TRW Lab #12: Can You Press Foil To A Mug With A Mug Press?



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Information TRW Lab #12: Can You Press Foil To A Mug With A Mug Press?

Title : TRW Lab #12: Can You Press Foil To A Mug With A Mug Press?

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Frames TRW Lab #12: Can You Press Foil To A Mug With A Mug Press?

Description TRW Lab #12: Can You Press Foil To A Mug With A Mug Press?

TRW Lab #12: Can You Press Foil To A Mug With A Mug Press?

TRW Lab #12: Can You Press Foil To A Mug With A Mug Press?

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Audrey shearer
Audrey shearer 2 months ago

What was the original material you used to get the saying

Kristóf László
Kristóf László 2 months ago

It must to use the special mug or any mug is ok? What is the name or type the first foil? What kind printer printed the foil? It need any special printer like white paint or led or just a normal pinter is also ok? Is you make a tutorial video please start the first step not the middle of the story .... it is so disappointing. sorry

Sean Hammond
Sean Hammond 2 months ago

Nice that you showed the failure as well, 😎👍🏻

Jalaynea Cooper
Jalaynea Cooper 2 months ago

Will this only work on a sublimation mug?

munir nazir
munir nazir 2 months ago

what type of sticker is this , the white one and what is type of application transparent plastic over text????????????????

Akila Pramuditha
Akila Pramuditha 2 months ago

What is the heat transfer paper type that you used in this video?

Marisol Diaz
Marisol Diaz 2 months ago

that's so beautiful!!!! one question. do i can get the letters from cameo silhuette machine and then print it in that machine? if is like that, what papers do i have to get?

Dao S.
Dao S. 2 months ago

what is the material before the foil? thanks

Muhammad Tanveer
Muhammad Tanveer 2 months ago

How is the longevity of this fabulous work?will it melt because of hot drinks?

DIY CRYSTAL 2 months ago

If I used regular heat transfer vinyl got to be only hand wash? Microwave safe?

Ashuraff Ali
Ashuraff Ali 2 months ago

Sister is this vinyl or anything else please tell me sister

Emmanuel Alex
Emmanuel Alex 2 months ago

Welldone Could you provide me with the Foil paper

Kiss Arne Louise Ramos

Hi may i know what type/color of tha transfer paper and is the foil is ordinary foil or what?

Melbtube 2 months ago

That first video ... that adhesive paper and but that text on which paper that vynl or what is it called?

Jose Solarez
Jose Solarez 2 months ago

Hello, what is that adhesive with? What call”

VINEETA TRADERS 2 months ago

I live in india I'd like to purchase your stamping foil paper for cup. Tell me if your company is in any shop India. MY address company VINEETA TRADERS ,CLIVE ROAD,M.G.MARG,CIVIL LINES, ALLAHABAD, UTTAR PRADESH , INDIA PINCODE-211001, MOBILE NUMBER -9648125701

Melbtube 2 months ago

What is the name of transparent paper?

Sai Neris
Sai Neris 2 months ago

What is the material that you are using at first ? I mean sorry but this is a type of decal vynil for foil im lost with the material that look transparent .

tam walts
tam walts 2 months ago

Do you know how to remove foil on mug when you do not like it?

Shahzad Hakim
Shahzad Hakim 2 months ago

wow great job:)

Inner Light A Candle Co

Can you do this with a convection oven method?

RA D 2 months ago

What is the machine name?
thank you.

Cre8tv Productions
Cre8tv Productions 2 months ago

You are beautiful :) ...anyway i can make everything (shirts decals etc) but mugs are killing me. I think its my mugs they start out wide and get thinner so when i try to apply the design its always folded or doesnt stick right at some points. Help?

Naomi Astorita
Naomi Astorita 2 months ago

which vinyl did she use to heat the mug the first time?

Design with Hameed
Design with Hameed 2 months ago

which kind of paper you use mean that transprant paper you print somthing on it what we call it ?

Imran Usman
Imran Usman 2 months ago

I need all of these Mediums like Foil and Transparent Sheets

Stewart Davies
Stewart Davies 2 months ago

Hi there, I was wondering how these mugs had lasted since the video was posted. A friend of mine would like some made for her wedding.

Công ty TNHH TM & DV DNT

What is type of decal you press on mug?

