Somewhere Over the Rainbow (NEW! Turn on CC for chords and lyrics) | Beginner Ukulele Lesson #5


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Information Somewhere Over the Rainbow (NEW! Turn on CC for chords and lyrics) | Beginner Ukulele Lesson #5

Title : Somewhere Over the Rainbow (NEW! Turn on CC for chords and lyrics) | Beginner Ukulele Lesson #5

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Frames Somewhere Over the Rainbow (NEW! Turn on CC for chords and lyrics) | Beginner Ukulele Lesson #5

Description Somewhere Over the Rainbow (NEW! Turn on CC for chords and lyrics) | Beginner Ukulele Lesson #5

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (NEW! Turn on CC for chords and lyrics) | Beginner Ukulele Lesson #5

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (NEW! Turn on CC for chords and lyrics) | Beginner Ukulele Lesson #5

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Cynthia Lin Music
Cynthia Lin Music 2 months ago

Aloha folks!!! NEW for 2021: Turn on CC (Closed Captions) for chords and lyrics on screen! Please let me know if they're helpful. FYI I made this video before chord and lyrics onscreen were a thing, so try the CC thing out. Hope you're all doing great.🌈🌺

John Ohkuma Thiel
John Ohkuma Thiel 2 months ago

I must be getting better because I remember not long ago this was difficult.

Also, typically I play outside in public, used to be a musical bum, and now I even have fans!

I’m a film and television actor. Last week I brought my ukulele with me to a gig because I was stressed out. The Director suddenly said, “Didn’t I see someone has a guitar or something?” Cast and crew pointed at me. He said, “Guitar?” I said, “Ukulele.” He said, “Play a song in the next scene.”

Late 1950s, I figured a three or four chord song everyone knows, I quickly learned ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.’

So now I’m a professional ukulele player.

Tenzin Dolkar
Tenzin Dolkar 2 months ago

Toni scared the shit outta me

Kimberly I Sue Potter Bushong Jackson

Much love, Kimmyssong

John Ohkuma Thiel
John Ohkuma Thiel 2 months ago

I don’t think that’s really in the style of Iz, but your version is also wonderful.

Dion1957 2 months ago

You are GReat!!!!

Sophany Luong
Sophany Luong 2 months ago


Abigail Paul
Abigail Paul 2 months ago

Love your content Cynthia!! You are amazing. Thank you. :)

渡辺和憲 2 months ago


Ingoba Phanjoubam
Ingoba Phanjoubam 2 months ago

After watching your videos I buy ukulele thank you for your tutorial video 👌

Bobby Domingo
Bobby Domingo 2 months ago

Very nice

Arianna Gower
Arianna Gower 2 months ago

Such an angelic voice, ThankYou for sharing 🤩

Mochi Ukulele
Mochi Ukulele 2 months ago

Excuse me but can anyone help me, where does the chords go in the lyrics. I am having trouble with putting the right chords with lyrics.😞

Gucci Gambino
Gucci Gambino 2 months ago

Ho, Cousin, dat was beautiful, Hana Hou🧡yah!?

TheLegend 2 months ago

refund !!

TheLegend 2 months ago

dont quit your daytime job

Stephanie Wright
Stephanie Wright 2 months ago

Thank you. You are such a good teacher. You really know how to take it step by step.

Lv2Rd Honu
Lv2Rd Honu 2 months ago

Love this 💖🌺

Kady B 5
Kady B 5 2 months ago

Jesus loves you!😁🤍✝️

Hakdog ko kainin mo
Hakdog ko kainin mo 2 months ago

Another strumming:
X= Chuck

Erica 2 months ago

Wow!! You have good resources for us!!! Thanks a million.

Janet Rojas
Janet Rojas 2 months ago

If I have a low g is it better to just straight island strum or still pick top string. Also, C chord to Em is easier with a strap.

Justin Slone
Justin Slone 2 months ago

great teaching thank you, I struggle with the G trasition

Emily Grace
Emily Grace 2 months ago

YAS!! You knew I was looking for this one!! Particularly, the IZ version! THANK YOU soooo much!!

Anna Zhao
Anna Zhao 2 months ago

Your singing is so beautiful 😻

Grace Pughe
Grace Pughe 2 months ago

I am 6 years late but this tutorial truly helped my dads best friend got me into ukulele and now i cant stop! ive been wanting to play this song for ever and now i can sing and play at the same time thank you so so much!!

Avery Lueck
Avery Lueck 2 months ago

Your voice is beautiful

Chichi Barleta
Chichi Barleta 2 months ago

thank you so much Ms Cynthia for sharing...playing refreshes my soul in this trying season of life...from the Philippines aloha

royal fox
royal fox 2 months ago


Joselyn Asucena Medina Alvarez

come on girl u rock u have a wonderful voice

Mark Singh
Mark Singh 2 months ago

It's hard enough playing and singing as it is, but this song is so beautiful, I tear up every time halfway through!

