Here's Why You Rarely Saw Barron During Trump's Presidency


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Title : Here's Why You Rarely Saw Barron During Trump's Presidency

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Description Here's Why You Rarely Saw Barron During Trump's Presidency

Here's Why You Rarely Saw Barron During Trump's Presidency

Here's Why You Rarely Saw Barron During Trump's Presidency

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Ivette Rivera
Ivette Rivera 2 months ago

Because he's a kid? Duhhhh.

Blackie 2 months ago

Baron is looking so handsome 🥰🥰. He's going to be a stunning young man.

Davon Lloyd
Davon Lloyd 2 months ago

🚨Spoiler alert: they NEVER tell us why we “BARELY SEE BARRON!”🤬🖕🏽👎🏽

Boomerang 2 months ago

One place he is not is doing lines with Hunter Biden like Obama's kids.

Vicky Harp
Vicky Harp 2 months ago

And Nasty Rosie & the rest of Hollywood & public, really need to start watching what they say before they bring their words to flood back on them! It’s called KARMA!! People really need to step back & watch what they say. America needs to come together so our country can heal. We’ve always done this & the divide needs to stop NOW!!!

Vicky Harp
Vicky Harp 2 months ago

Maybe they’re trying to protect him from the nasty public!

Deborah Hunnicutt
Deborah Hunnicutt 2 months ago

Pamela Is a bitch, for sure!!!😡😡😡

Peng Fu
Peng Fu 2 months ago

The narrator......why her, why? All I could picture is a ditzy blond in a tube dress...

Cydney Daane
Cydney Daane 2 months ago

He’s gone for a reason! Trust me that kid is a genius!

Freedom Forever
Freedom Forever 2 months ago

R. O'donald is a nasty nasty, bully! Shame on her. RO pick on somebody of your own stature. You goone!

Irma Kalember
Irma Kalember 2 months ago

Great family and smart nice kids he has raised. I love TRUMP Family god bless them.

Nedelko Corria
Nedelko Corria 2 months ago

Go to hell you commie,dont show on my page

Little Brook Reader
Little Brook Reader 2 months ago

No matter what this video does or does not say concerning this young man and his family, I put no trust in it to tell the truth - or to be fair. The media has fallen from the pedestal I once wrongly allowed it to occupy in my thinking. I sometimes watch and listen, but then allow myself to despise it for its disrespect, untruthfulness, agenda-driven portrayals, wreaking with unkindness and hypocrisy, should the piece be worthy of it. This piece seems to have told the truth of the flagrant misdeeds and reviling hatred poured out on this young man and his family. This same villainy is now practiced against his father’s supporters. I wish Baron well, and ALL the Trump family. Thank you for a fair news piece. Much appreciated. I gave this a big thumbs up. I wish I.could give it ten. Thank you again.

Little Brook Reader
Little Brook Reader 2 months ago

Any intelligent person, aware of people wanting to slaughter his father, making his and his family’s life hell, will naturally be inclined to have warm , fuzzy feelings and thoughts toward the monsters who are doing it. Duh. Hollywood, MSM, democrats, and rinos who participated in this, might exercise one-tenth a a single brain cell and realize this. Two duhs.

cufflink44 2 months ago

I wonder if there's a chance Barron will turn out decent, unlike his corrupt siblings. With parents like those, it's a long shot, but who knows . . . Fingers crossed.

D 2 months ago

Why does Barron look like JaRed Kushner?
Osmosis or nooky? Hmmmmm.

Joel Kanne
Joel Kanne 2 months ago

This is fckin stupid. It uses Twitter as info.

Lulú GA
Lulú GA 2 months ago

Leave the boy alone!!!!

Chasity Short
Chasity Short 2 months ago

It's really not anyone's business

A1sausie 2 months ago


Marleen Nijland
Marleen Nijland 2 months ago

Barron Trump is a target for murder.

K McCoy
K McCoy 2 months ago

That was no apology if she put a “but” or a “caveat” in there.

Ann S
Ann S 2 months ago

This is a stupid Leftist Video. It contains hatefilled smears with no facts.
Just look at the picture they used. LOL! Barron is a very nice looking young man and they had to find such a bad picture of him for their hit piece.

