Part 1: How to build a Leaping Arch for an outdoor Christmas light show


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Information Part 1: How to build a Leaping Arch for an outdoor Christmas light show

Title : Part 1: How to build a Leaping Arch for an outdoor Christmas light show

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Frames Part 1: How to build a Leaping Arch for an outdoor Christmas light show

Description Part 1: How to build a Leaping Arch for an outdoor Christmas light show

Part 1: How to build a Leaping Arch for an outdoor Christmas light show

Part 1: How to build a Leaping Arch for an outdoor Christmas light show

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Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey 2 months ago

got a question on your arches, strips are 16.6" long if you cut them in half and the tubes are 91/2' long how does it work wont it be short??bob

peter weintraub
peter weintraub 2 months ago

You did a great job making this step by step how to video. You make it look so easy for us not so talented newbies. Thanks and happy holidays

Meracle Miracle
Meracle Miracle 2 months ago

Can someone tell me what program should I take in college that does this?

Greg Yort
Greg Yort 2 months ago

You mention the rebar cap used as a base. What is the diameter of the cap? Did you source this at Home Depot or an online source? I find plenty of rebar caps but not sure about the diameter.

PW 2 months ago

what a boring voice.....

Decoration dude
Decoration dude 2 months ago

Do you use a fm transmitter. and if you do, do you know which ones require a license

James Linsley
James Linsley 2 months ago

My box still make the lights flash to the music but I have no sound. Speaker? It stopped a week before Christmas but a miracle occurred Christmas Day and it played all day but not since. any suggestions? I changed the fuses but no help.

Jeffrey Park
Jeffrey Park 2 months ago

For anyone wanting to fully diy this build, I found the rebar caps at home depot today January 2018. Only thing I didn't find was the hdpe tubing but that can be ordered from McMaster. Can't wait to build mine.

Magic Matt
Magic Matt 2 months ago

Matt, thank you for video. I have watched this many a many times. When cutting pixel strip in do i it where do I get the connection

Aric Stegen
Aric Stegen 2 months ago

I am having trouble finding the pipe hangers that hold the cross member. Does anyone have the actual name and maybe a part number from lowes or home depot?

Neil Stapley
Neil Stapley 2 months ago

Matt do you a how to guide any where that covers the builds of the controllers and wiring?

Art Boyle
Art Boyle 2 months ago

Matt,  If you split the lights in half what connection did you use to power the next section.

jerry thompson
jerry thompson 2 months ago

What size rebar cap did you use?

Landon 2 months ago

Hi Matt,
I was wondering if you could do this with Mr Christmas Light Synchronizer? If so could you tell me where you got all your stuff?

b bumgarner
b bumgarner 2 months ago

2 Things, 1 How did you get you're lights to change colors ?, 2. What type of controller did you use ?

Jeff Charboneau
Jeff Charboneau 2 months ago

what size tubing are you using? 1 1/2 or 2" thanks

DHAROMG 2 months ago

dose any one know the name of the intro song???

John Pasquariello
John Pasquariello 2 months ago

I just got to say how impressive your displays are and it's been yours and ESPECIALLY these how-to videos giving me the inspiration to work on my own.

It's slow going and being pieced together over time but I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Ryan Lamp
Ryan Lamp 2 months ago

Another outstanding tutorial!

Zachary Planet
Zachary Planet 2 months ago

How much time would it take to make this light show?
How much money would take to make this light show?

johnny rizzo
johnny rizzo 2 months ago

Matt great Video. I just ordered my pipe from the web site that you posted above and 5m strips with 300 5050 leds per strip. Are you sending extra 12v out to those arches from a power supply at both ends to keep up the brightness? or just the power from the controller?

Bony Gill
Bony Gill 2 months ago

Where can more Led strips can be found on leaping arch on Amazon?

Neil Viertel
Neil Viertel 2 months ago

I do like how you say what parts you have used to do this, & most of all, where to get them.  I haven't seen others do that yet.   Thanks for that!

Charles Olver
Charles Olver 2 months ago

Are you a T-1000, T-800 or T-X?

Dave Nyemaster
Dave Nyemaster 2 months ago

Just now getting into this. Matt has done a fantastic job.

James Cowan
James Cowan 2 months ago

Any good suggestions on how to shape the tubing without getting kinks in it?

Mathijs Groothuis
Mathijs Groothuis 2 months ago

Do you have a permanent led strip blinking around the decoration above the central door? Or is that just some kind of artifacting of the video?

Jason Schrecengost
Jason Schrecengost 2 months ago

hi Matt, you didn't mention how you secured the arches once they went out side. I'm assuming that you used re bar but i figured i would ask you.

W1FJM 2 months ago

Matt, I have tried to contact you via your website but the contact form isn't working. How can I contact you to ask a few questions?

Hans Mantel
Hans Mantel 2 months ago

Hear is the link for pipe hanger/clamp from home depot.

Gary Clark
Gary Clark 2 months ago

Matt, what was the length of the pixel strip in the tube that you used?

Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas 2 months ago

Matt I wanted to thank you for this great video. I built six of these for my display this year and they were (are) a big hit. I love the look (neon). I used 97 pixels in each arch (pixel strips) from RayWu. I put too much tension on the strips at first an actually pulled the solder joints apart on a couple of strips - easy fix but didn't need that much tension. These are so much easier to store than my old PVC pipes with mini lights wrapped (16 channel). Merry Christmas!

Derek Maddox
Derek Maddox 2 months ago

Can we all stop and admire the garage setup for a second please

buddyfirebird 2 months ago

is the base stable enough that the wind wont knock it over?

BMACK77 2 months ago

That garage is immaculate!

Josh Huspen
Josh Huspen 2 months ago

sir, you are a freaking ninja. i was impressed by the light show itself but seeing you build it, the quality and organization of your tools you're the man! have to be some sort of engineer, right? the brass fitting with the bungee/zip-tie, nobody puts that much craftsmanship into things. well done man

Sam Jones
Sam Jones 2 months ago

Matt im blown away. This is really impressive.

Johnny Kelly
Johnny Kelly 2 months ago

Your the man.

Chad 2 months ago

Can you specify what the bend radius was for your light arches ? i think you said the wall thickness was 1/8 " and would love to get the same one you ordered .. what was the ID, OD, wall thichness and Bend Radius for your arches ?

Thank you !

Texas Christmas Lights Installers

Awesome, thank you for sharing! #BestChristamasLights

Roger Fettig
Roger Fettig 2 months ago

Hi Matt do you have an email Addy that I can use to ask a few things???..Having trouble dealing with your supplier you used for the pipe...Thanks...
Roger Fettig

John Mayer
John Mayer 2 months ago

I love your how-to videos and am wondering if you made the snowflakes?  Did you purchase them whole and where if this is the case?  Thank you very much for posting the how-to videos as I have a basis for starting my pixel lights!  Look forward for your 2015 year light show!

Roger Fettig
Roger Fettig 2 months ago

ok I have been trying to search where to get the 2 inch semi transparent hose that you use but I can not find anything on the lowes website for anything that big. Any ideas on that or what I should be looking for.?

Terry W
Terry W 2 months ago

Matt, why do you prefer Vixen 3 over others like Nutcracker for instance? Does it have more features, etc.?

Rodney Naquin
Rodney Naquin 2 months ago

Matt nice job with this video,you really paid attention to detail.i was wondering when you purchased the tube.did you get hit with a large freight charge.was going to order a 10' piece,they were going to charge me a 65.00 freight fee.did you experience this as well.thanks in advance.

Mark Farparan
Mark Farparan 2 months ago

Excellent Video Matt!!! Saw you on the Light Fight and was intrigued by your version of the light arch. Your design is Simplified Perfection!!! Thank you for sharing this...Now it gives me many other ideas for my own display. See you Next Xmas!!!

P.S. Could you tell me what size tube you used? Looks like 1 1/2"...Thanks!

Patrick Crowe
Patrick Crowe 2 months ago

Matt, you're great!  Thanks for sharing your accomplishments with all of us!  You're the king!

Frank Munoz
Frank Munoz 2 months ago

Congratulations Matt love your show in your video you never mentioned when you got your lights from

Paul Grenier
Paul Grenier 2 months ago

Did anyone else have blinding rage about how clean Matt's shop was?!?
Seriously though, great video! In looking forward to watching the whole series and can't wait to expand from LOR to pixels next year.

Jeff Curran
Jeff Curran 2 months ago

Thanks for the tip on the HDPE semi-clear white tubing. This can be used for many projects and does a great job of diffusing pixel strips. Plus it's dirt cheap. Cheers!!

ipscone 2 months ago

You said you'd talk about the controller but didn't.  In the video you show RGB lights and RGB wires.  This seems to suggests the lights are all on or all off or all of a single color. But the video shows individual light control.  How was the arches in the video controlled?  What kind of controller?  How many channels?

ukewarrior 2 months ago

Nice video Matt.
thanks for sharing.
Can you be more specific about the 'slits' you make in the tubing?
How long are they?  Is the idea that when you squeeze the clamp that it flares out on the bottom to provide more friction to against the rebar cap?

Do you know what size/type/make/source you used for the pipe clamp?
I'm assuming the crossbar is 1/2" electrical conduit, correct?

Also, how do you secure the whole assembly to the ground?

Nodent 2 months ago

I just started this year with 25 foot long drive way arches.  Having a blast with me new hobby.
I am so jealous of your work shop

sun moona
sun moona 2 months ago

nice. but how i program the lights like yours

RobertoMello79 2 months ago

I love the light show, great videos showing how to do it.
Question, how do you do the lights around the walls, roof and sidewalk.
Thank you

PINK HORSES 2 months ago

Does the lights control work on iMacs I have 3 iMacs and I want to use 3 to do the lights

Micah Funderburk
Micah Funderburk 2 months ago

Can you please add more videos? I want to do this to my house. Making arches as we speak!!!

RUSSELL PEACOCK 2 months ago

These are great

Cory Dorning
Cory Dorning 2 months ago

Can you link to the lights you got? tried looking them up but lots of different types with various changes per lot. not sure what is what. thanks for the video!

jerrymacvaldosta 2 months ago

Matt  you didn't mention what size tubing you used in this arch