The Santa Clause OST - The Bells Of Christmas


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Title : The Santa Clause OST - The Bells Of Christmas

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The Santa Clause OST - The Bells Of Christmas

The Santa Clause OST - The Bells Of Christmas

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Jeffrey Cline
Jeffrey Cline 2 months ago

Why is this song not available anywhere?

Cliona Duffy
Cliona Duffy 2 months ago

This song takes me back to when I was a child . All the nostalgia. My favourite part is at 1:28 when the choir starts singing . One of my favourite Christmas songs .

Rodney c
Rodney c 2 months ago

A 90s score not conducted by john Williams. Still good

RossDiamondThief 2 months ago

1) The Santa Clause
2) Die Hard
3) Elf
4) Christmas Vacation
5) Home Alone


Sean Reyes
Sean Reyes 2 months ago

I just bought the screenplay for this movie yesterday for $14.99

Kenneth Schuler
Kenneth Schuler 2 months ago


Ghanshyam JAIN
Ghanshyam JAIN 2 months ago

very very goodnight

Ghanshyam JAIN
Ghanshyam JAIN 2 months ago

I love song

Ester Biango
Ester Biango 2 months ago

I love this film and every Christmas me and my older sister gotta watch it! It's so beautiful and magic! Even if we are older that 20yrs, we still watch this movie. <3

ealing456 2 months ago

Credit: Loreena McKennitt. The rest of the album is composed by Michael Convertino

Jarod Stokely
Jarod Stokely 2 months ago

People think im crazy because i always start listening to Christmas music 6 months before Christmas. i tell them, well to me everyday is Christmas to me because i love my family and thats the only reason why Christmas is my fav holiday. i get to see and spend time with the ones i never see, i hope to see before one of us go so i can get my last Christmas with them. Thats the true meaning of Christmas, is giving and loving. I think alot of people needs this same spirit in them because they are forgetting what Christmas and real love is.

Kris Flores
Kris Flores 2 months ago

1:10 is the best, most exciting part in this beautiful song

Nathonyx 2 months ago

This is my favorite song of the movie. It was stuck in my head all day even with Christmas over. I just want that harmonizing in the background every day after work.

suop is the winner
suop is the winner 2 months ago

This movie was my WHOLE LIFE as a child... oh my god I'm crying, I can see the movie playing in my head as the music goes. Good lord. <3333

Michael Bunichon
Michael Bunichon 2 months ago

j'adore, le kif

Marc Santiago
Marc Santiago 2 months ago

I am so playing this on the way to the theater to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens!! PUMPED UP😃

Jupiter9099 2 months ago

"That's the North Pole?" - Scott Calvin (Tim Allen)

Angelique Renoult
Angelique Renoult 2 months ago

I love that song!!! Thank you so much for this Christmas moment :D

GlossipGirl84 2 months ago

This song ends off our Christmas Ballet show and hearing it always make me cry. All I can think about is our performance ending and having to wait a whole year to do it again!

Zilkenian 2 months ago

1:28 no matter how old I am, this part will always make me feel like a kid again.

Rich Matarese
Rich Matarese 2 months ago

Perhaps the single most startlingly beautiful little piece of Christmas music I've heard in the past thirty years.

"So close your eyes and come with me.  Christmas bells will bring you home...."

Darthmaulini 2 months ago

just watched this the other day and I love this piece!!

LUKAZ G 2 months ago


Jason Tachin
Jason Tachin 2 months ago

rw:it made me cry with tears of joy when charlie said to his dad(tim allen a.k.a.)santa clause "I love u Santa Clause";^_^;