Alexa B
Alexa B 2 months ago

I don’t understand why we would need to see the children of politicians anyway 🤷‍♀️

Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey 2 months ago

I don’t blame the young man for staying behind the scenes there’s too many ass holes in the world but that problem will be over soon

The Less Deceived
The Less Deceived 2 months ago

Chad, based and redpilled Barron Trump will put America First.

susan charlton
susan charlton 2 months ago

Bad bad bad journalism

Sir Henryb
Sir Henryb 2 months ago

So wath he is sick boy

KroNick_Abundance Nikolaos

Common sense hes a minor and doesnt need be in the public spotlight ffs

Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner 2 months ago

He is currently in his cocoon morphing into giga chad

rose 2 months ago

Headline : “ Here’s why you rarely “ . . . - in the clip : “ WHILE THE EXACT REASONS MAY NEVER BE DISCLOSED “ . Videos like this should be banned from YouTube

Bryte Eyez
Bryte Eyez 2 months ago

Everyone needed to leave the kid alone. Doesn't matter how you felt about his father.

Oscar 2 months ago


cloud joe twentytwenty

Millions of children in extreme poverty , hunger, , forced labour, yes poor poor very wealthy boy

Sin D
Sin D 2 months ago

I hope Baron starts a punk band called, "My Dad Sucked".

connie MITCHELL 2 months ago


Building210 2 months ago


Preservation of Liberty

Stupid video, don't waste your time,

theFLCLguy 2 months ago

The moment i hear your voice and that music I instantly thumbs down.

chuck1prillaman 2 months ago

Heading is alie. CLick bait. Reported.

Big Boomer
Big Boomer 2 months ago

Baron Von Otto Adolf Eichmann...

We're doomed 🙄

Freedom Of Speech
Freedom Of Speech 2 months ago

The media makes shit up! Never tell’s the truth! Only protects Hollywood and politicians worldwide. Sick!! That’s ok they are losing their audience more and more everyday!

Lina Love
Lina Love 2 months ago

Rosie should worrying about her own daughter who disowned her as a mother.

Bobby Bob
Bobby Bob 2 months ago

Leave Barron out of media and stuff like this.

LuckyDay4me 2 months ago


Fern 2 months ago

Hello sir it's been awhile I miss you and our fight that we fought while you were president of these United States of America the visible knowing president God bless you sir God bless your family and mine

Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson 2 months ago

when i was 14...i went golfing with mt dad every weekend. It's obvious Baron hates his father

Shep me
Shep me 2 months ago

I suspect Barron doesnt want to be in the spotlight

Mike B
Mike B 2 months ago

Not easy to be a child in the Whitehouse.

Nancy Beveridge Taylor

Leave that poor kid alone.

klientproby 2 months ago

Who cares where Barron is! I sincerely hope he's doing fine in spite of the notoriety of the rest of his family. Hopefully, he'll turn out a better person than his father and his older brothers.

Doug G
Doug G 2 months ago

I was home alone all the time when I was eight years old ( and liked it) I also wasn’t 6 foot two

M&G Wood
M&G Wood 2 months ago

President Trumpwon!!! The demon-rats stole the election I seen it with my own two eyes and votes being switched in the middle of the night!! Wake up people you are being brainwashed by the mainstream media and the Demon-rats WAKE UP!!!

Bernadette Duroch
Bernadette Duroch 2 months ago

I guess I missed the answer,, maybe Rosie O'Donnell is the one that we should ask. These haters will not stop at anything especially the one who calls him Damien is a demon and they pick on children. I mean how can a pedophile traffic a child and cell is organs and eat the kid and drink the blood? These are the same types of people. If your kids were in the line of fire because president Trump family bhas had an assassination attempt or threat probably every day for four years, would you have him hanging out all the time? No and he doesn't want to so he doesn't have to.

Humble Mum
Humble Mum 2 months ago

Shame on you.....bringing kids in politics. You suck

Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 2 months ago

Perhaps because there have been more than 5 murder attempts on his parents. That would make me keep my child out if the spotlight.

Amy Walker
Amy Walker 2 months ago

He's probably autistic or hates his father, who didn't want him to be born. Trump paid no attention whatsoever to any of his kids until they became adults. The only one he cares about is Ivanka, and one has to wonder with all the inappropriate images of them together what his relationship with her is like.

Vincent Roubert
Vincent Roubert 2 months ago


Johan Abels
Johan Abels 2 months ago


Leroy Allen
Leroy Allen 2 months ago


Keaston Walker
Keaston Walker 2 months ago

That baby boy. Is going to be one handsome young man

Hugo Jasper
Hugo Jasper 2 months ago

Time Travel........


He probably hates the media and dad’s job! I feel for him having to put up with people as discussing Rosie O’donel

Spiritual Junkie With Heather Marie

Because any loving parent would keep their child out of the spotlight genuis!

