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robert french
robert french 2 months ago

Nice one guys keep up the good work much appreciated

José Jurado
José Jurado 2 months ago

I just have to love Elvis band more and more everyday, they have a great deal of responsability for making him the best among the best

Lea Palladino
Lea Palladino 2 months ago

beautiful man beautiful voice ELVIS PRESLEY♥️♥️♥️

Barb Dumm
Barb Dumm 2 months ago

Elvis will always be Number 1 his voice just soothing & relaxing just awesome just Listen to his music very uplifting feels good to your soul & it's an awesome feeling that Elvis still can give his Fans that feeling all over again no other performer can do that only Elvis WE been very Blessed that we got him his voice so uplifting Just got to Love Elvis Presley, he is Just awesome and precious and still TCB. Love Barb

Barb Dumm
Barb Dumm 2 months ago


John Cotner
John Cotner 2 months ago

Still listening in 2020

Myanmar AHla
Myanmar AHla 2 months ago

ELVIS ARON PRESLEY @ PASTOR BOB JOYCE: Thanks very much for ALL your Excellent & Fantastic Productions of Movies, Music, Songs & Singing, Dances (Rock & Roll, Shuffle, Floss, etc ...), , Gospel Music & Songs, Christmas Music Albums, Photos, Videos, Live Concerts, Sermons, Worship Services, etc ... Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2021. May GOD be with you & Bless you, your Family, Friends, Fans & The Household of Faith International Ministries Organization. To GOD be ALL The Glory. "Christ in You, The Hope of Glory" Amen.

Love In Christ,
GOD's Glory Forever /
Myanmar-A-Hla (The Beauty of Myanmar)
Miss Lois Jane Lee @
Myint Myint Yee [MY] @
Lee Wren Ahar Ngwe (Moonbeams)

Phone: (740) 322-3601
eMail Address: [email protected], OR, [email protected]
Mailing Address: P O Box 105, Newark, OH. 43058-0105, USA.

DATE: 12/27/2020 @ 05:45 pm (EST, USA).

Lalo Berckemeyer
Lalo Berckemeyer 2 months ago

Wow viva elvis

Michael Frein
Michael Frein 2 months ago

i saw this room....woooow

Beth Viegas
Beth Viegas 2 months ago


dragons* 88
dragons* 88 2 months ago

What is the name of this CD ? Is this the cover art ?

Venita Banerjee
Venita Banerjee 2 months ago

Very special , .. thank you for Christmas 2020 with Elvis ....Forever remembered !!

marina wegener
marina wegener 2 months ago

Good Morning from Germany ☕🎧 and a nice Christmas ⛄🎅🕯️

Puma Lyn
Puma Lyn 2 months ago

Keeping me company as I spend Christmas 2020 alone with my cat.
Merry Christmas everyone..

Isabel Mencos
Isabel Mencos 2 months ago

Christmas the king my love Beautifull love you forever my Darly nice nice Elvis Presley the king

Silvana Covos
Silvana Covos 2 months ago

Lindo demais ❤️ Elvis é a expressão do natal ✨🎄💝 Amo!!!! 🎄✨💖🤗 Feliz Natal 🌠

Holiday Music
Holiday Music 2 months ago

Blessings – May the light of love shine upon you, and may your life be filled with blessings in this Christmas season 🎄🎅🏼@

Dennis Landrum
Dennis Landrum 2 months ago

Ah man that holileaves and Christmas trees makes me feel like crying i miss the King so much.

ma oean marajo
ma oean marajo 2 months ago

Elvis Presley thank you for all your lovely songs

Lynn Alvaro
Lynn Alvaro 2 months ago

My thoughts......Rest easy beautiful man. Wish you were here.

Lynn Alvaro
Lynn Alvaro 2 months ago

Peace, and calmness........Elvis.........thank you

Michael King
Michael King 2 months ago

sounds like Glenn Danzing

Vernon Chadwick
Vernon Chadwick 2 months ago

The best brilliant thanks Vernon 🤗

Sheryll Lynn
Sheryll Lynn 2 months ago

I have Kidney Failure and am on life support so I savor everyday. Elvis is in Heaven probably singing with the angels and talking to our LORD. God bless him in Heaven.

