How A Christmas Carol Perfectly Demonstrates Five-Act Structure


Lessons from the Screenplay

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Information How A Christmas Carol Perfectly Demonstrates Five-Act Structure

Title : How A Christmas Carol Perfectly Demonstrates Five-Act Structure

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Frames How A Christmas Carol Perfectly Demonstrates Five-Act Structure

Description How A Christmas Carol Perfectly Demonstrates Five-Act Structure

How A Christmas Carol Perfectly Demonstrates Five-Act Structure

How A Christmas Carol Perfectly Demonstrates Five-Act Structure

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Lessons from the Screenplay

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ivana 2 months ago

The best Christmas Carol is Barbie Christmas Carol

EL Barto 666
EL Barto 666 2 months ago


Estrella Casias
Estrella Casias 2 months ago

No story ever makes me cry as much as this one ever version of it whether live action or mr magoo or Muppet I cry till my eyes and face are swollen

The Real Charlemagne
The Real Charlemagne 2 months ago

I never seen the Patrick Stewart version.
But it would be hard to top George C. Scott, he was a natural Scrooge.

tuamigajordana 2 months ago

This story always makes me cry. Im crying right now.

elrath j
elrath j 2 months ago

Real question- why is the algorithm not telling your subscribers about your new video?
I am willing to bet that your alerted-to-views conversion rate better than more than the 5% subs to views ratio has had.

Dillon Ohlemiller
Dillon Ohlemiller 2 months ago

The Christmas season doesn’t start until I watch The Muppet Christmas Carol

Alori White
Alori White 2 months ago

Finally talking about a good movie

Alicia Kim
Alicia Kim 2 months ago

Wtf thats michael caine

Alina Friel
Alina Friel 2 months ago

Can you analyze more TV shows? I'd love to see your breakdown of Better Call Saul!


This coment is written from Wall Street.
I would rate the offence caused by this video as 5/5. High Five!

JayIsCereb 2 months ago

Hey, I just watch "the white tiger" on Netflix. I wonder if you could make a video about that soon.

Mate 2 months ago

I just had a school subject about this, Michael, you saved me with this very well explained video, thank you! keep up the great videos.

Also I want to make a video suggestion about Tenet and what you think about it :)

LadyBugGoneForeign 2 months ago

Can you please please please do a video about the humor and intelligence in A Philadelphia Story????? Thank you!

Nicholas Jullian A. De Leon

Can you teach us how Spongebob is so funny, please.

Eric Richter
Eric Richter 2 months ago

Would love to see a breakdown of character development in Pleasantville! Love your work!

K Brizee
K Brizee 2 months ago

Hello! I would love for you to do an analysis of the movie "The Lie".

trevor hill
trevor hill 2 months ago

How pleasantly surprised to see your face!

TheVioletHole 2 months ago

You should definitely do I’m thinking of ending things! That’s a very weird but great movie

Pedro Amaral
Pedro Amaral 2 months ago

Would love to see an analysis on Dirk Gently's first season compared to the second.
The exposition scenes in the first season were so horrible they deserve a case study.

Priyanka kuckian
Priyanka kuckian 2 months ago

Heyy, do The Farewell next. I think analysing collectivism vs individualism would interest you while answering the question, “Is The Farewell an American movie?”

Daniel Apaza
Daniel Apaza 2 months ago

You got me emotional even a month after christmas

Kati Lichi
Kati Lichi 2 months ago

Please make more videos...we miss you.

Arath R.
Arath R. 2 months ago

Lessons from the screenplay, i know you don't do anime. And I don't know if your even interested in that or not. But even for yourself personally I highly recommend watching or reading Attack on Titan. It is a modern epic. The storytelling in this series is mindblowing. It has become a classic, it is one of the highest rated series on IMDB and has the first and second place of highest watched episode of all time as well.

Ahmad Omed Visuals
Ahmad Omed Visuals 2 months ago

Breakdown TENET Please.

T Guyette
T Guyette 2 months ago

I grew up watching the colorized Alistair Sim version. Love it.

Michael S
Michael S 2 months ago

Please do Portrait of a lady on fire, BTSP or LFTSP. Thanks

Leigh-An Johnson
Leigh-An Johnson 2 months ago

This was beautifully done. Thank you

그냥 Arin Kang
그냥 Arin Kang 2 months ago

I noticed you mention a lot of books on your channel and it'd be interesting if you made a video or list of your personal recommendations! Thank you for another amazing video :)
edit: just realized you already have one!

