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Aryan Sur
Aryan Sur 2 months ago


N N 2 months ago

What's important is to think and act.

Nicronomici 2 months ago

the best way to predict something is to create it

Shacka Biniski
Shacka Biniski 2 months ago

Nobody gone talk about why he knows whats gonna kill ppl in the next few years

Sasha Lou
Sasha Lou 2 months ago

Lol the man that leads faucci and china in wuhan covid military virus... That's a media hoax

Abel Binu
Abel Binu 2 months ago

I think china saw this and made the virus

akash das
akash das 2 months ago

Now everyone understand what he said is correct.

Lnroy Dann
Lnroy Dann 2 months ago

Just like the story of Noah

Digvijay Mahamuni
Digvijay Mahamuni 2 months ago

Suspicious noices**

Jonathan Saet
Jonathan Saet 2 months ago


Zolf3r Dzn
Zolf3r Dzn 2 months ago

And here we are, 6 years later, wondering what would've happened if we listened to that man.

Bruno Alves
Bruno Alves 2 months ago


Karthik Ravindran
Karthik Ravindran 2 months ago

he put up all those pics in 2015 ! can u imagine this !

Marco Cecchi
Marco Cecchi 2 months ago

well well well Billy----

Keith Wing
Keith Wing 2 months ago

Or Bio terrorism... Ya lets go with that...

bluebylauren 2 months ago

I’m surprised of the amount of comments making fun of Bill Gates and his speech, this is why we going direct to extinction, we are not and we weren’t prepared for a global pandemic because we just don’t care. Instead we sit in our comfort zones and make fun of something we should be concerned about. The worst thing is that he warned us years ago and nobody took it seriously just like now.

Ashish Ojha
Ashish Ojha 2 months ago

Looks like no one watched or commented on this video when it was published.. ;)

Melvin Wagner
Melvin Wagner 2 months ago

The people in the audience don't realize they part of the herd he wants to cull.

Linda H.
Linda H. 2 months ago

Feels like krish 3 movie lol

Arpita Banerjee
Arpita Banerjee 2 months ago

People in 2015: what ?
People in 2021: it is so relevant

mathews anix
mathews anix 2 months ago

If it is bioterrorism.. The authorities responsible will provide the 100%immunity medicines /vaccines after only the deaths reach certain numbers...😪

Misha Pershin
Misha Pershin 2 months ago

does no one care that this man is a LITERAL PROPHET

Ckelle 0401
Ckelle 0401 2 months ago

Wait if Joe Rogan isn’t a doctor does that mean Bill Gates isn’t one either???

محمد عبدالهادى

thanks mr inspire

R Trinidad
R Trinidad 2 months ago

Bill Gates was caught on video saying that there are to many people on our planet so they should be downsized ( MURDERED ) by 97%. When asked how this could be done, he said with Pandemics. Hmmmm.... I think he owns a firm that makes vaccines? This creature is a wanted man in several countries around the world because of the Vaccines he had given to children which caused these babies to die in their mothers arms within 30 min. He ran because the fathers were going to kill him. This happened in Africa. By the way, Bill Gates is a High School dropout who now thinks he can Vaccinate the world just because he has money. He is setting up more Pandemics to kill us all.

Ana Mar
Ana Mar 2 months ago

The fact that he publicly says that the source of the virus could be bioterrorism shocks me..

Sho K
Sho K 2 months ago

We see we've not been ready for this pandemic.

Mario W
Mario W 2 months ago

It's amazing how amazing Bill is on predicting viruses and how they start spreading shortly after his predictions.

Cky Cky
Cky Cky 2 months ago


rallyworld 2 months ago

This video is too good to be true .. did he already know that covid 19 will come true?

Foxy Nyx
Foxy Nyx 2 months ago

America,India,Brazil left the room…

kunal sharma
kunal sharma 2 months ago

Please like and comment on 5 years old comments so that they can come on top in this comment section

vipsnowfff v
vipsnowfff v 2 months ago

Legends are watching this after 5 YEARS!!!

Arnav Sharma
Arnav Sharma 2 months ago

How do youuu knoww???

Mando 2 months ago

The only micros bill gates knows about are Xbox micro transactions and his penis

DeAngelo Stevens
DeAngelo Stevens 2 months ago

It's an Urban Legend that Never Happened

rickwilliamsvideo 2 months ago

The Communist Chinese war college publicly admits to developing 'gain of function' bioweapons based on Covid-19 family of viruses with the funding of Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci 5 years ago, not long after this talk. The Great Reset has now been triggered by the fear weapon that is Covid-19. Feel free to research that one on your own.

