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New York Jazz Lounge - Merry Christmas

New York Jazz Lounge - Merry Christmas

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Kymara Gill
Kymara Gill 2 months ago

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Eliel Rios 2 months ago

put on 1.25x speed, thank me later

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Alison Murphy 2 months ago

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Anthøny P 2 months ago

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JM Cruz
JM Cruz 2 months ago

back again this year! :)

Carson Gambone
Carson Gambone 2 months ago

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Ziggy_Smile 2 months ago

does somebody knows, who playing the saxophone?

Venau 2 months ago

I love it!!!

Parker Reyes
Parker Reyes 2 months ago

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Elplay 2 months ago

It's great to listen to!!!

Harriet Johnson
Harriet Johnson 2 months ago

Christmas time is awesome!

Rebeca Rathlef
Rebeca Rathlef 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this! It’s awesome 🥰✨🎁🎄 Merry Christmas!!

vivaviserba 2 months ago

L'ideale per un Natale ancora più intimo .
Buon Natale a tutti

Stefan Bauer
Stefan Bauer 2 months ago

Christmas Jazz Accordion:

Angelinaisone 2 months ago

Merry Christmas for everyone and everywhere 😊 🎄

mao hadad
mao hadad 2 months ago

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Shannon Cruz 2 months ago

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Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith 2 months ago

Music for the sole. Thank you for the upload.

Vicki Furgison
Vicki Furgison 2 months ago

Great music! It’s Christmas morning 2020. We’re going to get through this mess. Hang in there everyone 2021 is just around the corner.

kunkei xiao
kunkei xiao 2 months ago


John Glass
John Glass 2 months ago

Great stuff. Merry Xmas!

YoungDecent1 2 months ago

Awesome tunes 😊🔥

pamela angela
pamela angela 2 months ago

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Cindy Ford 2 months ago

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Barnabás Barcza
Barnabás Barcza 2 months ago

Blessed play, merry christmas everywhere!

Kenth Guerba
Kenth Guerba 2 months ago

Wake up no Christmas Dec 25 is not a birthday of christ jesus

Connor Austin
Connor Austin 2 months ago

It's Christmas Eve 2020 and COVID is still rampant and honestly Christmas feels less and less happy the more I think about how many people were making their Christmas lists last year ago getting ready for this year who aren't here for it. At least jazz can't catch it.

도라라도 2 months ago


Ka Fong
Ka Fong 2 months ago

Merry Christmas😘😘☕

Yelly Ester Official
Yelly Ester Official 2 months ago

Merry Christmas All

Rudolf Gábor
Rudolf Gábor 2 months ago

Where is this avenue?

Lori Lin Henry
Lori Lin Henry 2 months ago

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Henrik Jonsson
Henrik Jonsson 2 months ago

Wonderful :)

Indira Widya
Indira Widya 2 months ago

3 days until christmas!!!

ベーゼジェノ 2 months ago

Merry Christmas♪This Page is Fantastic! and Soft for Me♪ Of Course We Love New York! Thank You for Your Jazz♪

Md Jummon
Md Jummon 2 months ago

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Sara Finazzi
Sara Finazzi 2 months ago

Good music

Christine Duval
Christine Duval 2 months ago

12/21/20 4 days to Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone.

Pah Kwan
Pah Kwan 2 months ago

Love Jazz !! .. so relax .. !!

Anita Anita
Anita Anita 2 months ago

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csb32470 2 months ago

And I'll always be in a warm cozy New York jazz club at Christmas with you.

sh lee
sh lee 2 months ago

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Maureen Martin
Maureen Martin 2 months ago

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William Cobb
William Cobb 2 months ago

Man....this was a great find! I’ve listened to this every day while out shopping or sitting at my desk working from home....i draw the curtains back and watch the snow fall , sip hot coffee, and listen to this album. Really great a musician myself .......I can dig it, man. Merry Christmas everyone❄️🌲❄️🌲❄️🌲❄️❄️🌲❄️🌲❄️🌲❄️🌲❄️

bxot 2 months ago

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giorgos aigio
giorgos aigio 2 months ago

2020 Merry Christmas to all!check These jazz songs! 😉🤶

jfrankwg 2 months ago

Wow nice song I love it my kid can sleep already.

