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Cream Cheese Cookies

Cream Cheese Cookies

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Vahne B
Vahne B 2 months ago

I remember my Mom making cream cheese cookies when I was a kid. I had forgotten about them. I will definitely make this recipe. Thanks John ❤️

IcyNevada3 Mclennan
IcyNevada3 Mclennan 2 months ago

Cheese cream cookie 😋 what. The hecjjjjkk amazing

Alexia Bailey
Alexia Bailey 2 months ago

You're seriously one of my favorite bakers to watch 😂💙

Ivona Brbora
Ivona Brbora 2 months ago

Why do my cookies crack on top and yours don't? Does someone else has this "problem"?

abc 123
abc 123 2 months ago

I always thought I was just an aggressive baker for breaking a few ice cream scoops making cookies. Glad to see I’m not the only one lol

food jazz
food jazz 2 months ago

A must try! Looks yummy!

Jane Liew
Jane Liew 2 months ago

Hi why would my cookies became soften and moist on the next day? Not crispy at all. I’m storing it in airtight container.

Fadhilatul Balqis
Fadhilatul Balqis 2 months ago

How to make the cookies more crunchy rather than soft ?

Fadhilatul Balqis
Fadhilatul Balqis 2 months ago

Is it okay if I’m not chilling the dough in the fridge for an hour ?

Renee Henderson
Renee Henderson 2 months ago

The cookies look lovely. Bring some over..

Amanda Marie
Amanda Marie 2 months ago

You're like the male Martha Stuart. These look delish 😋

Raquelita Regondola
Raquelita Regondola 2 months ago

Love your Channel learning a lot thanks for sharing from the philippine.

Miss Love
Miss Love 2 months ago

Alright so, I just made these and I am unfortunately not a fan :( First of all: keep in mind that these cookies spread out a LOTTTTT (even if you chill them in the fridge beforehand), so keep that in mind when spacing these cookies on your baking sheet! Secondly, I lessened the sugar to 180 grams, and it was still too sweet. Thirdly, I accidentally used baking soda instead of baking powder (I only noticed after I had already mixed it into the batter). My cookies were suuuper cakey, which I don't like. Maybe that was a result of using baking soda though, can anyone give me feedback on this?

Sophea’s Home Creation

Yummy 😋

Alma Hall
Alma Hall 2 months ago

Do you have a cookbook? Maybe I missed that episode.

Galinda Garcia
Galinda Garcia 2 months ago

No eggs?? Since you have them there, perhaps you forgot to add them.??

Mathapelo Sekatane
Mathapelo Sekatane 2 months ago

I just made these...made the cream cheese from scratch because thats the only thing i didnt have in my kitchen...My Goodness, they are by far the best cookies I've have ever had😍😍

Thank you so much for your recipes, they have inspired me to give confectionistery business a try.

Debbie Trueman
Debbie Trueman 2 months ago

Ahhh-maaazing! Luv, luv, luv this cookie recipe. I literally "had" to make my 3rd batch today (my 3rd in the last two weeks!). I'm going to try freezing some of them from this batch so that hopefully I'll have some for a while. Hahaha! And, its like a no-fail recipe. Mine have turned out perfectly each time. The only thing that I did do differently was cook them for 20 minutes in a 350F oven. Oh, and I would compare these to sugar cookies but this being a soft version to the sugar cookie. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Totally Delicious 😋.

Imelda Silva
Imelda Silva 2 months ago

Me encantan tus resetas grasias por poner en español

S W 2 months ago

Am I crazy or would this make a good base for a red velvet cookie? Sub in some cocoa powder for some of the flour and add a little red dye. It is a cream cheese base cookie after all. 🤔

Karen Hannsberry
Karen Hannsberry 2 months ago

Just wanted to say that I made these for Christmas, and my family loved them. Even my niece -- who is vegan -- couldn't resist them!

Deb McCleary
Deb McCleary 2 months ago

Wow, you sold me on trying these cookies. I also subscribed.

