Top 10 best Christmas towns in the United States. Leavenworth is on the list.


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Information Top 10 best Christmas towns in the United States. Leavenworth is on the list.

Title : Top 10 best Christmas towns in the United States. Leavenworth is on the list.

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Frames Top 10 best Christmas towns in the United States. Leavenworth is on the list.

Description Top 10 best Christmas towns in the United States. Leavenworth is on the list.

Top 10 best Christmas towns in the United States. Leavenworth is on the list.

Top 10 best Christmas towns in the United States. Leavenworth is on the list.

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Dio Lion
Dio Lion 2 months ago

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jagfruit 1
jagfruit 1 2 months ago

You should show Solvang at Christmas time since that is what the vid is about. Also #5 would have been nice to see a picture of the biggest Christmas store in the world that you were talking about with amazing grounds.

edcarino 2 months ago

Gatlinburg, TN - Christmas lights, Christmas shows, Christmas country songs, Dollywood, Christmas Inn, Christmas Stores, street carolers, pancake smell and so on and on ...

Fred Latchaw
Fred Latchaw 2 months ago

I used to go to Leavenworth two or three times a year, usually in the spring and around Oktoberfest. I took the snow train out there once during the Christmas season, never doing that again. The early morning drunks singing and dancing in the aisle on the ride out were a bit much. The town is gorgeous all year round, especially in the spring.

Borealis 1
Borealis 1 2 months ago

You forgot park city Utah.

Zander B.
Zander B. 2 months ago

There's a town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan literally named Christmas, MI

Crystal Willingford
Crystal Willingford 2 months ago

If you combine alcohol or drugs with Christmas your soul contracts will be ripped away immediately here is your warning and if you are Spirit assisting in this horrible creativity your contracts with this company will be denied and you will no longer be able to assist and just be there in still motion until the day you die with the body you chose to help. # WishCompany! We have had this holiday for a long time to be about family if you are against family you are against our representation!

Moose Ears
Moose Ears 2 months ago

Who here lives in Kansas and waited 8 minutes for Leavenworth, only to be disappointed

Shidduch Photographer

You never explained your Peabody reference... (thank you your videos are amazing)

Becky Mcintire
Becky Mcintire 2 months ago

Wellsboro Pennsylvania. They have Charles Dickens weekends. Beautiful!

Liam Cooper
Liam Cooper 2 months ago

Can you pls do best Halloween cities?

Sa Car
Sa Car 2 months ago

What about Mcaddenville, NC

Athos Colon
Athos Colon 2 months ago

You forgot to mention a book 📖 Christmas 🎄 is going to Columbus Ohio Riodoso NM USA 🇺🇸

Badger Pa
Badger Pa 2 months ago

My little buddy Gingy and I go to Asheville but he hides during the gingerbread fest.

TheOtherView 2 months ago

How come no diversity? Just white people places....hmmm not cool.

Jonathan Baysden
Jonathan Baysden 2 months ago

Have you heard of McAdenville, NC?

JosephIsAGuy 2 months ago

Lmao I like how every1 puts Leavenworth but no1 really talks about Leavenworth in real life

Ting Life
Ting Life 2 months ago

You forgot to mention Jesus

Wilmer Palacios
Wilmer Palacios 2 months ago

Grapevine Texas you kidding right

Toecutter 2 months ago

That last image of Woodstock is actually the top of Church St in Burlington.

Daniel Kosciuszko
Daniel Kosciuszko 2 months ago

This dude Briggs needs to see other counties lol. Montreal or Quebec City are the best in North America hands down and I’m from nyc. And if all countries were included in this, any Northern European country would destroy us.

Music & More
Music & More 2 months ago

Mmm what about nyc in winter?, is a magical city (the lights and snow) its just pure magic

Athos Colon
Athos Colon 2 months ago

You forgot riodoso New Mexico USA 🇺🇸 I’m going there this weekend

Tracy Raia-dowd
Tracy Raia-dowd 2 months ago

Yep, I always say, "God gave us family to prepare us for the rest of the world". (Pertaining to the opening comment about family)
I live in South Florida by St. Augustine and I think they want you to be so captivated with the lights that you forget that we don't have any snow.

Byakugan Prince
Byakugan Prince 2 months ago

Gatlinburg Tennessee is also a great place to visit during the Holidays

Humzah J.
Humzah J. 2 months ago

New York City

Kellie Ferguson
Kellie Ferguson 2 months ago

I live in Leavenworth

Pilar Dutton
Pilar Dutton 2 months ago

I went to bush gardens too Twice

pipecek 2 months ago

666 likes this is very festive

Tammy D
Tammy D 2 months ago

How about the town of Pine Mountain, Ga/ Callaway Gardens? According to National Geographic, they have one of the top ten light displays in the world. Just double checked and NG still has them on the list. Magical!

zeKe 2 months ago

Need much more Christmas imagery from each city. It's pretty lack luster when you're mentioning the decorations and lights and aren't showing any images. Love your video, thanks for all the work you put into them.

