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Title : The Polar Express - When Christmas Comes to Town - Lyrics

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Description The Polar Express - When Christmas Comes to Town - Lyrics

The Polar Express - When Christmas Comes to Town - Lyrics

The Polar Express - When Christmas Comes to Town - Lyrics

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Trellie s.s. Rose
Trellie s.s. Rose 2 months ago

Can we all agree she was the hero?

Sondi Bullibabu
Sondi Bullibabu 2 months ago

My favorite movie of Christmas when I am kid I saw movie it is very nice

Kayla Bryant
Kayla Bryant 2 months ago

If u want to feel calm and relaxed here is a method that helps me just using this song,

Play this on a night
Get in bed with a cozy blanket
Close your eyes
Take deep breaths
And play this song
Make sure that u are deep breathing while u listen
Hope this helps if your feeling stressed out :)

kingbro2 2 months ago

Christmas is not like this anymore it's sad it upsets me I have family who doesn't believe in Santa anymore

Sarena Champ21
Sarena Champ21 2 months ago

Cotmn Bdfddffdy Sarena Psesces JASMAMN

Claudio Nelli
Claudio Nelli 2 months ago


KaylaXtremeTL 2 months ago

Watching in 2018!??

Azazel 2 months ago


phoenix 2 months ago

I still watch this movie every Christmas.. :'(

Bleuberrq 2 months ago

This movie will always be one of my favourites during Christmas 😭😭❤️

PowerPuff Girls
PowerPuff Girls 2 months ago

Yall 👪🌲🎁 is tmrtr

Sabrina Haseltine
Sabrina Haseltine 2 months ago

82 people forgot there tickets

Amiah Wueirr
Amiah Wueirr 2 months ago

I wasn't even born when this song came out... but I still watching this... I also grew up watching this movie I know every song and every second in the movie of what's going to happened

Amiah Wueirr
Amiah Wueirr 2 months ago

This is my freaking song............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lela W
Lela W 2 months ago

I can't believe the animation I love it❤

Lia Manu
Lia Manu 2 months ago

I was only 2 when it came out.

Lydia 2 months ago

this song always makes me cry idk why

Ruby O The Gymnast
Ruby O The Gymnast 2 months ago

I love this song sooooooooo much and i am practicing hoping to get a solo at my school but my teacher is so striced and she hates me.pleaseeeee give me a thumbs up for good luck

Kaitlyn Rees
Kaitlyn Rees 2 months ago

Getting closer to Christmas

Kaitlyn Rees
Kaitlyn Rees 2 months ago

1 month till Christmas

MB 2 months ago


SharkBait Productions

One of my favorite Christmas movies ever! This song is amazing but, makes me cry sometimes idk why.....

Gordon Benedict
Gordon Benedict 2 months ago

This song is proof that Christmas magic still exist... In all of us 🙂

chrissy thilmany
chrissy thilmany 2 months ago

92 days until Christmas 2017.

Jay Baritone
Jay Baritone 2 months ago

This song is cringy yet I love it

[Mr. Çøłïčhîøüś]

Me and my twin sister used to sing this song

Erica Stubblefield
Erica Stubblefield 2 months ago

who watched in March

toby wise
toby wise 2 months ago


Megan Den Dekker
Megan Den Dekker 2 months ago

Merry Christmas everyone one more sleep

KrystalwiththaK 2 months ago

2 more days!! ♡♡♡

Schuld ist eine Krone

How you can dilike these video.I love the movie and "When Christmas comes to town "⛄️⛄️

Christy A Nay
Christy A Nay 2 months ago

😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 this song is Beautiful

Katelyn The Fox
Katelyn The Fox 2 months ago

Me and my brother love to sing this Christmas is adout joy and friends and family

natascha zehar
natascha zehar 2 months ago

guys its that tine of year again XD

Alfreda Grant
Alfreda Grant 2 months ago


Alfreda Grant
Alfreda Grant 2 months ago

what so very nice

Raegyn Kirby
Raegyn Kirby 2 months ago

only around 4 weeks till Christmas!!

Alisha Murray
Alisha Murray 2 months ago

I remember watching the Polar express every year at Christmas time, at primary school...all my class used to bring pillows & popcorn to sit down & watch the movie together
This song was my favorite part of the entire movie and when it came around everyone sang it <3
Memories.... precious memories

diegobox 2 months ago

12 years ago , I feel old

Piper Lyons-Wade
Piper Lyons-Wade 2 months ago


Lydia Leverett
Lydia Leverett 2 months ago

I love this songs

Carabelix Locura Máxima

Who is seing this song on November?

Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 2 months ago

poor billy :(

MarindA Sell
MarindA Sell 2 months ago

I love it is a good day

Geeky Fangirl
Geeky Fangirl 2 months ago

I remember when I was elementary school when I was in 3rd grade all the grades kindergarten through 4th got to wear pjs to school and we all went to the gym and we watched the polar express on a large pull down screen and we were all given hot chocolate and cookies

kyle z
kyle z 2 months ago

I really want too meet the kids who performed this song OMG 😭😭

ethan 2 months ago


and i love this movie

Raven Rendell
Raven Rendell 2 months ago

This is playing on CN and it's nowhere near Christmas yet😂

Sister Shook
Sister Shook 2 months ago

Loved this movie so much as a kid

Bre Bre
Bre Bre 2 months ago

who watching in August

John Seufferheld
John Seufferheld 2 months ago

Love Christmas you

cyphertaehyungie 2 months ago

why am i watching this in july?