SilentShadow 2 months ago

sounds like i lava u song

George Harrison
George Harrison 2 months ago

Hey Cynthia, firstly thanx heaps for your tutorials really easy to follow for someone who has never been into playing any instrument. So l have started playing the ukulele and am loving it. The question I have is do you strum with your thumb all the time or only in the Somewhere over the Rainbow tutorial.🙂

Russ Karaus
Russ Karaus 2 months ago

Hi Cynthia, I'd like to download the chords and lyrics to this song. but can't find that link you mentioned. Thanks, you are wonderful.

Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly 2 months ago

What is fair to put in the "0" spot as a contribution for your delightful tutorials?

Max imilian
Max imilian 2 months ago

thanks so much for the video and the chord charts. I've bought a ukulele for christmas and wanted to learn and your videos are so helpful.

Jimmer E
Jimmer E 2 months ago

Final ply thru 8:48

Jimmer E
Jimmer E 2 months ago

Ply thru 7:43

Alex Davani
Alex Davani 2 months ago

i purchased the chord chat from you but it is only one page and not the full song, just the beginning of the song. How do I get the whole song?

Maurizio Let
Maurizio Let 2 months ago

Sei dolcissima ❤🥰❤

Christine Nagy
Christine Nagy 2 months ago

Can you use a pick when you strum on the ukulele?

Princess CatMeow
Princess CatMeow 2 months ago

i love your tutorials! thank you thank you so much!!!

Clovencrow 2 months ago

Great playing and Great voice. Very emotional. :)

Yvonne Jackson
Yvonne Jackson 2 months ago

You have the best tutorials...

John Gorman
John Gorman 2 months ago

You're definitely my favourite uke teacher that I've found on YouTube, you're videos are just so much easier to follow. Plus you can day ukulele correctly

Pete Cassidy
Pete Cassidy 2 months ago

Absolutely, positively the best ukulele instructor on our planet. You have a very sweet, aloha, way of teaching all of us. I’m 76 and NOT a musician. But whenever I play for a senior group, somebody will comment that they like the song “STAND BY ME”. I tell them all about you, and how YOUR ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO TEACH THE ISLAND/CALYPSO STRUM. Mahalo from the bottom of my heart Cynthia.

Carmen Jones
Carmen Jones 2 months ago

The am is hard to play fast

Amberspirithealing 2 months ago

Thank You for teaching me to play Aloha🌺

Devan Ramos
Devan Ramos 2 months ago


ahsan boby1
ahsan boby1 2 months ago


Tysto 2 months ago

Wrong lyrics

Eliot Smith
Eliot Smith 2 months ago

You have a lovely voice

Margaret 2 months ago

During the quarantine, I have learned ukulele, well at least as a beginner, and it is all thanks to you...thanks so much for your videos!!!

Tayuan Lee
Tayuan Lee 2 months ago


jasneskis 2 months ago

My island strum always went d du udu. So it should be pick du udu. Your sheet music strum instruction notation in the lesson is ldUl - uldu. What is l? If that stands for pick? Am I suppose to pick 3 times in each measure? Then the count is , the measure, the bar has more than 4 counts. Can you explain? I don’t undertake the strum. These written instructions appear different than your verbal information.

Charlie Stelzer
Charlie Stelzer 2 months ago

Cynthia ! I’m totally enjoying your lessons ! My wife and I have learned so much from you already! You’re a regular here in our Santa Barbara home!

lisa kuroiwa
lisa kuroiwa 2 months ago

Can you share the cords also

Hugo Granados L
Hugo Granados L 2 months ago

your dog want to learn ukulele

Maria Dacal
Maria Dacal 2 months ago

You are awesome Cynthia Lin! What an amazing ukelele teacher! THANK YOU!

Lejay Arielle
Lejay Arielle 2 months ago

Have a rainbow day, Cynthia

Gabriela Murillo Jenkins

Excelent teacher! I have been learning so fast! Thank Cynthia!

villaimoveis imoveis
villaimoveis imoveis 2 months ago

donut media

Tony Lorenzo
Tony Lorenzo 2 months ago

I think I'm in love 🥰

James Johnston
James Johnston 2 months ago

sings like an angel!

Frankie Araneta
Frankie Araneta 2 months ago

Love the smile!! Thanks for a nice class today Cynthia, look forward to more! 😊😊

Maggie Mada
Maggie Mada 2 months ago


Olympia Sobande
Olympia Sobande 2 months ago

Best tutorial I’ve watch for this yet! 👏🏾👏🏾you’re amazing!