Glamp63 2 months ago

No cold, no snow, no way it should make the list. Watching Christmas lights in shorts & flip flops just does not compute!

Peter Schadenberg
Peter Schadenberg 2 months ago

Because I live in Ontario I've visited Frankenmuth a few times.

Rainbowlemur AJ
Rainbowlemur AJ 2 months ago

Minnesota is perhaps one of the best places for Christmas as it turns into a winter wonderland

Bots Org
Bots Org 2 months ago

In Branson Missouri they have one of the world records of the most Christmas lights put up in the amusement park that is there

Dave Erhardt
Dave Erhardt 2 months ago

Why does he keep calling it the holiday season, it's the Christmas season! I've been to Leavenworth, it's a great place to go during the Christmas season, but it's crowded!

Ben Luecken
Ben Luecken 2 months ago

I live about 3 hours away from Leavenworth and I usually go about 3-4 times a year. It's amazing, not just during Christmas time. In October and the summer months it's also incredible, and the surrounding area in general is breathtaking. seriously, if you have the chance, you need to visit.

Tim Erickson
Tim Erickson 2 months ago

When I saw the title I wondered if Leavenworth wa. Would make the list. It's the first town that came to my mind .
As far as North Pole Alaska a friend from Fairbanks married a girl from North Pole the impression I got was a rural ghetto. They still have out houses there and water is trucked in

angelonette bolden
angelonette bolden 2 months ago

damn, you missed Nachitoches, la!

Susan Olberding
Susan Olberding 2 months ago

One more to add to your list.... DeFuniak Springs, Florida :-)

Pam J
Pam J 2 months ago

While I'm thinking about it, it would be cool to see a video on best train vacations/destinations.

Sure Thing 88
Sure Thing 88 2 months ago

Thanks for the tip about Leavenworth, WA. I'm going to have to visit there someday. Glad it's not like its namesake in Kansas!

Mike DiMauro
Mike DiMauro 2 months ago

I went to North Pole, Alaska and it was one of my favorite places in Alaska. Saint Augustine is also nice during Christmas!

Mz. YumYum14
Mz. YumYum14 2 months ago

They advertise alcohol during the holidays so that the people who are lonely and don't have any family will get drunk and try to drink away their problems and they're loneliness to get to put up with your family is a blessing cuz at least you have family to put up with

danielsonnv 2 months ago

We love, love, love Solvang, what an amazing place!

danielsonnv 2 months ago

Where in Helen, Georgia?

Diamond Player 1
Diamond Player 1 2 months ago

I went to Leavenworth like about 2 weeks and 3 days ago

Jacquy Guzman-garcia
Jacquy Guzman-garcia 2 months ago

Yeeeee. I'm from Leavenworth. Btw if you are going to visit on a December Saturday, your screwed for parking. TRUST ME.

Animus User
Animus User 2 months ago

I came because I know Leavenworth

シLizbeth 2 months ago

I went to Leavenworth yesterday it was amazing but now im sick cause it was snowing there :/

Glitter Potato
Glitter Potato 2 months ago

Leavenworth is #1 👌

Robert Robey
Robert Robey 2 months ago

I visited Asheville, NC during the summer one year, and it seemed fairly nice, but I had no idea it was considered a Christmas town.

Marchant2 2 months ago

It'd be nice if you showed us lighting displays.

Insomniac 2 months ago

My Aunt & Uncle live in Asheville, NC & I live near Frankenmuth, MI 🙂

AA A 2 months ago

I been to Williamsburg Virginia in August 2016 and went to Busch gardens and water country usa

John Mack’s highlights

Santa Claus Indiana

Traeshawne Riddick
Traeshawne Riddick 2 months ago


Michael Guerrero
Michael Guerrero 2 months ago

My daughter is in North Pole Alaska now. -24 degrees last night !

Aja Tracy
Aja Tracy 2 months ago

We love Leavenworth. We go every year

forever never
forever never 2 months ago

"It takes hard drinking to deal with most family gatherings" LMMFAOOOOO

Crystal Hickerson
Crystal Hickerson 2 months ago

Hey do a video on How You Do Videos. That would be really interesting. Thanks

Crystal Hickerson
Crystal Hickerson 2 months ago

Frankenmuth is #7?????I know STOP TYPING but seriously??? Should be #2 - how is the NORTH POLE not #1??????

Jan Lyons
Jan Lyons 2 months ago

Didn't see many lights in the towns you showed. Disappointed

Gorilla Me A Sandwich

Yo Leavenworth is a small ass town trust me its like the size of Aberdeen Wa

Mary Ellen Cook
Mary Ellen Cook 2 months ago

You forgot to mention the Christmas parade in San Antonio, Texas. This one has been going on for about 35 years or so, and it is held the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it's when they light up the Riverwalk and of course they have all of the lighted barges for the parade on the river just like they do during Fiesta.

