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Perfect Roast Vegetables | Jamie Oliver

Perfect Roast Vegetables | Jamie Oliver

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Giang Vlog
Giang Vlog 2 months ago

wow, awsome!

Chris Brown
Chris Brown 2 months ago

the garlic got whacked

Ben Macauley
Ben Macauley 2 months ago


Sally Ot
Sally Ot 2 months ago

Oh boy! I can’t remember which herb with what lol can we just use them randomly?? Any one please 🙏

OM BE 2 months ago


Original Malus
Original Malus 2 months ago


Pierre Samarasinghe
Pierre Samarasinghe 2 months ago

Does anyone know whether he was talking in Fahrenheit or Celsius?

Trey Huang
Trey Huang 2 months ago

He surely likes oliver oil a lot

Μυρσινη Τζελλου

I have seen this video again and again since it got out. Never got to make the veggies. Every time I see this I remember why I cook. I always have a silly smile on my face at the end of it :-)) Thanks Jamie!

googo151 2 months ago

Love the dish, but lots of amateurs watching and you never mention anything about properly prepping the veggies.

hennic13 2 months ago

Give the veggies a good send off, theyve been good to you hahahaha

Koln Man
Koln Man 2 months ago

Bit of Honey on the Carrots would be nice.

DiiGiiTAL. exe
DiiGiiTAL. exe 2 months ago

Still one of his better shows. Newer stuff feels a bit staged and forced.

Rawl of the south
Rawl of the south 2 months ago

This guy smashed and squeezed a whole orange with his bare hands. I am not surprised tho, not after seeing what he did to the garlic...

Logic Lock
Logic Lock 2 months ago

jamies the best chef

Fahad Ali
Fahad Ali 2 months ago

His food compared to other chefs always seems so bland... don’t know why but his food seems very unappealing. 🙁

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedalio phobia

Jamie and the beanstalk

Alexandra Ferdonova
Alexandra Ferdonova 2 months ago

Mr Jamie oliver i need help in kitchen and necessary keep going

Brittani Rothenfluh
Brittani Rothenfluh 2 months ago

What oven temp?

Suhayl Maverick Bhana

Real hands on

Dave D'Video Maker
Dave D'Video Maker 2 months ago

I don’t need vinegar in my vegetables.

Sahara Evans
Sahara Evans 2 months ago

Hi Jamie,Greetings from Indonesia. thanks for sharing this lovely video. Your recipes are always amazing, all the best

majedul hayat
majedul hayat 2 months ago

I prefer Jamie's cooking show better...more laid back.

M K 2 months ago

But how did he parboil them?

AllTheBears 2 months ago

Jamie Oliveoil is at it again XD

Lovely presentation!

peace MNP
peace MNP 2 months ago

thank you very much for your delicious food Ammmmmmmmmmm very very delicious xxxxxxxxx

Mala Murthy
Mala Murthy 2 months ago

doesn't the garlic burn?

Ifs & Buts
Ifs & Buts 2 months ago

That tray is way too crowded. In the oven the veggies will steam rather than roast.

Laikiu Garland
Laikiu Garland 2 months ago

omg ! diet like this would live forever !

Laurie Vermillion
Laurie Vermillion 2 months ago

Tip: His "220" is "428 degrees Fahrenheit," and yes, I roast my carrots, broccoli, etc. @ 425 F for approx. 20".

Michelle Piana
Michelle Piana 2 months ago

Wow! That looks fantastic and prob tastes out of this world.

박지민 2 months ago

I have a question, why the acid is really important item in roasting? Somebody plz answer for me

Shanice Mason
Shanice Mason 2 months ago

this recipe is wank

Henry K
Henry K 2 months ago

Vinegar on veg tastes fantastic, but unless you heap the oil on like Jamie, everything sticks to the pan and makes one hell of a mess.

AffinityOfTime 2 months ago

Is literally nobody going to mention how he didn't cut any stems or roots off, didn't properly clean his veggies, and then left the paper from his garlic in his food? What on earth was that? It'd take literally two minutes to do it properly, and your guests would have a better dining experience.

Sakina Kachmir
Sakina Kachmir 2 months ago

I lik all kitchen 'and I look you in tv bravo

rneustel 2 months ago

Just give me that platter—forget whatever the main course is!

Zuzana Šplhová
Zuzana Šplhová 2 months ago

special secret: touch every single ingredient before cooking :D

Joe 2 months ago

I mean you may as well just eat a bag of chips... rip

Louise Lunsford
Louise Lunsford 2 months ago

Jamie Oliveoil??? Jeeze

Christina Andrea Rosamilia

What vinaigre is he using?

HFM Min 2 months ago

Look nasty but delicious 😋

Amanda P
Amanda P 2 months ago

Full of life? Those vegetables look very dead.

Amanda P
Amanda P 2 months ago

Okay, but who wipes down all the bottles he grabs with his oily hands?

Dr. Spectre
Dr. Spectre 2 months ago

I must be honest, I tried this a month or so ago with the vegetables I grew in my garden, & it was DELICIOUS! Absolutely simple yet SO satisfying! Thanks Jamie!

Ivana Tinkle
Ivana Tinkle 2 months ago

Who in the regular folk hell has an outdoor pizza oven?

ade spade
ade spade 2 months ago

Great tips thanks.

Tasun Romero
Tasun Romero 2 months ago

This would be perfect if he added just a little bit more olive oil.

helene harris
helene harris 2 months ago

Can i freeze rosted broccoli

yaren su
yaren su 2 months ago

dadı roast

manjeet kour
manjeet kour 2 months ago

Hi jamie i love you

Dave D'Video Maker
Dave D'Video Maker 2 months ago

Question: Why do you think vinegar is important in roasting veg?

