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Nick Wright
Nick Wright 2 months ago

Smoked salmon and booze for breakfast:) Merry Christmas

Rachel M
Rachel M 2 months ago

Ok. So, Cranberry sauce, no. Trifle, maybe for tea, Christmas pudding for dinner. Game? Unlikely, except in a few wealthy homes. Yorkshire puddings? Definitely, you got that right! ๐Ÿ˜†

Glastonbury 2 months ago

Not trifle, Christmas pudding you forgot x

Lee Emberson
Lee Emberson 2 months ago

We mostly have turkey in the UK for Christmas Dinner. The other things you missed were bread sauce, chestnuts, roasted parsnips and goose fat roast potatoes. All staples of a good British Christmas Dinner.

Kathy Newton
Kathy Newton 2 months ago

I have lived in America all my life and I was raised with these dishes. They are so yummy!

whoo11 2 months ago

Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, Yule log!

Thomas Lowdon
Thomas Lowdon 2 months ago

Yorkshire pudd on your christmas lunch ? Ok people do it l know but its not traditional.....theres plenty other things on your plate no need for yorky pudd....your christmas plate should reflect the season...as in 18c or 15c...really traditional...alot of todays christmas is commercialy driven by whats sold in the shops.....but if you cook yourself evverything you can make it REAL....l always make everything 23rd/24th...prepared.. 25th just have brkfast and turn it all on....simple.
I do not understand the drama about all that prep on christmas day.....WHY ? Do it day before at leasure....

Thomas Lowdon
Thomas Lowdon 2 months ago

I guess it depends on how youre brought up and your income...but we always had a five course xmas dinner......starter..soup...fish..main..pudd.....coffee liquers....satsumas ..nuts...mince pies... certainly a glass or two of red or white.....it should be a feast....its christmas day....like medieveal times...abundance....then sit in settee eat chocolates watch a movie....

Vicky Taylor
Vicky Taylor 2 months ago

Gammon is my favourite Christmas meal. Yorkshire puddings donโ€™t normally get served on Christmas Day. Trifle to most people contains jelly although the original is jam or stewed fruit with trifle sponge, custard and cream.

John Wynn
John Wynn 2 months ago

Christmas pudding after Christmas dinner is tradition Google it

In The Beginning Was The Word

I love that this woman is an Anglophile. ย I never considered myself an anglophile until I emigrated to the US and now I pine for all things British.

In The Beginning Was The Word

I'm a brit living in the US and I missed mince pies so badly this Christmas! ย I don't understand the whole Christmas cookie thing in the US because you can eat cookies any time of the year. ย I also missed drinking Dutch Advocaat (although Egg Nog is pretty damn good) and After Eight mints! ย Ahh, there's no place like home!

willlovesgaz 2 months ago

Hi Sunny, some people have pork pie for breakfast on Christmas Day - my stepdad has had it for as long as he and my mum have been married - 30 years this year (2018) xxx

biff322 2 months ago

I'm confused.... That "pudding" looks like bread to me?

biff322 2 months ago


BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;P

John Jones
John Jones 2 months ago


Max Headroom
Max Headroom 2 months ago

I go to my father's for Christmas he likes to be different at Christmas his hobby is cooking. We usually have something unusual from around the world at Christmas. We do always have the cold meats and mash with pickles and red cabbage etc on Boxing day the best meal at Christmas in my opinion. We had lobster for Christmas dinner once โ˜บ

Bon Es
Bon Es 2 months ago

We have never had turkey for Christmas dinner here in upstate NY. Turkey is for Thanksgiving and prime rib is for Christmas.

Andy Weatherhill
Andy Weatherhill 2 months ago

if you in Yorkshire Christmas cake and cheese

Alty Mir
Alty Mir 2 months ago

Christmas dinner for me has always had several meats on the plate, chicken, turkey, beef, pork in the sausage meat and in recent years the pigs in blankets but never heard of anyone having pheasant or goose (although I understand they made be old traditional choices). We always have the cold meats for tea in the evening and usually again on boxing day with mash and pickles. Also, this may sound posh to some but trust me I am very working class from London but, I don't think I have ever had a Christmas dinner without a choice of prawn cocktail with brown bread and butter or pate on crisp bread for starters? My bro in law's family originate from up north and he insists on having sliced raw onions in vinegar and cauliflower cheese, too, which are both delicious additions :)

pmw650 2 months ago

Goose or Pheasant for Christmas ? I guess the thousands of turkeys bred for the Christmas market will be relieved about that.

fattwat1 2 months ago

Get it correct where the hell is Christmas pudding

fattwat1 2 months ago

Stop saying England

Keith Dawes
Keith Dawes 2 months ago

We have trifle for tea on Christmas Day (About 4:30 pm) along with Christmas Cake and also Yule Log, Ham and Stilton Cheese, and of course Pork Pie. For Christmas Dinner (About 12:30 pm) dessert we have Christmas Pudding. Yorkshire Pudding isn't a Christmas Food, but we do have it EVERY Sunday with Sunday Dinner. Most people have a big joint of Beef for Christmas dinner, though of course Turkey is also very popular, WE ALWAYS have Brussel Sprouts. Pheasant is NEVER eaten at Christmas. A nice video, but nearly everything you say is incorrect. Also most Brits think Americans eat Turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

haltoi01 2 months ago

What about Christmas ham or gammon?

haltoi01 2 months ago

Christmas pudding on Christmas Day, obvious.