VisoBoard 2 months ago

How did you get the initial layer made? what is it made with, how is it gotten on the paper etc?

Lea Seidman
Lea Seidman 2 months ago

Watch to the end.

Nc Caberoy
Nc Caberoy 2 months ago

what did you use to stick the foil?

Audrey shearer
Audrey shearer 2 months ago

is that just clear adhesive your using for the first layer ? Thanks

Lilith Solis
Lilith Solis 2 months ago

Could you tell me where to get foil and vinyl? Are they thermal?

Jocelyn O
Jocelyn O 2 months ago

How did you get the writing on the first sheet. Did you print it or hand wrote it ?

antonio balladolid
antonio balladolid 2 months ago

what kind of foil sublimation foil or it is ordinary foil


en español

joendris ochoa
joendris ochoa 2 months ago

is the vynil that the used

Patti Albertson
Patti Albertson 2 months ago

Is there a special type of transfer paper to use and tape????

Shantelle Stratton
Shantelle Stratton 2 months ago

I so appreciate the outtakes. I make minor errors here and there and it is nice to know it isn’t just me. Mug looks great!!!!

Juan Pablo Mena
Juan Pablo Mena 2 months ago


Louisa Westlake
Louisa Westlake 2 months ago

Hi! I love this idea - I was wondering how the mug was holding up with hand washing if it’s been used since the video?

Shirley Savoie
Shirley Savoie 2 months ago

I call BS on this!!!! There is NO way at that temperature that she could pick the cup up with her bare hands. I work with sublimation mugs all day and even at 180 we still have to wear heat resistant gloves.

October Leigh
October Leigh 2 months ago

can you use anything else if you don’t have a mug press?

cindy arocha
cindy arocha 2 months ago

How do I get those adhesive sheets for the foil info please

Deiny UM
Deiny UM 2 months ago

Hi! I bought everything you used in this video from your site. I follow the instructions and it didn’t work. 😢

Stephania B
Stephania B 2 months ago

Lisa, I love to see your videos. However, maybe it's just my computer but I can hardly hear you on most videos. I have my volume up on both the computer and the YouTube settings.

Andrea Murray
Andrea Murray 2 months ago

Where did you find your mug press

Romeo Zepol
Romeo Zepol 2 months ago

What is the temperature and time?

Lea 2 months ago

Hey Lisa, Does it have to be sublimation mugs? If so, why?

Debbie Durham
Debbie Durham 2 months ago

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE short tutorials! This is GREAT! Most crafters don't have time to sit and watch an hour long video. I won't even bother with the ones that are more than 20 minutes! THANK YOU!!!!

Jessie gibson
Jessie gibson 2 months ago

Great job Lisa

Varsha Surana
Varsha Surana 2 months ago

from where we can get this foil? what do we call this foil?

Michele Billingsley
Michele Billingsley 2 months ago

What is the difference between applying foil and permanent vinyl to a mug/glass?

Waleed shibany
Waleed shibany 2 months ago


Ginny Newman
Ginny Newman 2 months ago

Wondering if one could go over it with the FDA resin epoxy that everyone is using for glitter tumblers? Make it more durable?

Michele Billingsley
Michele Billingsley 2 months ago

What could you use if you don't have a mug press?

Muhammad Lovlu Chy
Muhammad Lovlu Chy 2 months ago

is that washable?

Jeronimo Lopez
Jeronimo Lopez 2 months ago

thank you my love ...

Jeronimo Lopez
Jeronimo Lopez 2 months ago

Hi, what's the name of the clear paper you used first?

short Ride
short Ride 2 months ago

was the first application adhesive or transfer paper?? and did it all come off or does it stay on mug?? i dont see it on the mug im sorry?

Jacki Clark
Jacki Clark 2 months ago

I love this got to try this! Awesome presentation

Great Daddy
Great Daddy 2 months ago

Hi, very interesting and educative video, but I would like to know, where do you get the images to print? is there any website where I can download some images from? Thank you!

Jackie Sinelli
Jackie Sinelli 2 months ago

So do you have to use a sublimation mug to do this, or will any mug do?

Kathy Parker
Kathy Parker 2 months ago

My daughter wants foil on a metal tumbler. I tried yesterday but the adhesive melted a lot. I don't know what temp I really used because I used an iron. I wonder if I had let it cool down if the adhesive would have settled back down. I put the foil on what I did have and of course it was a hot mess. Have you tried anymore tests with this? I love the foil and would love for this to work.

kokgir 2 months ago

can you put it in microwave?

