DIY Glitter Beard Christmas Special!


Evan and Katelyn

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Information DIY Glitter Beard Christmas Special!

Title : DIY Glitter Beard Christmas Special!

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Frames DIY Glitter Beard Christmas Special!

Description DIY Glitter Beard Christmas Special!

DIY Glitter Beard Christmas Special!

DIY Glitter Beard Christmas Special!

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Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn 2 months ago

Did y'all know we have 4 channels now? This main one, plus:
🎮 Evan and Katelyn Gaming
(us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)
🎙️ Evan and Katelyn Podcast
(chatting about life, YouTube stuff, and playing games you can play along with)
😹 Evan and Katelyn Too
(still figuring this one out 😂)

Erik 1701
Erik 1701 2 months ago

Now if only Evan had found a color match to Katelyn's hair then it would of been perfect

Honeybee Random
Honeybee Random 2 months ago


Emily-Violet Ellis
Emily-Violet Ellis 2 months ago

9:12 no context

Emily-Violet Ellis
Emily-Violet Ellis 2 months ago


Emily-Violet Ellis
Emily-Violet Ellis 2 months ago

When is the album dropping? We need EnK Christmas carols!

Emily-Violet Ellis
Emily-Violet Ellis 2 months ago

Oooo pullen out the Simply intro for this one!
Now you have to spill resin down some glass...😆

Ashley Haubert
Ashley Haubert 2 months ago

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve laughed so hard at a YT video. This was so good.

Song of Shadow
Song of Shadow 2 months ago

I've seen the beard plenty of times on the gaming channel, but I didn't know Evan made it! This video was hilarious.

Maayra Ketkar
Maayra Ketkar 2 months ago

0:21 who else was thinking about Moriah Elizabeth’s intro

Just me ? Ok

Enlightened Spirit
Enlightened Spirit 2 months ago

HAHAHA! I got Euro-vision vibes from this video, you guys! Too freakin' funny

Jessica Wood
Jessica Wood 2 months ago

Tbh I'm amazed that neither of you passed out from. giggle-induced oxygen deprivation. This video is amazing and I'm shocked I didn't watch it sooner.

Big Chooch
Big Chooch 2 months ago

"Little lady Jesus isn't real, she can't hurt you"

CelloAfterDark 2 months ago

Katelyn is hilarious!! 😂😂😂. That beard is everything 😂😂😂

IrisLiva - be Native
IrisLiva - be Native 2 months ago

WHY on earth is this in march 2021 in my yt recommendation?? Nevertheless I like it Qqa!

Karl Cattegut
Karl Cattegut 2 months ago

You (Katelyn) look like the guy from "The Love Guru"

Luna The Cat
Luna The Cat 2 months ago

How does Evan not breathe in glitter?? When he breathed out he blew glitter all over Katelyn!

Luna The Cat
Luna The Cat 2 months ago

Evan: you look like Jesus!
Me: omg that’s what you reminded me of!! How could I not get that?!?

Co_rtney 2 months ago

"I look like a little lady Jesus!" 🤣🤣

Мария Н
Мария Н 2 months ago

Still one of my favorite videos 😂😂😂

Drawith Gem
Drawith Gem 2 months ago

I need an Evan

its.clean 2 months ago


Kianna Williams
Kianna Williams 2 months ago

I know you were joking about hot glueing it to your face, but a youtuber I like actually did hot glue a fake beard she made on her face. 😂😂😂

FrancesTot 2 months ago

Oh my god. My face hurts now. I couldn't stop smiling at Katelyn in that beard!!!

EvergreenPeaks 2 months ago

You should just pull out the beard in an art video randomly

Lady Scarlette
Lady Scarlette 2 months ago

this made me laugh so hard, omgosh, my face hurts

Caroline Bridges
Caroline Bridges 2 months ago

How is this not their most-watched video???

Haley Rings
Haley Rings 2 months ago

Anyone else watching this in 2020?

Diane Campbell
Diane Campbell 2 months ago

Evan is such a good man

marialiyubman 2 months ago

This counts as spouse abuse.

