🎄

Mz Maniapoto Carroll
Mz Maniapoto Carroll 2 months ago

Love the colours very nice

Vicky F
Vicky F 2 months ago

Theres an easier way to make that same bow without twisting it all the time ... Same concept ... .. YouTube how to make mesh bow & u will see :). Thank you for your video (looked really nice )

Em Zee
Em Zee 2 months ago

Wow, really beautiful, looks great but really expensive. And yet still love it #presentgoals

Robosing 2 months ago

Excuse me. Whered u get your coat. Beautiful. Want to get something similar for my girl

Anthony Valerio
Anthony Valerio 2 months ago

Bitch dressed up for a bow tutorial

Lynn Pena
Lynn Pena 2 months ago

Thank you for this tutorial it was delightful. There are a whole lot of ways I'm make of bowls and this one was a good one also. This tutorial was awesome.

Cassandra Barragree
Cassandra Barragree 2 months ago

You really need to get a steady camera person. The video was hard to follow because it was way too zoomed in.

simon courchel
simon courchel 2 months ago

why are you wearing your coat inside!

Tobey Sheridan
Tobey Sheridan 2 months ago

Thank you so much for your tutorial. I followed it step by step on my i-pad as I made my bow. It was the first time for me and it came out great! Your instructions were easy to follow. Looking forward to creating many more beautiful packages!

Raechelyn Dawn
Raechelyn Dawn 2 months ago

Very Nice. I can tell you really enjoy doing these tutorials. I know how to make bows but you gave me many new tips. Thank you!

Sara Schmitt
Sara Schmitt 2 months ago

You are always smiling too! Perfect match!!
Did you ever meet up with him?

Mad Friend
Mad Friend 2 months ago

I forgot how to make to 1st part so that was helpful, but zoom out a bit on the bow so you don't have to look around so much.

Nando Armando
Nando Armando 2 months ago

love your gold and red nails. very festive. ☺

Jason Newman
Jason Newman 2 months ago

Lo haces ver facil thank you

Jason Newman
Jason Newman 2 months ago

Youre great!!😉

Mommy Garcia
Mommy Garcia 2 months ago

Pretty bow !!! GO LAKERS !!!!! From a lakers fan !!!!!

Robin Esak
Robin Esak 2 months ago

Good video. I recently happened upon glue dots that a friend of mine was using for scrapbooking and they make bow-making SO much better! Instead of tying knots all over the place - sometimes a knot looks nice but sometimes not (har-de-har) - you can stick on a glue dot to hold it in place. I almost NEVER tie the bows to the gifts anymore. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that because I think this is a really good basic tutorial and glue dots would make it even simpler! :)

Jeana M
Jeana M 2 months ago

OUTSTANDING!!! Thanks for sharing!

Susan Crum
Susan Crum 2 months ago

Very nice!

Candy Shadoin
Candy Shadoin 2 months ago

You Cant afford to wrap every gift like that at Christmas. Thats alot of ribbon. You go broke on ribbon making bows on packages to look good..

Yao Li
Yao Li 2 months ago

Um the bow looks bad.😓

Scoligirl 50
Scoligirl 50 2 months ago

I love your red  coat!

E Reed
E Reed 2 months ago

Beautiful! Thank you for the easy to follow instructions

XcocoraresX AJ
XcocoraresX AJ 2 months ago


Kinwoven - Robeson Design

Nicely done :-) Great tutorial. Sounded VERY familiar ;-) RR

Charlotte Mitchell
Charlotte Mitchell 2 months ago

THANK YOU! It was a great refresher! 

Joselyne Encalada
Joselyne Encalada 2 months ago

Thank you so much your video helped me a lot. Most video show you have to make a bow with wire but i liked that you used the same bow.

Dawn to Dusk Designs
Dawn to Dusk Designs 2 months ago

De nada Jorge. ¡Gracias por tu comentario! :)

Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez 2 months ago

In presionante Aurora grasias por la ensenansa