Steven Welp
Steven Welp 2 months ago

WANTED: The COVID CULT Has Escaped From The HOSPITAL FOR THE CRIMINALLY INSANE. If You Know The Whereabouts Of These Psychopaths, Such As Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Niall Ferguson, Et Al, Who Fraudently Present Themselves As A "Health Expert", & Their Political Operatives/ Propagandists, Boris Johson, Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, Et Al, REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY TO THE NUREMBURG TRIAL TEAM & INTERNATIONAL COURT FOR JUSTICE FOR EXTRADITION/INCARCERATION FOR MEDICAL TERRORISM & CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Mateusz kowalski
Mateusz kowalski 2 months ago

So basically this video shows that we could have been prepared for the covid outbreak as soon as it hit, but instead governments from all around the world chose to ignore the term ''pandemic'' into the equation, as it was not of their intellectual interest to do so. Therefore all the suffering, all the legislations imposed on our society to take away our rights, all these unstudied long term side effect covid vaccines could of been prevented. Seriously when did the government really think about us, the citizens, the people who are actually mid working class, paying ridiculous amounts of taxes for the benefit of a small amount of the population. Instead they choose to create wars, destroy our right to actually have some type of power within the decisions being taken by blinded and corrupt politicians, for not calling them mafia, and at the end of the day the ones that are paying for their sins are us, the ones that are always wrong, oh surprise, its us. I never see politicians pay for their mistakes, but lie on top of them with their full of rubbish mouths, with never ending lists of things they promised to do, but never did, and this pandemic has shown how little anyone knows about anything in reality. Like, whats the point in investing billions into military if at the end of the day a virus comes around and destabilises the whole planet within months. But I guess that's why everything is like this because humans are, greedy, blinded, foolish and too attached to the material world. I think that until we don't create some sort of AI to run the world for us, we will just carry on and write history as unfortunate events, instead of seeing an actual non defined timescale of world satisfaction and peace.

FunkyBlue31 -
FunkyBlue31 - 2 months ago


k4L4sH 2 months ago

During coronavirus pandemic, billionaires grew their net worth by a collective $10.2 trillion including Bill Gates. Sink that for a moment. This world is sooo fu...ked!

EMRO VIDEO 2 months ago

conferma la mia opinione su Kill Bill

Sunny M.Barshon
Sunny M.Barshon 2 months ago

I think Bill has a Time Machine . That's all,

Beru 2 months ago

Stop scrolling , you won't be able to find an old comment

Jessica Domer
Jessica Domer 2 months ago

It's Covid-19 Ohh and Bill Gates did not made microchip vaccines that conspiracy theory.

Mousey Publishings
Mousey Publishings 2 months ago

Best friends with Jeffery epstien.

Malcolm in the Middle


Gaurav Dabral
Gaurav Dabral 2 months ago

He told epidemic but it is a pandemic 😓

Monty S
Monty S 2 months ago

Why china is hiding real death toll?? Why no sanctions on China ? (despite being proved it's been the cause of the pandemic).
Anthrax & Covid-19 a well planned biochem warfare (why haven't been investigated)?

A strategy to benefit pharma giants?? & make the world more vulnerable & causing casualties !! This Pandemic was planned well in advance (we are already in a 3rd world war).. Half the world is poor / vulnerable & helpless.. & many maniacs are wasting people's money on finding life on other planets & launching space tour vehicles.. it's devilish 👿

Sophia Yates
Sophia Yates 2 months ago

Guilty SOB!

President Goodguy
President Goodguy 2 months ago

This aged well

Cee Gabe
Cee Gabe 2 months ago

(.2..)    If ever we needed THE LORD  before-we SURE do need HIM now.

"Focus on GOD-and NOT your problems.") (Dr. Charles Stanley)
("PRAYERS destroy the enemies plans." (the late Pastor Stephen Darby):

GOD'S message to ALL believers IS /and herein lies our POWER:

Then if MY people, who are called by MY NAME will humble themselves, if they will PRAY and seek ME and stop their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven. I will forgive their sin, and I will HEAL/RESTORE their land.

(HE did it for the righteous kings in the OLD TESTAMENT.) (KJV  )
HE can surely do it for us.

GOD will Bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you (HIS people.)     Pass it on...

Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh 2 months ago

I'm corona positive......

Being Spectator
Being Spectator 2 months ago

China: Thanks for the Idea.

Mabdulvajidm 2 months ago

He deals business.. great businessman
This reveals covid a game played for business

Rocky Bhai
Rocky Bhai 2 months ago

He's the one behind all this virus..

Delilah Marunić
Delilah Marunić 2 months ago

The only truth is jesus ! Jesus i love you

Harshverdhan Saxena
Harshverdhan Saxena 2 months ago

This guy has been developing viruses since windows 95

Yogeesh Gowda
Yogeesh Gowda 2 months ago

Think ahead of time..!