Elf 2 months ago

I made it. But we didn’t like it. Because cookies were super sugary and bad sour texture. Then I made it again to make up sugar and I added few different ingredients and unfortunately nothing changed to taste at all. Never make it again !

Ana Jimenez
Ana Jimenez 2 months ago

Hello John, is there a keto version for this recipe? I will definitely try them, but I was just wondering!😉

laughinglemon33 2 months ago

Tried this recipe yesterday and got delicious cookies. My batter wasn’t sticky and I didn’t have to chill it in the fridge. Before popping it in the oven I made a heart shaped hole in the middle with a chopstick and filled with strawberry jam. Topped with powdered sugar when out of the oven. Perfect cookies. Absolutely will be making this again.

LadyG 2 months ago

I made these over the weekend. They didn't look anything like yours, but they tasted amazing. They don't spread at all, well, mine didn't.

T H 2 months ago

I just made these cookies and followed the instructions as stated. To me they are a cross between butter cookie with a twist. This is the kind of simple cookie you either like or dislike. I am on the fence. I feel like if they had a little citrus rind. In them they might be more to my taste but they are a simple cookie and that’s nice too. Thank you for the recipe

J N 2 months ago

Can I use bread flour sub Ap flour in this recipe .? Thank you in advance!

Alondra Dorantes
Alondra Dorantes 2 months ago

Can i add pink food coloring for the cookies or powder sugar ? I wanna make these for my baby shower

07shel 2 months ago

These were soooooo amazing!!! I can’t wait to make them again!!! My family ate them all in one night 😂😂😂

John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago

thank you going to make them this week i let you know how they turn out

Joan Shealy
Joan Shealy 2 months ago

Looks delish I would add some grated lemon zest to the mixture 😋

Food Inspiration
Food Inspiration 2 months ago

Looks yummy ...

Mary Brown
Mary Brown 2 months ago

My mom makes these for Christmas since the 60’s, way before I was born. We use a cookie shooter (not kidding it is over 50 years old) to make them, but we use a little more flour though. They are my favorite cookies ever.

Tee Huey Shin
Tee Huey Shin 2 months ago

My cookies’s texture is similar to a scone. Is it supposed to be so soft and chewy?

Jude Fowler
Jude Fowler 2 months ago

Does it have to be granulated sugar, could I use caster sugar instead. (Only because I have plenty in my store cupboard) Thank you

Alicia Landry
Alicia Landry 2 months ago

I made these AND I topped them with cream cheese frosting. They didn't last a day in our house!

avocados 2 months ago

can i use the normal butter and not unsalted one? is it going to change anything? help me lol

DisturbedKhan 2 months ago

These cookies sound so good, but I kept wondering what they would be like if they were cream cheese snicker doodles....Thank you

mymy vlogs
mymy vlogs 2 months ago

is it okay not to add vanilla extract?

Leon K
Leon K 2 months ago

Aw, he's so cute! :3

Erica Sakaluke
Erica Sakaluke 2 months ago

These cookies turned out SO good!! I love them. Thank you!!

Rezan Ozkan
Rezan Ozkan 2 months ago

good one cookie recipe, thank you

varun reddy
varun reddy 2 months ago

375 farenheit or degree??

تنوع 2 months ago

ياريت الترجمة لكل الفيديوهات وكتابة المقادير باللغة العربية فى صندوق الوصف انا من مصر

Iluv2cut 2 months ago

I'm gonna have to make these 😻

Maya Sehgal
Maya Sehgal 2 months ago

I really enjoy watching your videos and learning from them. I love that you don't edit them...makes me feel better about myself...sorry😁.
I was wondering how do I make an eggless version of this cookie.

M Temory
M Temory 2 months ago

Amazing 🤩

KristiLisa Kleiner
KristiLisa Kleiner 2 months ago

I am on my second batch of 72 cookies 🍪 and can unequivocally say that using monk fruit sugar substitute and doing the maths so that the “flour” is 3 parts almond flour to 1 part coconut 🥥 flour (which makes a pretty decent all purpose flour substitute) rocks! Thank you John, these are addictive :)

Pradnya Rajenimbalkar

I like this recipe and my daughter loves it 🥰. She gives her friend too n they also love. Thank you for sharing with this amazing.