Mikelauder2009 2 months ago

Ah positive a chance awesome

Tim Inman
Tim Inman 2 months ago

I don't understand how you can put Asheville NC on here BUT not Pigeon forge TN or Gatlinburg TN?!?!? Dollywood sits in Pigeon forge and makes Bush gardens looks like amateur light decorators compared to it during the holiday season. AND every building in these two cites (just five miles apart form each other) decorate for the holiday, all the way till the end of march i might add, which is part of the winter-feast here. We're not far from Asheville NC (other side of the mountains) come by and check out not 1 but 2 towns that blow the towns on this list out of the water when it comes to Christmas decor.

Dravan151 2 months ago

wtf ur not showing the fkn lights

Med Sdiri
Med Sdiri 2 months ago

That’s more like dutch architecture in the first town

Sam Y
Sam Y 2 months ago

Can you do Maryland

Hank’s Dank
Hank’s Dank 2 months ago

Portland is beautiful rn! Just got back to town. Love the Christmas tree in pioneer square

Mike Hatfill
Mike Hatfill 2 months ago

They all look festive. Thanks for this one.

Robert M
Robert M 2 months ago

Bardstown KY. Bourbon Capital of the World, and host to a 6 week Christmas party.

Mtn Do'h
Mtn Do'h 2 months ago

Where's Whoville

Ed Camp
Ed Camp 2 months ago


My Marble World
My Marble World 2 months ago

Sandy, Oregon anyone?

Major Ncident
Major Ncident 2 months ago

Mcanville NC near Charlotte (unsure of spelling) the town goes all out for Christmas. Rumor has it its start when the local textile mill pays the power bill for the townspeople if they decorate with lights they even have a Christmas themed pond in town right across the street from the fire station. The shops in town goes all out too. The local churches give free hot cocoa to walkers in the town.

Nicholas Vernon
Nicholas Vernon 2 months ago

I have been to Leavenworth, Washington. It is a lovely town.

Darell Arocho
Darell Arocho 2 months ago

Hey Briggs, great video! And I'm super excited for this Christmas season! I was wondering when you'd get around to doing the Top 10 Reasons Not To Move to Puerto Rico.

Allen Morgan
Allen Morgan 2 months ago

Asheville is where my Grandfather’s descendants on dads side settled

CWEJ 99 2 months ago

You forgot Orlando during Christmas at Walt Disney World!

Dan of the Dead
Dan of the Dead 2 months ago

So glad you did this. My favorite part of the Christmas season is all the lights. And the drinking.hahaha

Ashabi Tanze
Ashabi Tanze 2 months ago

I love your videos!! You are so funny and a pleasure to listen to.

Zack Briggs
Zack Briggs 2 months ago

Sup Briggs. Leavenworth is awesome during Christmas.

Cory Proctor
Cory Proctor 2 months ago

Figured Leavonsworth would have made the list

Lil Star
Lil Star 2 months ago

What about Lubbock Texas?

Robert Moore
Robert Moore 2 months ago

No, you got shot at a Blackjack game! 😃

Henry Hahn
Henry Hahn 2 months ago

I thought the video would be called “best holiday towns”

Spot and Les
Spot and Les 2 months ago

First video that I know of that you didn’t say, Stop Typing. Way to go Briggs. As always, great video. Thank you.

hdjksa52 2 months ago

I gotta check out Levenworth. It sort of reminds me of Helen, Georgia during the holidays. Thanks for doing this video, Briggs.

Candiace Amora Piccolo

This may be random but could you please do a top 10 reasons to/not to move to Junction City, OR? Thanks a bunch!

Griffkhan 2 months ago

I enjoyed this video as always. BUT you never said STOP TYPING. I have told many people about your channel. Now they will watch and not hear you say it. I am sure they will watch all your older vids and hear it but it is the season to stop typing and be nice.

OneVancatPlace 2 months ago

Oh James.... Wat about Sherman and Mr.Peabody?

Catalyst V7
Catalyst V7 2 months ago

Do top 10 reasons why conservatives are awesome!!

Anita Gamble
Anita Gamble 2 months ago

Thank you for including my favorite, Frankenmouth, MI.

H893 2 months ago

Shoutout to Riverside, California specifically if you go to the downtown area. The Festival of Lights is grand throughout to say the least. Been going on for 26-27 years and keeps getting bigger each year. Glad to see it nationally recognized at this point

Nicole Olesen
Nicole Olesen 2 months ago

really, no bethlehem pa??? dude, try again!!!

Captain Reily
Captain Reily 2 months ago

Not really a "small town" but NYC in general is spectacular around the holiday season. Something about it is just super special...

Shamik Bera
Shamik Bera 2 months ago

Where is Galveston, Texas