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Alsw 2 months ago

That was soooooo fun to watch! Thank you😁

kei saboru
kei saboru 2 months ago

I watched you guys 5 years ago !

Zeni Gato
Zeni Gato 2 months ago

So you don't have to cure the fish before making sushi from it? You can just use the raw tuna and squid straight from the market?

Robert DemMarco
Robert DemMarco 2 months ago

I like I like sushi very much but I like spicy tuna and I like eel I love eel 👍👍👍👍

Patricia Mcrae
Patricia Mcrae 2 months ago

Can you show how to make the Inari sushi especially with the vegetables in it.

Debra Lytle
Debra Lytle 2 months ago

Just wonderful! Merry Christmas!!! Love you guys.

Joyce Yamamoto
Joyce Yamamoto 2 months ago

WOW! Wonderful to make sushi with a pro!!!
I love this video!!!!! Fantastic!!!!
You guys are wonderful, wonderful!!
Awesome, Satoshi & Shinichi!!
Happy New Year!!

We are having a snow blizzard tonight in Minnesota USA!! Windy! Blowing snow everywhere in the cold night air!! Temperature is going down, down, down to zero! Yikes! Brrrrrrrrrr......❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️

Nano Hawk
Nano Hawk 2 months ago

Hey, I merely was going to say that i really liked your content, congratulations!

I have subscribed to your C h a n n e l 😉 Perhaps, You can do the same and we will become "real" Youtube friends

Sonia Figueroa
Sonia Figueroa 2 months ago

Seems easy to make but I am sure is not, anyway, I will try! Thank you, as always.


Hi~^^🤗I am a chef who works in Korea. We are cooking Japanese dishes such as sashimi, sushi, Tenpura, and donkatsu. Your cooking is fun and interesting. I'm watching your channel with interest. It's fun 😁 Let's communicate~ Come visit my cooking channel. I'll welcome you. 🍭

SnakeladyGreta 2 months ago

Oh, everything looks so good!

Mongul Khan Axe
Mongul Khan Axe 2 months ago

Where has the best Japanese restaurants outside of Japan

Keith Lam
Keith Lam 2 months ago

Your videos always bring me so much joy, thanks guys!!! Maguro nigiri is my absolute favourite!

MJ ML 2 months ago

Now I'm craving sushi 🤤

Nadine Go
Nadine Go 2 months ago

🌈🌈Mele Kalikimaka🌈🌈🤙🤙😆

Ripplin 2 months ago

I thought sure the pro would be Satoshi! ;) Anyway, very cool!

P R W 2 months ago

Love love the demo....but Justin in his little tie is cuteness overload!

Douglas Reeves
Douglas Reeves 2 months ago

Love Justin's tie. I think he could pull off a bow tie. Very informative vid. You guys always come thru.

Dalorian 2 months ago

this was incredibly helpful to watch! Props to the Chef(s)!

KawaiiObaachanX3 2 months ago

Domo Arigato I really loved your instructions on slicing the magoro !!!🍣🍣🍣

Esther Hokke
Esther Hokke 2 months ago

That is a good idea. Lesson with a chef. The sushi look delicious. And I learn how to make them☺. Thank you both and chef.

francesca salvati
francesca salvati 2 months ago

Amazing video!!! I enjoyed this so much. And fantastic to hear some Japanese as I'm learning it :) you guys are the best

Mariko Uchiwa
Mariko Uchiwa 2 months ago

I am so hungry after watching this omg 😆😋🍣
Sushies are the best and you both did such a great job!
Congratulation! ❤

Consistently Ashen
Consistently Ashen 2 months ago

Thank you guys and the chef for teaching us!
Question: Is there anything we should know about picking good cuts of meat? Do we look for the same things in terms of quality etc. as cooking fish or is there something else we need to keep in mind when it comes to Sushi?

Scriptor13 2 months ago

This was super! Learning directly from Chef Hori is a privilege. You both did such a great job--of course! And I got some wonderful tips (scoring the squid, etc.). Thank you for this fabulous new format for learning and having fun.

MSMECHANIC 2 months ago

Oh so fun!! I had tried to recreate my favourite roll called Swimming Prawn. Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, cucumber, chili sauce, and tempura crumbs. Taste was wonderful but the presentation was shameful! It is certainly an art form in food.

asia lee
asia lee 2 months ago

..that's so cool learning from a pro!! Everything you made looks great👏🏻👏🏻 Now I'm craving for good maki😋😅

Bao-Han Ng
Bao-Han Ng 2 months ago

Perfect day for sushi, go shopping now, Happy Holidays and thank you!

