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The Jolly Acorn
The Jolly Acorn 2 months ago

Hi Kate, notice your video and would love your support for Handmade in NC Christmas Wreaths, Christmas Wrapping, totally different, take a peak at video and selections You Blessings and Merry Christmas..Cheers!

Hayle’s World
Hayle’s World 2 months ago

Loved your ideas! 💗

Housewife 1
Housewife 1 2 months ago

The long hot water is best half filled so it stays flexible, lovely around your shoulders or down your back.

Adhaincroi Adhaincroi

that was fun thanks totally need a long hot water bottle

Moon Pie
Moon Pie 2 months ago

Such a great collection of recommendations especially like the nostalgic touch - b&m is awesome for stocking fillers. I used to love polly pocket too!!

PaBitra Gurung
PaBitra Gurung 2 months ago

Lovely gift guide! Thank you! I absolutely love Jo Malone candles and scents, they smell heavenly. I have been eyeing a pair of Hunter boots and I see you list it up so that means a yay! For me 🥰🥰

Thecalling 2 months ago

The hunter wellys are those the tarn/seep ones youve linked to as online on m&m it says they are grey but yours look black.. i like your ones and want to make sure i order the right ones x

Hollie Benson
Hollie Benson 2 months ago

I have a grey long hot water bottle and it takes almost two kettle fulls of water x

Monique Ruiz
Monique Ruiz 2 months ago

I got a hot water bottle thing (it was actually rice you heat in the microwave instead of water bottle) for a friend a few years ago and she still uses it! So I think that’s a great gift item suggestion. Loved the little Polly Pocket ring. I always wanted one but my folks never got me one 😂

Lizzy McAuliffe
Lizzy McAuliffe 2 months ago

I’ve got the same polly pocket ring! Mine was left for me by the tooth fairy after I had to have some teeth out at the dentist and I still have it 😊

Vicky Stevenson
Vicky Stevenson 2 months ago

Where’s your jumper from?

Grace Wennington
Grace Wennington 2 months ago

I got my mam some your my lobster PJ's for Christmas 😂 she loves friends. I got my best friend a star named after her sister who passed away and then a blanket with pictures of her kids I've been really thoughtful with presents this year

Jo Cawe
Jo Cawe 2 months ago

Are you doing a guide on kids gift ideas? Xx

Chloe Summerfield
Chloe Summerfield 2 months ago

Love this, given me so many ideas xx I want them all for myself as well 😂😂 the neom diffuser will definitely be going at the top of my list

Sarah Pugh
Sarah Pugh 2 months ago

Excellent ideas. Thank you for sharing.

sandra young
sandra young 2 months ago

I love your Christmas decks! Everything is looking so beautiful and homely! Lovely vlog Kate xx 😘

Casey Tredgett
Casey Tredgett 2 months ago

I have one of those long hot water bottles from Savers £9.99 and it only takes 1 kettle which is great x

Tamasine Tranter
Tamasine Tranter 2 months ago

I love your jumper I’ve been looking for one like that for a gift 👍🏼 where is it from ? Great gift ideas too 🥰

Beth 2 months ago

I love the Jo Malone scents. I actually sell similar perfumes but for half the price and they smell so similar but just without the fancy name or celebrities promoting them and I love them ❤️

Fay Stalker
Fay Stalker 2 months ago

You tree looks nice and like your unit in your fire place

D M 2 months ago

Why would anyone give this a thumbs down?
Love this video Kate! Your tree looks beautiful, love the jumper!!

dorcas baqai
dorcas baqai 2 months ago

Some fantastic ideas!!!! Love the polly pocket story 💕 what a great idea to buy nostalgic gifts, definitely going to do this xx

Caroline 2 months ago

I love your jumper, where is it from?

Carol Austin
Carol Austin 2 months ago

That was lovely to watch, Kate - some very good ideas for gifts. I like that you are sensitive to the different financial situations of people, particularly this Christmas, and can still make a really watchable video on gift giving. That neck pillow could be this year's most desired present!

Melissa N
Melissa N 2 months ago

Please support small businesses this Christmas!!! It would mean so much to me if you guys checked out my friend’s lash and press on nails business !! She’s been working so hard and I really want to brighten up her week by helping her get the recognition she deserves ❤️🥺

Laura Clark
Laura Clark 2 months ago

That was lovely Kate. So nice to see you all bouncy and bubbly again too 💕

Chantelle Hudson
Chantelle Hudson 2 months ago

Omg I was able to guess that rose ring was a polly pocket right away 😍😍 we’ve collected all the original polly pockets like the flowers that open etc xx

ess-jay24 2 months ago

Great video, love that Too Faced pallette, beautiful colours. My partner got me a tamagochi a few years ago as that was one of the Christmas presents i remember getting when i was little. Still couldn't keep it alive 😂 xx

Jamie Beasley
Jamie Beasley 2 months ago

Hey there, this gift guide is amazing thank you so much for the ideas Kate. I hope your family and yourself are well. Xx

If you ever want to support a U.K. based small businesses you should jump over to my Instagram page- Paradise Hampers as I make my own Soy, vegan and animal friendly Wax Melts. I even have a Disney themed scent collection! Why not head over and have a look. If you do order you can receive a 10% discount just by quoting ‘KGGPH10’

Heather Crawford
Heather Crawford 2 months ago

Thanks Kate! Love this gift guide! I’ve asked hubby for a neom diffuser and am so excited! Love your jumper by the way! Very festive x