Carl T
Carl T 2 months ago

I like this channel. However, she is quite uninformed on some British things.

person face
person face 2 months ago

Americans, forget Christmas. Any time is a good time to sample Yorkshire Puddings, as said, they are amazing!!! Huge fan! Find a recipe and make your own. Perfect for having with your roast, even if your roasts are different to ours. They are sooooooooo tasty!

richard scales
richard scales 2 months ago

Goose rarely,pheasant even more so

Ravo 2 months ago

You forgot about shloer the best drink ever

Evil Twin
Evil Twin 2 months ago

Cranberry sauce isn't traditional here. It's a very recent import from America, but it's pretty quickly become ubiquitous.

By the way, goose is really rare for Christmas dinner (other than using goose fat to roast potatoes) and NOBODY eats Pheasant! I think you need to fire your informant!

Richard Godwin
Richard Godwin 2 months ago

Don't forget Christmas Pudding with rum sauce. Pour flaming brandy over it and dig the spoons in...YUM!

Tobey Transport
Tobey Transport 2 months ago

I like ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Vs ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

Tobey Transport
Tobey Transport 2 months ago

what about Christmas pudding and Christmas cake

Rich Clasper
Rich Clasper 2 months ago

My Nan always used to add an old silver sixpence to the Christmas pudding she used to make herself. Sixpence was an old coin issued before the UK decimalised their currency in 1971. The finder of the coin on Christmas Day whilst eating the pudding is supposed to have good luck and wealth the following year. We continue this tradition today by using the same coin as her, as it must be made of silver, as the nickel coins of today can not be cooked into the pudding.

whylie74 2 months ago

Chestnuts, can't have Christmas without them.

RussDurrant 2 months ago

Goose was always the traditional bird eaten at Christmas in England before turkey was introduced to England from America around 500 years ago. A Victorian recipe eaten by the upper class was 5 bird roast, which is different birds boned and rolled together and tied with string. Traditional Christmas puddings are trifle and Christmas pudding. Mince pies are really a snack.

Robert Bilson
Robert Bilson 2 months ago

Turkey, xmas pudd, trifle, mini sausage roll's and 30 can's of old speckled hen yummy yummy ๐Ÿ˜Š

TheRenaissanceman65 2 months ago

Yorkshire pudding? With turkey? First time I've heard of that! It traditionally goes with beef. What my family does is spend the day at my sister's house, exchange presents, and her partner cooks turkey and stuffing, gravy, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, carrots and brussels sprouts. Followed by Christmas pudding and mince pies. Judging by the quantity of parsnips and brussels my local Waitrose always seems to be desperately selling off cheap afterwards, we may not be unusual. Yes, it sounds rather similar to what I have heard Americans do for Thanksgiving.

Goose is traditional for Christmas lunch (read Dickens's "A Christmas Carol") but turkey seems to have taken over in the last century or so. The trouble with turkey is it's difficult to roast a whole turkey without the breast drying out as it cooks quicker than the legs, which is of course the point of stuffing the bird, but still, many people claim not to like turkey and there are always suggestions for alternatives all over the media. Goose, like duck, is fattier.

Brussels sprouts are a weird thing... for some reason they seem to be an almost compulsory part of Christmas lunch despite the fact that so many people profess not to like them, so why do people still cook them anyway? I like them but I'm well aware there are plenty who disagree.

If you have a trifle, it's rare to have it with the lunch. Making a Christmas trifle is not unusual but you'd eat it at other meals.

Christmas pudding is THE huge omission from this video! Definitely best eaten in small portions because it's very rich.

Mark Hankin
Mark Hankin 2 months ago

Enjoying your comparisons. Very entertaining. You're a sweetheart!

john Gray
john Gray 2 months ago

I xmas dinner for me is stuffing turkey yorkshire pudding peas carrotts pigs in blankets pickled onions and oxo gravey

Fran Ohmsford
Fran Ohmsford 2 months ago

You don't have Yorkshire Pudding with Turkey! You have it with Roast BEEF!

Christmas Dinner
Turkey+Pork+Pigs in Blankets+Roast Potatoes+Roast Parsnip+Mashed Potatoes+Mashed Swede+Carrots+Peas+Stuffing+Gravy+Apple Sauce+Cranberry Sauce.

I will NOT eat Brussels Sprouts!

vanillaorchid 2 months ago

Christmas pudding, never trifle.

Rachel Hudson
Rachel Hudson 2 months ago

Never heard of Yorkshire pudding on Christmas day. You forgot roast potato and parsnips and bread sauce.

Laura M.
Laura M. 2 months ago

The way you say Yorkshire is funny ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ it's pronounced "Yorksher", I'm telling you this because everyone says Yorkshire like that

Laura M.
Laura M. 2 months ago

The way you say Yorkshire is funny ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ it's pronounced "Yorksher", I'm telling you this because everyone says Yorkshire like that

Sina IOS
Sina IOS 2 months ago

thanks sunny london

Sina IOS
Sina IOS 2 months ago

i'm british we eat a lot good stuff yummy

Nicola Taylor
Nicola Taylor 2 months ago

Turkey . British eat turkey at Xmas. Hardly any of us like it, but we eat it anyway

Andy U
Andy U 2 months ago

Everybody beat me regarding the Christmas Pudding! But you didn't mention roast potatoes, traditionally cooked in goose fat or beef dripping, though vegetable oil will do. Sorry, Mr. Sunny, Yorkie Puds are NOT for Christmas dinner (but I won't say No; thank you, two please). May I also say a word for Christmas Day breakfast? Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and a glass of bubbly or bucks fizz (if it's non-vintage) for me!

jca111 2 months ago

Triffle, on Christmas day. No! Christmas Pudding or Christmas Cake please.

Molly O'Brien
Molly O'Brien 2 months ago

trifle never... xmas pud always

Steve Young
Steve Young 2 months ago

Everybody, but EVERYBODY prepares Christmas Pudding for dessert in the UK. Trifle, not so much. Lots of people, however, will pass and not eat it, but it's ALWAYS an option. It's tradition.