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Brheanna Terry
Brheanna Terry 2 months ago

Merry Christmas!!! 🎁🎄🙂

Blue Fire
Blue Fire 2 months ago

One of the few where all of them sing and has so many references to former songs, I was able to pick up songs like No. 5, The Kids, and possibly Bitches. Either way, my favorite Christmas song💖

Ray 2 months ago

It's December.

Y'all know what to do.

Kenji M
Kenji M 2 months ago

El da kurlzz rapeaba y no rapeo más el wey se perdió mucho talento ahí

Enikay 2 months ago

5 years later aha

Isabella Herrera
Isabella Herrera 2 months ago

this is the only christmas song that doesnt make me want to puke

jesper bottenheft
jesper bottenheft 2 months ago

Just found out that there are 2 versions. one has a fade out and this one where it just ends.

Skylar Hedges
Skylar Hedges 2 months ago

Yall better return every Christmas . That's all I'm sayin 😁😋

eren kesici
eren kesici 2 months ago

Have a Hollywood Christmas and an Undead New Year!

Shadow_Rabbit 2 months ago


benrod 1321
benrod 1321 2 months ago

the family told me to make the Christmas playlist this year I'm gonna get hated for a long time lol

Anca ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Anca ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 2 months ago

Its that time of the year bois😁😁😁

Kenneth and Katrina McCorkle

Literally the only Christmas song I listen to

Caesthoffe 2 months ago

DaKurlzz singing gives me life

Danielle DiMarco
Danielle DiMarco 2 months ago

best christmas song ever XD

boss bi0tch
boss bi0tch 2 months ago

Mattie slayed

Aron Veber
Aron Veber 2 months ago


Foxglove 2 months ago

1:23 I came here just for Charlie's scream.

Cringey_Swine 2 months ago

Dang I love the intro of that piano synthesizer in the beginning. I wish they would make another Christmas themed song with Danny one day lol.

Heeshka Muted
Heeshka Muted 2 months ago

This is a year round song

eren kesici
eren kesici 2 months ago

"If you guide my sleigh, I'll let you fuck my wife."

insan 9806
insan 9806 2 months ago

Hey its your time to choose the christmas charol

Lilly Ewing
Lilly Ewing 2 months ago

Teyhave this Block on school iPad ha! Try again

Andjelka 2 months ago

It's that time of year again boys and girls

Tyler Tvirus
Tyler Tvirus 2 months ago

Ahh.. what a classic. Haha

Funnyman420kush 2 months ago

It's about that time undead soldiers. Time for Christmas in Hollywood

Daegoth 2 months ago

Merry fecking Christmas

Smooth Gorilla
Smooth Gorilla 2 months ago

It's that time of year again

Loco Jay 83
Loco Jay 83 2 months ago

1:29 I love that part so much XD

Agustin Gonzalez
Agustin Gonzalez 2 months ago

Ok now that Halloween season is over we can officially start playing this

WestCoastYeeYee 2 months ago

like oh my god is that saint nick? HMMM REMINDS ME

Undead Hunter
Undead Hunter 2 months ago

This is my kinda Christmas

Prince Oliver
Prince Oliver 2 months ago

1:48-2:35 Greatest Christmas movie ever

Taro Xoxota de Jacarés


ATF panda
ATF panda 2 months ago

Best Christmas song ever next to grandma got ran over by a reindeer

Kevin Adams
Kevin Adams 2 months ago

The imposter was Funnyman!!! So that means Matt fucked Funnyman 🤣😂

marvintehrobot 2 months ago

posted in july

Psychooo 2 months ago

I'm going to listen to this until 25

Anthony Haller
Anthony Haller 2 months ago

Someone pointed out that this song is code for saying they gang raped poor Funnyman.

Robert 2 months ago

Christmas is so close!

Internet Terrarian
Internet Terrarian 2 months ago

The naughtiest out of them all would be Deuce for sure.

Wheatley 2 months ago

Deuce is Jeffree star

Kooks 99
Kooks 99 2 months ago

The only Christmas song I like.

TheLordShinnok 2 months ago

Funny video I celebrate Christmas till January 7th I'm not religious.

Arbitor_Thel 2 months ago

I'm always gonna see Funny Man as Santa now, thanks! Amazing lyric video like the rest and as always great song.

Eskild 2 months ago

Merry Christmas, you fuckers

Guren Ichinose
Guren Ichinose 2 months ago

this was my first song I listened when I woke up this morning Merry Christmas

The guy who honestly could not decide on a proper username so he chose to use this instead

Have a Hollywood Christmas and an Undead New Year, Danny (from the ExtremeUndead)!

