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Information Christmas Dinner For The Queen Is Literally A Military Operation | The Royal Story | Yahoo Style UK

Title : Christmas Dinner For The Queen Is Literally A Military Operation | The Royal Story | Yahoo Style UK

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Frames Christmas Dinner For The Queen Is Literally A Military Operation | The Royal Story | Yahoo Style UK

Description Christmas Dinner For The Queen Is Literally A Military Operation | The Royal Story | Yahoo Style UK

Christmas Dinner For The Queen Is Literally A Military Operation | The Royal Story | Yahoo Style UK

Christmas Dinner For The Queen Is Literally A Military Operation | The Royal Story | Yahoo Style UK

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Yahoo UK 2 months ago

What is your favourite part of Christmas dinner? Comment below!

Kathy Sharpe
Kathy Sharpe 2 months ago

Archie? Are you kidding

Anonymous 2 months ago

Aww Diana was alone in Christmas because she wanted people to spend time with their families and not her , rest in heaven queen

Eight Fifty 2
Eight Fifty 2 2 months ago

1:49 pigs head legit looks like a slipknot mask lol.

Willow Cat
Willow Cat 2 months ago

Chef Grady sounds like he is from Liverpool. And as if he eats all the pies 😁😉

Kris Fujimoto
Kris Fujimoto 2 months ago

Very cool!

Mukuni Mulundika
Mukuni Mulundika 2 months ago

"And there was the Princess on her own on Christmas day..."
So sad, so so sad. The most famous, beautiful woman in the world. Living a solitary existence.
And you wonder why Harry had anxiety once he got married and said we can't do this, bye.

Sagisli 2 months ago

It seems Diana chose to be alone on Christmas. She had her sisters and brother, I have no doubt she would have been welcomed in their homes for Christmas.

Cindy Goodwin
Cindy Goodwin 2 months ago

What the he'll. There boys and would love playing

AsianPapita 2 months ago

Christmas dinner for dogs? Fucking disgusting. These royals should be slapped

Pradeep Dwivedi
Pradeep Dwivedi 2 months ago


mollyoneye 2 months ago

Making it for my new family and watching them all eat it priceless

CaRlOs MaZaBa
CaRlOs MaZaBa 2 months ago

the young host is very very handsome

44 annetta hunte.
44 annetta hunte. 2 months ago

Monday 25january 2021

deepali b
deepali b 2 months ago

How difficult it must be.. To call it a military operation!😲

jamesmarshall1967 2 months ago

You think a chef who worked for her would use Diana’s correct title and not the unofficial title given to her by worlds media that’s irrelevant as she was NEVER granted right to be called princess Diana

D D 2 months ago


Lonely Grape
Lonely Grape 2 months ago

Your food looks so good you have
A great talent you should be famous

Beach Girrl
Beach Girrl 2 months ago

The British people struggle to pay their mortgages, rent and put food on the table. Then they get the “privilege” to view the Royals lavish ceremonies, from behind iron gates, while standing in the rain - all the while, chanting “God Save the Queen” as she drives by in a £6 MILLION Carriage. A carriage that the British people paid for, that they’ll never get to ride in. Then the British people buy souvenirs and Royal junk, with the little money they have left over, after they’ve paid taxes, to fill the Royal pockets even further... and they’re happy to do it. 🤔

Samiul 2 months ago

God save the Queen!

Rosalind Walters
Rosalind Walters 2 months ago

It's about time we got rid of these over privileged scroungers

Noddy tiddlywinks
Noddy tiddlywinks 2 months ago

while self elected.pedo's,murderers,racist,obscenely wealthy in their own right n still taking from the public purse( AND NO the royal family do not bring in more money through tourism) 100.000s live n die on our streets FUC THE UNWANTED ROYALS

Jim Beck
Jim Beck 2 months ago

Royal waste of money

An Mae
An Mae 2 months ago

This is FULL STUPIDITY . . .

Aqua Juwel
Aqua Juwel 2 months ago

I wonder if the royal family gets shit faced on Christmas and argue like everyone else...

jixuscrixus1967 2 months ago

Diana was better off on her own, she wasn’t welcome in this vipers nest of a family, the only thing they’re interested in (asides from horses and having a jolly good time doing nothing much) is self preservation and the line of succession.

jixuscrixus1967 2 months ago

And Marcus Rashford has to campaign and embarrass her majesty’s government into support for school meals for tens of thousands of underprivileged children.

