3 EASY \u0026 BEAUTIFUL Christmas Cake Ideas WITHOUT FONDANT | Christmas Cake Decorating ideas


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Information 3 EASY \u0026 BEAUTIFUL Christmas Cake Ideas WITHOUT FONDANT | Christmas Cake Decorating ideas

Title : 3 EASY \u0026 BEAUTIFUL Christmas Cake Ideas WITHOUT FONDANT | Christmas Cake Decorating ideas

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Frames 3 EASY \u0026 BEAUTIFUL Christmas Cake Ideas WITHOUT FONDANT | Christmas Cake Decorating ideas

Description 3 EASY \u0026 BEAUTIFUL Christmas Cake Ideas WITHOUT FONDANT | Christmas Cake Decorating ideas

3 EASY \u0026 BEAUTIFUL Christmas Cake Ideas WITHOUT FONDANT | Christmas Cake Decorating ideas

3 EASY \u0026 BEAUTIFUL Christmas Cake Ideas WITHOUT FONDANT | Christmas Cake Decorating ideas

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Ritu's Cake Designing Studio

Hey everyone..!! Do let me know your favourite Design amongst these 3 and the one you'll like to try this Christmas...Wish you a merry Christmas 🎅

Bunty Cooking
Bunty Cooking 2 months ago

Simple yet wonderful decorations

Nezih Sanlı
Nezih Sanlı 2 months ago

Everything is very nice thank you new friend Happy New Year,merry christmas 🔔open

Sunayana Solanki
Sunayana Solanki 2 months ago

You are just amazing Ritu i loved it

puja agrawal
puja agrawal 2 months ago

Ma'am in white chocolate in had put gel colour...but l didn't get dark red and green, can you plz tell me which colour you used in white chocolate?

Kavin Chakaravarthy
Kavin Chakaravarthy 2 months ago


Sampada Anandkar
Sampada Anandkar 2 months ago

2nd cake is easy and beautiful👌

Indu Joy
Indu Joy 2 months ago

Hello, new to your channel. Enjoyed the decorations. Can you please confirm if its buttercream or whipped cream used ?

Shivansh Agarwal
Shivansh Agarwal 2 months ago

On 0:07 the boy was like haath hata

Polish Surprise Eggs
Polish Surprise Eggs 2 months ago

The idea for Christmas cakes with Christmas trees and reindeer is wonderful,sub and like and share

Aashita Yadav
Aashita Yadav 2 months ago

Can you share the templete of the raindeer

Angelina Rosanna
Angelina Rosanna 2 months ago

Beautiful cakes, what kind of wipp cream do you use? I find very difficult to work with the wipped cream sold in british supermarkets

Snehlata Prasad
Snehlata Prasad 2 months ago

Thanks mam very nice idea 👍👌👍

luzviminda mariano
luzviminda mariano 2 months ago

Beautiful cake decoration. Love it

Rafeza Sultana
Rafeza Sultana 2 months ago

Which type colour use in chocolate gel colour

Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 2 months ago

How good decorating with whipped cream works for you?

Lindyann Farrier
Lindyann Farrier 2 months ago

I love your Christmas design. I notice you frost your cakes with whipped cream n was wondering how long can it stay out the refrigerator

Marysharon K.G
Marysharon K.G 2 months ago

Adi poli🤗

Mar Pim
Mar Pim 2 months ago

Thank you so much i wanted to bake for the very first time to try and lighten up the mood (2020) but my mom dosnt like fondant so these are great options for me

Ciby John
Ciby John 2 months ago


Marielena Sanchez
Marielena Sanchez 2 months ago

Hi I just found your channel I love it 🥰 you use butter cream right ? Everything at room temperature?



Saudamini Mahanty
Saudamini Mahanty 2 months ago

Christmas themed design cake is wonderful and awesome

Husaiba Jawahar
Husaiba Jawahar 2 months ago

I am new subcriber

princy sajil
princy sajil 2 months ago

Iam a new member of your channel.your cakes ideas are amazing.i will try it.

Albert Montes
Albert Montes 2 months ago

Hello. May I know the brand name of chocolate you melted? And any other options to use. Thanks

Tamanna Rekha
Tamanna Rekha 2 months ago

Hello ritu, how do you colour darker green in whipped cream?