Mary Morandin
Mary Morandin 2 months ago

Lovely gift suggestions! xx

Nikki Leste
Nikki Leste 2 months ago

LOVE a good gift guide... my list is growing!! xx

Adele Morris
Adele Morris 2 months ago

Prices would have been useful ❤

sandra mclean
sandra mclean 2 months ago

Great haul Kate I'm going to order the scrunchie and slippers and the H&M cardigan x

Hajl 13
Hajl 13 2 months ago

Polly pocket!! X

Sophie McCleery
Sophie McCleery 2 months ago

What a lovely video, it’s given me so many ideas. I love your jumper where is it from? Thank you xx

Amy Spink
Amy Spink 2 months ago

I love your channel however I’m disappointed you aren’t promoting small businesses this year 😔

Danielle M
Danielle M 2 months ago

Polly pocketttt i think

Maria Christina Sambrano

Hi Kate me pls😅😙

Always Sparkle Bright

Great ideas Kate, I loved the Too Faced pallet 💗

Dani Mac
Dani Mac 2 months ago

This was a wonderful video Kate! Think I’ve sorted my mum and sister watching this! Thank you for the inspiration!

Zandra Ranson
Zandra Ranson 2 months ago

Thank-you lovely for this great vlog bighugs 🤗xxx

Jojo Taylor
Jojo Taylor 2 months ago

Some great ideas thank you so much,i wud love some best toy ideas that are worth it this year 😊what do u curl your hair with please?and where is your jumper from,its nice to have you back have missed your content.hope u all have a lovely Christmas xxxx

Go Fireworks
Go Fireworks 2 months ago

Personalized jewelry can be a great idea. I bought my mom a name necklace from last year. Amazing... She even cried when she saw the necklace.

Scarlett Maisie
Scarlett Maisie 2 months ago

Your house looks so cozy 😍🎄 your hair looks amazing as well! X

Skull Queen
Skull Queen 2 months ago

Great video, will you be doing a what I got my kids for Christmas 2020 video.?x

ann whittaker
ann whittaker 2 months ago

Hi Kate
Thank you for this fantastic gift guide.
I love your festive sweater
Please can you let me know where you bought it from?

Lisa Borras
Lisa Borras 2 months ago

I am sure I had a Friends stationery set not too dissimilar when I was 12! I would love to have one now to be fair!

Kellie Booth
Kellie Booth 2 months ago

Glad your videos are back missed them and can’t wait to see more of your Christmas content x

Jan Thurgood
Jan Thurgood 2 months ago

It's all very similar to other influencers gifts

Fiona Burke
Fiona Burke 2 months ago

The Polly pocket ring story was so sweet xx

Lynette Murray
Lynette Murray 2 months ago

Aw you look gorgeous your hair is beautiful loving the Christmas gift ideas ❤❤🎅

Mariella Anastasiou
Mariella Anastasiou 2 months ago

I’ve watched quite a few YouTubers do gift guides this year and this is by far the best! Well done Kate, really thoughtful and helpful gifts x

Sara Mathews
Sara Mathews 2 months ago

Lovely video - that ring was a “transitional object” this is a thing !
Transitional objects – The use of transitional objects can help a child with separation. This is any type of object that helps a child to feel more comfortable.
In my work we sometimes suggest a parent/carer buys two, one for the child and one for the adult. It can really help with sad and difficult times for kids

Charlotte Shingler
Charlotte Shingler 2 months ago

Love a good gift guide! And just to say, your home looks SO COSY !

Katie Brooks
Katie Brooks 2 months ago

Some lovely ideas, Thankyou x

Ally Andrews
Ally Andrews 2 months ago

Yay this is just the sort of uplifting video I needed to watch this evening! Thanks Kate! X

Sophie Canton
Sophie Canton 2 months ago

Where is your jumper from? It’s so cute! X

MissPortman 2 months ago

Great to see you back! Love the Christmas theme. So cosy. Hope you’re doing ok xxx

Nellie Vagianou
Nellie Vagianou 2 months ago

The long hot water bottle is the greatest idea ever!!!thank you!!

Rachael Jones
Rachael Jones 2 months ago

i had a long water bottle last christmas and really recommend one x

Mrs A Barnes
Mrs A Barnes 2 months ago

This has given me so many ideas of all of my female family members! Can’t wait for the men’s gift guide

Vikki Healy
Vikki Healy 2 months ago

I’ve already messaged the husband with the neck hot water bottle. Prefect present for me!

Emily J C F Diamond
Emily J C F Diamond 2 months ago

Lovely gift guide - I loved hearing your story about the toy ring as well. I have memories of similar things like this as well. Very touching. I’ve been loving the Christmas vids this year and I’ve been creating quite a lot of Christmas content too on my channel cus I think we all just need it more than ever. Complete festive feels right now. Thank you for sharing your personal story in the previous video. I’m so sorry you went through this. I started my channel after going through some traumatic experiences after the birth of my children so I really do believe that videos like yours really help others going through similar experiences. Much love Kate 💓 😊 Xxx

TheFourHenrys 2 months ago

Lovely ideas. I'm making both my sisters a Christmas scented cleaning hamper I know they will both love it.

Babynayoka Evergreen
Babynayoka Evergreen 2 months ago


Ellie Jane
Ellie Jane 2 months ago

It really starts to feel like Christmas when the gift guides start to come out!

Nataly Jennings
Nataly Jennings 2 months ago

I absolutely love Too Faced! They have such gorgeous colors and I also love their aesthetics!

Amanda Battison
Amanda Battison 2 months ago

Glad to see you back love these videos great ideas 💡 stay safe & well 😊😊😊