Sebastiao Pereira
Sebastiao Pereira 2 months ago

Merry cristmas for you 🎂

Reta Knoke
Reta Knoke 2 months ago

Never been no one and never will be anyone else to take his place he was and still the best ever Praying he's singing up in Heaven I can fill it in my heart how much he loved the Lord I in my heart he's singing in Heaven

Karin Brüning
Karin Brüning 2 months ago

Wonderful 😍🥰👍will always love you, Elvis!👄👄👄

Ursula Kahnda- König

Just listen to him and his
Songs goes under your skin ......

Ursula Kahnda- König

When ever I hear his voice singing and look at his sad eyes, I must cry a little and than I pray for his soul .....

Elvis Bullets
Elvis Bullets 2 months ago

I love the basic band work without strings and horns you can sense Elvis's love for the blues. Thanks, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...God help us all.

Keith Elvis Mony
Keith Elvis Mony 2 months ago

ELVIS at Christmas...just perfection...TLC

Rosalee Rich
Rosalee Rich 2 months ago

Dec. 8, 2020. I grew up only 3 hours or so from Memphis. So our radios got A lot of Elvis play. One year my Grandmother gave us an Elvis Christmas album. This isn't the exact 1, but I'm hearing some new favorites. Many memories attached to Elvis 🌹❤🌲⛄💝🎄🎶🎧🍭

Lourdes Taveira
Lourdes Taveira 2 months ago

ELVIS #FOREVER 🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀

maria wagner
maria wagner 2 months ago

Peaceful and Merry Christmas to all listening to these beautiful soul touching and heart warming X-mas songs. Thank you gentle kind soul for touching our lives so deeply! We love you,as you remain forever in our hearts!! I know you are singing your praises to the Little Lord Jesus!!! Rest peacefully in God's arms!

Johnnie Johnson
Johnnie Johnson 2 months ago

I was unaware of this Christmas album and heard it first time this morning. Another Masterpiece from Elvis.

TheKingb1943 2 months ago

This is a beautiful album!! I wish he had released! Thank you!!!

Helen Ludlow
Helen Ludlow 2 months ago

Fantastic songs from the greatest singer ever!

Anna Elvis
Anna Elvis 2 months ago

Christmas 2020 with Elvis every year for All my Life.Just good music yuo are Great.And all the fans of Elvis Happy Christmas with Elvis Golden voice.

Natividad Tanael
Natividad Tanael 2 months ago

You live in my heart with your i missed you with your Christmas songs. R.i.P Elvis

David Gibbs
David Gibbs 2 months ago

Christmas will be a little sad for a lot us this year. However with Elvis Christmas seems that bit special.

Ute Steenblocj
Ute Steenblocj 2 months ago

Wunder wunder schöne Lieder mit sehr wiel gefühlt gesungen die ganze CD sehr schöne Lieder,ich hätte ihn so geh'n mal orginal gesehen,schade das er nicht mehr da war ein guter Sänger 🎄🎇🗣🎙🌟🌟🌟👌👌

Yusuke Horiki
Yusuke Horiki 2 months ago

I just listening and enjoying with elvis xmas songs.from japan ⛄🎄✨
thanks so much for ur nominating 🎌🌷🤗

Carl Garnett
Carl Garnett 2 months ago

Yes hello that's me again Carl nice sound nice voice nice clear I can't recall hearing any songs from 1971 I guess I was 14 15 or something anyhow thanks for the video and merry Christmas happy New Year's to you ho ho ho Carl Garnett from Toronto God bless be safe

Gislene Leiria
Gislene Leiria 2 months ago

Oh my gosh! What a voice! Simply the BEST!!

SIOUX 2 months ago

どれが、いちばん いいの ?