Yolanda Martinez
Yolanda Martinez 2 months ago

Buena música para escuchar en navidad

Theresa Cantrell
Theresa Cantrell 2 months ago

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tortilla 2 months ago


iwa0129 2 months ago

This is the best.

Clelia Clelia
Clelia Clelia 2 months ago

Simplesmente maravilhoso ❤️ Cada audição desse vídeo é como repaginar a leitura de um excelente livro !! Ouvindo em Dezembro de 2020 !

Carlos Pérez
Carlos Pérez 2 months ago


Adi Sap
Adi Sap 2 months ago

Thank you; merry Christmas

gerardo marco
gerardo marco 2 months ago

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Betty Shick
Betty Shick 2 months ago

I've tried to buy their CD's but couldn't find any. Are they exclusive with YouTube?

Doug Hansen
Doug Hansen 2 months ago

Is that a tenor, baritone or C melody sax? Sounds deep but not as deep as baritone.

Judy Fauth
Judy Fauth 2 months ago

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Stefan Bauer
Stefan Bauer 2 months ago

Наталия Балюк


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Anna Mozelack 2 months ago

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James Stewart
James Stewart 2 months ago

Scottish spirit is keeping me warm,merry Xmas.!

Kantara Music Cafe
Kantara Music Cafe 2 months ago

happy holiday !!!

Gavin Hart
Gavin Hart 2 months ago


Gavin Hart
Gavin Hart 2 months ago

So relaxing, I remember listening to this so long ago and I started listening to more jazz and I though, remember this

Yami Bakura
Yami Bakura 2 months ago

Anyone know the artists? Is this all from one album, or a compilation?

Hyden Ray
Hyden Ray 2 months ago

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The Vagrants
The Vagrants 2 months ago

And on a darker note...

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Judy Fauth 2 months ago

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Adam Gilson
Adam Gilson 2 months ago

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Andres Lopera
Andres Lopera 2 months ago

Hi, I'm from Chile. I love this Christmas music to work or when I'm cooking. I feel so happy and I think everything is working so good and I forget the problems and keep going.

Ikah Love
Ikah Love 2 months ago

💗Linus & Lucy remix, anyone? ▶️

Bipul Jossan
Bipul Jossan 2 months ago

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Mean Music
Mean Music 2 months ago

It is strange to feel like listening to Carols only during this season not the year around.
Anyway Thanks for sharing~ And can I introduce some unique version of carol ?
Check this out.

Liberty Sings
Liberty Sings 2 months ago


Laura K
Laura K 2 months ago
Here is another Christmas song to enjoy. Merry Christmas from the States!

Robert Edwards
Robert Edwards 2 months ago

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Kathy Diaz
Kathy Diaz 2 months ago

Hi, I'm from Chile. I love this Christmas music to work or when I'm cooking. I feel so happy and I think everything is working so good and I forget the problems and keep going.

Yang Jenny
Yang Jenny 2 months ago

Most wholesome chat ever

Renee Perkins
Renee Perkins 2 months ago

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Renee Perkins
Renee Perkins 2 months ago

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jam on , jam on !

Cindy Ford
Cindy Ford 2 months ago

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Kathryn Cali 2 months ago

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Ladislav Pekárek
Ladislav Pekárek 2 months ago


Yang Jenny
Yang Jenny 2 months ago

Yang Jenny
Yang Jenny 2 months ago

Best christmaz jazz album

Jonah Pollard
Jonah Pollard 2 months ago

What happened to your christmas jazz moods piano video?!?!? I have been listening to that on repeat for the past few months and now its privated and not on youtube!?! PLEASE UNPRIVATE IT!!!!!