Lucy Cherry
Lucy Cherry 2 months ago

Love it x

Ashley Almeida
Ashley Almeida 2 months ago

So, how did Lexy react when you gave her the mug? :-)

Colin Sevier
Colin Sevier 2 months ago

my customers don't hand wash anything..

Stacey Shores
Stacey Shores 2 months ago

what type of adhesive are you using? and what type of foil are you using?

TRENDY SHOP 2 months ago

Hello ,
Where do I get this material?

Hh Yn
Hh Yn 2 months ago

where to get the transfer tape (showing on 0.30)?
If i were to print on pu leather , how should i do it ?

medo metro2
medo metro2 2 months ago

how can i have these materials from your site ????

Fabian Murillo
Fabian Murillo 2 months ago

buenas noches, como encuentro el EasyWeed Adhesive en amazon?

girirenu 2 months ago

Are these mugs microwave safe after adding the foil design?

Kowser Sikder
Kowser Sikder 2 months ago

Can you help me please. i want to contact with you

Kowser Sikder
Kowser Sikder 2 months ago

really imagine

Francis Blanco
Francis Blanco 2 months ago

Hi, I do not understand what material you print, I'm talking about the color of the cup, what's the temptation and what is it?

JP Santos
JP Santos 2 months ago

Hi there! Is it dishwasher safe?

Adriana Martinez
Adriana Martinez 2 months ago

What color is this magic foil? I'm on your website...

Adriana Martinez
Adriana Martinez 2 months ago

What heat press and turquoise stand is this?

Patricia Taylor
Patricia Taylor 2 months ago

Lisa, have you tried that with a convection oven.

Kaity Watson
Kaity Watson 2 months ago

Can you do it on mugs that AREN'T for sublimation?

Whitney Stanek
Whitney Stanek 2 months ago

Have you tried to use the mug wraps in an oven vs. the mug press? Our issue with our press is that it does not always administer the same amount of pressure all the way around, where as the wraps have the same amount of pressure for all area surface.

Joe Gowac
Joe Gowac 2 months ago

image still on there, how long has it been?

Michael Edmund
Michael Edmund 2 months ago


Victoria Lastra
Victoria Lastra 2 months ago

does it stay after being washed?

Serge Meijer
Serge Meijer 2 months ago

Little question. Do i need sublimations mugs or just any regular?

Stacee Streifel
Stacee Streifel 2 months ago

Is the adhesive the same you would use when making a foil shirt? And what is a sublimation mug? Ceramic?

Kelsey Maynard
Kelsey Maynard 2 months ago

Good tutorial but you need to speed it up a bit. Some areas are extremely slow.

Laura Brooks
Laura Brooks 2 months ago

Can you also do this on glass mugs?

B Sharp Art
B Sharp Art 2 months ago

Did you coat it with anything afterward?

Imran Usman
Imran Usman 2 months ago

Hi i want to make this mug.
Some question i have.
1. Is this simple mug or Sublimation?
2. Which type of foil you have used?
3. if we dont have easyweed then what we can use?
4. Heat temperature starting and ending?
5. Heat time?
Please let me know

Donna Garcia
Donna Garcia 2 months ago

So as of now. Can I use htv on a mug and heat press it.?

Cleomar Naves
Cleomar Naves 2 months ago

Hello, I am in Brasil and I am lost here. What exactly is the material that you cut on vinyl cutter that the foil sticks to it???? Can I find this in Brasil???

sthwestb 2 months ago

Would it help if we pressing it one more time once the foil came off with the silicone
sheet to make sure it stays or would that melt it or burn it???

Matilde Cake’s y mas

Thanks so much god bless you

Matilde Cake’s y mas

I have the question for you do you use the easyweed but my questions is as I can get transparent easyweed but you used to put the foil?

Brenda Wooten Porter
Brenda Wooten Porter 2 months ago

pretty cool!!! make another to show it being used and hand washed for a while to see how it lasts!!! and thanks for showing the blooper!! LOL

mee thao
mee thao 2 months ago

what's the result after being washed?

Moriah Lynn Taylor
Moriah Lynn Taylor 2 months ago

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for the experiment. What mug heat press are you using?