Carl Garnett
Carl Garnett 2 months ago

Yes hello it's me again Carl just text me to say thanks for the Elvis Presley music Man's family have a good Christmas and New Year's from Canada Toronto Scarborough Ontario God bless be safe Carl Garnett TCB

Margaret Taylor
Margaret Taylor 2 months ago

I so love him

Carmen Audi
Carmen Audi 2 months ago

Mi bello Elvis maravilloso 😍😍😍 como siempre y esa voz que me envuelve y me hace soñar que mmmm único mi bello Elvis Presley

Rockin Daddy
Rockin Daddy 2 months ago


Leonora Justice
Leonora Justice 2 months ago

I miss you Elvis Presley ! Merry Christmas to you in heaven!! R.I.P. 🙏❤️😘🎵🎤☝️🤴

Leonora Justice
Leonora Justice 2 months ago

Thank you so much !! I love your wonderful awesome Christmas video of Elvis Presley 👍👍👍👍👍☝️🤴🎤🎵❤️😘

Leonora Justice
Leonora Justice 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to y’all!! 2020...

Vicki Tondre
Vicki Tondre 2 months ago

I love if everyday could be like christmas

이계애 2 months ago

The king of king Elvis
MERRY CHRISTMAS 2020 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Jill Claxton
Jill Claxton 2 months ago

WOW!!! <3

Lynn Alvaro
Lynn Alvaro 2 months ago

Love this. Elvis, always intensely beautiful. Rest easy beautiful man.♥️

FENOSOA PISO 2 months ago

He was the Best 😍😍

Harold Hoffmann
Harold Hoffmann 2 months ago


Beata Urbanowicz
Beata Urbanowicz 2 months ago

🌲🌲🌲❄️❄️❄️💞From Polen Beata 😘

Rhonda Mahaffey
Rhonda Mahaffey 2 months ago

I've been listening &dancing to Elvis's music since I was 13 yrs old,love him always

Sandy Williams
Sandy Williams 2 months ago

This man had such a soulful voice and could SING!

Candy Two Deer
Candy Two Deer 2 months ago

I WILL ALWAYS LOVE BLUE CHRISTMAS better than any of his other albums I listen to the other albums though. He is by far the greatest singer in the world.

Carol Bartee
Carol Bartee 2 months ago

Elvis is absolutely the most beautiful vocal voice he brings a relaxing peaceful feeling to your soul no one like Elvis with such a warming touch Merry Christmas and thank you for our man the King

pascal dub's
pascal dub's 2 months ago

Noël 2020 ELVIS est sur le net comme il était sur une scène. Un génie de la musique et de la chanson. Une voix unique . RIP ELVIS. FRANCE.

Hankfan Hankfan
Hankfan Hankfan 2 months ago

This time of the year makes me hope for a discovery of some unknown Christmas song by Hank Williams, but until then Elvis is my favorite Christmas singer! I appreciate the upload!

an Y
an Y 2 months ago

I've just come across this today. Is this the nashville seesion he did?

Just to hear Elvis singing Xmas songs in his own unique style , fills me me with joy.

He puts so much raw and sincere feeling and passion into each track, never over singing, allowing his backing singers to have their moment to shine too.

HIs vocal range is impeccable, still with his 60,s heavenly vibrato so evident , and he delivers us the many profound and poignant lyrics in his own emotive and compassionate way. Then bam he gets into the gutsy bluesy tracks, what a talent that man had.

Elvis doesn't need lots of extra accompaniments , his vocals alone are an orchestra of pure resonating sound.

Thanks for this treasured upload.

Herman Reyes Jr
Herman Reyes Jr 2 months ago

How truly wonderful for us to still have the chance to enjoy listening to these soul-touching songs from the Greatest Performer that ever lived in this planet, at this very trying times in our lives brought about by the pandemic.
As one of the song's lines goes, "Give thanks for all you've (we've) been blessed with. And hold your (our) loved ones tight. For you (we) know the LORD's been good to you (us) ____________..."
To GOD be the glory, we give thanks to thee for having brought Elvis to mankind.
Stay safe everyone, fellow fan here from the Far East...

pest920 2 months ago


guillermo villar
guillermo villar 2 months ago

La navidad era algo magica para Elvis.con la misma magia el la interpretaba en su voz.!!

Janet McKee foley
Janet McKee foley 2 months ago

Listening on April 30, 2020 and hearing Elvis sing Christmas songs is so relaxing during this time of the COVID-19 VIRUS. I also love the picture of the the room with the Christmas Tree, 🎁 presents under the tree, and all the decorations. It looks so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing Christmas Elvis with all of us.

joe bambino
joe bambino 2 months ago

No one will ever have his voice, God put him here for a little time to change music!

