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Ronnie Pemberton
Ronnie Pemberton 2 months ago

Where would I get the OS or transfer it to an ssd

Ivolo89 2 months ago

I boutht a 2012 Mac mini i5 with 16gb ram for around $200 two years ago. Now the i7 is around that price. No one wants the 2011 any more so you can get an i7 with 16gb MacBook pro for $100

stefano centrone
stefano centrone 2 months ago

where can i buy?

GRIZZY 2 months ago

I bought an iMac Mid 2011 for £80 which is an absolute steal and I’ve installed Windows and it works amazingly.

GRIZZY 2 months ago

Old MacBooks have decent components like i5’s and 8gb or more of RAM so you can easily install Windows 10 and play decent games and use google very fast.

Suren Xavier
Suren Xavier 2 months ago

A $56 16GB RAM upgrade, and a $49 Kingston SSD upgrade does magic!!!

I got a mid 2012 with an i5, for $150. 
I did the desperately needed upgrades. Runs like a new MacBook!

It originally had a pathetic 4GB of RAM, and a shotty 10 year old HDD.

Tech2000 2 months ago

Just got the mid 2010 unibody white macbook, I guess i should upgrade the ram and the solid state drive?

BLASIAN DA DON 2 months ago

I just bought a 2012 macbook pro !!

Steve K
Steve K 2 months ago

I have a 2012 Mac mini, running Linuxmint not iOS. Lmao

Adam W.
Adam W. 2 months ago

is the iMac 2009 with C2D 3.06 able to play yt 1080p 60 fps with no frames dropped?

Carlos Ayuso
Carlos Ayuso 2 months ago

I have a mid 2010 MacBook Pro, upgraded the hard drive to SSD and Memory to 16GB, running Catalina, will not get rid of it

SONNIEYT 2 months ago

Thanks man 🙂

Adhem Elfaiky
Adhem Elfaiky 2 months ago

Is a 2009 MacBook good

KabaM Fatu
KabaM Fatu 2 months ago

Are these on Amazon? Or where can we find them? Please share the link

Jesus Angel Aguinaga
Jesus Angel Aguinaga 2 months ago

I dont know why I hadnt suscribed before but I just did buddy. Thanks for the great work.

GammaBoost Gaming
GammaBoost Gaming 2 months ago

Tip: Get a Mac from friends and family. I got my late 2011 iMac for free with the keyboard and mouse, after a network recovery it runs High Sierra really well (even if it is a bit slow) and the only problem I have with mine is that it smells strange and originally had some strange gunk under the stand. But now after cleaning the mac it works great.

Vintage Hardware Reviewed

I reckon Mac pro 3,1 is best value (2.8ghz 8 core model) honestly, I got mine for $100nzd

Gerles 305
Gerles 305 2 months ago

I found a working mid 2010 MacBook Pro for 60 dollars

Ying-Hua Chung
Ying-Hua Chung 2 months ago

Apple probably does not support old machines to upgrade the OS X. But ... do you know if there is any problem that run chrome browser or other apps on old OS X? My wife has a MacBook Air 2014 which deformed recently. I guess it could be the inflation issue of old battery. I don't know if it is worthy to fix it. She continues complaining her chrome cannot upgrade. Is it true?

Daniel Lastname
Daniel Lastname 2 months ago

My parents have the 2012 Mac mini, it’s definitely still a very good computer!

Mike polisi
Mike polisi 2 months ago


Michael Moy
Michael Moy 2 months ago

There's a 2011 iMac 27" with 2.7 Ghz i5 and 12 GB RAM for sale on Craigslist locally. For $200. Includes Apple Mouse + Keyboard. I would have bought it but I bought an M1 mini before I saw the ad. You probably get enough for an SSD by selling the mouse + keyboard.

BvanBart 2 months ago

You should remove the 2011 iMacs! All macs with an Radeon 5000/6000 series are not patchable to use with the software patchers.

Greg Booker
Greg Booker 2 months ago

As an owner of a 2012 15 inch MacBook Pro with a 1 TB SSD and 16gb of ram I’d like to warn people to not use these older computers to produce music or videos. Although the 16gb of ram is enough to get projects started, the problem I had was with the processor. It was simply too slow which cause the computer to overheat, crash or have continuous drop outs if you’re producing music. However, if you are doing basic computing for school, internet use or streaming, these older computers can be well worth the money with a few minor upgrades to RAM and a switch from a hard drive to an SSD.