Lisbeth Basnett
Lisbeth Basnett 2 months ago

Does anyone else cry at this song?

chrissy thilmany
chrissy thilmany 2 months ago

only 224 days left until Christmas I can't wait.

lameass mads
lameass mads 2 months ago

im listening to this in april help

cupcake 100
cupcake 100 2 months ago

I love this soug it is tuching

fallowfrog 2 months ago

I remember watching this with my classmates in Grade 5. We had to watch it for our English assessment, as well as the fact that it was almost Christmas, and my (amazing) teacher decided that we should watch it. I'm in high school now, and I wanna go back to primary school!

Mindreader 2 months ago

My childhood memories...

GoldMan21 2 months ago

More like who is whatching in 2017

Cursona 2 months ago

Hit like if you listen to this when your parents have hardcore anal sex.
or if you watching this in 2016.

りんりん 2 months ago


goodguynow 2 months ago

Whoever disliked this video probably likes Hitler

Victoria Rojas
Victoria Rojas 2 months ago

I love christmas💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💬

Selena Montoya
Selena Montoya 2 months ago

does anyone else find this movie creepy..? idk why i always loved it but i also found it creepy lol

Regal Two
Regal Two 2 months ago


lil potato aka dani
lil potato aka dani 2 months ago

im as old as this movie

E 2 months ago


Halle Smith
Halle Smith 2 months ago

9 days till Christmas Eve

Pitbull Princess
Pitbull Princess 2 months ago

My daughter watch the Polar Express and sing this song in kindergarten

Toon Link
Toon Link 2 months ago

I don't believe it.. I was right in the middle of the magic of childhood when this movie played in every channel, on every school Christmas, on every theatre, in every commercial.. This movie made it feel so much like Christmas.. where did my childhood go.. :( when did it all end..? I can't believe it's been 10 years

桐欸、 2 months ago

fro yo
fro yo 2 months ago

love this movie it's the best I always watch it around Christmas. all the songs from this movie are so good

Marissa Berkowitz
Marissa Berkowitz 2 months ago


jb weeda
jb weeda 2 months ago

so sad that littel boy

MT FunnyBones
MT FunnyBones 2 months ago

I remember this when I was little girl and have it on dvd for Christmas.

ebony zavala
ebony zavala 2 months ago

I love this song 😱😱😱😝😝😀😀😜😜😃😃😄😄🙈😎😀😃☺️😊😉

Corey Bailey
Corey Bailey 2 months ago

Some of the lyrics were messed up tho but its alright

Shannon Szymanski
Shannon Szymanski 2 months ago

I love Christmas music

Lee Harold
Lee Harold 2 months ago

Christmas makes me all giddy

Abigail Joanna
Abigail Joanna 2 months ago


Jessica 2 months ago

Yay, it's December! Now I have a valid reason to listen to this! XD

Brandie Smith
Brandie Smith 2 months ago

I love this song

WhySoSaltyPC 2 months ago

OMG!!! I love this song so much it gave me an idea to make a Family Program that we do every Christmas!!!

Tristyn_the_ Nerd
Tristyn_the_ Nerd 2 months ago

ok so i cried becuse it reminded me off christmas time during kindergarten through second grade.. My teachers were the best and every year we would always be able to make our own tickets and arrange the chairs like a train and we would act like we were on The train it's self me and my friend He was the best we would always sit in the frount every year and be the conductors... i miss the old days....

Gulruhsor 1111
Gulruhsor 1111 2 months ago

whos watching in2015

Yury Rodríguez
Yury Rodríguez 2 months ago

hi I am singing this song in my winter program I am the lead Singer and I am practicing I love this song best Christmas song ever I bet when I start singing I am gonna burst out in tears!!!!!

Amber Huelsenbeck
Amber Huelsenbeck 2 months ago

the little boy parts have to be me... christmas is terrible for me... I lost my father around christmas.. so I no longer celebrate

Angel Arreola
Angel Arreola 2 months ago

I love this song it hit my heart

Kyle Huang
Kyle Huang 2 months ago

Is it weird to say that I cried to this song??..

Kaylee Michelle
Kaylee Michelle 2 months ago

I love this song so much. It's always been my favorite...

Sparks Flamanic
Sparks Flamanic 2 months ago

I can't help but always listen to this song, its my childhood and I love it. It makes me remember all the times I listened to it before Christmas and watching the movie as a child. Sweet memories.

TallAndTallAndTall 2 months ago

This movie is 10 years old
No no no. Im not that old
Not only do I remember watching it every Christmas since, but I remember seeing it in Theaters when I was 7 omfg

NayLen Nielson
NayLen Nielson 2 months ago

that is really cool 

Christa Junot
Christa Junot 2 months ago

38 people were thrown off the train

Amanda Haynes
Amanda Haynes 2 months ago

Who dosnt love this. Song

Ivy Winters
Ivy Winters 2 months ago

Merry Christmas !

Marty McFly
Marty McFly 2 months ago

Merry Xmas everyone and God bless you all !! <3

aniya vail
aniya vail 2 months ago

Love it.

Javonni Thomas
Javonni Thomas 2 months ago

All those 35 dislikes lol they never here the bell ring 😂😂😒 i love this song it gives me life💕💕

Tina Dee
Tina Dee 2 months ago