Emily B
Emily B 2 months ago

This is one of the best videos on the internet im laughing so hard rn!! ahahahahaaaa (me laughing so hard)

Jonah Dent
Jonah Dent 2 months ago

I have not laughed so hard in ages.

Been following you guys for a few months now. Just found this video. I want to show my family how good Katelyn looks with a beard but I am scared that my 3 young nieces will like the first part and I have a beard.

Cow William
Cow William 2 months ago

I AM LOL SO HARD!!! "I'm like a little... lady Jesus!!" XD XD XD

Swager Swager
Swager Swager 2 months ago

i laughed so hard i got hicups oooommmmggg XD

Duane Hill
Duane Hill 2 months ago

OMG -- hilarious!!!!

Dakota Shutt
Dakota Shutt 2 months ago

Evan & Kaleb

Grace~ 2 months ago

I've whatched this video so many times and it's still the best video ever!!! <3

Lady Drone
Lady Drone 2 months ago

That was hilarious!!

h7opolo 2 months ago

so funny

The Gay Lord
The Gay Lord 2 months ago

For 2.5 seconds Katelyn was cousin It from Adam's family

Marie-Christin Meichner

joob approob

Char Shark
Char Shark 2 months ago

Hes still handsome 😊

Lilly O'Connor
Lilly O'Connor 2 months ago

The neighbors must have been wondering about all the screaming

kimchi11213 2 months ago

Evan looks like he belongs in the Capital

Sabine Kock
Sabine Kock 2 months ago

OMG that was hilarious, I haven't laughed like that in forever

Lizard of Oz
Lizard of Oz 2 months ago

Oh My God I Love That Sweater. I love sloths (Evans)

XxsolarixxX 2 months ago


Nastaishia Allen
Nastaishia Allen 2 months ago

"I look like a little lady Jesus!" was my favorite!

Irish Tina
Irish Tina 2 months ago

Did anyone else notice that they used Moriah Elizabeth 's intro song

Ok just me

Mama Bee
Mama Bee 2 months ago

Cheap hair gel, the kind that preferably doesn’t dry

Vixe the female Fox
Vixe the female Fox 2 months ago

Do this to Evan for the next Christmas party you go to

Bella Curcio
Bella Curcio 2 months ago

My abs hurt so bad

PinkFlamingo 2 months ago

RIP to that beard, that glitter is never coming off ever agein!

kay 2 months ago

Jenna used a whole ass Elmer’s glue stick for the glitter bc the beard oil wasn’t enough

Krishna Ghatol
Krishna Ghatol 2 months ago

You look like the cutest little jesus 😍

kaspar k
kaspar k 2 months ago

7:51 I thought Evan said lets find you a beer

C fine
C fine 2 months ago

What’s your cats name besides supervisor

all about George and Ralph

I have the same sweater as Caitlin sweater it's my second favorite sweater my first favorite is a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Celestial_Kitten0 2 months ago

Ive been binging your videos all night and even rewatching ones ive already seen so im chosing this one to say that i would 100% watch a vlog channel.

Laima Wolf
Laima Wolf 2 months ago

0:22 mOrIaH eLiZaVeTh vibess

✩Ace✩ 2 months ago

It’s almost the Fourth of July, but I am certainly in the holidays spirit after watching this video

Michael O'Rourke
Michael O'Rourke 2 months ago

y’all need to make a Christmas album. I would so totally buy it.

Geckoology 2 months ago

Little lady jesus

Jacek Kuklewicz
Jacek Kuklewicz 2 months ago


Kuba Jakub
Kuba Jakub 2 months ago

9:58 i feel ofended

gerryfalke 2 months ago

Katelyn looks like Conchita Wurst... Wonder if she could also sing. :)

bookwyrm18 2 months ago

You need some spirit gum so it stops falling down.

April Richards
April Richards 2 months ago

A few years ago a met a guy at my doctor's office near Christmas and he had his red beard decorated with bells and ornaments. He was so sweet and funny. His name was Chris and he allowed me to take his picture and post it on Facebook.