Pierrette Mercier
Pierrette Mercier 2 months ago

Thank you Cynthia y’ou are a gift for me every day. I am practicing English at the sane time...Bisous!

Yvi Eam
Yvi Eam 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this! Love it!
I love your voice very soothing. New subscriber here😊

Reggie Kenner
Reggie Kenner 2 months ago

Thanks so much. I've been a guitar player forever and have owned an old Regal uke for a few years but never sat down to learn all the chords I need to play some of the songs I know.
A little girl from across the street came over today to ask if I could tune her brand new ukelele (still had the price tag attached). I tuned it and got my own ukelele out to learn some chords. This is everyone's favorite and was very easy for me.
I suggested the little girl could come over and I'd beam up some beginner lessons and we can learn a bit together as I help her with rhythm and fingering. Like to get her going quickly so she can show off for her mom and brothers and sisters. That will help keep her interested.

Alyssa McDonald
Alyssa McDonald 2 months ago

Cynthia, you are my absolute fave! I have uke dates with you most evenings once I put my baby down. I love unwinding - learning to play the uke! Aloha!

Saikrishna Kondaraju
Saikrishna Kondaraju 2 months ago

It's a joy learning from you Cynthia!

bebeniall 2 months ago

Hi Cynthia, I love your tutorials. :) May I know what Ukulele do you use? what size and brand? thanks! xxx

Susan Copeland
Susan Copeland 2 months ago

I can’t find your chord sheet.

lelet salcedo
lelet salcedo 2 months ago

Strumming pattern?

ishita jaiswal
ishita jaiswal 2 months ago

breathing ariana grande

れれのE T
れれのE T 2 months ago

Thank you so much Cynthia.
I am Japanese. I into Ukulele my happy time. ありがとうございます。(the meaning is thank you)

Veroun Bhim
Veroun Bhim 2 months ago

Thank you for teaching it the way IZ played it. I just went through so many videos of people doing it their way (which is fine i guess) that i'm nauseous.

James Sims
James Sims 2 months ago

Wow your voice is beautiful, I'm definitely going to learn this 😁

Ronna Secker
Ronna Secker 2 months ago

I am using an iPad and don’t know how to download the chord chart. Any suggestion?

david hughes
david hughes 2 months ago

The prettiest Hawaiian girl I ever seen

david hughes
david hughes 2 months ago

Prettiest Hawaiian girl I ever seen in my life your husband is very lucky

andy taylor
andy taylor 2 months ago

Your brilliant

Malcolm Chisholm
Malcolm Chisholm 2 months ago

YOu have made understanding Israel's rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow so easy compared with others I have looked at. Thank you! Ps, what a beautiful cat you have.

Becaye Baldé
Becaye Baldé 2 months ago

Yay! I can almost play and sing along

Proca !
Proca ! 2 months ago


Elena Sablina
Elena Sablina 2 months ago

🔥🔥🔥i can play it 😊 thank you 😘😘😘

PKINS PKINS 2 months ago

What size is your ukulele?
Concert or soprano?

Laura Cooper
Laura Cooper 2 months ago

You are awesome! I am really enjoying your lessons. I played as a child and had a terrible instructor. I have learned so much more from you already. This has been my newest social distancing hobby!

Trill 2 months ago

Happy 61st birthday to the legend! 🙏🏼

Christine Murray
Christine Murray 2 months ago

Does anyone know where the link is for the chord chart I can’t seem to locate it?

Ulrich Schildhauer
Ulrich Schildhauer 2 months ago

Today as it is IZ‘s birthday it is the best day to play that song... thanks for your great tutorials! picked up ukulele playing during corona lockdown and it is at least something good that happened to me during that time...

Norsang Yarphel
Norsang Yarphel 2 months ago

thank you very much. I got it from you totally

Jenny Eugenio
Jenny Eugenio 2 months ago

This was the song played when my husband had his wedding proposal... Still learning my ukelele

PinheadLarry7034 2 months ago

Is the pick only possible by playing with the thumb struming? I usually use my index finger to strum

Ingrid Ashley Albarrán López

Today I was finally able to play and sing this song!! A month ago it was so impossible but now I can!!!! Thanks a lot😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

sugajar 2 months ago

is it only me or i learned ukelele on yt? haha lol

Steve Stumbaugh
Steve Stumbaugh 2 months ago

That was great 👍👍👍

Arvxo 2 months ago

I’ve looked at EVERY somewhere over the rainbow tutorial. This is the only that has seemed to help me thus far. Day 1 of learning it. Thank you so much!

fe cantila
fe cantila 2 months ago

Love d song❤️❤️❤️