Mother to Son by Langston Hughes - Narration by Viola Davis


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Information Mother to Son by Langston Hughes - Narration by Viola Davis

Title : Mother to Son by Langston Hughes - Narration by Viola Davis

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Frames Mother to Son by Langston Hughes - Narration by Viola Davis

Description Mother to Son by Langston Hughes - Narration by Viola Davis

Mother to Son by Langston Hughes - Narration by Viola Davis

Mother to Son by Langston Hughes - Narration by Viola Davis

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Yashit Aggarwal
Yashit Aggarwal 2 months ago


the Landshark
the Landshark 2 months ago


Sergio Trujillo
Sergio Trujillo 2 months ago

Can you give me the name of the background music please

Rachel Reichert
Rachel Reichert 2 months ago

Wow, beautiful imagery! Really helped me understand the poem, thank you.

Angela Khristin Brown


Brittany Horton
Brittany Horton 2 months ago

I watched this in school lol

•xXSleepyXx• 2 months ago

I'm watching this for an assignment :^

WestBoi420 2 months ago


G Dogg P
G Dogg P 2 months ago

I was about to reply to someone that I was here for school too and then I realized everyone is.

Tokuuu 2 months ago

doin this for schooooooooool

*Lauryn Order*
*Lauryn Order* 2 months ago

Come on now ✨💆🏾‍♀️✨

King Jones
King Jones 2 months ago

Niggas in my but whole

Trinity Marion
Trinity Marion 2 months ago

i litterly watching this in school

Just Vibe Studios
Just Vibe Studios 2 months ago

Who else here is only here because online school

Magda Galaj
Magda Galaj 2 months ago

When your doing two weeks late worth of school and this is what u gotta watch- ~.~

Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez 2 months ago

0:33 bear.

Tony Zayas
Tony Zayas 2 months ago

Everybody watching this for school.

Umar Shaikh
Umar Shaikh 2 months ago

Narration ❤️

Gingerbread Ray
Gingerbread Ray 2 months ago


Vince Osafo
Vince Osafo 2 months ago

What advice is she giving her son?

D9 Plays
D9 Plays 2 months ago

5th grade here

Pubg Dumboy
Pubg Dumboy 2 months ago

I’m only watching this for school online

Marie Walters
Marie Walters 2 months ago


Marie Walters
Marie Walters 2 months ago

Can i submit this video for my school project?


Beautiful video, Biola Davis brings these words to life. My students agree.

Vivixz 8
Vivixz 8 2 months ago

damn I remember this

Shayne Studios
Shayne Studios 2 months ago

I think this is a beutiul poem even tho this is a assinmeant for school!

Kai Cwik
Kai Cwik 2 months ago

that was amazing

Raspberry Dove-Ali
Raspberry Dove-Ali 2 months ago

This has been and always will be my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Poem. This will be recited at my funeral. 💜

Dog Lover
Dog Lover 2 months ago

We did an activity with this today and yesterday at school and I wanted to cry cause life for me has not been easy at all

Vortexz On 60 fps
Vortexz On 60 fps 2 months ago

I heard this in school I’m watching it at home it low key hits hard it so motivating

C.J Alley
C.J Alley 2 months ago

Yooo I’m here for school too.

Nightkillo 2 months ago

I love how they say in the description that this is for a school project

And then most of us get this assigned for school

willow ryland
willow ryland 2 months ago

But this is made me think alot
I this this video is very thoughtful

willow ryland
willow ryland 2 months ago

My school has made we wach this

Malinda Downing
Malinda Downing 2 months ago


Megan Noble
Megan Noble 2 months ago

yall, whats the theme? (its for school)

쉬라 2 months ago

i’m watching this for a school assignment but this is really powerful, i almost started crying. happy black history month.💗


OMG! I am crying! This is so emotional! Share this with your sons!

Jordan Molnar
Jordan Molnar 2 months ago

Me going through a hard time: crying my eyes out 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢

Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed 2 months ago

My parents explaining what they had to do to get to school

janalee chasma
janalee chasma 2 months ago

black history im watchin cuz of you

Goddad Godson
Goddad Godson 2 months ago

You, white people, don't know anything about this. Stop watching it.