Hema Wadaskar
Hema Wadaskar 2 months ago

Design karva ke milti he Kay Shop mai

Hema Wadaskar
Hema Wadaskar 2 months ago

Mam ye paper pe design kaise nikali aap ne

Hema Wadaskar
Hema Wadaskar 2 months ago

Very nice mam

dreams dreams
dreams dreams 2 months ago

Second one.. Nice decoration s...

Jay Oppie
Jay Oppie 2 months ago

So lovely! I don't like fondant I really love these!

Surekha Dippy
Surekha Dippy 2 months ago

Ma'am wt the sponge u use for foundant cakes?? Coz it's different sponge as regular one? Can u explain different between both the sponge 🙂

JDH 2 months ago

Beautiful! Thank you.

Micheli Quadro Bittencourt

Sou Do Brasil 🇧🇷

Lesley Hubble
Lesley Hubble 2 months ago

Can you sweeten whipped cream

Grishma Bhawsar
Grishma Bhawsar 2 months ago

Gonna try this Christmas for my family!!😍
Could you please tell me which brand red colour you used? I tried different brands but after putting 4-5drops of gel colours all I get is pink and pink and pink!🥺

Monica Ashirwadam
Monica Ashirwadam 2 months ago

It's really amazing
But I tried to get rendear from Amazon but could not
Any other site ?

Doris Galvis
Doris Galvis 2 months ago

Perfecto 👌

Sindhu K.G.
Sindhu K.G. 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing this with us ❤️

olgui 2 months ago

Hi, thanks for inspiration

SIN PHYKUN 2 months ago

Beautiful 👍🥰🌲🌲⛄☃️👍👍

Sharon Lewis
Sharon Lewis 2 months ago

Hello I'm new to your channel I love your cakes! It's nice to see cakes not covered with fondant. I look forward to new videos.

Creamy Creationz
Creamy Creationz 2 months ago

How to make coloured chocolate

Shai Beauty
Shai Beauty 2 months ago

Ritu please reply how to price the cake?

Макеева Анна

Интересно из чего сделаны снежинки и олень? Может кто-то ответит.

Pari Andani 19e1210
Pari Andani 19e1210 2 months ago

Hi ma'am.. my white chocolate ganache is not white.. it's slight yellow in colour... Pls suggest me how to fix it..

Esther Lyngwa
Esther Lyngwa 2 months ago

How to make those designs in baking paper.... how to get the trace of those design

Priti Garg Tayal
Priti Garg Tayal 2 months ago

Pls mam guide us abt the color you use in whipped cream and cake batter to colour them,if possible pls show them in a video or share link

prajakta shinde
prajakta shinde 2 months ago

Wow 3 cake are delicious and easy to do I am gonna do first one which has chocolate top

Love Bites
Love Bites 2 months ago

How to get dark colour to the whipped

Seema Nidagunde
Seema Nidagunde 2 months ago

Very nice

Mel LT
Mel LT 2 months ago

All very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Isabelle Kinda
Isabelle Kinda 2 months ago

J'aime bien votre façon de travailler

Born Diva
Born Diva 2 months ago

Too good

Isha Poddar
Isha Poddar 2 months ago

my fondant starts melting when i paste it in whipped cream frosting pllss tel me exact way to paste it

ANISHA VP 2 months ago

Super mam,subscribd

cakesmith bakers
cakesmith bakers 2 months ago

Plz red chocolate kaise bnti hai

cakesmith bakers
cakesmith bakers 2 months ago

Mam can you tell me. Jb hum cake ki crumb coating krte hai. Pehle hum Refrigerator me rakhna hai. Fir hum photos apply kr skte hai.

Kanchan Kaur
Kanchan Kaur 2 months ago

Ma'am ap sponge me kon sa colour use karte ho bcoz mere sponge me toh colour nazar hi ni aata plz tell me ma'am

Kanchan Kaur
Kanchan Kaur 2 months ago

Hlo ma'am.. Apne Red cake me kon sa red colour use kiya bcoz mere cake me toh colour dalne se aata hi ni

Satya Bala Gupta
Satya Bala Gupta 2 months ago

Excellent. You are toooo much telented dear

Satish Jagtap
Satish Jagtap 2 months ago

Can u plz share the video to get sharp edges for the cake

Tejashree Chavare
Tejashree Chavare 2 months ago

Where to find that deer and other design template to draw?