Monika Punia
Monika Punia 2 months ago

Well universe gave us the warning, we ignored it so it's time to bear the burnt ...we will come out of it eventually but I hope with a lesson well learned!!

eddo1981 2 months ago

He shows the contagio movie oh my fucking god this is soo sick

Tim Beckman
Tim Beckman 2 months ago

Newqueuelar war - George Bush Jr.

Cyrus Atory
Cyrus Atory 2 months ago

there's a possibility he realized no-one listened to him to give him more money for selling his vaccine program... then, he took enough power at WHO in order to define health policies within states, achieve his goal of selling more vaccin.

John Price
John Price 2 months ago

"When the earth starts to settle, God throws a stone at it."

petersaturday 2 months ago

He must have known at the time about dr. Fauci funding of the gain of function Coronavirus research in North Carolina and then in Wuhan. Very odd coincidences here!

Roger Dores
Roger Dores 2 months ago

Before next pandemic oms organizacional Wolrd Health Alert pandemic of China 2007 of dead miliouns populacional .

The Guy With A Penguin Profile

Well this didn't age well

Bhaskar Pandey
Bhaskar Pandey 2 months ago


GOMS RAM 2 months ago

He is the basic responsible ol'to or this pandemic ..

Arpit kapil
Arpit kapil 2 months ago

How did he knew about pandemic

Aman sain
Aman sain 2 months ago

Waiting for all Marvel creations to come true wether it is AI , Vaccinated super soldiers, Hulk and ofcourse Aliens guardians of the galaxy 😂

RISING ARTISTS 2 months ago


mario ducan
mario ducan 2 months ago

so he knew, so he bought WHO, so he produced vaccines, so he wants to make them mandatory and make a lot of money. of course it's just a coincidence that her grandfather frederick taylor gates was involved in the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918

user 28
user 28 2 months ago

we are not ready to 3rd wave of corona, let them die, that`s it, right sir?

Ashley Allen
Ashley Allen 2 months ago

Gates has been planning to infect our world with an infectious disease for at least a decade now.

Suman Juyal
Suman Juyal 2 months ago

I think China took this very seriously and showed a trailer of it in Wuhan to the whole world, and get over with the pandemic bcoz China prepared itself beforehand and see today every country in the world suffered except for China with a very lil loss( maybe an eyewash, so that no one suspects the culprit)

ujjwal kumar
ujjwal kumar 2 months ago

Then waive the freakin patents Gates!

DEATH EATER 2 months ago

Gates a Time Traveller ? This explanation clears that he is a time traveller. how did he know from 6 years back about what exactly happening now.This is not a prediction.maybe he saw the future and giving clue to people about it

Aravindh Arvi
Aravindh Arvi 2 months ago

He just said what he's going to execute in This World

Jacob Penner
Jacob Penner 2 months ago

It's funny how putting fear into people's minds makes them believe that this is an actual pandemic where people die due to a "virus" I'd suggest that people get some common sense and realize what this is. What makes anyone think bill gates or the WHO give a care about your health or "being there for you" in this "pandemic". wake up people and smell the fear that controls us, it's what they wanted and thats how they were able to make this look like a medical pandemic. Don't believe me... Prove me wrong!

Mohammed Hunt
Mohammed Hunt 2 months ago


Harshit Sachan
Harshit Sachan 2 months ago

Watched it 6 years back and watching it now again 🙄

Amaro Pargo
Amaro Pargo 2 months ago

Sei morto , Bill🗡

CHIC KEN 2 months ago

Don't tell me, it was uploaded 6 years ago!

MidWestOutlaw 420
MidWestOutlaw 420 2 months ago

This aged like Milk.

Sokratis Maramis
Sokratis Maramis 2 months ago

This manhas a future

bk. pk
bk. pk 2 months ago

🙄bill gates father of corona mother yet unknown

miLa 2 months ago

This aged well.

Jake Phillips
Jake Phillips 2 months ago

He knew it was coming because he helped plan it.

Sheena Palanivelu
Sheena Palanivelu 2 months ago

He Suggested strengthening Health System in 2015 itself...
I wish our political leaders would take suggestions and warnings from intellectuals more seriously.. :(

niuqltt 2 months ago


Priyam Tripathi
Priyam Tripathi 2 months ago

I knew he is a time traveler

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar 2 months ago

So Bill Gates is a Scientist?

Isaac Chipparis
Isaac Chipparis 2 months ago

And that's how Illuminate speaks

Jay raj
Jay raj 2 months ago

My goodness this man

ved shetty
ved shetty 2 months ago

covid is man-made

hOt n SpICy
hOt n SpICy 2 months ago

Sweaty twerking