Christine Baker
Christine Baker 2 months ago

Picked up a cracking MacBook Pro 15" 2011 i7 256 GB SSD 8GB RAM with generic charger for £175 on eBay, refurbished, full certified and guaranteed. Fries your knees (oh the nostalgia) but otherwise it runs smooth and fast.

Hugh Wolfe
Hugh Wolfe 2 months ago

Luke at 8:00 you mention a “patcher” , I think that’s what you said. What is that? I’m not a computer geek just a user. Wait, that really doesn’t sound good 😜

Jason DeBoy
Jason DeBoy 2 months ago

Im not very tech savvy to say the least but im disabled and would like to copy my DVDs to a SSD hard drive so that they are more convenient to watch and i could watch them on my ipad. I don’t have a Computer right now but i was wondering if you guys would have any suggestions as to what cheap Computer would be good to copy my DVDs to a hard drive ?

Oren Wolfe
Oren Wolfe 2 months ago

I have an old iMac (2008, A1224). Could not update MacOS so I installed Linux (Ubuntu 20.10), put in a 1TB HDD. Runs like a champ.

stevematix 2 months ago

Just got a 2009 iMac 🖥 24 inch for 80$ with wireless mouse and keyboard 😄

Mitch Coin
Mitch Coin 2 months ago

Great job I would have like something around $500.00,200$ is a allittle low. U know apple nothing is low end or cheap, or economically priced. thank you for a perfectly done presentation

Random Science4K
Random Science4K 2 months ago

What about a 2014 Mac Mini 1.4GHz i5 with 8GB RAM & 500 GB HDD for $185. (+$20 for the A1314 magic keyboard). Is it worth buying it for that price?

Jakhongir Azimov
Jakhongir Azimov 2 months ago

Thank you so much for your doing your job! It helped me a lot to choose right Macbook and save money!

Apple Dolphin
Apple Dolphin 2 months ago

I think I got the best Mac under $200. Late 2013 21.5 inch iMac, 16gb of RAM, Core i5, 500gb SSD. $175.

teriyakipuppy 2 months ago

Wow I think it's too much effort to buy a Mac with these compromises.

Ync 14
Ync 14 2 months ago

I would but I don’t trust eBay in any way

PLASMA_B3AM 2 months ago

I found a late 2008 macbook pro 15 inch for $20, that might be risky

Shane Phillips
Shane Phillips 2 months ago

Can you use them with a stream deck for game streaming on twitch

JunkmailConfetti Official

i found my Mid 2012 i7 2 years ago for $100. i loved that computer, it was my first macbook.

Phil Hjemboe
Phil Hjemboe 2 months ago

I have your “#4” - the mid-2010 MBP. I’ve updated the RAM to 8mb and the drive to 250mb SSD. It runs great for my modest needs. But I’d like to run a more modern OS version than High Sierra. You mention a “patch” - what is that, and what OS version could I reasonably install on this machine?

Valentin Burtscher
Valentin Burtscher 2 months ago

Only the mid 2010 2.66 ghz is able to run 16gb of ram! So it might be worth goong for this one

Ororo Munroe
Ororo Munroe 2 months ago

Damn why didn’t I think to do this before I spent way more for a HP laptop 🤦🏾‍♀️

Sermarq 2 months ago

13 Inch Mid 2010 MacBook Pro
Mid 2012 Mac Mini
Late 2008 15 inch MacBook Pro
Mid 2009 21.5 Inch imac

SuperKen6184 2 months ago

I wish I came across this video before I bought my lame HP basic computer new for just over $300. 😤

Nynek 2 months ago

You refer MacBook Pro mind 2012 13 nich insted Mac mini 2012 what about MacBook Pro mind 2012 but 15 inch is this okay as well or its had some issue?

Robert Hladik Sr
Robert Hladik Sr 2 months ago

How do you get a 2008 Macbook to run Catalina? I have a 2008 Macbook; it wont even take Sierra :-(

Darshana Wijethunga
Darshana Wijethunga 2 months ago

After i listening you for 1 min i smashed the sub button ❤️❤️

val dir
val dir 2 months ago

The mac mini 2012 quad core is a pretty interesting machine performance-wise but it's still hard to find for under 450 euros. The weirdest thing is the price has been stable for a few years now. Still a good compromise if you're looking for the beefiest mac in this price range. It won't run anything above Catalina though.

Sunset Mermaids
Sunset Mermaids 2 months ago

Can u play games such ass roblox apex on the apple iMac core 2011

tsepo fenyane
tsepo fenyane 2 months ago

I got myself the mid 2012 macmini for R4800.00 rands. I7, 16GB ram and 1tb mechanical drive. Looking to get the an SSD.

