DIY Gifts for Guys (perfect gifts for a boyfriend, friend and dad)



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Information DIY Gifts for Guys (perfect gifts for a boyfriend, friend and dad)

Title : DIY Gifts for Guys (perfect gifts for a boyfriend, friend and dad)

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Frames DIY Gifts for Guys (perfect gifts for a boyfriend, friend and dad)

Description DIY Gifts for Guys (perfect gifts for a boyfriend, friend and dad)

DIY Gifts for Guys (perfect gifts for a boyfriend, friend and dad)

DIY Gifts for Guys (perfect gifts for a boyfriend, friend and dad)

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Stan KPOP and get a life

These are perfect but 1. i wanna give it as a surprise and 2. I dont know what he likes.

Stan KPOP and get a life

Super introvert so i dont know what he likes, so far i know he doesnt have a hobby. doesnt wear bracelets, doesnt wear mufflers, i dont know wtf do i give him.

Gugashri Kannan
Gugashri Kannan 2 months ago

That bracelet is osm I'm gonna make it

Tanishka Savita
Tanishka Savita 2 months ago

how can i but this kind of scrap book?

Zairang Dailiam
Zairang Dailiam 2 months ago

I am thinking of a gift for my crush

kavya's baby world
kavya's baby world 2 months ago

Wow I really appreciate ur ideas ..they r so good...u know that bracelet is something that indian parents make for wealth of their kids ..its so cute 1 for girls too please

Mayeng Dagunan
Mayeng Dagunan 2 months ago

what's do you use to make bracelet?

Shay’sWay #1
Shay’sWay #1 2 months ago

Thx My Dad will love That Man Bracelet! 🤗❤️

F͟ I͟ R͟ E͟ S͟ T͟ O͟ R͟ M͟

I’m trying to find a diy gift idea for my bff/crush🥺👉👈

Desiree Nicole
Desiree Nicole 2 months ago

I want to make something for my brothers birthday 🎂

Gracie Davig
Gracie Davig 2 months ago

That did not help me at all.

Potterhead 101
Potterhead 101 2 months ago

I heard Barf friend instead of.boyfriend.

Jannik _
Jannik _ 2 months ago

Good for my homework :D

Rebeccai Chhangte Chhangte

Thanks for the help i really love this

Gabrielle Hinds
Gabrielle Hinds 2 months ago

if you iron beads it wont get flat

y .y
y .y 2 months ago

I already knew what guys like (most of 5he time it really depends on what the guys personality is like) since i have 3 brothers and 14 cousins that are guys. I have a guy best friend and i know what i wanted to give him for Valentine's day as friends since i have a gf. But i didnt know if that was the beat choice so thats why im here(btw if anyone ask why i couldn't ask my family relatives its cuz they will tell my parents to make it seem as if he is my bf)

Lala 2 months ago

Can u make it for brothers??😅

rlksdj 2 months ago

i'm making these for my dad

Itz Alissa
Itz Alissa 2 months ago

It's my crushes bday so I'm trying to find gifts to make him and I cant find many good ones. If anyone has any ideas plz tell me. Btw this video was helpful!!!!

engene, moa and a’tin

I’m thinking of a gift for my boy bestfriend! ☺️

NobodyStansMe 2 months ago

I'm going to give him something because my crushes birthday is tommorow

Cindy Daggett
Cindy Daggett 2 months ago

Thanks you gave me an idea my nephew likes games I can make pixel art of the games he like he is 9 will be 10 soon

Just a guy who likes video games

I’m a dude look all we want is money just give us 20 bucks we will be happy that’s all

sunflower 2 months ago

I don't have a boyfriend, but i'm here 😓😂

hamna harif
hamna harif 2 months ago

I will give money

hamna harif
hamna harif 2 months ago

Will you make for me plzzz

Maya Sharma
Maya Sharma 2 months ago

Ye Jo papers apne use kiy h vo kha milenge mam

Panda Lover
Panda Lover 2 months ago

Or a crush

Some weirdo animations :p

I’m just giving something to my crush because we are great friends too and I wanna give him a clue how I feel :)

Allyssa Jasmine Tiangson

He gave me a bracelet, which he made himself :>
Now I want to give him something, but idk what to give..

Charlie Hoel
Charlie Hoel 2 months ago

Ik fortnite wasn’t very popular when this was made but v bucks is safeeee

Broccoli Head
Broccoli Head 2 months ago

Could you use thread for the bracelet? I couldn’t find Nylon or Leather at my craft store. Other than thread, could you use yarn?