Sakib Sulaiman
Sakib Sulaiman 2 months ago

Charles drunk at 1:35

Laurent Beaulieu
Laurent Beaulieu 2 months ago

Archie had hot dogs for Xmas this year and french fries in California

Kim MacRae
Kim MacRae 2 months ago

OMG Chef, you never give this low life scobie any information as he will use it against the Royal Family.

Anaclet Williams
Anaclet Williams 2 months ago

I so much love Our Majesty the Queen! She does a great job for the Nation and we are all so proud of her.

Jo Morgan
Jo Morgan 2 months ago

Would love to know what was on the dog's menu.

John vanlorry
John vanlorry 2 months ago

I think the interviewer has had a little bit too much plastic surgery and botox? what a mess!

Marg Pottage
Marg Pottage 2 months ago

As they say WHAT A WASTE!!!!!

Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hughes 2 months ago

Army used as cheap labour.

Helen Boula
Helen Boula 2 months ago

No disrespect but I don't think that I would care for any of the Queen's Christine everything she might have on her menu and especially since I love garlic and she hates it. I can just about imagine all of the wild meats that they catch especially during the holidays no thank you no thank you.

John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago

Yah and her ex military are on the streets eating very little,merry Xmas “ not”

Anna Hanu
Anna Hanu 2 months ago

Cosseted undeserving assholes all of them. Who picks up the royal corgis shit after they dump their sumptuous meal.

Karl Delavigne
Karl Delavigne 2 months ago

How marvellous that the chefs still use copper pans from the reign of George IV, i.e. the 1820s. Looked after and re-tinned, they can be passed down from generation to generation.

Code_with_Me 2 months ago

All this for one family. It’s literally a shame and a waste.

Antonel '
Antonel ' 2 months ago


Betty Boos' Sister
Betty Boos' Sister 2 months ago

And then there are people starving in the UK...😏😏😏

Ellejay Smith
Ellejay Smith 2 months ago

Is the English tax payer paying for this opulence?

Vincit Veritas
Vincit Veritas 2 months ago

Army Lorries please it's UK not USA.

linjubar 2 months ago

What a privileged life, and they lecture us on how to live. They couldn’t survive the life of an ordinary person. It’s decadent to have so many to serve you.

Robert Walsh
Robert Walsh 2 months ago

Hate the queen.... she is a public sponge

Massabielle 2 months ago

While I was looking forward to the actual subject of this video, the only thing that froze in my brain was his comment that Diana was all alone, on Christmas Day, going into the refrigerator, to have a meal, while she sacrificed being with her children on Christmas Day, in order for them to be with the RF, as it was their heritage. Always taking the high road for her children, even at her own sacrifice.

I wonder if Chuckles ever thought about insisting that the boys be with their mother on Christmas Day? No of course not, bc that sod couldn’t treat his wife lovingly when they were married, so why change after they’re divorced?

I wonder if he would have EVER treated that trollop Camilla like this? Ohhhh, that’s right, he never did, actually he wanted to be her tampon........

Pat Tilley
Pat Tilley 2 months ago

Why not just cook the Christmas dinner at Sandringham.

Sy Harty
Sy Harty 2 months ago

What a waste of money.

Amit Trivedi
Amit Trivedi 2 months ago

All at the taxpayers expense

mightytaiger 2 months ago

I shit on the queen.

Venge 2 months ago

Obscene the way one family are treated when so many are starving on this planet

Armann Taan
Armann Taan 2 months ago

What a dirty life! Considering yourself a distinct superior blood! This is racism and you need to wake up.

Anne Don
Anne Don 2 months ago

Colossal waste of tax payers money and the military. So wasteful!

Aarya Purii
Aarya Purii 2 months ago

In short this old hag can be fatal

whoa horsey whoa
whoa horsey whoa 2 months ago

it this kind of shit that makes me feel very unsympathetic to their problems ! screw em ! peeled carrots for the damned horse ??? and by the way she is depriving the horse of good fiber by peeling them !

Maaike R
Maaike R 2 months ago

Yeah scoobie doo doing this doesn't inspire much trust in the accuracy of the topic. Not watching it.

I love Animals
I love Animals 2 months ago

Scooby Doo......NO THANK YOU!

Violet Silver
Violet Silver 2 months ago

The women had fruit whilst the men had a full english breakfast?? Sod that, I'd want the full english!

Irish forever
Irish forever 2 months ago

bunch of cunts the lot of them...not the chefs ,normal hard working people i mean the cunts they are cookin for...

Bobby Da Zlerr
Bobby Da Zlerr 2 months ago

Archie? Pfffffffft!

