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Roshan Vincent {official}

Hello everyone !!!! It's to time with Joy and Happiness !!!! Do listen , Share and Subscribe our channel 🎄wish u a happy Christmas and new year 🥳🎄
If anybody want track ( karaoke) !!! Click this link
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Chen Chen
Chen Chen 2 months ago

Wow Roshan, just came across this beautiful song. Well done. Never heard this song before. So glad to hear this version. God bless your talent. Great singing!!!

ravichandran a
ravichandran a 2 months ago

Super song very good

Srikanth Gangoli♬
Srikanth Gangoli♬ 2 months ago


Princy's Universe
Princy's Universe 2 months ago

Super ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Delsiissac Delsiissac

💓 super

ravichandran a
ravichandran a 2 months ago

Super song very good

ravichandran a
ravichandran a 2 months ago

Super super song

Esther Rajathi
Esther Rajathi 2 months ago

Soulful melodious song 😊.Nice to hear.

Anitha Sathish
Anitha Sathish 2 months ago

Nice song .gods presence is there.god bless

rachelhepsi daisy
rachelhepsi daisy 2 months ago

Awesong song



Soundar Soundar
Soundar Soundar 2 months ago

The song is good but your pronounsation boothiran is wrong and un prince word pronounce as puthiran is the right way and glory to God please correct this

Shoba Rani
Shoba Rani 2 months ago

Super Anna may God bless you anna 🙏💘🙏💘

Jeeva S
Jeeva S 2 months ago

This song is too good!! The Christmas feel is..!❣️

302 Adlin Jemi S
302 Adlin Jemi S 2 months ago

Amazing..soulful singing

JV Paul
JV Paul 2 months ago

மாசில்லாத் தேவ புத்திரன் மானிடனானார் ஜெய! ஜெய!
மாசில்லாத் தேவ புத்திரன், மானிடனானார் ஜெய! ஜெய! (2)
ஜெய மாசில்லாத் தேவ புத்திரன் மானிடனானாரே ஜெய! ஜெய!
மாசில்லாத் தேவ புத்திரன், மானிடனானார் ஜெய! ஜெய!

1. ஆசீர்வாதமே! கன தேசார் நீதமே (2)
ஒளிர் காசினி மீததி நேசப்பிரகாச விண் வாச கிருபாசன

2. சத்திய வாசகர் சதா நித்திய தேசிகர் (2)
வளர் பெத்லகேம் ஊர்தனிலே கரிசித்துக் கன்னியாஸ்திரி வித்தினில்

3. அந்தரம் பூமியும் அதி சுந்தர நேமியும் (2)
தினம் ஐந்தொரு நாளினிலே திரு முந்தின மூன்றிலொன்றாகிய

Danny John M
Danny John M 2 months ago

Everything was excelent except meaning of some words used.

Steffie Sam
Steffie Sam 2 months ago

I've alwayss lovedd this song and this version is just amaaazinggg bro!! Keep up with the work!!

Mary ananthi
Mary ananthi 2 months ago

Keep rocking for the Almighty.simply appppppppaaaaa

Arul Amaldoss
Arul Amaldoss 2 months ago

Brother Vincent could you kindly provide the meaning of the lyrics ? We are singing this song today in our Christmas gospel rally where we have folks speaking several languages and would like to accurately deliver the meaning of the lyrics. Thank you for a great song. God bless you ! Christ alone be glorified.

Stanley Jeremiah
Stanley Jeremiah 2 months ago

Awesome one 😍

Mala Mala
Mala Mala 2 months ago

🙏🥰🥰🥰I love this song... praise the lord 🙏 to all...🖤💓🤗✌️

Jeff Jenish Jerlin
Jeff Jenish Jerlin 2 months ago

My favourite all time.. God bless this team

benita vivek
benita vivek 2 months ago

One of the best song to hear in this season..really so nice to hear

Diya 2 months ago

Spr anna ☺️

Merlin chiffora Merlin chiffora

So Bléßßed

Stephen J
Stephen J 2 months ago

Wonderful Song😍😍👍👍🎉

Yabase Jabez
Yabase Jabez 2 months ago


Rj Arumugam80
Rj Arumugam80 2 months ago


Kidz for Christ
Kidz for Christ 2 months ago

Very beautiful song 😊😊😊😊

Chiseling Saviour Ministry

Good singing Roshan and others.God bless.

Piano solos JRJ
Piano solos JRJ 2 months ago

Bass guitar runs and backup very good thambi.

PONRAJ S 2 months ago

Amazing 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌👌👌👌

Jeff Jenish Jerlin
Jeff Jenish Jerlin 2 months ago

Im addicted this song old song but this looks new and awesome song... music and choir was fabulous

Samson Micky [Official]

New Tamil Christmas song

ravichandran a
ravichandran a 2 months ago

Super song exalent

Pisravel Solomon
Pisravel Solomon 2 months ago

Super 👌 voice 🤙🤙

Theodore Daniel
Theodore Daniel 2 months ago

Commendable performance , good photography .

JEROME ISAAC 2 months ago

Praise the Lord. Wonderful song and singing.

Mary murugan2000
Mary murugan2000 2 months ago

Super song 🥳 Nice voice.... 👌👌

Animal Care
Animal Care 2 months ago

New Life of Jesus Church

Praise the Lord Amen.hallelujah

New Life of Jesus Church

Praise the Lord Amen.hallelujah

JENISH S 2 months ago


Sharmila N
Sharmila N 2 months ago

Nice lyrics☺

Jen Cy
Jen Cy 2 months ago

This song goes to my favorite song list😊😄👍

Abhishek Jeyakumar
Abhishek Jeyakumar 2 months ago

Awesome Christmas song!! So nice of you to share the tracks too!!!