Momo D
Momo D 2 months ago

Im making these right now!!! The cravings I been having for these are bonkers!! Your recipe has done me justice sir..😜 although I used a bit more cream cheese.. Great video

I'm muslim
I'm muslim 2 months ago

Can I use ricotta instead of cream cheese?

penney do
penney do 2 months ago

Yum. Made this with half the sugar (1/2c) and it was delicious! Also, I didn’t bother rolling them, just scoop them straight on the baking sheet. Thanks for the recipe!

Alice Wickliffe
Alice Wickliffe 2 months ago


Jared Hared
Jared Hared 2 months ago

Weirdest baking show EVER

K F 2 months ago

You crack me up all the time, especially on 2x speed it's even funnier. "here's some ugly cookies" 😂

Gape April
Gape April 2 months ago

Make keto version of these! Yummmy! Used almond and a bit of coconut flour. Used xylitol as sugar substitute! Yummy!! Please make sum keto recipes

Dagmar Ali
Dagmar Ali 2 months ago

It’s tempting but would appreciate if you give the measurements in the description box

Adriana Hernandez
Adriana Hernandez 2 months ago

You make me happy point blank! Just tried these cookies amazing just like you said!

John Cameron
John Cameron 2 months ago

Instead of vanilla extract I used almond extract and it was surprisingly delicious

Edna Soria
Edna Soria 2 months ago

I love to try that cream cheese cookies

Nita 2 months ago

I’m gonna make these tomorrow Happy New Year 🎆 And I Love your kitchen

Daphne Schaffer
Daphne Schaffer 2 months ago

I made these according to the recipe and followed it to a tee. It's missing the taste of cream cheese or something. Taste bland. Not sure I like these hot or cooled down.

Sandi Land16
Sandi Land16 2 months ago

This was great!!! Will try. Thanks much.

Trang Nguyen
Trang Nguyen 2 months ago

If only I can reach and steal one yummy.

Trang Nguyen
Trang Nguyen 2 months ago

I break two scoop myself not human proof?

LIZZIE SANGI Sangi 2 months ago

On Christmas Eve I made these and left them out for Santa. In the morning, they were GONE. No fibbing, here. The next morning they WERE gone!
Thank you for an awesome and easy cream cheese cookie recipe 🥰

Lady M
Lady M 2 months ago

Is it possible to substitute coconut flour? Thank you. Oh, and no, there is no elegant way to scrape...haha.

Neba S.
Neba S. 2 months ago

Ingredients PLEASE anyone??
Happy new year 👍👍😍😍😍

Susie Lowe
Susie Lowe 2 months ago

your too good ...i was wanting something a little easier to hand out n wallah ...ill make extra batch just for my partner as he cleared your cookies ... he took them to work n said when i rang him i thought they were for me i pointed out he had 6 with a glass of milk so these are quick n i think can get a few batches out to people without the cookie thief hee hee ...🤗

alittlevan 2 months ago

I made these cookies yesterday, but they didn’t turn out so great. ☹️ I have no clue what went wrong! I measured in grams using a kitchen scale and followed the recipe exact, but I didn’t end up with a dough. I ended up with a pale yellow batter which left me so confused. I refrigerated it for 1 hour and it solidified so I was thinking it might be ok. I baked them for 12 min at 375F, and let them rest to room temperature but they were still raw in the middle. I put them back in at 350F for 20 min and they still had a weird raw cake consistency. I ended up just accepting I screwed this one up! It looked like such an easy recipe too. 😭

nabila nabila
nabila nabila 2 months ago

Merci beaucoup chef.

Maja Družinec
Maja Družinec 2 months ago

I made those for Christmas. Best cookies I have ever eaten, they dissapeared in a second 😍😍😍😍👍

da24k 2 months ago

Awesome recipe! I make them into thumbprint cookies with strawberry or rasberry jam...oh so good! :p

1984 2 months ago

You’re awesome and I love your recipes! So easy to follow!