Stefany Kulcheski
Stefany Kulcheski 2 months ago

Just had to listen to that today

Austin Barker
Austin Barker 2 months ago

My kind of Christmas music

SIN Savvy
SIN Savvy 2 months ago

this was uploaded on my Birthday XD

UnholyCow 2 months ago

I usually listen to very immature Christmas songs, and this is just like the rest, time to put it into that Playlist, especially for Christmas parties

MetalHead 101
MetalHead 101 2 months ago

this is my Christmas song

Phoenix 2 months ago

time to listen to this again

STAP Hungryear
STAP Hungryear 2 months ago

Haha so funny

IIrishttv 2 months ago

J-Dog Sorta Sounded Like Jeffree Star For a Second There.

FishandDips TV
FishandDips TV 2 months ago

I don't care if it's mid summer I still blast this in my truck

Lil Blue
Lil Blue 2 months ago

I real like you band

MyRedactedIsName 2 months ago

Definetly playing this on Christmas Eve

Honey Dooley
Honey Dooley 2 months ago

My new favorite Christmas song!

Reowpurr 2 months ago

add this to spotify pls

Taylor Miller
Taylor Miller 2 months ago

I love this song so much!it makes me laugh my butt off every time,it was well made and I appreciate The Extreme Undead for making it.We all love ur vids and I hope u make more.:D

Sabotage 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

Lastrevio 2 months ago

0:05 I thought I unplugged something.

Smooth Gorilla
Smooth Gorilla 2 months ago

Have a Hollywood Christmas and an Undead new year!!!!

Lastrevio 2 months ago

Merry Christmas HU Army!!!

MickSparerib 2 months ago

Aahh, the lyrics <3

vaLywell 2 months ago

have a HOLLYWOOD christmas, and a UNDEAD new year

kacper1623 2 months ago

Christmas, again :D

Comrade_Exo 2 months ago

We were listening to this in school, because I'm the only one in the class who likes rock & metal music, so the teacher asked what Christmas song I listening to.. :DDD

Jordon Terrel
Jordon Terrel 2 months ago

''He said Christmas ain't a day but a way of life '' Da Kurlzz 1:59

some yaoi stuff
some yaoi stuff 2 months ago

I love this song, best for Christmas <3

La Creatura
La Creatura 2 months ago

i wanna see this live

xFallenDemon99x 2 months ago

I guess it's around the time to start blasting this

King_ _iOpa
King_ _iOpa 2 months ago

It's very cool, that you have corrected the lyrics with Charlie. Because, I've seen many video-makers, doing the same mistake with Funny and Charlie :D

Alex Pearson
Alex Pearson 2 months ago

funny man sang first i was at the concert!

zimmygirl777 2 months ago

Uh what's a Rolly?

Beth Conaway
Beth Conaway 2 months ago

all i wanna do is sing this all day on christmas!!!!!!

Ryder Hanson
Ryder Hanson 2 months ago

Best quality I can find.

Kraytus Ark
Kraytus Ark 2 months ago

is this No.5 christmas edition?

MEDEX 666 2 months ago

dud green da kurlzz is bad white was better

AlaskaTheWriter 2 months ago

This song should be on the radio during Christmas.

Damján Tárkányi
Damján Tárkányi 2 months ago

Some of the lyrics are the same as in No.5 anyone else notice that?

Logan Cowgar
Logan Cowgar 2 months ago

I laughed so hard at this song. It is amazing

Jason BurnekA
Jason BurnekA 2 months ago

wait is this a remake of no. 5?

FaerieGrrl 2 months ago

I thought it was a gang of ice..?

Kalee Nicole
Kalee Nicole 2 months ago

I love this song. It's so funny. <3

Lucky Knees
Lucky Knees 2 months ago

I am definitely playing this very loudly on christmas day!

Haunted Taco
Haunted Taco 2 months ago

Every Christmas from now I'll play this song

Ethan Maguire
Ethan Maguire 2 months ago


oz3 najen
oz3 najen 2 months ago

Why i cant what this videos with my phone ??

THE SAWN OF BOB 2 months ago

Shady Jeff said omg is that Saint Nick

Punk Sucks
Punk Sucks 2 months ago

did you have to do completely new lyrics or just use the same ones and do touch ups

It's Not A Phase!
It's Not A Phase! 2 months ago

Is there anyway to buy this song?

HU Josh
HU Josh 2 months ago

this is the first song I listened to from hollywood undead and I loved it, funny and catchy song.

daniel squire
daniel squire 2 months ago

I wonder when they will put on bullet 😐

Luzmarie 2 months ago

Da Kurlzz!! <3
Sometimes I think I need to go to HU Rehab...But then I remember...I can never have too much of HU!

Great work by the way. Love your vids!

Charlie scene
Charlie scene 2 months ago

I'm in a cover band for Hollywood undead and we play Christmas in Hollywood on Christmas it wad great

Sharky shark
Sharky shark 2 months ago

Joyeux noël tu veut dire non ? ENORME SONG ! :p

TheHuttis 2 months ago

Why Da Kurrlz is green?