Micah Hubbard
Micah Hubbard 2 months ago

Wow, luke im in search of A mac On a Budget And u Have made it so much easier your hard work is Indeed Appreciated:)

R M 2 months ago

Mac is the best. Just upgraded from a 12 MacBook to a 16 inch MacBook Pro. Still have a soft spot in my heart for my first Mac, a 13 inch which was the last laptop apple produced with an optical drive.

Coinster 2 months ago

Writing this from my mid-2010 MacBook. 16GB RAM. 256GB SSD.MS Office 365 suite.MS OneDrive. NordVPN.

Leander Herman
Leander Herman 2 months ago

Actually the 2008 are actually great

Frank Diekman
Frank Diekman 2 months ago

6:57 Have at thee!

Rayon Williams sports tv

Any 15" ?

FastestBoy87 2 months ago

personally i would've added the 13" unibody 2012, because we all love it. and also in the uk retinas are only like 300 for a 2013

Milan Venus
Milan Venus 2 months ago

I got a lat 2008 MacBook for 40$

Mee Daaa
Mee Daaa 2 months ago

Hi your videos helpful I have a question first time to buy a MacBook Pro I want for editing video and photo what do you advise me to buy

Guy Number 1
Guy Number 1 2 months ago

Thanks. I want a cheap computer to start my apple ecosystem. As it is the least likely out my watch iPad and iPhone to stick around. Just not really a home computer guy.

Yeah Boi It's Me
Yeah Boi It's Me 2 months ago

What is a good price for an early 2013 13 in MBP?

mark long
mark long 2 months ago

I’m rolling with a MacBook Pro 2011 13” i5 2.3ghz ssd and 16gb ram great machine in my opinion and affordable

Ferdinand Cabe
Ferdinand Cabe 2 months ago

Very nice dude.. I love to have macbook but its too expensive.. Now I have an idea to have one

umer gujjar
umer gujjar 2 months ago

New sub

ryelynx 2 months ago

using and writing this on my secondhand polycarbonate MacBook from late 2009, upgraded to 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, new battery and also cleaned the whole hardware inside so it looks very new and clean, put new thermal paste on both CPUs.. the white plastic case already yellowed a bit, but boi.. it runs really smooth & fast and i think for a 12 years old laptop it's extraordinary good

LonerStoner Studios
LonerStoner Studios 2 months ago

1:38 mid 2010 mac book pro
3:26 mid 2012 mac mini
6:08 2008 macbook pro
8:42 best mac 2009 21 inch i-mac

Ramon Rios
Ramon Rios 2 months ago

What this website called

D Confused
D Confused 2 months ago

Do the older versions have USB.1 or .2.

Sreeananda Prakasam
Sreeananda Prakasam 2 months ago

I have a question.
Is it worth buying a 2010 2.4ghz white Polycarbonate Macbook?

ironqueenfanful 2 months ago

Can you do one for $500 please

Ayesha 2 months ago


J K 2 months ago

100 Dollars for a MacBook that can still run latest MacOS? Damn I know what I'm gonna buy...

Pacific Seventy
Pacific Seventy 2 months ago

Old Mac : Some People still using us
iOS update : Buy latest one, cause here is our latest iOS update comes & your mac will not get this update

Paul G
Paul G 2 months ago

.. or you could spend $150 on a much higher spec, more recent mini-PC and spend the rest on heroin to get that "Apple experience".

Breanna Gartin
Breanna Gartin 2 months ago

I bought a 2014 Macbook pro. I love it so much. Works great and it's fast. I got mine for $535 off Facebook marketplace :)

Steve Jamieson
Steve Jamieson 2 months ago

I still have my 2008 MacBook Pro. I bought it new in June 2009. On my third battery and 2nd power brick. Upgraded the ram to 8 gig about 7 years ago. Still runs great and I use it for Photoshop and for other graphics applications. Still amazed it’s working after all these years of constant use!

Sondra Sebald
Sondra Sebald 2 months ago

I got a 2011 just before everything closed and I spent 155. Its beefy and the person didn’t know what they had. Waiting to upgrade memory and hard drive but I’m excited :) I use it for Adobe mostly.

Meg 2 months ago

I like him😁
to the point

wool hat
wool hat 2 months ago

This dude is just awesome

ً ً
ً ً 2 months ago

Watching on MacBook Air M1 🙂

MultiLobzik 2 months ago

how do you keep up with 2008 transfer speeds in 2021? I mean, I also love my Powerbook G4, but ...

Junior Hernández
Junior Hernández 2 months ago

I had a few days searching for a model precisely under $200 to replace my late-2013 iMac that just died.