Prakash Kumar
Prakash Kumar 2 months ago

Beautiful cake looks so yummy

Usha Gupta
Usha Gupta 2 months ago

Yr all cakes are mouthwatering😅😅🙌🙌

Cute style & Now trend

No words super....nice

suhara Anees
suhara Anees 2 months ago

Sooooooper b

Salome A
Salome A 2 months ago

Hola me suscribì a su canal por lo hermoso de sus pasteles acabo de verlo y me parece un arte bello bendiciones saludos chile.

Pronomita Mukherjee
Pronomita Mukherjee 2 months ago

M ur new subscriber but can't tell u how much I love ur channel.. alwyz waited 4 ur new idea of decorating a cake.. & it seems so simple. Thank u so very much 4 make such a simple version..

S DC 2 months ago

Awesome dear

Mariya Jhetam
Mariya Jhetam 2 months ago

Which company's whipping cream do you use?

rajesh pandey
rajesh pandey 2 months ago

Mind blowing

Cassy Escobedo
Cassy Escobedo 2 months ago

These are so cool! Will try. thank you

Moxie Babe
Moxie Babe 2 months ago

How do I get the white chocolate not to melt ?

Olivia Das
Olivia Das 2 months ago

How to red and green chocolate?

Gauri Vats
Gauri Vats 2 months ago

She nailed it ...

Raquel Jaramillo
Raquel Jaramillo 2 months ago

Que bellezaaa

Cora Nepomuceno
Cora Nepomuceno 2 months ago

wow, nice! tnx for the ideas😊merry christmas💕💕💕

SIN PHYKUN 2 months ago

Beautiful 👍👍👍💙💜💛💛🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄💙💜💜💙👍👍👍👍

Jasmine Dhass
Jasmine Dhass 2 months ago

Where to get silver edible dust

Sunil Gupta
Sunil Gupta 2 months ago

Very nice

Farhana's Vlog
Farhana's Vlog 2 months ago

Wow nice

Elizabeth Lovett
Elizabeth Lovett 2 months ago

Why not make the ribbon and bow edible ones out of fondant or marzipan or sugar paste? The real ones make no sense, especially when you used the real glue.

meet Kaur
meet Kaur 2 months ago

How to make red colour choclate

Colours of my life
Colours of my life 2 months ago

Friends,wanna try a CHRISTMAS TREE 🌲 CAKE for this Christmas please watch this video youtu.be/YtXaUGGYV-I

Vera Grande
Vera Grande 2 months ago

Love ❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹

Chinmayi Jawale
Chinmayi Jawale 2 months ago

How to chocolate colour please

Mayank B
Mayank B 2 months ago

In white chocolate we can add liquid colour or gel colour

L S 2 months ago

Loved them.. you are very talented

rosemary innocent
rosemary innocent 2 months ago

Thank you.very helpful

Brinda Richards
Brinda Richards 2 months ago

Reindeer and Christmas tree cake are elegant and classy!!!

Nina Fernandes
Nina Fernandes 2 months ago

love you parabéns 👏👏👏👍😘

Seju_ Ku
Seju_ Ku 2 months ago

How did you make the whipped cream in to red and green sorry im just new to baking

Denise A.
Denise A. 2 months ago

Hi I have a question...I love that its made with whipped cream...but does this harden and can it be transported? Afraid that whipped cream will melt if traveling...thanks so much and Happy Holidays these cakes are great!

hunny sha
hunny sha 2 months ago

Hi.. How to draw trace on parchment paper?

Therese Ann Estimera
Therese Ann Estimera 2 months ago

What kind of frosting di d you use?

Leizel Pedrosa
Leizel Pedrosa 2 months ago

Wish there is a step by step and measurement for the whip cream and all..

давид давид

ძაან მაგარია ❄⛄🎄

fluffypenguinbabe 2 months ago

Just found your channel and was drawn in by the non-fondant options since I really don't like the stuff! You make it all look so easy 🙂