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Linda Beebe
Linda Beebe 2 months ago

I don’t understand the alarm in every video. What’s up with that??

Sandy Austing
Sandy Austing 2 months ago

Love watching all your old video's

Donna Ward
Donna Ward 2 months ago

I SO LOVE this idea! Thank you for sharing.

Danielle'z Corner
Danielle'z Corner 2 months ago

The awl joke was funny. I said it in my head seconds before you did. You're so comical.

Theresa W
Theresa W 2 months ago

Love this idea

Sheryl Buesch
Sheryl Buesch 2 months ago

Cute idea!! ✌

Jude 2 months ago

Great idea!

Doreen Ducharme
Doreen Ducharme 2 months ago

I was wondering what to do with my Xmas cards. So I'm super happy that I found you on YouTube. Thanks

Sylvia Hodgson
Sylvia Hodgson 2 months ago

Great idea. I likie 😜

Jana - The Crafty Realtor

This is a cute idea. You could do one each year and fill it with pics and notes of that Christmas season.

Joyce Hill
Joyce Hill 2 months ago

Love your idea! TFS...

Pat Henley
Pat Henley 2 months ago

what size is the other envelope in your first one ? thanks

craftygrandma56 2 months ago

I've been watching many journal how to videos and this is one of the better ones. I find the older videos are the best. If you see this, I was wondering what the purpose of the envelope in the middle is for....haven't seen any videos doing that....and I have a solution for your needle - there are dental floss for braces which looks like a needle but is very flexible. Look for it at the pharmacy where they sell floss. Love the little book idea with the christmas card....TFS

Susan Franklin
Susan Franklin 2 months ago

I have thought about how I could reuse my cards for a long time. Watching this video gave me just the idea I need. Also, I have watched a lot of card making, journal making videos but this is the best one I have seen so far. You made it look so simple. I appreciate how you explained every single step. Thanks so much!

Anita Williams
Anita Williams 2 months ago

I had to clean out my mom and dads house 2 years ago after they had lived there over 70 years. anyway they saved every single card they ever got. i didn't k own what to do with them. Now I do. Thanks for sharing .

angela tiglio
angela tiglio 2 months ago

Very cool! I just started this whole junk journaling thingy. I really like the projects that call to reuse and recycle. such a great idea!!

C's Vintage Gifts & More

Can u show a little closer exactly how u did your little homemade needle? ;)

Bonnie Nevills
Bonnie Nevills 2 months ago

Great idea thanks

Andy Readman
Andy Readman 2 months ago

what a clever idea tfs

Angry Cat Crafts
Angry Cat Crafts 2 months ago

what a cute idea, I can't wait to try this. thanks for sharing! Nikki

Leslie Speers
Leslie Speers 2 months ago

Super cute! I made something similar at Halloween for a friend, more of a little junk journal thing. But the xmas ones are at the top of the list for 2016. New Subbie here, Happy New Year! ~ L

Patricia Champion
Patricia Champion 2 months ago

Very creative. tfs

Inki’N In The Dragonfly Den

I want Christmas cards. Yup I'm hitting the store the day after Christmas to find me a bunch of pretty cards to use for this. I actually got two Christmas cards this year. Hmm not sure why, I sent cards out, course I made mine, lol. Cute idea love to try this.

Lexy Hartzell
Lexy Hartzell 2 months ago

wow what a super cute idea genius way to re purpose cards love this idea and never thought to reuse them by just covering up the writing with paper hehe feel dumb hehe thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!!!

mynotecards 2 months ago

WOW!....wonderful idea. Now you got my creative juices flowing. Can't wait for the holiday season to end so I can get back to making my stuff. I will try this idea. Thanks!

Crafts4Me2 2 months ago

What a great idea! I enjoy your video's (and have recently subscribed). Happy holidays - Terrie

NanetteSuzyQ 2 months ago

Cute idea! Thanks for sharing all your creations! Merry Christmas! 🐩

Beverly Stout
Beverly Stout 2 months ago

What a great idea! TFS!!

Shannon Green
Shannon Green 2 months ago


BettsyDoodle 2 months ago

Love this idea! Thank you. Merry Christmas. Hugs, Dee xx

BraveBlueRaven Art and Craft

Very nice little notebook Stacy! Nice idea too! Hey that's great, I make needles out of wire too! tfs Hugs, Ginny :o)

MR.VICTOR CRAFTER 2 months ago


Marianela_1976 2 months ago


Paulina M.M
Paulina M.M 2 months ago

Excelente idea!! Gracias por compartirla! Hugs from Spain 💖

Paulina M.M
Paulina M.M 2 months ago

Excelente idea!! Gracias por compartirla! Hugs from Spain 💖

Althea Van Pay
Althea Van Pay 2 months ago

I got my Sparkle Mod Podge by mistake, but I love.

KC Designs
KC Designs 2 months ago

they have some needles I found at Walmart called doll needles. they're in the sewing section, but I find them easier to do everything with, specially flowers. they'd work perfectly for you!!

Leslie's Creative Studio

I just knew I had been saving all those cards (not only christmas cards lol) for a reason!! I need to start a bedside journal, because I wake up thinking "hey this would be cool to do" and then I forget haha!! Lets blame it on the menopause lol!! Great way to repurpose any type of card!! Time for me to fire up my video cam and get to posting!! Oh, and sending you an email that will make you smile!! Check you inbox!!

Angela Perkins
Angela Perkins 2 months ago

I made the same thing but with some vintage cards from an estate sale.A spin on December daily's I call them. Yours are great !

ricalarena 2 months ago

You are too funny, "I do believe in Fairies", " I do believe in Fairies"..... I love all your vids, great tips and awesome projects definitely an awesome idea for my sons goodie bags for next year.. Im going back too finish watching your part 2 of the filter tree. TFS, xx Michelle