Даниел Иванов

my family grow all kind of veggies in our garden and i love this way of life

Elaine Lane
Elaine Lane 2 months ago

Something about the way he prepared the food seemed a little barbaric.

John Rutledge
John Rutledge 2 months ago

If those dildoits that keep talking about too much olive oil dont go an get thier own press and stop eating motor oil. Then lets go to k mart.

John Rutledge
John Rutledge 2 months ago

and the indians here in the sonoran desert make the best beans.

John Rutledge
John Rutledge 2 months ago

i like a good borsht. and also the ammish make real apple butter.

John Rutledge
John Rutledge 2 months ago

oh and that stuff I ate in Danmark

John Rutledge
John Rutledge 2 months ago

boiled boot. Im so sorry i am drunk with hunger- you are by far the best cook I've seen in all honesty. save my fathers creole sausage gravy. and my hippy mothers salad and forest tea.

John Rutledge
John Rutledge 2 months ago

cream of mushroom ?

John Rutledge
John Rutledge 2 months ago

an aged pheasant ?

John Rutledge
John Rutledge 2 months ago

acorns are good

John Rutledge
John Rutledge 2 months ago

can u show me again how to use th thyme please ~?

Sam Al-Kantar
Sam Al-Kantar 2 months ago

Lovely Jamie it was really tasty

Mark Kolecke
Mark Kolecke 2 months ago

Grill! Red pepper, green pepper, eggplant, summer squash-olive oil s+p, shake in a ziplock, baste on the grill with Kraft Lite Italian dressing. Best roast vegetable sandwich of my life

Protos Telos
Protos Telos 2 months ago

Best thing to add to this....parsnips! Comes out awesome.

Melanie Paquin
Melanie Paquin 2 months ago

That's what cooking is about, "full of life.". Love you Jamie. Looks delicious. Really like the outdoor cooking.

The Headless Chef
The Headless Chef 2 months ago

i love your Foodtube. Maybe one day I can be part of it 😀

The Headless Chef
The Headless Chef 2 months ago

Thanks for your video. Ive made delicious honey roasted swede Let me know what you think. Subscribe and get inspired 😀

tabaks 2 months ago

Jamie has completely turned into a flake. Sad, he had a good thing hoing.

C. R. G
C. R. G 2 months ago

Thanks for this video. Just what I needed for ideas to season the roasted carrots I have to make :)

By the way, is the 220 in Celsius or Fahrenheit?
220 C might make sense with the amount of time he says, but I think that Fahrenheit is used more in Britain? So I'm not sure. I don't cook often.
For anyone with the same question I had, it was 220°C. My carrots were done in about 25min :)

And the carrots turned out wonderful with the addition of a little apple cider vinegar :) Thanks for the idea!

Sabou Denisa
Sabou Denisa 2 months ago

So aesthetically pleasing.

rizeuse 2 months ago


Travelgirl 123
Travelgirl 123 2 months ago

Jamie OliveOil

David Lomm
David Lomm 2 months ago

Is he saying VeXtables ?

Slobodan Stanojevic
Slobodan Stanojevic 2 months ago

Love it, great way of preparing veggies!

larissa lehmann
larissa lehmann 2 months ago

Do you have to boil and cook the beets before roasting? As well as the carrots? Or do you just peel the vegetables and then roast them as he demonstrated?

Mar Vel
Mar Vel 2 months ago

I love you Jamie. I want these vegies!!!

B d
B d 2 months ago

you MUST flick in the S and P

AngieMusicArt 2 months ago

The garlic didn't deserve that beating.

AngieMusicArt 2 months ago

A bowl of olive oil sprinkled with veggies.

telcom6661 2 months ago

full of life or full of oil?

Celia Rodrigues
Celia Rodrigues 2 months ago


Cucina con Simone
Cucina con Simone 2 months ago

too much oil, all veg are not pelts, alot of herbs mixed without sense. Is nice just for the pics , nothing more

Breakfast Casual
Breakfast Casual 2 months ago

Sooo should i use Mar Jam or Gahno? Which is better?

Robert Sterling
Robert Sterling 2 months ago

Once he started wacking the Garlic I had to double check whether I was on yesthat'sfunny or not

CrazyCatLady78 2 months ago

looks amazing

Karan Sepanik
Karan Sepanik 2 months ago

Olive oil is not healthy so y just killed it

Alvin Lee
Alvin Lee 2 months ago


Darby O'Gill
Darby O'Gill 2 months ago

I always like to take the skin off the garlic, that would wreck my head.

WRATHHOFNATE ! 2 months ago

0:47 couldnt he just cut the garlic?

ShutUpAndSmokeMyWeed 2 months ago

I like how he put some vegetables in his olive oil

Hakeem 2 months ago

Olive oil in bowl, olive oil in tray... ffs

eesha mulumoodi
eesha mulumoodi 2 months ago

in the oil part, i am definitely gonna put lesser olive oil and i'm gonna put a little butter.
i'm trying this for new year's and i guess i'm only putting the carrots, although would broccoli, potato and sweet potato be good in this?

Ghostly 00
Ghostly 00 2 months ago

Is there a reason he didnt peel the garlic? I feel like it would be less enjoyable having to eat around the husk bit.

Choose Vegan
Choose Vegan 2 months ago

That looks more like a heart attack from the all the olive oil he splashes around.

Has anyone seen the video titled Christmas Turkey that Kerry McCarpet on youtube did on Jamie the other day? Its fabbb!

Baun92 2 months ago

I know this tastes well, but it defeats the whole purpose of eating vegetables if you're gonna load it with thousands of calories worth of olive oil.

Нагибин Илья

its amazing!!

assassintwinat8 2 months ago

I keep wondering, who's the dude with the beard in the intro?