DOLLAR TREE CHRISTMAS TREES | Make Dollar Tree Mini Trees Look Good 2018


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Information DOLLAR TREE CHRISTMAS TREES | Make Dollar Tree Mini Trees Look Good 2018

Title : DOLLAR TREE CHRISTMAS TREES | Make Dollar Tree Mini Trees Look Good 2018

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Frames DOLLAR TREE CHRISTMAS TREES | Make Dollar Tree Mini Trees Look Good 2018

Description DOLLAR TREE CHRISTMAS TREES | Make Dollar Tree Mini Trees Look Good 2018

DOLLAR TREE CHRISTMAS TREES | Make Dollar Tree Mini Trees Look Good 2018

DOLLAR TREE CHRISTMAS TREES | Make Dollar Tree Mini Trees Look Good 2018

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Erica Terry DIY
Erica Terry DIY 2 months ago

Are you guys doing any decorating this weekend?

Sandy Says
Sandy Says 2 months ago

This is great! I would look awesome if you filled the basket with ornament or plastics balls too!

Bronte's Life
Bronte's Life 2 months ago

I literally had no clue that I could find those trees for a dollar!!!! These are so cute!!! The baskets make it look so great. Thank you for sharing. I just subbed 💕 fellow mama youtuber with a new channel 😬🙈

Polished Professional

Would have never thought to use multiple trees together as you did. They look AWESOME. Totally agree, love the “less is more” with just the lights and scarf.

Verena travels solo
Verena travels solo 2 months ago

You have such wonderful taste!

Idiot Of The Day
Idiot Of The Day 2 months ago

Great channel & video. Coming over via Ashly Britton's channel. Support your channel for sure. Have a great day!

Crystal's Heart and Home

I love the look of these trees!!😍😍 those apple baskets are perfect for holding the trees !! I really like the simple look 👍

Orion Star
Orion Star 2 months ago

Omg im late i wonder if i can find those trees still. Its super cute ❤👍

JulieMarie 2 months ago

Love what you did with these trees!! I have been doing a ton of decorating. Almost done so I can do my home tour!

Jade Kimberlie
Jade Kimberlie 2 months ago

I really loved what you done with the trees!
So simple yet so pretty!! New subscriber 😘

Mommy_Life 2 months ago

The look so cute in the apple baskets. Another tip, you can also add the individual branches sold at Dollar Tree to make them look fuller. Thank you

Home Clean Home
Home Clean Home 2 months ago

How cute I love that you put them in the Apple baskets. So simple but it looks pretty I keep trying to find these little trees but still no luck

Bryant Bunch
Bryant Bunch 2 months ago

This is such a cute idea!!

Kerry Voutan
Kerry Voutan 2 months ago

Love the idea, I'm doing a video for a 2 1/2 to 3" trees from those mini trees. New subscriber

Kristen Leah
Kristen Leah 2 months ago

You are stunning!! Love this!

pikss tv
pikss tv 2 months ago

51 like

sumie kayz
sumie kayz 2 months ago

Hey friend i have just discovered your channel i wish we keep in touch always

Jordans Life
Jordans Life 2 months ago

These are so cute!! I think I’m gonna have to do something like that at my house!

Ashley Cason
Ashley Cason 2 months ago

I think these look great! I love decorating for the holidays

Loveleigh Life
Loveleigh Life 2 months ago

Great idea! Love it.

Hapa Family
Hapa Family 2 months ago

What a cute idea! Looks lovely! 😊

Coffee With My Sunshine

Those are so cute!

Lauren Danielle
Lauren Danielle 2 months ago

I told myself next year I’m buying new ornaments , this video was so helpful.

Cara Jane
Cara Jane 2 months ago

That is sooo creative and can't believe how inexpensive it is!! Love the buffalo plaid! That adds so much! ;)

Hayes and Karah
Hayes and Karah 2 months ago

So so cute. You’re amazing!

Mom Life
Mom Life 2 months ago

What a great idea! They came out so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

April Lauren
April Lauren 2 months ago

Aww, I loved this lady!! I got three of these trees this year, haha. (But I am sending one to my husband.) I also bought these little tin things with rope accent and glued the ones I am keeping here into them. :) I loved your basket idea though!! So so cute. Oh and I Love your sweater lady!

Bless this mess with Britt

Love this idea I’ve been wanting to do a project with the dollar tree trees 💕


390 takipçi başarılar dilerim likeeeeee çok güzel 🛎🛎🛎💝🙏🙏🙏🙏🛎🛎🛎

Jennifer's Kreations
Jennifer's Kreations 2 months ago

I purchased one of those trees. I had planned to put it in my little red truck, but this looks so adorable! Thank you so much for sharing. I liked , subscribed, added this video to my playlist and tweeted you out!

Markie and Blair
Markie and Blair 2 months ago

Sooo cute!!!! I have 3 of these trees, and have been wondering what I was going to do with them!! Thanks!