Anna Elvis
Anna Elvis 2 months ago

Without Elvis voice and music is Not Cristmas.Sooooo amazing and Magic. ELVIS FOREVER.

Maiano& Maia
Maiano& Maia 2 months ago

Elvis...the eternity King

Dale Hansen
Dale Hansen 2 months ago


Duke JukeBox
Duke JukeBox 2 months ago

Best voice ever,definitely God given.Merry Christmas!

Jerry Bennett
Jerry Bennett 2 months ago

Elvis Presley gave me and everyone else the best Christmas gift a person could ever receive and that's called rock and roll Merry Christmas Elvis and thank you.

Jerry Bennett
Jerry Bennett 2 months ago

Does anyone else find this as beautiful as I do touch the heart deep inside makes you just cry 😢 there never will be another entertainer to touch our hearts the way mr. Elvis Presley did Merry Christmas to the king may you rest in peace

Raminta B
Raminta B 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to all in 2019 🎄🎁 🎄🎁

Siri-Anne Moen
Siri-Anne Moen 2 months ago

Not christmas without Elvis chhristmas songs <3 Merry merry christmas, everyone =)

Andy Alberti
Andy Alberti 2 months ago

Atonishing!!!! Merry xmas from an elvis fan of buenos aires,argentina.

Raymond Turner
Raymond Turner 2 months ago

We love you Elvis.

Jennifer Napoli
Jennifer Napoli 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to Elvis in Heaven😇❤️We Love and Miss You So Much😢Merry Christmas to all Elvis fans🎄🎅🏻☃️❤️And a Safe and Happy New Year in 2020😊🎉God Bless❤️
Christmas is never complete without Elvis Beautiful Christmas songs.Any Elvis song really.😁

Tina Zawisky
Tina Zawisky 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to everyone. 🌹💝⛄🎄⛄🎶🎶. may you have a good one. 🎶🎶🎄💝

Mauro De Barros
Mauro De Barros 2 months ago

Vc está ouvindo as músicas que são harmoniosas e seguidamente entra comercial, porquê???? Isso será a falência da cabeça dos dirigentes do YouTube????

el V
el V 2 months ago

Beutiful x Amazing x🎅🎄🕺👑

Markus Abel
Markus Abel 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to all of you. This is the sound of my childhood, love it****

Juliana John
Juliana John 2 months ago

My mum, me n my brothers love n adore Elvis songs from early 70s. Elvis u r the best. Love u always from Malaysia.

Paul Weaver
Paul Weaver 2 months ago

Harrison Hood my grandfather Minnie Mae Hoods brother Elvis grandmother Minnie Mae Presley

Timothy Brock
Timothy Brock 2 months ago

Boy do I miss ELVIS !!!

추형민 2 months ago

I has been overwhelmed by his spiritual voice, from the time.......

Carol Bartee
Carol Bartee 2 months ago

Love Elvis Christmas music he puts so much joy and yeah saddness his voice makes you long to hear him more no there will never be another Elvis but what a blessing we have memories and music forever Elvis! My Happiness and Merry Christmas to TCB and all the fans and those who love the one and only Elvis!

Terry Askern
Terry Askern 2 months ago

Who's here in Dec 2019 🎄✝️❤️📖🙏😊😇😄😍Merry Christmas Elvis ❤️ and everyone here in 2019 just beautiful as always amen 🎄

Joel Medi
Joel Medi 2 months ago

Que lindo escuchar a Elvis cantar los himnos navideños🎶🎵🎤🎧👍😍

Harold Hoffmann
Harold Hoffmann 2 months ago


Elenice Castro
Elenice Castro 2 months ago


Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy 2 months ago

Wow.. very impressive. Well done 🇮🇪

glennys Tt
glennys Tt 2 months ago

for me it's #14.19
Thanks heaps and heaps for sharing
This is a BEAUTIFUL album of Elvis.
Appreciate your sharing

john dicapua
john dicapua 2 months ago


Darlah Kelley
Darlah Kelley 2 months ago

L❤ve Y❤u Elvis F❤rever