Branjo Snow
Branjo Snow 2 months ago

Because people will see Barron looks more like Eric than Donald. Too much golfing Donald, too much golfing.

Jude74 2 months ago

I’m not a fan of his dad but he’s a kid. He should be left alone.

RemnantWarrior 2 months ago

you really suck at reporting

Mickey Flick
Mickey Flick 2 months ago

Trump avoids bringing Baron or Tiffany out in front of the cameras....why is that, you suppose?

chris amor
chris amor 2 months ago

More hearsay hearsay bullshit from media. Same old stuff.

Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt 2 months ago

Clueless fast talking noise maker

Susannah BMD
Susannah BMD 2 months ago

Useless video

Adrian 2 months ago

He's watching... learning...growing stronger...

Armand Horta
Armand Horta 2 months ago

He doesn't want to be part of all this mess it looks like, it also shows him and his father don't seem to have that good of a relationship. Him and his mom look like they do well together though.

Phyllis Benard
Phyllis Benard 2 months ago

You guys in the media just never stop..

Carlos Frazier
Carlos Frazier 2 months ago

God bless him.

MsDella 2 months ago

Leave that child alone...Children are not to be blamed for who their parents are.

Jules Vo
Jules Vo 2 months ago

Leave Barron alone. Pls.

Jerry Joe
Jerry Joe 2 months ago


John Tate
John Tate 2 months ago

And what a shitty apology from the professor. She should have stopped one sentence earlier than she did. She should have stopped at I shouldn’t have said that. Period.

John Tate
John Tate 2 months ago

How about it’s no ones business where Trumps minor Son is or isn’t.

PrognatusSeptem 2 months ago

Ingersoll Lockwood 1892 - Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey. Baron is on his way to former Tartaria now outer realm of Russia via The Under World Transit System with the S.S. providing Secret Service safe passage. Baron is a special organic pristine clone of the original Donald J. Trump. With one important difference. Baron will never look to be more than in his mid-30's yet he will have a enormously extended life span. As we brave further into The Age of Aquarius the Tartarian Republic will be restored as will the North American Republic of United States. The current Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated 14MAR2021 at noon. Shorty thereafter he will be shot in the upper left forehead region. It will appear as though he survives this wound, televised, and which no mere human man could survive. The rest of the puzzle is for you to put together/to get her.
777~None in this world more deceived than the deceivers of this world~777

Wild American
Wild American 2 months ago

Probably because bloodthirsty leftists wouldn’t stop bullying the child.

Jean Luney
Jean Luney 2 months ago

Poor Barron will forever be known, as the son of the delusional psychopath who INCITED a “deadly “riotous, attack on the White House and OUR Democratic process .

Jackie Love
Jackie Love 2 months ago

Dont apology to this monster hold him accountable for his bull shit

Jackie Love
Jackie Love 2 months ago

The boy DIED from Donald CORONA like Donald brother Robert they kept it quiet very quiet

Jackie Love
Jackie Love 2 months ago


Russell Briscoe
Russell Briscoe 2 months ago

Jeeze can this woman rattle , is she on a time limit or speed , ? Never did find out where Barron is , just click bait . Take advice leave Barron alone .

Shirley Andrews
Shirley Andrews 2 months ago

Barron is not a happy kid 😞

pantsuck11 2 months ago

Children are off limits.

Ernest Harper
Ernest Harper 2 months ago

He's probably ashamed to be associated with this corrupt family?

sputnik 2 months ago

I like him and would like to be his friend !!!

Janice Pritt
Janice Pritt 2 months ago

So stupid! Leave him alone!

Janice Pritt
Janice Pritt 2 months ago

So stupid! Leave them alone!

janesylvania USA
janesylvania USA 2 months ago

Whats wrong with you boneheads. How come only those on the left have their children protected but kids are great targets for those on the left as long as they are children conservatives.

Hugh MacDonald
Hugh MacDonald 2 months ago

Skip. Pointless. Leave the kid alone.

Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson 2 months ago

Didnt see him because hes a 14 yr old kid and shouldnt be in the news. You people are horrible.

Theresa M
Theresa M 2 months ago

This didn't explain anything.

Cap'n ArgghhhT
Cap'n ArgghhhT 2 months ago

Because Washington is a toxic place that doesn't know kids are out bounds. If you don't believe me ask the members of the Lincoln project

Judy Kinsman
Judy Kinsman 2 months ago

Happy looking kid. That’s the look I’d have on my face if I was related to Trump.

Terika M.
Terika M. 2 months ago

Let the kid be a kid! For Gods sake!