Homestead Homemaker
Homestead Homemaker 2 months ago

So sad my dollar tree didn't have these. :( May have to try again after re-stocking day. Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca Telfer
Rebecca Telfer 2 months ago

New to your channel! Love your content so we will be supporting your channel in the future! Hope you can visit my channel and support us back ❤️

Teacher Inspiration Station

Oh my goodness! I love this!! I'm hosting a Christmas party and this would look so cute...I know exactly where to put it. Thank you! Did you get those baskets at the dollar store too? Thanks for sharing. I actually plan on making some DIY Christmas videos on my channel too... I'm feeling inspired. Haha! Fun subscriber here! 😀👍🏾

LifeWithLowee 2 months ago

They turned out cute! I love the black and white ribbon.

itslinslife moved to new itslinslife

Thats a cute idea. Looks cool😍

Jules Craft Room Life

Great idea thanks for upgrading the £1 trees. I think i've 2 or 3 in my loft from when the kids were younger and they had them in their bedrooms lol, so I'm going to dig them out and see if I can do something special with them as a group :)

Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova 2 months ago

Thats such a great idea 😀 and ur jumper 😻 i love it lol

Lacey Gomez
Lacey Gomez 2 months ago

Cute idea. I love the scarf as a nice touch.

Dara Rael
Dara Rael 2 months ago

I feel like I am commenting on your sweaters in every video!! So cute!
I did my decorating today! Much later than usual!
I love the simple look you went with!! Turned out great!

Anna Oleary
Anna Oleary 2 months ago

I love them! I just bought two today! Great idea! I should have bought a scarf!

Simply Jenn
Simply Jenn 2 months ago

You did great with those trees..tfs

Heathermade Home
Heathermade Home 2 months ago

Super cute! This gave me an idea for something to do in my kids' rooms!

The Farmer and The Southern Belle

This is adorable!! Great idea!! 😍🎄😍

Vanga Rusikalam
Vanga Rusikalam 2 months ago

Nice video.. get ready for Xmas,Thanks for sharing, 👍💟😍

Grace For Living
Grace For Living 2 months ago

Beautiful decorations dear👏👏👏thanks for sharing your, 💕💕💕

NANNA COOKS 2 months ago

very good idea !

Skarleth Peralta
Skarleth Peralta 2 months ago

I have one of those! I love it

Hey It's Dom!
Hey It's Dom! 2 months ago

I love your rattan chair! <3

Ean and Sean
Ean and Sean 2 months ago

They look beautiful! I got my real xmas tree today! So excited!
I left a big like, watched in full and subscribed! ❤️

BLESSED MAMA V 2 months ago

So cute ! Love this

Home with Mrs. Colunga

The three of them look much better than just one alone and without the stands sticking out you made them look much more expensive. I liked how you used the baskets and checked scarf to make them look homie thank you for sharing 😊

BeautyFab 2 months ago

Cute & affordable decor ✨🙂👍🏼🎥

universe7one 2 months ago

very beautiful Christmas trees

Healthy रसोई
Healthy रसोई 2 months ago

WOW Such a lovely content... thanks for sharing, friend370 from India...Keep Growing...God Bless

In My Right Mind
In My Right Mind 2 months ago

I love them! I love the Charlie Brown looking trees!!!

A Country Girls Attic

They look beautiful!!!!! They went from Charlie Brown to just lovely!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kristin Marie
Kristin Marie 2 months ago

Adorable 💕👍🏼

Jessie At Home
Jessie At Home 2 months ago

cute little diy idea!

Loullabelle 2 months ago

Wow, cant believe these are just a dollar! They look beautiful how you've decorated them! Love the scarf idea!!

rondakellee 2 months ago

I never thought to group them together like that. Great idea. Looks really pretty

The Bush Squad Vlogs
The Bush Squad Vlogs 2 months ago

Awesome idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Grazel santos
Grazel santos 2 months ago


Blessing Kc Ndeka
Blessing Kc Ndeka 2 months ago

Wow... Its beautiful. Thanks for sharing

Mom Likely!
Mom Likely! 2 months ago

Very cute!! I have a few of these this year. I need a basket or bucket. Love how they look with the stand covered. 💖

Max It Up with Marta
Max It Up with Marta 2 months ago

Hi Erica, I just bought a tiny tree with little lights on it. What a coincidence that I came across your video. I just subscribed to your channel, I hope you come visit mine too.

Mystee Jay
Mystee Jay 2 months ago

I think your channel is going to grow like crazy. You have such great ideas every video.

Jazzmyn Rogers
Jazzmyn Rogers 2 months ago

Great video girl I need to go get one for my kids room 🙂

Susy B.
Susy B. 2 months ago

Super cute and easy! 💗

Okie Mom Life
Okie Mom Life 2 months ago

So cute! I grabbed two white ones this year! Thanks so much for sharing

The Five Aces Family
The Five Aces Family 2 months ago

These are really nice, they don’t even look from the dollar store 🤗

Clean Create & Inspire

Super cute on a shoestring budget!

Miranda Merchant
Miranda Merchant 2 months ago

I really like the idea to use multiple trees, it looks really pretty ☺️

BlondieNextDoor 2 months ago

Cool idea! I might do something similar for my front porch!

Jess Sharkey
Jess Sharkey 2 months ago

Great job !!!! Awesome idea !

Jackie McManus
Jackie McManus 2 months ago

What a great deal!!!!!

Jackie in the Box
Jackie in the Box 2 months ago

Never thought about grouping a bunch if the trees together. Neat idea!

LaShea Olsen
LaShea Olsen 2 months ago

Great video babe. Defiantly enjoyed this😘