DIY Space-Saving PVC Pipe Christmas Tree


Miaira Jennings

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Information DIY Space-Saving PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

Title : DIY Space-Saving PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

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Frames DIY Space-Saving PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

Description DIY Space-Saving PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

DIY Space-Saving PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

DIY Space-Saving PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

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Miaira Jennings
Miaira Jennings 2 months ago

SO excited about how this tree came out! Hope you guys love it, too. 😍Thanks so much for watching and please comment to let me know what you want to see me make next! 🎅🏾

Людмила Учанова

Умница!!!Настолько красиво и оригинально!Издалека смотрится,как живая,а уж как наряжена ,,лесная’’ красавица...!!!!Просто эмоции переполняют от такой чудесной новогодней ёлки!!!Молодец!!!👍👍👏👏👏☃️🤶🏻🥳

mishti cute style
mishti cute style 2 months ago

Hii so cute tree I am girl I live in India . I am your big fun

Desen Polat
Desen Polat 2 months ago

I loved your project and your energy!


Thanku so much

Nikhila Dileep
Nikhila Dileep 2 months ago

Nice video 👌👌

Angelina Johnny
Angelina Johnny 2 months ago

I love this. ❤️🎄🌲

BANDELA Vijaya RANI 2 months ago

Wonderful creative idea

D Martinez Family
D Martinez Family 2 months ago

Love it

Sowjanya Nethala
Sowjanya Nethala 2 months ago


Mishel Hans
Mishel Hans 2 months ago

So so smartt 💕 this is beautifulll

Josmy Medon
Josmy Medon 2 months ago

I realy like it this tree 💯💯

Jill Levy
Jill Levy 2 months ago

this was a super cute video and nice project. going to attempt later this week. well done ! hope Home Depot gave you a call :)

Ευριτα Φωτιου

,it is a clever idea mpravo

Anila Baby
Anila Baby 2 months ago


claudete garcez
claudete garcez 2 months ago

Lindo" beatifull"

Kinaake Rufino
Kinaake Rufino 2 months ago


Arlene Filer
Arlene Filer 2 months ago

Your the bomb Hey Home Depot Sponsor Her now ‼️ Doing this now‼️

danica douglas
danica douglas 2 months ago

Thank you. You did a wonderful job. Great easy project.

Yobla Zeeaz
Yobla Zeeaz 2 months ago

Love it, so cool 😎👌🤗

Nena 2 months ago


Paul Ratcliffe
Paul Ratcliffe 2 months ago

Excellent idea, looks kinda easy to do but looks amazing. Thanks for sharing this.😀🇬🇧

gary lashley
gary lashley 2 months ago

Awesome thanks for sharing

Dasni Nadeeka
Dasni Nadeeka 2 months ago

I'm Sri Lanka best of luck👍👍

Glory Johnson
Glory Johnson 2 months ago

Thanks for the idea... Gonna try it out. XDXD ❤️

Darlene Johnson
Darlene Johnson 2 months ago

Going to home depot tomorrow!

Shelby Downs -Seckman

Also this would be great for a kids bedroom. That's what I'ma do. :)

Shelby Downs -Seckman

Wow that's a brilliant idea. Btw, where you wrapped the lights around the top, I like the glare off the wall. (When you did the closer look). I think I would of wrapped the lights on the whole tree.

Jazmin Atala
Jazmin Atala 2 months ago

Es mucho mejor que el árbol en la pared, porque aquí no tienes que tocar y arruinar la pared para poner el árbol. Felicitaciones desde Chile!

Donna Mackie
Donna Mackie 2 months ago

Wow that is sooo cool..looks great..the colours are lovely x x

Shirly morales
Shirly morales 2 months ago

wow 😱😍 lo haré de cuantos metros es cada tubo de pvc que usaste ?

palestine ghurab
palestine ghurab 2 months ago

This is beautiful, creative and practical ❤️ I'll make one for my kids' 1st xmas tree 😊

Julia Santiago
Julia Santiago 2 months ago

Came across this video and I'm in love 😅 this tree is perfect for people that have toddlers. I'm going to try it out tonight! Can't wait!

Octavio Guanipa
Octavio Guanipa 2 months ago

May your hands be blessed forever <3

Patricia Jennings
Patricia Jennings 2 months ago

Awesome -simple but so pretty!!

Ana julia Estrada
Ana julia Estrada 2 months ago

No se debe ver el pvc

Zarah intan
Zarah intan 2 months ago

Thank you so much Miaira! It's really beautiful♥️♥️

Margarita Hernandez
Margarita Hernandez 2 months ago


DANIEL CRUZ 2 months ago

Te quedó bonito chula😍🌲

m te braak
m te braak 2 months ago

I LOVE ur idea. Thnx for sharing

Maggie Quinones
Maggie Quinones 2 months ago

I would of put elbow ends👍👍♥️

Ripa Rani Moshahary
Ripa Rani Moshahary 2 months ago


I think Cardboard
I think Cardboard 2 months ago

just got bamboozeled

Elenita Lanto
Elenita Lanto 2 months ago

Ah... this is an idea I'm looking for. Need not to paste or mount anything on my wall...thank you for this video...

Waldir Rosario
Waldir Rosario 2 months ago

Great idea!! Fabulous!!!

Ricardo contreras ferrer

Me agrada la fans de la raza de color

Bala Supramaniyan
Bala Supramaniyan 2 months ago

I am indian love you

roz m
roz m 2 months ago

Hi! U R Perfect material for House wife.
Best Future wishes

Massimiliano Apicella

Very nice ;)

The Christian Crochet Addict

I love this idea I'm doing it! I will also make fake gifts at the bottom to cover the pipe at the bottom.

Rhetta Mcbride
Rhetta Mcbride 2 months ago

OMG I'm so going to do this project. Great video 😊

fuse070 2 months ago

FANTASTIC! I love it! You're soooo creative :-)

Tiffany Avalos
Tiffany Avalos 2 months ago

OMG!!!!! I love this idea as I live in a studio which I call a bungalow lol! When you turned the lights out it does look like the tree is floating!!! Yayyyy you did a good job!!!

PegEgg Eggleston
PegEgg Eggleston 2 months ago

Hi Miaira - great video and instruction. Thanks for sharing and continued success. Love PegEgg

Sweety Chakrey
Sweety Chakrey 2 months ago

Wowwwww so simple

Chacha Girl
Chacha Girl 2 months ago

Awesome 👍

Suzie From the block
Suzie From the block 2 months ago

Fab so classy well done ❣️

Kristy Davis
Kristy Davis 2 months ago


amit Kumar
amit Kumar 2 months ago


Archana Kumari
Archana Kumari 2 months ago

Olove you....

amit Kumar
amit Kumar 2 months ago


Tocasha Garner
Tocasha Garner 2 months ago

I love it! Good job!

Claudia Pakpahan
Claudia Pakpahan 2 months ago

Shooo pretty! I’m gon’ recreate this for my living room. Thank you for the idea!

Deepthy Xavier
Deepthy Xavier 2 months ago

How many metres of tinsel required? Thanks in advance

Florika Das
Florika Das 2 months ago

Woow! Really amazing! :)

ninucajariashvili Ninuca

Very good tutorial, thanks for teaching

Ssree 2 months ago

Oh, this has so much potential! Like, if you want a 3d, just make a tripod of it and wrap the garland around... I'm going to try this this Christmas, I've been missing a tree past few years and this looks like it could provide a solution to it. And when done, just take it apart and store it in a small space.

promaster185 2 months ago

Looks good, Very creative

mariaj985 2 months ago

This is amazing.......i think i want to throw away my tree and make this