Watercolor Tutorial, 2020 Christmas card #1


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Information Watercolor Tutorial, 2020 Christmas card #1

Title : Watercolor Tutorial, 2020 Christmas card #1

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Frames Watercolor Tutorial, 2020 Christmas card #1

Description Watercolor Tutorial, 2020 Christmas card #1

Watercolor Tutorial, 2020 Christmas card #1

Watercolor Tutorial, 2020 Christmas card #1

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Louisa Scott
Louisa Scott 2 months ago

You mention "quill" brush in this video but I don't see it in your brushes section.

SB Stone
SB Stone 2 months ago

As always Rick you inspire me. Thanks for the Christmas card ideas! Merry Christmas to you and yours! Know I'm always here watching.

Margret Martin
Margret Martin 2 months ago

Beautiful card!! Never tire of your videos - wonderful!! πŸ’—πŸŒ²

Barbara Gilbert
Barbara Gilbert 2 months ago

Thank you this was a great tutorial! I am inspired to paint some Christmas cards and will watch the other tutorials. One thought, maybe you could stop the camera while you are drying the paintings and come back once they are dry......

peggy lambert
peggy lambert 2 months ago

Just found this set a beautiful Christmas cards. I've seen and been subscribed to your channel but these are what I was looking for. Thank you. I think I can make it work!

Laura Mitchell
Laura Mitchell 2 months ago

Thank you for another informative tutorial! Love how you show your palette, your work, and yourself.

Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison 2 months ago

Thanks for the lovely ideas and the great lessons. I really appreciate your beautiful watercolor style that always inspires me.

Karen Smith
Karen Smith 2 months ago

Loely, how do you attached your painting to a card? Thanks!

Sibyl Tien
Sibyl Tien 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing this beautiful scenery with us. There are endless learning opportunities for us from you. Thank you, Rick!

Evelyn Essig
Evelyn Essig 2 months ago

A wonderful video as usual ! I just ordered my watercolor paper cards. Regular card stock is not quite the same. I had fun anyway!

Mrs Dee
Mrs Dee 2 months ago

Fabulous. Thank you. Merry Christmas!

Pat Bates
Pat Bates 2 months ago

Rick, what do you use to scrape off masking fluid?

Gretchen Norton
Gretchen Norton 2 months ago

I absolutely love your new format! I find I’m learning more being able to see the three different views. Thank you!

Laine Hadlow
Laine Hadlow 2 months ago

Thank you, I am painting all my Christmas cards this year and this is so inspiring πŸ‘

Sue Pidlubny
Sue Pidlubny 2 months ago

Nice. Clean, simple but expressive. What a nice gift for someone. I’ll give it a β€œgo”. Thanks Rick.

Mark Tuck
Mark Tuck 2 months ago

HI Rick! Thanks for the Holiday inspirations... BTW, do you have a YouTube which explains how you lay out the colors on your palette?

Gabriella Oren
Gabriella Oren 2 months ago

such a lovely Christmas present! Thank you, Rick!

R Brunet
R Brunet 2 months ago

This is a great idea. Thank you Rick. Appreciate it.

Sharon Denesi
Sharon Denesi 2 months ago

Loved this so much. Signing up for your course when I am done my current one!

Gail Check
Gail Check 2 months ago

Thanks for this! Can’t wait to see and try the rest of the series!

Beatriz Newmark
Beatriz Newmark 2 months ago

Sooo Beautiful thank you for sharing your videos and techniques

Mo M
Mo M 2 months ago

Really enjoyed this and will try it. Thanks for showing and also for the templates for your cards. I'm off to watch the others now.

A .Vultink
A .Vultink 2 months ago

This is fun, thank you for posting this many in one day sir, I apreciate the time you took for that,I know that must have taken quite some prep work. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Kellie Woodruff
Kellie Woodruff 2 months ago

Can you give a link to the cards you bought to use?

Barbara Gemin
Barbara Gemin 2 months ago

Another year has passed, Rick and I remember having fun making cards last time based on your lovely winter paintings. Thank you. Time to start again and this time Iβ€˜ll try and not copy exactly but at least make the mountains more like the Dolomites or something. You've taught us all so many important skills.

Patty S
Patty S 2 months ago

The picture is dark like no light on it ? dim is the word am looking for, it would be nice to see the reference photo or the painting you made that you are painting from... oh yes and the mute the dryer button would be so much more enjoyable your painting are very nice, thanks

Rebecca Kuzy
Rebecca Kuzy 2 months ago

So beautiful....thanks Rick

Barbara Munford
Barbara Munford 2 months ago

Really like this. Thank you,

Marion Gowland
Marion Gowland 2 months ago

Thanks Rick, will certainly be having a go....never painted Christmas cards before.

Linda King
Linda King 2 months ago

Really nice as always

Carola Cassini Ullah
Carola Cassini Ullah 2 months ago

So simple an so beautiful!, thank you showing us!

Joyce Snodgrass
Joyce Snodgrass 2 months ago

Thank you!πŸ’› This Christmas Card series has inspired me to paint card again. I've painted Christmas card for the past few years.

Robin Cooper
Robin Cooper 2 months ago

I love it!!! I can hardly wait to give this a try today! Thank you Rick!

Kelly Halligan
Kelly Halligan 2 months ago

Beautiful, I’m currently in Park County, Co and our mountains look exactly like these-beautiful violet. This will make a perfect card for my friends here.

Wendy Champness
Wendy Champness 2 months ago

Lovely, will be trying this one!

Jamie Conner
Jamie Conner 2 months ago

My brother-in-law loved tinkering with Christmas cards like this. Sadly, he's no longer with us but it was such a joy receiving his "gift" every year!! Thanks for reminding me, especially since we are enduring forced estrangement with the pandemic this year!!

S S 2 months ago