Anatoly Pan
Anatoly Pan 2 months ago

Why did you stop making Russian subtitles? (and other languages)

Charlotte Cook
Charlotte Cook 2 months ago

similar to your ‘last of us’video can you please do an analysis of storytelling in red dead redemption 2. The story is so brilliant, captivating and sad. It would be a brilliant watch. Much love❤️

Frederatormusic 2 months ago

No love for the Jim Carrey cinematic masterpiece I see

Ana Cláudia Garcia
Ana Cláudia Garcia 2 months ago

I cried at 7:30 Merry Christmas to you all guys

Arkylie 2 months ago

Revert and die, or change and live -- this makes me want you to go over Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" series (graphic novels), wherein the character fundamentally rejects change, to the point of death. He's largely a positive character, but when it comes down to it, he feels incapable of altering his fundamental nature sufficiently to survive; it's a fascinating yet heart-rending journey. (Also quite gruesome and gory at times, and not for the faint of heart. Plus, it's a bit old and has some elements that are, mmm, less than savory, and a product of their time?)

Elif Tan
Elif Tan 2 months ago

You should make one for The Handmaid's Tale!

Lara Lebeu
Lara Lebeu 2 months ago

Hey Michael, please have a look at "Soul" (2020).

Szymon Sekula
Szymon Sekula 2 months ago

Christmas Carol is simular to A Clockwork Orange

John Morgan
John Morgan 2 months ago

Great work as always!

Cat Sole
Cat Sole 2 months ago

"Tiny Tim is such a cheat character" hahaha YEP (was thinking about that line from the podcast all through this video)

I am Groot
I am Groot 2 months ago

Anyone like me, eagerly waiting for his view on "Structure of TENET"..?

unchartedrocks1 2 months ago

Wait is the main character Arthur Schopenhauer? 😁

Shy Blue Hope
Shy Blue Hope 2 months ago

Merry Christmas everyone!

AxelQC 2 months ago

TL:DR: Dickens was a good writer.

KarmaTheNightOwl 2 months ago

Funny enough how you brought up footage from the Richard Williams version because I just finished watching that one! 😊 Anyway, great breakdown analysis here, and I'm glad you showed the George C. Scott version too-one of my favorite adaptations

Noah Strausser
Noah Strausser 2 months ago

I cannot overstate how happy it makes me to see all the Muppets Christmas Carol love! My favorite movie of all time. I will need to check out these other versions, though. Love how you devoted each act to a different film.

渚シロ 2 months ago

Okay but why are you outside without a mask?

ZN 2 months ago

Guess I musta missed that TNG episode. Holodeck Christmas Carol in Baltimore (you know, because McNulty).

TheNoodleMan69 2 months ago

Anyone know where I can find that ending song, the Christmas song beat?

Joshua Bauer
Joshua Bauer 2 months ago

Wiped some unexpected tears away as I finished this... something about the power of Dickens and the redemptive arc of this narrative just touches my spirit in a completely unique way. A great video essay like this doesn’t just tell us something new about our favorite stories — it reminds us why we love those stories in the first place, and deepens our adoration for them even more.

Szymon Wolnicki
Szymon Wolnicki 2 months ago

Eeee... I though it will be about muppets.

FabulousKilljoy917 2 months ago

This is my FAVORITE movie❤️so thank you for covering it, because it’s great

Carfalog 2 months ago

I’ve been waiting since my childhood for someone to give the Muppets Christmas Carol some recognition!

cecilia franco
cecilia franco 2 months ago

Happy holidays. health for you and your loved ones

Unclear Sector
Unclear Sector 2 months ago

Great vid, but I can't believe you didn't show the Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey. Fuckin best one frfr

timrob12 2 months ago

This story can be told over and over and remains good.

Too bad there wasn't any footage from Mickey's Christmas Carol, because it was another great adaptation and Scrooge McDuck fits the role perfectly.

weesh 2 months ago

this is a weaker video than normal
each time you bring us back to the image of the 5-act structure, your teaching focus is "christmas carol", not the 5- act structure. you keep reminding us about the main story beats, not the principles of 5-acts. you do tell the principles of the 5-acts, but these need to be the things you keep reminding us about.
the lessons should be "here's how 5 acts work" not "here's how christmas carol works"

Leon Velazquez
Leon Velazquez 2 months ago

Thanks for the Muppet Christmas Carol recommendation! I had no idea that movie existed and is now one of my favorites!

Jesse Hollister
Jesse Hollister 2 months ago

Um, Scrooged??

Emma 2 months ago

Great video, as always :)

171QA 2 months ago

God bless us, everyone!

Bruno Fettucini
Bruno Fettucini 2 months ago

This was excellent, thank you so much for another quality video!

Joe Breakwell
Joe Breakwell 2 months ago

6:06 never thought I'd be seeing Simon's mum here

M3n747 2 months ago

That's a very non-December weather you have there!

dnightwalker 2 months ago

Never thought about it, but now that doo think about it... why the hell does Scrooge care about what other people think of him? He doesn't seem like the type of guy that would care about it. And why the hell would he care about Tiny Tim?!

