Bath \u0026 Body Works Semi-Annual Sale SUMMER 2021!


Running Kimono

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Information Bath \u0026 Body Works Semi-Annual Sale SUMMER 2021!

Title : Bath \u0026 Body Works Semi-Annual Sale SUMMER 2021!

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Frames Bath \u0026 Body Works Semi-Annual Sale SUMMER 2021!

Description Bath \u0026 Body Works Semi-Annual Sale SUMMER 2021!

Bath \u0026 Body Works Semi-Annual Sale SUMMER 2021!

Bath \u0026 Body Works Semi-Annual Sale SUMMER 2021!

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Running Kimono
Running Kimono 2 months ago

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Kimono referral code: D8HKR

Gerri Green
Gerri Green 2 months ago

I never received a coupon😞

Maureen C
Maureen C 2 months ago

Got mine today! 20% off entire purchase ❤️

Maria Marti
Maria Marti 2 months ago

Wick candles and Dark Kisses for me. Would love if they’d bring back PS I Love You

Lisa Davis
Lisa Davis 2 months ago

I’m going to try shopping at the Outlets too! 😊 Hoping to score on some hand soap & candles! 75% off is EPIC! The mason jar idea is niccceee 👍🏾 As always, Thx!!!

Samantha Reed
Samantha Reed 2 months ago

Can I double up on coupons? I have a twenty percent off good one time for the year, and the 10 off 40.

Robin Holmes
Robin Holmes 2 months ago

I think I'm done with hand sanitizers and hand soaps. They've been on sale a lot recently. I have a basket full of sanitizers and closet full of soaps. I might get some body care. I hope the new clean line is apart of the sale. Pomegranate and Avocado smells amazing.

Jennifer Campbell
Jennifer Campbell 2 months ago


Luz Maria Jacquez
Luz Maria Jacquez 2 months ago

How can I get the coupon?

Vanessa 2 months ago

Got my $10 off $40 mailer. I live in TX

Crystal Chambers
Crystal Chambers 2 months ago

Thanks for the heads up

Sharon Robledo
Sharon Robledo 2 months ago

Thank you, you always have such great tips and ideas for us to think ahead. I’m thinking of gifts for my grandson’s teachers this coming school year. The out of pocket was more than I wanted this year only because of lack of planning ahead. I will be hitting this sale up. I’m in the Houston Texas area. I’m hoping we have the app in our area if so I will let you know.
Update…. App is not in my area🤨 I did sign up for for emails though.

yourfavpersuasion 2 months ago

oh as of today the app was updated and said we get to shop a day early which means we can you can use our 20 off that expires the 24th.

Nia B.
Nia B. 2 months ago

Online in January had plenty of 75%! Hopefully this will continue this time

Glory Citi
Glory Citi 2 months ago

Self Care Catherine has prices of the items for the SAS sale

Eileen Halliwell
Eileen Halliwell 2 months ago

Love & sunshine is my fav!

Gerri Green
Gerri Green 2 months ago

Great video. Very informative. I put everything in my cart I'm interested in and that way when I go to the store I can look at my phone for reference. I can't wait. It's my first SAS. Praying we all get coupons.

Janae Wallace
Janae Wallace 2 months ago

Do you know how much some of the 3 wick candles are going to be

Eausodelicious 2 months ago

I really want cucumber melon, pink chiffon, raspberry jam donut, strawberry pound cake, board walk taffy...

Jackie Harley
Jackie Harley 2 months ago

Yes im shopping not to crazy

Deanne Stertz
Deanne Stertz 2 months ago

RECEIVED A 10$ off 40 today!!!!

Mater Kay
Mater Kay 2 months ago

I got my $10 off $40 in the mail today so keep an eye out. 🤞🏼 I know it’s just 10 bucks but with SAS prices, that’s easily another 3 or 4 items! 😁

Sandy Contreras
Sandy Contreras 2 months ago

Can't wait doing this right after I get out of work ... 🙌

Pia Hunter
Pia Hunter 2 months ago

I need white citrus!

Ashley Roa
Ashley Roa 2 months ago

I got my $10/$40 today😁

Tracy shell
Tracy shell 2 months ago

I'm from Mi also I'm heading to Ohio to the bath and body outlet

Liteweight Pup
Liteweight Pup 2 months ago

I got coupons that expire 6/13. Boo. I love Black Cherry Merlot, Linen and Lavender, and Island Margarita.

teren g
teren g 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing 🧡

Terica Johnson
Terica Johnson 2 months ago

Thank you for the video. I’ll be participating and I’m stocking up on candles.

leah lebeau
leah lebeau 2 months ago

I'm definitely going to be stocking up on 3 wick candles, hand soaps and body sprays. My 13 y/o is always stealing from my stash lol.

Wanda Tennyson
Wanda Tennyson 2 months ago

So excited for sas! Bakery notes for me as well! And not sure what else, wait and check out out. Thank you for sharing 🥰

cammy hostetter
cammy hostetter 2 months ago

Love your videos! How did you come up with your name? It’s so cool 😎

Shelley Bailey
Shelley Bailey 2 months ago

Can't wait... looking for any great deals!!

Robyn Gray
Robyn Gray 2 months ago

So 3-wick candles will be $10??? Just want to confirm. Thank you RK💛

Lee Davis
Lee Davis 2 months ago

Cucumber melon is my jam

Juan Meowmix
Juan Meowmix 2 months ago

This is going to be fun. I'm hoping for the aromatherapy elements line, and men's line stuff, and I'm good for any winter / fall scents!

Sarah Nowell
Sarah Nowell 2 months ago

How do you sign up for mailers? I've tried to for over a year. Customer service, email, what's the secret code?

Robyn Gray
Robyn Gray 2 months ago

I love Delilah, strawberry pound cake and the retired scents. I love the men collection for my husband too!!

Jennifer 2 months ago

I loved that honeysuckle they used to have

Usagi Moon.X.O
Usagi Moon.X.O 2 months ago

Yaaay to another video 😍

Jamie Arrowood
Jamie Arrowood 2 months ago

I have a $10/$30

sprinkles22 2 months ago

Just got the $10 off $40 coupon in the mail! I live in IL. This is the first mail coupon I've received in over a year.

Melissa Lykins
Melissa Lykins 2 months ago

Thank u RK 😊

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