Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 1974 Video Sound HQ



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Information Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 1974 Video Sound HQ

Title : Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 1974 Video Sound HQ

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Frames Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 1974 Video Sound HQ

Description Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 1974 Video Sound HQ

Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 1974 Video Sound HQ

Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 1974 Video Sound HQ

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Luke Townley
Luke Townley 2 months ago

I think this song might be lip synced. Never mind though. They're ain't nothing cooler than jamming to your own song! Peace!

Frank Plechaty
Frank Plechaty 2 months ago


Milton Monnin
Milton Monnin 2 months ago

Damn right! " She looked at me with big brown eyes and said you ain't seen nothing yet"!
I'm not scared baby!

Stringer Corrales
Stringer Corrales 2 months ago

Is this song in a porn?

For Crying Out Loud TV


Gerardo Malacara
Gerardo Malacara 2 months ago


Naheem94 2 months ago

This song makes me groove in the car before going to my gooma’s house and beating up a councilman

Mark Dick
Mark Dick 2 months ago


heribert laky
heribert laky 2 months ago


Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis 2 months ago

Awesome track 😁👍🍺

Václav Valenta
Václav Valenta 2 months ago


Hernando Torres
Hernando Torres 2 months ago

What a song, incredible

HuntersMoon73 2 months ago

Who’s the guy in blue satin playing lead guitar? He’s excellent. Made the song extra-special if you ask me.

Adelina Docile
Adelina Docile 2 months ago

Esta música do BTO foi a primeira que conheci, só que mais tarde conheci outras e me apaixonei. Tocava muito nos clubes que eu frequentava, nos anos 70. Dancei muito ao som deste conjunto.

Steven Draper
Steven Draper 2 months ago

If You dislike BTO and this Video.. YOU DEFINITELY AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET..

Padmanathan Nadason
Padmanathan Nadason 2 months ago

I need to hear this song everyday ..1/5/2021.
Thank you youtube
For bringing back my childhood memory.
Sorry for those who didn't know this song existed.

Unix 2 months ago

Please send me back to 1970, a way better time than 2021.

Greasy Flight
Greasy Flight 2 months ago

balls out rock and roll Canadian style

Melanie Pitt
Melanie Pitt 2 months ago

My parrot loves this track .

Jorge Fallas
Jorge Fallas 2 months ago

2hat a Badass song!

Pepe lepew
Pepe lepew 2 months ago

dorky af

Константин Щоголев

Да БТО канадская группа и у них была такая интересная песня скажу проще делай свое дело

Darin Eversaul
Darin Eversaul 2 months ago

I'm in the best time machine right now..
Damn fine music

Carla Clark
Carla Clark 2 months ago

My Brother Favorite Song Passed Away Last night RIP Brother Always In My Heart

kev oneill
kev oneill 2 months ago

good guy

Al Warner
Al Warner 2 months ago

My favorite BTO song ever! Reminds me of my first love; she didn't stutter, but she had big brown eyes and gave me something that I never will forget!

David Bass
David Bass 2 months ago

Roll on down that highway!!

Beverly Korte
Beverly Korte 2 months ago

Awsome ✌🏻👍🏼🤟🏼✌🏼😎💖👍🏼💃🏽💞

Sid theSloth
Sid theSloth 2 months ago

They don't make them like this anymore

SirBudrick 2 months ago

John C Reilly's had such a long successful career. So underrated.

Larry Thomas
Larry Thomas 2 months ago

Who is that lead guitarist in the
blue suit ?
Some of the the best rock riff's...

Rod James
Rod James 2 months ago

Nothing like the 60s and 70s great music

Tyler Gann
Tyler Gann 2 months ago

I have just put the finishing touches on my time machine!! I'm going to go back to the 70's!! Anybody wanna come with me?!?

Ron Shelley
Ron Shelley 2 months ago

This always was my favorite B.T.O. song. A great song to cruise to!

colin Simpson
colin Simpson 2 months ago

Absolutely fffffantastic.... Love it oh the ssssseventies. 😌😌🌹🌹🌹👍👍

D J 2 months ago

The Watch brought me here

Rob C.
Rob C. 2 months ago

An anthem for the 70's, Great band.

martincito 2 months ago

I am 56 years old and since I was a teenager I have never stopped listening to this great song

John C
John C 2 months ago

enjoy this song often like lots

Doug Tull
Doug Tull 2 months ago


carl wilburn
carl wilburn 2 months ago

looks like woody harrelson on drums. or maybe my eyes are worse than i thought.

SMOKEitUP42O 2 months ago

i have a few BTO albums from the 70's :)

Travis Brewer
Travis Brewer 2 months ago

2020’s catchphrase, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

A B 2 months ago

April 2021

Joel Hammett
Joel Hammett 2 months ago

Fab FM! Nice 👍

Happy Hippo
Happy Hippo 2 months ago

I saw BTO at the Salem, OR Armory in the front row, leaning on the stage, with my boyfriend. I flirted with the drummer Randy Bachman the entire show. When it was over, he threw me his drumstick. It hit my boyfriend right in the mouth. Darned if he didn't keep it!😄lol

Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee 2 months ago


Robert Baglin
Robert Baglin 2 months ago

What a fantastic decade to grow up in absolutely loved every minute of it.

ST Patrick AngeL12_17


Ernest Ransom
Ernest Ransom 2 months ago

When I first heard this song I thought it was the best rock song I ever heard I still do !!!

