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Top Things To Do In San Antonio, Texas 4K

Top Things To Do In San Antonio, Texas 4K

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Must Do Travels
Must Do Travels 2 months ago

Share your San Antonio Do's and Don'ts with us here!

awesome possom
awesome possom 2 months ago

Who here lives in san Antonio

Yuusuk Dicgoole
Yuusuk Dicgoole 2 months ago

#1 Leave
#2 don’t go back
#3 forget this trash bags existence

james stoneking
james stoneking 2 months ago

alot more things to do

james stoneking
james stoneking 2 months ago

i want to go back

Koning Dylan
Koning Dylan 2 months ago

When i Shazam the opening song it says: NN - Light
But i can't find this song anywhere, not on youtube, spotify, soundcloud or google.

Sh Tariq Multani
Sh Tariq Multani 2 months ago

Mr. Elastomeric1
Mr. Elastomeric1 2 months ago

Ace Video

Albert Escobedo
Albert Escobedo 2 months ago

Check out the craft beer scene.

April Roa
April Roa 2 months ago

So...walking on the sidewalk..

Mary Ann Cruickshank
Mary Ann Cruickshank 2 months ago

Love these videos and ideas

Cassidy Neibert
Cassidy Neibert 2 months ago

So cool!!! I should do a visit there sometime.

Jade Jason Daclan
Jade Jason Daclan 2 months ago

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Hair Harbor
Hair Harbor 2 months ago

You didn't mention the Pearl?

Mocha_ Boba
Mocha_ Boba 2 months ago

This is so cool

2108372888 Leung
2108372888 Leung 2 months ago

Loved it!

Bonkers Videos
Bonkers Videos 2 months ago

So in other words theres nothing to do in san antonio. Top things to do is looking at run down buildings and towers? Rofl sweet jesus.

AyyyIts P.A.
AyyyIts P.A. 2 months ago


A Woman
A Woman 2 months ago


Hayley T
Hayley T 2 months ago

I'd love to visit here with my daughter 🥰

Roman Ivanovich
Roman Ivanovich 2 months ago

beautiful city

Comments with Corey
Comments with Corey 2 months ago

Thanks this is a cool video

John Sanchez
John Sanchez 2 months ago

Don';t come to San Antonio this year because is partially destroyed because of riots and 18 % hotel room tax.

Michael Archer
Michael Archer 2 months ago

Great overall video!

Conner Gentry Vlogs
Conner Gentry Vlogs 2 months ago

Best city ever!

Joe M
Joe M 2 months ago

The Alamo in December 1835. WRONG! Battle was in March 6 1836

RichMF 420
RichMF 420 2 months ago

Traffic Sucks and it's getting more expensive to Sight See. San Antonio isn't for the locals anymore. I used to live on the east side of SA (Cactus and Iowa). The place that I'm from dosen't exist anymore. The tourist and Liberal Dems can have it.

Adam Smith
Adam Smith 2 months ago

My only advice from living in San Antonio for 31 years. Eat before going to the river. All the restaurants are tourist traps. Go to the pearl

theophano 2 months ago

Killing many dogs daily in San Antonio Animal"Care" Services. Many were dumped by their owners. Many found running loose.

marian frances
marian frances 2 months ago

Took us 2 hours to get past this city a month ago. Hiway/freeway rebuilding. A traffic nightmare!

Cindy Ski
Cindy Ski 2 months ago

Ha No mention of our hideous traffic! That’s why I try not to go anywhere during traffic hours. Be careful because majority of drivers do not have car insurance. They drive like there’s no speed limits and some are arrogant drivers where they will cut you off or just get in your lane without a turn signal. It’s like playing bumper cars but with real cars, I should know. Saturday nights be extremely careful or just don’t chance it. People driving drunk and trust me, they won’t be the ones getting hurt, you and your family will. They are always the ones who know people in high places and nothing happens to them. Anyway enough of the scary stuff, we have some great Mexican restaurants, Sea World, and Six Flags! We WELCOME you to our lovely San Antonio😃! If you got full coverage car insurance to cover yourself incase other person doesn’t have car insurance you can relax and enjoy yourself better! The paramedics, cops and firefighters you will meet, 🤕eventually are pleasant and caring people. 😊

Cory Rimpson
Cory Rimpson 2 months ago

Disappointed because the place I'd recommend first it's the Historic Market Square. I just moved to San Antonio a year and a half ago and went to the tourist locations but wasn't really impressed ESPECIALLY with the Alamo. But the Historic Market Square has great food, entertainment, great prices for things to buy, and it's so culturally authentic! I recommend this place before anywhere in San Antonio.

Itz_Bi_SophiaUwU Cookies -.-

I'm moving to San Antonio soon :(

Ashley 2 months ago

i already live here why am i watching this

Scotty Smith
Scotty Smith 2 months ago

It’s not that great

missy rabbit
missy rabbit 2 months ago

don't forget to visit the basement at the Alamo!!

Lela 2216
Lela 2216 2 months ago

Ummm. You forgot FIESTA!!!!! Sea world, 6 Flags.

Grace Kovar
Grace Kovar 2 months ago

Enjoy our visit everytime

P Val
P Val 2 months ago

Dad, The bus was 40 minutes late. Pulled over the next bus, and reclaimed the passengers. Jealous. Pizza?

Detra Dickson
Detra Dickson 2 months ago

My sister and her family will be visiting San Antonio soon. There’s good information on the video. I will be sharing with my sister. Thank you!

P Val
P Val 2 months ago

Terrence . K

theophano 2 months ago

Go the Animal Care Services. Adopt a dog or cat or two. They slaughter trusting companion animals daily - owner surrenders and shy frightened pets first. That doesn't stop San Antonio citizens from dumping their trusting pets there

Aaron H
Aaron H 2 months ago

Looks cool. Would like to see a Spurs game also.