I am a clown
I am a clown 2 months ago


Anais Bannister
Anais Bannister 2 months ago

When I was 16, my mom and I were in the car and she said each generation should build on and learn from the experience of the previous generation

Isis H
Isis H 2 months ago

This is so emotional. It really makes you feel like time stopped and you’re just thinking

Porter K
Porter K 2 months ago

Major hardships but choosing to push forward. Parents are so critical to a child's positive development or lack thereof. Powerful poem by the great Langston Hughes.

me ep
me ep 2 months ago

shool got me whatching this so sad

akaikaiakak 2 months ago

😑bruh why my school make me watch this

Martha Childs
Martha Childs 2 months ago

I’m crying in school

Anti_ Manic
Anti_ Manic 2 months ago

Who came here because school :)

Carlos David Rivera
Carlos David Rivera 2 months ago

i wanna sleep

Waiwai 2 months ago

I understand, I do because that's been my life, since 6 years old.
Have you seen that commercial with the homeless girl blanket over her head, sitting on street, then suddenly she's now a baby sitting there crying. Not one day goes by without me feeling just like that.

Renee Hurt
Renee Hurt 2 months ago

I would love for Ms Davis to recite Harlem sweeties

Royal Raa
Royal Raa 2 months ago

POV you’re here from school

Rohan Daumoo
Rohan Daumoo 2 months ago

Im looking for the annotation 🤣🤣
Jan 14th 2021

Anna Teves
Anna Teves 2 months ago

Maybe I can use this for english 10b

Tia Bennett
Tia Bennett 2 months ago

I got this from my English teacher

Dreemurr64 2 months ago


Ahh yes so deep.

Eggs 2 months ago


Desir Family
Desir Family 2 months ago

Not me watching this for school -,_-,

A Button Boi
A Button Boi 2 months ago

Here from school

Abner Yalung
Abner Yalung 2 months ago

A beautiful poem so touching a love of mother to his son

Richelle Ogarte
Richelle Ogarte 2 months ago

Hi Nalyd. Can I use this video for academic purposes?

Ronald Pinckney
Ronald Pinckney 2 months ago

This is what happened back in the old days and still now.

David Hurt
David Hurt 2 months ago

Bruh fuck school for this 1

Dan Huynh
Dan Huynh 2 months ago

Hehe my 6th grade humanities class is doing this for theme

Clara Haemer
Clara Haemer 2 months ago


Alpha03664 2 months ago

Luquillo represent

Arthur L. Rozier, IV
Arthur L. Rozier, IV 2 months ago

I watch this because it's real. These words can be spoken every day

Jazzy vidaurri
Jazzy vidaurri 2 months ago

So were all here from covid? the teacher having us doing this

NRamp1105 2 months ago

hi i blow up

chikita evans
chikita evans 2 months ago

To my son

Shareena Faizal
Shareena Faizal 2 months ago

Slowly........touched my heart....

Edward Foster
Edward Foster 2 months ago

Mrs. King class 2020 period 4/5!!!!!!

ZONE 2 months ago

This story is sad

Beth D
Beth D 2 months ago

I got this from school but its really powerful and bold.

Yeshua Baca
Yeshua Baca 2 months ago

who watching this for school

Mr Liberator
Mr Liberator 2 months ago

La poetry test

Val Napawanetz
Val Napawanetz 2 months ago

Viola Davis' reading of this Langston Hughes poem is so powerful. We are using this at Calverton to inform our reading of The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton.

Priyanvi 7C 22
Priyanvi 7C 22 2 months ago

Who is watching from Loreto convent school
Yes - Like
No- comment

Elias Winston
Elias Winston 2 months ago

whos here from school?

Emon Trancy
Emon Trancy 2 months ago

Always school so back I go

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Trinity Serrette 2 months ago

School got me watching this smh 😐

SUBRINA'S WORLD 2 months ago

School got me messed up

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Mia Moss
Mia Moss 2 months ago

Amber ReedOct 9
I need this taken care of ASAP!!! - my councler

Mia Moss
Mia Moss 2 months ago

school during corona be like...

Alondra Gatica Maturana

most of the people are watching this bc of school 😃

anna haha
anna haha 2 months ago

Who else is watching this for school in corona... :/

Azia 2 months ago

I too am one of the many people who gotta watch this for school :D

lcelis 2 months ago

Ugh Viola recites this beautifully!

Kevyn Herrera
Kevyn Herrera 2 months ago

hii im in school rn

London Herrera
London Herrera 2 months ago

whos wacthing this from school
gotha middle school

nia henry
nia henry 2 months ago

Anyone else doing this for there
class at school