Gabriella Price
Gabriella Price 2 months ago

I only clicked this because you had undertale

Kathleen Fletcher
Kathleen Fletcher 2 months ago

How refreshing to look at video that shows exactly what it says on the label. Three gifts that will suit any male. Thanking you it was very useful.

Savita Kesarwani
Savita Kesarwani 2 months ago

I am watching for my guy

anamika131994 2 months ago

Where did you get that scrapbook paper?

Hà Vy Trần
Hà Vy Trần 2 months ago

My boyfriend likes crafting and he kind of likes game. I don't know what to give him for his birthday ._.

Hoshinoru_ 2 months ago


DragoDragon WingedWolf

Omg undertale

DANDY queer
DANDY queer 2 months ago

This helped me out so much , thank you , iv looked at so many other diy gift videos and they were either so expensive or just plan just not good at all , thank you :3

Sumedha Verma
Sumedha Verma 2 months ago

Where did you got those colored papers..??

Persephone Pomegranate

What if they are kind of gay ish?

Toe Toegan
Toe Toegan 2 months ago

It's so sad I'm watching this as a guy

Dina Kopic
Dina Kopic 2 months ago

Nice video, cute and easy gifts to make ☺️

Louelle Vlogs
Louelle Vlogs 2 months ago

Is it just me or you sound like a very cute boy?!

Matt Mattil
Matt Mattil 2 months ago

Do not give ur boyfriend any of these things

DmC official
DmC official 2 months ago

i will give this to my self (iam a gamer

Casual Pickles
Casual Pickles 2 months ago

Aww i love the undertale ones, my best friend likes undertale too so I'll make it for him❤❤

Babita Boruah
Babita Boruah 2 months ago

my boyfriend never give anything...

Nafeesa Nafee
Nafeesa Nafee 2 months ago


Mariam Akerman
Mariam Akerman 2 months ago

finally somebody creative and someone that truly understands that diy is a craft that u can make with some effort your own dedication and materials that u already have at home to make it harder than buying some present, and make it more personalized, some ppl just think they can buy and decorate gift or wrap in a pretty paper and call this a diy. really thank you for clearifing that this is true DIY gifts, so rare to find good ideas... hope u have some for girls too

sarina 2 months ago

Or a guy you wish was your boyfriend? 😉

Home arts
Home arts 2 months ago

Could u give me the " lucky charm " website

Pamela Kzelyn Vengco
Pamela Kzelyn Vengco 2 months ago

What is it you use in the bracelet?

Juli Ramchiary
Juli Ramchiary 2 months ago

plz can u make handmade gifts for fathers

Nora Lynn
Nora Lynn 2 months ago

Christmas is around the corner and I am only 10 so I need to find a gift for my dad so thank you so much

Ramaz Beshidze
Ramaz Beshidze 2 months ago

sorry but how and with what did you do the pixel ones?

Fatima Sheikh
Fatima Sheikh 2 months ago

Lov ur handsss

ariane de guia viceral

awww cute

Hammas Shah
Hammas Shah 2 months ago

On which thing u made pickhacu

Maythe 2 months ago

I'm a simple girl. I see Undertale, I click

Sophorn Socheavotey
Sophorn Socheavotey 2 months ago

What is the thing that u make pikachu ?

Chinita Girl
Chinita Girl 2 months ago

We got the same nail polish color 😄😆😘

Diana 2 months ago

Who came here for Pikachu I know I did

Mashiro yey JasCo
Mashiro yey JasCo 2 months ago

What paper is that the first gift

Mashiro yey JasCo
Mashiro yey JasCo 2 months ago

What paper is that the first gift

Gowri Nair
Gowri Nair 2 months ago

Really superb that card was very very good

Muskan Nisha
Muskan Nisha 2 months ago

l love this

Hikari Kikuchi
Hikari Kikuchi 2 months ago

Your pikachu and undertale referenced beads are so cute :)

Ally Torres
Ally Torres 2 months ago

Can you make some for cousin little

Lowkey_lina .2019
Lowkey_lina .2019 2 months ago

Ya for Valentine's Day all I gave him was a card I made he gave me a teddy bear and chocolates that day I felt so bad😐

Lily Tran
Lily Tran 2 months ago

what string did you use to make your bracelet

shahd 2 months ago

loved it amazing❤❤

Sohila Ganta
Sohila Ganta 2 months ago

what is the chord that you've used for the bracelet?

ava ryan
ava ryan 2 months ago

Really cute and helpful video!!!!!