After searching a lot, I went for the Mac Mini 2012. From that model there were units with 4GB RAM and 500GB HD, but also some with 8GB RAM.

I ended up buying the 8GB + 500GB i5, because the i7s were close to $300/$400 and I didn't have the budget at the moment.

The good thing about that model is that it supports the same 16GB of RAM (8GBx2) and 500GB SSD that it had in the iMac, gaining an additional 500GB internal disk. I just made sure to buy the kit to have the two internal drives installed.

While choosing which model to buy, I was unsure whether to go for the i5 or the i7. The iMac was i5 and also from the same era as the Mac Mini 2012 and with the upgrade I did to the SSD and RAM I felt very comfortable, so I understood that I did not have to think about it too much.

When you were talking about the MacBook 13-2010 I was surprised by something you said: "Shop by RAM and storage, don't shop by processor". With that you agreed on the decision I made, which brought me some relief.

Very good video, I liked it so much that I am even considering buying the MacBook 13-2010 to have an alternate Mac

trodriguez7493 2 months ago

So, how can I upgrade my beloved 2008 MacBook from El Capitan (currently with 256 SSD, 8gb RAM)?

Sarah Parrish
Sarah Parrish 2 months ago

The 2009 imac design is definitely the best aesthetically. I hated the redesign where they put that ugly bump on the back instead of having the closer to uniform thickness. The M1 imac design is kinda hit and miss for me, but at least its all one thickness

Vlad Kazarin
Vlad Kazarin 2 months ago

i like this yikes phrase)

Ivan 2 months ago

Just picked up a deal ! Mid 2011 Mac mini with 2.5 i5 AMD graphics, 27” Thunderbolt Display , Magic Mouse and a magic broken enter KEYboard, and Apple external cd drive for the low of $425 oh he gave me another keyboard

Walt Berger
Walt Berger 2 months ago

Im using a 2012 Macbook Pro, I still need to upgrade the ram but i upgraded the HD to a SSD and this computer is very nice. Think i got it for $225.

Danny Anderson
Danny Anderson 2 months ago

what site do i buy from. cant find for under 500

Alexander Pavlyukov
Alexander Pavlyukov 2 months ago

What about 27” Mac 2009? I thought it’s pretty much same as 21,5 but bigger. If I can find one for 200$ does it worth it?

Hackd Yoursh!It
Hackd Yoursh!It 2 months ago

My 2008 MacBook Pro is running BigSur without any lag and I got 1TB and 16GB Ram in it, runs everything awesome and I don’t find any difference than my MacBook Air that’s 10 years newer... it’s the same with Apple watches they all the same the only thing you’s paying for is different watch faces and restrictions removed that Apple secretly locks down

GareBear 2 months ago

If your rocking a core 2 duo in 2021 because you want a mac you are unreasonable

Allen West
Allen West 2 months ago

It is crazy how much Mac users want for old junk Mac computers !
No Power cord , NO Harddrive for the low cost of only $378 !!! I see this all the time from Mac users .
To that I say bite me !

QuidEst Nunc
QuidEst Nunc 2 months ago

And, at what point do I get the message “You must have Mac OS (fill in the blank here) to run Scooby-Doo XL?” My iPhone 5S got orphaned by iOS 13; so I had to buy a XR

QuidEst Nunc
QuidEst Nunc 2 months ago

Where is the chart on any of the used Mac sites showing Big Sur compatibility? And why does Safari appear to force me to use someone’s Search Engine not branded Apple? Tell me what I am missing. Please.

Leandro Figueiredo
Leandro Figueiredo 2 months ago

The 2009 21,5” iMac blew my mind, I’m looking rn for that one just to mess with it before I pay real money for a recent one.

steve sims
steve sims 2 months ago

late 2011 MBP 500GB HDD, 16GB - $202.45 shipping included.

MrMosoani 2 months ago

I still have my late 2013 mbpro but I can't find where I can have the screen replaced and battery.

Fernando Ortiz
Fernando Ortiz 2 months ago

Which one would be the best "value for the buck with Decent power performance let's say16-32 GB, and even a higher budget?

Caldxl 2 months ago

I just ordered a 2010 pro just before watching this

Modernised Mania
Modernised Mania 2 months ago

hmmm are these budget or is the 1000 MacBook air budget?

famiarojas 2 months ago

Just found your video. Very well explained. However keep in mind that the mid 2010 MBP has a common manufacturing failure. Kernel Panic GPU issue. Check if this has been fixed before buying one. Otherwise you will have a lot of annoying restarts while working with it.