The Story Blueprint
The Story Blueprint 2 months ago

Using a different version of the story for each act was genius, great video

dogmiagy 2 months ago

Amazing as always!!
Thanks! Luv from Portugal 🇵🇹

CyberEdZ 2 months ago

Oh, Michael, I do so love LFTS - but it was a goose, not a turkey!

Siddiq Smouse
Siddiq Smouse 2 months ago

Tiny Tim? More like Tiny Angel!! I love him 😭😭

Nosferatu 2 months ago

Error in the first fifteen seconds, Scrooge is visited by FOUR ghosts

Markus Wernig
Markus Wernig 2 months ago

The best version of A Christmas Carol is Scrooged with Bill Murray

Adi kravets
Adi kravets 2 months ago

I think you should of just focused on one of the adaptations cause at the end of the day it all the same. Moving from movie to movie at least for me changed the feeling.
I know people will disagree

Fancy 2 months ago

Favorite Christmas movie. Favorite Muppet movie.

JMarchel 2 months ago

Comment for algorithm gods

The 0ther Syde
The 0ther Syde 2 months ago

Patrick Stewart favourite faithful adaptation. Muppets version best introduction for kids

Senrab3123 2 months ago

Everyone always skips the Albert Finney musical "Scrooge" and I'm beginning to take that as a personal insult!

wolfskid15 2 months ago

If there is ever a time when I don't love Muppet Christmas Carol assume that I've been replaced with an evil clone

VoluntaryPurpose 2 months ago

Loved this video. It's amazing how A Christmas Carol really has staying power, and I think the structure explained here is a big part of it. A well-written story will last.

TheBuenaventura93 2 months ago

I find the lack of Mickey's Christmas Carol footage quite disturbing...

centperk 2 months ago

No Ghosts of Girlfriends Past mention? Blasphemy.

Just kidding, great essay as always.

razzlefrazzlelor 2 months ago

Me seeing thumbnail: oh yay! A lesson from the screenplay video on muppet Christmas carol movie!!
Me after watching the video: tears streaming down my face

Spooning Demon
Spooning Demon 2 months ago

I wish nothing more than essay youtube existed when I was in high school

The Fynn
The Fynn 2 months ago

And Michael Cain ist istill the best Scrooge. And thanks that you haven't showed the ugly Disney Version.

MariaMaria 2 months ago

I honestly think it's the best rendition

Luis Panzar
Luis Panzar 2 months ago

Any version of this story without Goofy as Jacob Marley just doesn't sit right with me. That being said,

I'm gonna track down the Patrick Stewart version just for the scenes with Dominic West.

YayoPiano 2 months ago

The best "a Christmas Carol" version is in Doctor who, change my mind

The Abortion
The Abortion 2 months ago

Me joking: ha scrooge is a true capitalist
My mother suddenly: they're trying to make him a communist! 😠

Joshua Marjonen
Joshua Marjonen 2 months ago


Chiky Scares You
Chiky Scares You 2 months ago

Christmas is only an excuse to sell stuff...

Stephen Haitch
Stephen Haitch 2 months ago

Bah! Humbug! And Merry Christmas, Michael!

Pete 2 months ago

Very nicely written and shown. Thank you.

Gabriel Jordan
Gabriel Jordan 2 months ago

That scene where Jacob Marley comes to life at the front door still gives me nightmares to this day and I"m a 38 year old grown man.

MariWakocha 2 months ago

I think what makes the Muppet version the best is how it captures the tone of the book. Dickens' language is very lighthearted and it feels like you're child hearing a bedtime story when reading it, even though what happens in it is actually rather dark and grim. By having puppets perform most roles but Scrooge, it keeps that feeling while dealing freely with the darker themes. It's balanced by Michael Caine's more serious acting. There are also some minor details that you just couldn't capture more accurately any other way, like how the Ghost of Christmas Present is described in the book to fit perfectly within any house, no matter how big or small, and then by being a puppet, it actually does - including a little mouse home in a wall.

TDG-Arts 2 months ago

I saw Muppets A Christmas Carol n immediately clicked lol

Maldon 365
Maldon 365 2 months ago

One of my favourite Versions of a Christmas Carol is Blackadders Christmas Carol because of its darkly comedic twist on the original story's themes

Ebola Sushi
Ebola Sushi 2 months ago

George C Scott is the best performance ever done for Scrooge, you can not change my mind.

fartzinwind 2 months ago

Regarding the Muppet one. It's hard to find a version that still has the Love is Gone song, that is transformed into The Love we found in the end. The Love is gone song is kinda bad, sung poorly, but without it the scene is cut very short, and has less impact. The only version I know of that has it is the old VHS. I've streamed it, and have watched the DVD and Blueray, neither have the song anymore.

Memo2Self 2 months ago

Thank you, Michael, for essay after essay of inspiration. Merry Christmas.

E Forrest
E Forrest 2 months ago

have you seen 2019s A Christmas Carol by the BBC? is was very good, but a very dark reinterpretation