Katerina Kemp
Katerina Kemp 2 months ago

You needed to feed Kate up she's keeps looking thinner everytime I view blogs.

Jade Bell
Jade Bell 2 months ago

My favorite chef right there.. not the interviewer Scooby-Doo so much tho.... I’ve seen other interviewers interview my favorite chef and do so much better than this one did. Imho

anastasia46 2 months ago

oh please. Diana was not all alone on Christmas unless she wanted to be. She had sisters and a brother and other family members. if she was alone, it was her choice. she probably spent her christmas with some boyfriend she was seeing on the sly.

MommaS 2 months ago

Listening to omit scabies is too annoying

EdensSecret1 2 months ago

Lol the horses eat peeled carrots

Jim W
Jim W 2 months ago

If it's cheap and irrelevant, it's Yahoo.

Norma Southwood
Norma Southwood 2 months ago

I think this chef should not be talking like this...he is disrespectful and only out to make money. Shame on him.

Pink Lady
Pink Lady 2 months ago

Peeling carrots for queen's horses. A menu for corgis . Unbelievable.

seerpou 2 months ago

the queen's corgis eat better than people in britain......... ABOLISH THE MONARCHY

seerpou 2 months ago

god i couldn't imagine working for those awful arrogant self-entitled inbreds. also, let it sink in that the taxpayer pays for the royal family's private chefs and decadent meals

Dana W
Dana W 2 months ago

Henry and William ✍️ were spoiled ✍️ brats. ✍️ Noted.

emiliana hadad
emiliana hadad 2 months ago

Sad to think that one of the most loved princesses would unselfishly give up her xmas with her children and be alone so they could be with the queen

jelly 2 months ago

I can’t believe him and his friend were actually planning on soaking the princes with water guns 😂😂

problematic princess
problematic princess 2 months ago

Everything the queen eats looks so boring and bland to me 🤮🤢

linkingaj 2 months ago

All for a pagan ritual.

Barbara S
Barbara S 2 months ago

Omid Scoobie is NOT somebody I want to watch. Unsubscribing.

Mac Bolan
Mac Bolan 2 months ago

Hurray! Two real men who are not afraid to say "Merry Christmas."

coashddjj2 2 months ago

I would dearly love to be at Sandringham at Christmas. I love how traditional the Royal Christmases are and I love the English Christmas weather.

Valerie Vassallo
Valerie Vassallo 2 months ago

His so funny🥰

Tony1 Kenobi
Tony1 Kenobi 2 months ago

Absolutely Vile
I pay taxes for this

Helen Hollis
Helen Hollis 2 months ago

My favorite part is watching everyone eat

Sandy Manning
Sandy Manning 2 months ago

I enjoy listening to Chef McGrady.....but, Omid....not at all.

rhymeandreasoning 2 months ago

The Queen is spoiled !!

candy dane
candy dane 2 months ago

How sad that Diana was alone on xmas day

maximus freeman
maximus freeman 2 months ago

Loved princess Diana

ParadiseVids 2 months ago

Exquisite to watch. I love the Royal Chef. I love hearing about the Royal Family. 💖 (I have no idea why Omid Scobbie got the scoop but otherwise, very fun!) I love the memories of Princess Diana! 👑

oldie oner
oldie oner 2 months ago

I wonder what the poor people are doing. 🤔

Sonia Downey
Sonia Downey 2 months ago

Sad to think that one of the most loved princesses would unselfishly give up her xmas with her children and be alone so they could be with the queen

girl1213 2 months ago

A little history lesson: The army being in charge of the safety and transport of the cooking harpers back to ancient fears of being assassinated by poisoning. There were so many poisoning attempts on the Royal Family over the centuries, it's no wonder they treat the making of the Christmas Dinner as a military operation since Christmas was prime time for such attempts. This is why the job of the Royal Taste Tester phased out.
On a brighter note: Darren realizing he's actually making meals for the Queen's horse and dogs. Yes, the animals are part of the Royal Family too.

Rhoda Dapaah
Rhoda Dapaah 2 months ago

“Queen horse 🐎 “😂👌

Lilly Blue
Lilly Blue 2 months ago

It's incredible how there are millions of people dying of hunger while the royals don't know how else to entertain themselves in the excessive and unnecessary luxury.

Lindsey Mott
Lindsey Mott 2 months ago

Love listening to Chef talk...

Lindsey Mott
Lindsey Mott 2 months ago

Ugh Omid Scobbie is everywhere...

Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 2 months ago