Pamela J Levene
Pamela J Levene 2 months ago

What a great idea to let us join with you two in a sushi lesson. I have done and thoroughly enjoyed sushi classes both in Israel and Japan - so when I say this was the best of all - you know how much I enjoyed it!
So どうもありがとうございました to you and to the Chef.
p.s. I have a tamago pan and it is really fun to make tamagoyaki - so anyone who hasn't got the pan and who likes making Japanese food, I really recommend that you get one.

norabian77 2 months ago

This was SO interesting!!! I love this format! I will def be making the cali roll soon! 💚
How about making some collab with other youtubers this way?
My recommendations would be "My Name is Andong", "Refikas Kitchen", "Helens Kitchen" and "Alex French Cooking Guy", or even the one and only "J Kenji Lopez-Alt", author of the book "The Food Lab". All of them do amazing jobs on their cooking channels, you will love them!
And it will bring new people to watching everyones channels!
Love, Nora

Anomaly3600 2 months ago

Justin barking 🐶 wants to be involved

Lisanne 2 months ago

So mutch fun to watch this. I defenitly want that pan 😍

Anesti Beqiri
Anesti Beqiri 2 months ago

Love your videos

Marcos Gomez
Marcos Gomez 2 months ago

Love you guys pls fix satoshis glasses

Evelina GR
Evelina GR 2 months ago

Absolutely no one:
Me: Love that brick wall curtain!

Andie Dance
Andie Dance 2 months ago

happy holidays

Andie Dance
Andie Dance 2 months ago

love all the seafood

Andie Dance
Andie Dance 2 months ago

have all this except for fresh wasabi

Andie Dance
Andie Dance 2 months ago

thx am so enjoying ... will try at home

mimpi yang indah ya
mimpi yang indah ya 2 months ago


BlessRNG 2 months ago

This looks like an amazing experience! I'm going to have to save up for that home style set but I certainly can't wait to get it and make sushi at home! Thank you for the video as always!

CatalinaCNV 2 months ago

How luxurious, real wasabi! This has been so enjoyable cool collaboration and so cool to see you guys doing it. Btw, cool chef and lovely tools!

Nicole Souris
Nicole Souris 2 months ago

such a cool video :)



Kwasi Media
Kwasi Media 2 months ago

Definitely enjoyed seeing one of my fave dishes being made and made well.

Tamara 2 months ago

I'm really craving sushi now! I got a handai wooden rice bowl for my birthday a couple of years ago but never really used it. I would love such a brush!

Traveller - Two Travel

Great video and very interesting to see the processes of making sushi! Greetings from Denmark😁

Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan 2 months ago

Omg I watched chef on the UT he's amazing , you lucky guys to be taught by the master himself. Now I get to follow you guys when it comes to making sushi thanks.

London Pelen
London Pelen 2 months ago

My two favorite guy's lm going to try this recipe stay safe God BLESS to all of you

Jean Ham
Jean Ham 2 months ago

what a fun and informative video im glad i had sushi today or i would be craving this now lol

Lady Luck
Lady Luck 2 months ago

Oh I love sushi. I'm afraid of learning how to make it or I'd eat way too much of it! LOL Thanks for the informative video and your sushi looks delicious!

John T
John T 2 months ago

Like using brush to apply shoyu onto the sushi...make it seem fancier

asuranrocks 2 months ago

Glad im watching this after lunch

Oddity Acuity
Oddity Acuity 2 months ago

Always enjoy watching these two.

Mayumi Daigo
Mayumi Daigo 2 months ago

Never thought of learning how to make sushi via zoom. That’s an brilliant idea and it looks fun! Justin wanted to join in making sushi. I guess my son and I can try during his winter break for fun😊2人ともお上手ですよ。息子の冬休み中にやろうかしら。

Harpist in Japan
Harpist in Japan 2 months ago

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awe yummmmz!!!! and fun too! thanks for sharing!!!

Heart Of Lotus
Heart Of Lotus 2 months ago

I'm impressed! You did a great job. 👏👏👏 Natsukashii...It reminded me of all the temakizushi dinners my family used to have. mmm 🍣🥑🥢

Homer Thompson
Homer Thompson 2 months ago


astroboy3507 2 months ago

My fav food!!! 🍣
P.s Justin WOOF!!!! WOOF!!!! 😁

Sharon Tan
Sharon Tan 2 months ago

Great a great idea for content! 😍

VQSmith 2 months ago

This was awesome!



Nasim Moazeni
Nasim Moazeni 2 months ago

I hope that both of you feeling good and happy. Thank you very much for all this good videos that you both make. I am very thankful and grateful for yours hardship to making all this wonderful films and videos. We wish you all good health happiness and grate success in life and please stay healthy and happy and take care. Love you both.
From/Sweden, Stockholm ❤️🌹♥️😍

Lady Murasaki
Lady Murasaki 2 months ago

Very cool! Can you make some sushi for me?, 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Luinmir 2 months ago

Wow this was so interesting and unexpected!

