Top 10 Christmas Lights in Southern California


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Information Top 10 Christmas Lights in Southern California

Title : Top 10 Christmas Lights in Southern California

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Description Top 10 Christmas Lights in Southern California

Top 10 Christmas Lights in Southern California

Top 10 Christmas Lights in Southern California

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Extravellganza 2 months ago

WOW! California really goes all out with the Christmas lights!! I've been seeing a lot of videos in the Los Angeles area of light shows and there are so many! If I was in the area i'd love to these out, especially Winterfest! Great video 👍😊

Naturally Me
Naturally Me 2 months ago


Kang Komen
Kang Komen 2 months ago

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AlphaTraveler1 2 months ago

Like 39! That’s such a cool compilation!

İzmir Explorer
İzmir Explorer 2 months ago

Hello my friend
really nice video! Greetings from Turkey

Exploring Norway
Exploring Norway 2 months ago

So beautiful, the ice skating looks so fun and festive. Happy Hollidays! :)

Angela.S Mak
Angela.S Mak 2 months ago

I was at Marry Queen hotel for Christmas last year. Is it still open now?

La vie est belle nature

Amazing share and beautiful christmas lights in southern california , thank you for sharing , i liked 31 ,greetings

وصفات سهلة ومتنوعة Wasafat Sahla

Woow nice video like 👍🌷🙋👍🌷🙋

Indian Everywhere
Indian Everywhere 2 months ago

Amazing view of the light all of them was great for me thanks for sharing friend keep it up

Mind Relaxing World
Mind Relaxing World 2 months ago

Excellent view 👌👌🎧 🎶🎼

NTF. HRB 2 months ago

Very beautiful and wonderful SURI , well done my dear friend and the friendliness continues between us

Steps by Kaatje
Steps by Kaatje 2 months ago

In California they sure know all about Christmas spirit! 😀👍👼🤶🎄Here in Belgium this year it's all a lot less... Still pretty much in Lockdown! 😏 So thanks you for your christmas video! 👍 Have a great day!

Korean kella කොරියන් කෙල්ල

amazing xmas decos my dr..
enjoyed 👌🥰

Bong Bong Travels
Bong Bong Travels 2 months ago

Are this footages a compilation of old and new? I don't see people wearing mask on some of the clips.

Precious Browneyes
Precious Browneyes 2 months ago

I love the changing lights. Thanks for showing us around.

waterfallmadman 2 months ago

Beautiful displays! Merry Christmas!

Veronika Wen
Veronika Wen 2 months ago

The lights are so beautiful! I am amazed by this beautiful video!'😍😍

Costa T
Costa T 2 months ago

Sending my Love & Support my dear friend!! Beautiful Top 10 ❤️ Excellent 😊👏

I Can
I Can 2 months ago

Great Video.
I have enjoyed it very much.
Thumbs up.
Please continue to produce more.
I am looking forward to your next video.
"Like" # 19

Roadtrippin' with Takacs

The boat parade looks awesome! I've never heard of that one. So many cool displays on your list. We'll have to check them out one day.

여행에반하다 2 months ago

Thank you always for the good video. I enjoyed it. Have a good day

Travelers Paradise
Travelers Paradise 2 months ago

California has so many fantastic options to see some holiday light decorations. Great job on this Top 10 list, they all look great!

PinoySwiss abroad
PinoySwiss abroad 2 months ago

Beautiful light displays and decorations! Stay safe. C U

The Art of RVing
The Art of RVing 2 months ago

Saw you at Travel and American Life with Bobby. Great collection of lights, different than other videos I have watched, good job . Thanks for sharing. We have some videos you would like, come check us out!

Znematic Travel
Znematic Travel 2 months ago

Love the Winterfest Orange County

Znematic Travel
Znematic Travel 2 months ago

I wish I can visit again hopefully no more curfew Thanks for sharing Happy Holidays

Ponti Walks
Ponti Walks 2 months ago

Wow..beautiful christmas lights..amazing night view..great video my friend..

Fabricate din ciment
Fabricate din ciment 2 months ago

Enjoy watching

Yudika Putra
Yudika Putra 2 months ago

looks really nice ,, let's hope more people can enjoy all the decorations

Magellan and Greyhound

It's that time of the year. Another great video. So many great lights.

Namrata Borah
Namrata Borah 2 months ago

It is really nice.I saw your videos in travel group of USA

S-Naaz Multicreation
S-Naaz Multicreation 2 months ago

Wonderful lights👍stay connected 👍

Travel and American Life with Bobby

Wow this is so beautiful, I always love your videos. Great decoration

Irene Wang
Irene Wang 2 months ago

So amazingly beautiful 🤩 all these Xmas decor does cheer up ppl spirit during this pandemic period thank you so much to upload the video and sharing with us 🙏🙏

Jennifer Lupine
Jennifer Lupine 2 months ago

Wonderful collection of light displays! Really helps the holiday spirit! 🎄🎄⛄️⛄️❄️❄️🎅🧑‍🎄

Reise Visionen
Reise Visionen 2 months ago

Very beautiful video my friend. The houses looks sooo beautiful.

tasteandtravel2 2 months ago

So beautiful lights keep sharing good work👍👍

New Walker
New Walker 2 months ago

It looks beautiful and makes me so excited for Christmas !! Nice sharing 🥰🎄👍

PhotoTrails 2 months ago

It sure took some work to produce all this! Liked the voice over!

ustakk piat
ustakk piat 2 months ago

Great sharing talking and walking video my friend... Great scenery night video... 🇲🇾

Views Plus
Views Plus 2 months ago

Wow 🤩 this is absolutely amazing, beautiful Christmas decorations. Thanks for sharing.