Kim Mariana
Kim Mariana 2 months ago

i feel odly atracted by katelyn(・_・;)

AnneCan'tGame 2 months ago

Why haven't I seen this until now?

Run To Stand Still
Run To Stand Still 2 months ago

either a little lady Jesus or a short Jonathan Van Ness

Dana Reed
Dana Reed 2 months ago

lol snort lol !!!

Robert Mehesy
Robert Mehesy 2 months ago

Their relationship warms my heart

mildoesthings 2 months ago

8:00 is the exact moment of "I look like a little lady Jesus". You're welcome.

Man Woman Gamer
Man Woman Gamer 2 months ago

so... when she was modeling the beard did anyone else see like.... a petite Jason Momoa?

David Payne
David Payne 2 months ago

Probably still finding glitter in your beard to this day

Rose Christen
Rose Christen 2 months ago

I have literally shed tears, this was incredible.

Tsuma Kelso
Tsuma Kelso 2 months ago

That beard is almost realistic enough to join the Bearded Ladies Guild(not even sure if that's a real thing yet). Shout out to all the women who actually grow beards! Y'all beautiful, and Katelyn proves it!


A year later and Evan is still washing glitter out of his beard

Ashley Robinette
Ashley Robinette 2 months ago

You have the same shirt as my 8 yr old daughter 😆 She loves it. She has a black llama one as well

Zelda_ sugar Gacha
Zelda_ sugar Gacha 2 months ago

When she jumped up and down she sounded like a dog toy

Grant Legler
Grant Legler 2 months ago


Mel Melson
Mel Melson 2 months ago

That’s true love ❤️

Steve the Pussy Cat
Steve the Pussy Cat 2 months ago

Holy crap, katelyn looked like my old GM who had long dark hair and beard 😂

Janani 2 months ago

Aw I thought you were going to decorate Katelyns beard

Mr. bumbum
Mr. bumbum 2 months ago

R2D2 noises at 8:09

Maddie Milligan
Maddie Milligan 2 months ago

More content like this please😭😭😂😂😂

BigBird Nation
BigBird Nation 2 months ago

Ahh pure breed owo

MrHeights73 2 months ago

🤣 "Little Lady Jesus" best line ever 😂

nwstraith 2 months ago

Ya'll are absolutely the MOST amazing couple I have ever seen! Katelyn is just soooo adorable as a lady Jesus! LOL

Zachary Buckles
Zachary Buckles 2 months ago

Chewbacca I found your wife

Remedy.... 2 months ago

It’s crazy he created the perfect beard for her....Better then any Halloween beard I’ve seen. Aside from her teeth looking creepy, she would still be pretty with a beard...

Supernatural Turtles
Supernatural Turtles 2 months ago

2:28 not gonna lie first thing my brain thought was a Christmas themed iron man beard.......


Also just wanna say yall are so adorable together, in my eyes you guys seem like THE ideal type of couple. If your guys own goofy hilarious way. :3 💓 :) 💖 :D ❤
(P.s. Katelyn singing that got out stick in my head, aaagh! XD)
(Edit: also #FirstLumberjacKatelynSighting lol)

Micah Livne
Micah Livne 2 months ago

Katelyn out here looking like glam Jesus with dat beard

Tom Ryan
Tom Ryan 2 months ago

Katelyn looks so much like my mate Johnny, it's freaking me out

Vanity Carrillo
Vanity Carrillo 2 months ago

A little lady Jesus 😂😂😂
Please make some kind of merch with
“I look like a little lady Jesus”
(In spongebob voice) I NEEEEEEEED IT 😭

Yung Lynda
Yung Lynda 2 months ago

Yall are so cute with AND without beards!!

Natasha Jones
Natasha Jones 2 months ago

She looks like Jonathan Van Ness!

Steven Morrison
Steven Morrison 2 months ago

He is a better man then I will ever be.

Sarah B
Sarah B 2 months ago

You two are so cute and you make me laugh 😁😁😂😂