Sharing few of my Christmas songs here so anyone interested can listen to:

Shara LI
Shara LI 2 months ago

Praise the lord 🙏🏻. Very beautiful song iam Telugu ,but when I listened this song very nice .god bless all your team 😊

SELVIN RAJA 2 months ago


Evil Gnome
Evil Gnome 2 months ago

Christmas time repeat mode on 🔁♥️

Immanuel John
Immanuel John 2 months ago

Here is a new song for Christmas

Stephen Jaya Kumar
Stephen Jaya Kumar 2 months ago


WORDS MEDIA 2 months ago

Super anna ❤️

KS Sharon
KS Sharon 2 months ago

God bless u akka anna

Anista Mervin
Anista Mervin 2 months ago

Praise God

Anselmo Vaz
Anselmo Vaz 2 months ago


John Moses
John Moses 2 months ago

Lovely singing... Awesome...

Joyce Shanthi
Joyce Shanthi 2 months ago

Fantabulous god bless you....keep rocking for christ.....

sylvia barnabas
sylvia barnabas 2 months ago

Superb song... Can you give me the karaoke?

Jeniba jeni
Jeniba jeni 2 months ago

இந்த song karoke போடுங்க plz

Sam Nadar
Sam Nadar 2 months ago

God's two angels !!!

malini williams
malini williams 2 months ago

Hi brother .. it's a beautiful song with awesome music... Can I get the karaoke for the same of possible?

Moses Gunaseelan
Moses Gunaseelan 2 months ago

Wonderful singing and rendition ..can I please request karaoke 👍

Jones Ragland
Jones Ragland 2 months ago

Praise the Lord

Jeferson 2 months ago

Wonderful song. Pls upload karoke for this song

Meshach Edward
Meshach Edward 2 months ago

Already here in 2021 just to uplift my Christmas vibes😍💙

Justin Paul samraj
Justin Paul samraj 2 months ago

Superb song 👍

james ebinezar
james ebinezar 2 months ago

Karaoke please

304 Jennin Sobiya
304 Jennin Sobiya 2 months ago

Karokae please

Sharon Grace Joseph
Sharon Grace Joseph 2 months ago

Listened to this song yesterday... beautiful rendition... kudos to the team for such an awesome performance... Will I be able to get karaoke for this?

Sanjay DJ
Sanjay DJ 2 months ago

Praise be to God. An amazing song. Thanks guys all of you were amazing. Love all your smiles. It takes the song to the next level. May God bless you all abundantly. Nandri🙋‍♂

hepsy John
hepsy John 2 months ago

SEMA song. Nice voice

Pauline Imman
Pauline Imman 2 months ago

Love it!❤️❤️❤️... Glory to God:)

304 Jennin Sobiya
304 Jennin Sobiya 2 months ago

Karokae please

Jeni Chlm
Jeni Chlm 2 months ago

We need karoke ..pls upload it ❤️

Johnson Sekar
Johnson Sekar 2 months ago

God bless you all. very good Praise.our God

Franklin John
Franklin John 2 months ago

Heart melting....❤️❤️...

merlla Merlin
merlla Merlin 2 months ago

Karoke podunga please

Dann Dann
Dann Dann 2 months ago

Awesome compilation... Everything pefect... Repeat mode on... 👍🏻👍🏻..

Grace V. Sorbon
Grace V. Sorbon 2 months ago

Lovely lovely to hear.... wonderful music.... Really will be very nice to hear more songs from your team.... Beautiful 🥰🥰 God bless you guys...

Johnson Sekar
Johnson Sekar 2 months ago

Glory to Almighty God through his son lord Jesus Christ always.through this praise song before 50 year's very famous, many souls accept Jesus their savior.a great missonory song,so keep doing many songs to glorify God.fentastic team .God bless all.--by Jesus evangelism ministry.

Manohari Dhanraj
Manohari Dhanraj 2 months ago

Wow, what a wonderful Christmas song. Well done. 👍🏻

Princely David
Princely David 2 months ago

So Sweet Song and Music.

RoJo Brothers
RoJo Brothers 2 months ago

Wow 🥰

Glory Glory
Glory Glory 2 months ago


Davidson Solomon
Davidson Solomon 2 months ago

Shibu and Preethi you rock. Keep giving us more numbers. Stay blessed

Jacinth Prem
Jacinth Prem 2 months ago

Our MCC 🔥 School Environment

Shalini Prabaharan
Shalini Prabaharan 2 months ago

Love ❣️ it

Franklin Jasonraja
Franklin Jasonraja 2 months ago

Very amazing VOCALS...MUSIC. Beautiful!!! Bass😮😮

Priya Abraham
Priya Abraham 2 months ago

Lovely. 😍. Repeatedly listening.

Jeya Kumar
Jeya Kumar 2 months ago

அருமை அருமை👌👍🎂

anandraj charles
anandraj charles 2 months ago

Excellent song. Amen.

Padma Francis
Padma Francis 2 months ago

Super song

Renilda V
Renilda V 2 months ago

Lovely voice ❤and also beautiful song 🌹

Jones offcl
Jones offcl 2 months ago


Albert Blesson
Albert Blesson 2 months ago

Praise the lord

Click and cheer JR Britindian

Nicee song & lovely presentation

Deborah Jestin
Deborah Jestin 2 months ago

Loved it......❤️
Waiting for more songs❤️

My Brother's Version of this👇🏽