Nita Tay
Nita Tay 2 months ago

I bet he is the only singer that only could of done that I can’t even keep up when I sing along hahahaha

Hard as Steel
Hard as Steel 2 months ago

Naupe.... da best iz yet tu came!...🤭🤭🤭

Katfish Jak
Katfish Jak 2 months ago

This song makes me so happy that Im cryin. Good times. 5th grade at the time and waiting for Frampton

john Tracy
john Tracy 2 months ago

Tuuunnneeee classic . It'll go on forever

PresidentGas1 2 months ago

An anthem to the dudes that will fuck anything .......I salute you. More man than I for sure ....

Thomas Marthinussen
Thomas Marthinussen 2 months ago

The fascinating thing is that most people who stutter(me included) never stutter when they sing! Really makes me wanna go around all day and sing instead of talk but then people would just look at me with this weird look in their eyes!

Darren Haycock
Darren Haycock 2 months ago

Love this and so does smashy and nicey these types of songs will always stand the test of time
Friggin awesome ten out of ten gringo

Aaron Merjil
Aaron Merjil 2 months ago

For the one living notes by my door 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

gerald morain
gerald morain 2 months ago


gerald morain
gerald morain 2 months ago


Steven Parr
Steven Parr 2 months ago

Classic track 🎶 ❤

Andrewf5251 2 months ago

ye it looks like people used to make great music back in times . sadly those times are long gone .

James Haye
James Haye 2 months ago

The watch car Scene brought me here 🤣

Marilyn Snider
Marilyn Snider 2 months ago

I've always loved BTO.

John Shantz
John Shantz 2 months ago

Saw them live 1970. CNE. they opened for the beach boys

Jim Ferguson
Jim Ferguson 2 months ago

the 70's were the best! BTO~!!!!

An Vi
An Vi 2 months ago

Great 👍👌

ST Patrick AngeL12_17


Jon Moody
Jon Moody 2 months ago

Winnipeg boys all the way

ciscolm 2 months ago

One of the best concerts i went to.

sasquatch 2 months ago

One of the best songs ever ruined by a swedish commercial 😕

James Devine
James Devine 2 months ago

This is for my brother in Mississauga....

Jeff Roderick
Jeff Roderick 2 months ago

Nice SG

Stllno 2 months ago

Gay cowboys?

MetalViking 2 months ago

Bbbbbbest song 👍

neil hale
neil hale 2 months ago


gasbike100mpg 2 months ago

this song has received tons of airtime..........more than alot of other songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Delmos
John Delmos 2 months ago

That was so great.

Michael Longhurst
Michael Longhurst 2 months ago

Canada 🌿Eh!?

Đanfranko Geza Martinčić

Those trousers...

SUCAT 2 months ago

These guys are FM radio stars.....

Teme 2 months ago

Three minute egg brought me here.

RJW 2 months ago

was in sfo when bto was going on tour 74, training as a deep-sea diver in alameda and had to see these guys, cigar hooters>

Sakti 108
Sakti 108 2 months ago

Yeah -was on LSD that time - wasnt bad to get on the trip - but I switched to Pink Floyd on the highnoon 😛👍

Margi Johnson
Margi Johnson 2 months ago


Ian Whiteley
Ian Whiteley 2 months ago

For ever. Master o yes any lov good lov b b b baby

sayntfuu 2 months ago

I would wear any of that right now. Except the drummer rags, those are too sweaty.

Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 2 months ago

Fantastic ...production ..musicianship ..words them.. from UK ..age sixteen I loved them .....

roman villarreal
roman villarreal 2 months ago

y el corona virus dice:

Alberto Racaj
Alberto Racaj 2 months ago

Eran muy Buenos pero estaban Gordos.

Larry Thomas
Larry Thomas 2 months ago

The story I heard was that it was a favorite song of a "roadie" who

Jorge 36
Jorge 36 2 months ago

Every time I hear this song I think of The Watch 😭 when Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and Ben stiller are singing in the car

Christendom Defender
Christendom Defender 2 months ago


Gustavo Carbajal
Gustavo Carbajal 2 months ago

Rock Puro Ocultismo Santero..

Paul Carlozzi
Paul Carlozzi 2 months ago

u got that right !

HEY 4Q2 2 months ago

Pop-tastic and fab-mungous great mates. By the way I do a lotta great work for cha-ri-dy but don't like to talk about it.

Eric L Krepps Sr
Eric L Krepps Sr 2 months ago


Sarah Steffanny
Sarah Steffanny 2 months ago

After finding out this song's name, i can sleep in peace 😂

Rob Colby
Rob Colby 2 months ago

My generation had great music!!!

John Hernandez
John Hernandez 2 months ago

It's all fear rooted.

Let us remember
"Perfect love casteth away fear"
With the Almighty living inside me.
Fear what?
Sure we all have our fears. Superman is Hollywood lol

---> Greater is HE that lives in me - in us -
Than he who lives in the world.

It's God In Christ In Me!
The Lord hallelujah!
Bless everyone on earth precious Lord.

Those who decline your love and redemption.
Let the cookies fall as they may. God have mercy and patience on us all.
As Jesus said to the FATHER, while dying on Calgary -

Forgive them father for they know not what they do.

Love > war & >> than hate.

The 7 P' s 😊🐢👓
Proper prior planning prevents poor personal performance.

Time Management