Granola Crispy
Granola Crispy 2 months ago

Too much talking.....

judith lopez
judith lopez 2 months ago

I wonder why you like copper utensils so bad?

judith lopez
judith lopez 2 months ago

Looks delicious!!

Flavors and Textures
Flavors and Textures 2 months ago

I’ve got to make these!

Luanna D'Souza
Luanna D'Souza 2 months ago

Cookies turned out yummy. Thanks for sharing. I used half the quantity of sugar s I didn’t want too sweet. I’m enjoying them by myself.

Sara Merchant
Sara Merchant 2 months ago

Try replacing the all purpose flour with cake flour and substitute 1 tsp of vanilla extract for almond extract and it will BLOW your mind!!! Sooo pillowy and amazing

The Composing Cook
The Composing Cook 2 months ago

Hey PK. I love your presenting style. You know how to draw your audience in. You cant beat a Kitchenaid. I have the Sage Green one and love it 😀. I wold never have thought of using cream cheese in a cookie recipe, but these look amazing and very inspiring. Great job.

Cuisine With Love
Cuisine With Love 2 months ago

Merry Christmas from our channel

Paula Burnette
Paula Burnette 2 months ago

I am carb free as possible. Keto. I am going to attempt to make these cookies. Any advice?!

Martha Arredondo
Martha Arredondo 2 months ago

I’m really feeling these cookies, I might turn them into a thumbprint type cookie with lemon curd instead of jam 😍

Karla Monge
Karla Monge 2 months ago

My God so blessed to see you making cookies definitely so delicious cookies 👏

Rosa B
Rosa B 2 months ago

Almost like a sour cream cookie

Barbara Hamilton
Barbara Hamilton 2 months ago

Love these cookies. I made a glaze of lemon juice & powdered sugar & drizzled over each cookie. So, so good.

Lisa Henkel
Lisa Henkel 2 months ago

I made these cookies last night and they are outstanding.

They're also already gone. 🤷‍♀️

Juju Bee
Juju Bee 2 months ago

You always say you're a virgo... many of my friends (including boyfriends) are virgo's. I know all about Virgo's! I even had a boyfriend who folded his dirty laundry! That's really weird. I once didn't get hired for a job
because the woman only hired Virgo's. My Mom was a Virgo and she was very anal. Most Virgo's are I guess.
So, when is your birthday?

Lashonda Miller
Lashonda Miller 2 months ago

I like your Copper pot and pans set and everything where did you get them

Alexander Petrovic
Alexander Petrovic 2 months ago

Love all your recipes! Easy and so good...

evolecal 1959
evolecal 1959 2 months ago

Nice kitchen!

Carolyn Kerr
Carolyn Kerr 2 months ago

Love these and so does everyone who has tasted them!

Sophia Amundsen
Sophia Amundsen 2 months ago

They turned out delicious! Thanks for the recipe 😻

conishkee 2 months ago

12-24-20: Good grief, this recipe is the BOMB!! I made a batch today and they're almost gone, and there's only two of us indulging! I did modify it a bit, though, by using only almond flour (I didn't have enough all-purpose flour), 1 cup powdered sugar, and 1 tsp each of vanilla and almond extracts. Talk about yum, I can't get enough, and my roommate can't stay away from them either. They're so gosh darn good. Thank you for sharing this one. We LOVE it...Happy Holidays!

Madhavi Ravoori
Madhavi Ravoori 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing the recipe. I just baked them, followed same measurement but little less sugar. They came out with cracks on the top but taste so good.

Cheryl Crenshaw
Cheryl Crenshaw 2 months ago

I tried your cream cheese cookie. I love cream cheese but I could not taste it at all. In fact the cookie rally didn't have much flavor. I wish I had used almond flavoring. I ended up giving them a drizzle if chocolate. But they were easy to make.

idk 2 months ago

I wonder if I could make this keto? Almond flour? And a monk fruit sweetener.

MixedUpMargie 2 months ago

You didn’t say how much flour, or did i miss this?