PREPFORIT 2 months ago

That was fun. I learned too.

nikeeweston 2 months ago

So pleased you have a sponsor for a video. Always nice. Looks very cool. I don’t even eat sushi even though it’s big in London, but you guys makes it look very nice. Love to you both and Justin of course. Great video as always.

緑Yvette 2 months ago

WOW....Well That Was Different....And Very Interesting And Informative....

SD. 2 months ago


Dannie Garrett
Dannie Garrett 2 months ago

You might suggest they have their website show prices in USD as well as Yen. Very interesting and yes having one of the omelet pans is great I ordered mine off Amazon some time way back and is one of my favorite ways to make an omelet and even manage to make some not just Japanese style but toss in a Texas twist using very thinly sliced ham for one layer, shredded cheddar chees for the next and finely chopped jalapeno's for the last. Have also done similar variations using sausage links for the first roll and so on. Interesting to see someone's reaction when you serve one to someone.

Gary Dell
Gary Dell 2 months ago

This was interesting but I think I'll leave it to the restaurants.

Karyn Knittz
Karyn Knittz 2 months ago

Yummy, you guys did such a great job, I'm ready t o eat ! i love sushi. I started eating it as a child, my mother was from Maui, Hawaii so my favorite was the Cone Sushi with minced carrot inside aburaage, so so good. Another one I used to eat was Futomaki "Fat Boy" roll, I heard it is a classic in Japan but I don't see any videos with people eating them, do you eat them? I love those and your Nigiri came out looking like restaurant quality, excellent. Enjoy 🍣

fumiko takane nozaka
fumiko takane nozaka 2 months ago

Horisan in which restaurant you were working in Mexico???

Shroomz0815 2 months ago

Why don't you apply yourselves?

Minnie C.
Minnie C. 2 months ago

You guys did great. Thank you so much for the demo.

Mark Smith
Mark Smith 2 months ago

My library had a Japanese lady show us how to make rolls, and provided mats to keep. Just vegetables (I guess no budget for fish.)

mikiesonTV 2 months ago

good job guys..there is a true art to that for wife and i just had asian for supper tonight..i had plenty of sushi :)

Babs R
Babs R 2 months ago

That was very interesting. You guys did great. Thank you for showing how to make sushi at home.

Carol S
Carol S 2 months ago

So funny while you made them but great.job.

K Wu
K Wu 2 months ago


Carmen Monter
Carmen Monter 2 months ago

This is helpful. We made sushi at home a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Second time will be better.

Dennis Tani
Dennis Tani 2 months ago

california roll is one of my favorites , especially since I'm from San Jose, California.

Tatiana Silva
Tatiana Silva 2 months ago

This pro chef is a very good teacher!

Christelle Bilodeau Portrait Artist

hey guys great video but the link is not working.. cheers from Quebec

Lais Santos
Lais Santos 2 months ago




Peter Danilov
Peter Danilov 2 months ago

Honestly, this kind of pro chef live demo learning is a great idea. This should be a big thing.

MrLGDUK 2 months ago

I love sushi! I've made my own, which was good, but it made a lot of washing up!! I would love to try it again some time, perhaps even trying to get hold of some real wasabi root.

PhotoLukeHawaii 2 months ago

Love this! Good Job! Im going to try this but first I need to check out the tools!!! I would love to make my own sushi!!! Thanks Shinichi and Satoshi!!! Aloha 😁🤙🏽

Angus The Cat
Angus The Cat 2 months ago

Such a useful video! My mouth is watering and I want to make it too now! Thank you for makinh this video!

James S
James S 2 months ago

Awesome video! Thanks guys. I love making sushi, and my daughter has started to enjoy eating it too. Justin seemed to be enjoying it too ;)

Jackie Carranco
Jackie Carranco 2 months ago

Yummy. I've never eaten sushi but I would try that California roll. Thanks for another great video, Brothers.

Hisashiburi Recipes
Hisashiburi Recipes 2 months ago

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Looks yummy!

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JRR31984 2 months ago

Awesome video topic. Very GOOD. Sirs. SPEAK.


本格的だし 良いアイデアだね👌👌👌

Scarlet Red Magic
Scarlet Red Magic 2 months ago

Definitely going to do this thank you my daughter and I love sushi now with what's going on here in NYC we definitely want to do this at home thank you Shinichi and Satoshi 🤗😊❤️💚💜

ramoncgtc 2 months ago

Need Sushi class like this

후추추푸드 Huchuchu Food

watching this while I'm laying bed now. I'm so hungry

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