How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful - Purple Mattress #goldilocks



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Information How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful - Purple Mattress #goldilocks

Title : How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful - Purple Mattress #goldilocks

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Frames How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful - Purple Mattress #goldilocks

Description How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful - Purple Mattress #goldilocks

How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful - Purple Mattress #goldilocks

How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful - Purple Mattress #goldilocks

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G B 2 months ago


Nobody 2 months ago

I come back to this add every day idek

Lily Murfitt
Lily Murfitt 2 months ago

I love Mallory...

olivia elston
olivia elston 2 months ago

this ad would be so boring without mallory

Scar 2 months ago

Purple, my two shades of purple... matter where we physically are; as long, as I am with you, it will ALWAYS be 🏠!!!

Isaac Vlogs
Isaac Vlogs 2 months ago

Purple has changed my sleeping I’ve never been sleeping so happy and comfortable purple will change ur sleeping for the better!!!!!

Isaac Vlogs
Isaac Vlogs 2 months ago

This is probably the one add I like and won’t skip ever

Different Park
Different Park 2 months ago

Now I have two studio c fans will understand

Mashed Inc.
Mashed Inc. 2 months ago

hi Mallory

Olivez_ Online
Olivez_ Online 2 months ago

I swear she was a old studio c actor and now works for JK Studios

hobby gamer
hobby gamer 2 months ago

she's goldilocks and I'm the pied piper

AJ Aguilera
AJ Aguilera 2 months ago

Or like Anakin Skywalker
Me: You now have my full undivided attention

Joseph Carranco
Joseph Carranco 2 months ago

There are commercials. Then there's COMMERCIALS

Aaron Long
Aaron Long 2 months ago

Omg that "now I have two"

Cloudy Roblox games
Cloudy Roblox games 2 months ago

Hey Mal

Sarah Dillon
Sarah Dillon 2 months ago

I love all these people talking about studio C in here

Greg Spalding
Greg Spalding 2 months ago

What she doesn't mention is that $1,000 mattress is pretty average the one that actually works is $3,000

Lexi Mueller
Lexi Mueller 2 months ago

mallory from jk studios

Moto Enduro
Moto Enduro 2 months ago

Just saw the new 2021 commercial on fox. Hilarious. Never commented because of a commercial before but it’s genius! So are these. Haven’t seen these before either.

Loyals FN
Loyals FN 2 months ago

Who else searched this up cause it came to them randomly?

Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 2 months ago

Omg I started watching studio c a while ago but never noticed Mallory was in this!!

Blake Dickey-Ballentine

Holy crap
I saw this on TV and I just was thinking
Awwwwww yeaaaaah
Studio c reference

Zocko 2 months ago

the only add i will watch

HM The Tsar of Russia

GOLDILOCKS: It collapses over time like some cheap sneakers or Anakin Skywalker.


Jingle Bob
Jingle Bob 2 months ago

Love the Purple Mattress so much I made my own commercial

Whim_si_cal 2 months ago

I don’t sleep. Never. (I actually haven’t slept for like 5 days)

Joe Stoppiello
Joe Stoppiello 2 months ago

0:38 it calapses over time like cheap sneakers or anakin Skywalker Bruh I’ve never seen a Star Wars meme in a Cermershal

Andrea Gilroy
Andrea Gilroy 2 months ago

My mom has a purple mattress I love her bed

Jace Adams
Jace Adams 2 months ago


fat cheese man
fat cheese man 2 months ago

y e s

j u s t y e s

p u r p l e i s y e s

IcywølfX 2 months ago

I knew I had seen and heard Mallory Everton from somewhere before, and now I know where.

Key create
Key create 2 months ago

i love this ad

Wordy McWordenstein
Wordy McWordenstein 2 months ago

i like her a lot

Don Lessnau
Don Lessnau 2 months ago

If you listen closely, they never really say anything at all about this mattress or why it's better. It's bullshit.

The Gacha Show
The Gacha Show 2 months ago

Malory is so funny any body watch studio c

cool minecraft 5 gameplays

hey baby want some a r t h r i t i s

Mattie Walden
Mattie Walden 2 months ago

Am I the only one just realized that this is Mallory

HandleBars 2 months ago

"Now I have two!" Any studio c fans here remembering Kyle's golden days?

Skylar Hylian
Skylar Hylian 2 months ago

I dont know anyone who sleeps though...

Jonathan Warner
Jonathan Warner 2 months ago

I still think this is one of the best-made ads ever. It isn't annoying, boring, or pushy. It tells you the facts, is very entertaining, and really makes you say "Dang, I want that!". Other advertisement companies should worship this ad lol.

Kate Nyan
Kate Nyan 2 months ago


Master BondoFox
Master BondoFox 2 months ago

I have 99 more nights to go in my trial. Oh, wife said that last night, I didn't snore.

xxxgalaxyfriendsxxx 2 months ago

I smell Mallory from studio c

DJ Classic Da King
DJ Classic Da King 2 months ago

At first I thought this was on studio c then I realized it's purple lol

Sammy Radev
Sammy Radev 2 months ago

f u my purple mattress is terrible

bman342a 2 months ago

I hope Purple is paying Mallory enuf.

RigaRiggleMan 2 months ago

1: why
2: thank you.

Elijah Berry
Elijah Berry 2 months ago

Ok that Anakin Skywalker joke got me. That got me real good

An0nnymous 2 months ago

This ad didn't appear infront of a video for me... it was in my reccomended videos

Fartchicken579 2 months ago

Watching this on my new purple mattress! Mallory is so funny 😂

Judethedude 2 months ago

I'm sold

SsstAr 22
SsstAr 22 2 months ago

Kyle:now I have two mattresses,

SsstAr 22
SsstAr 22 2 months ago

I’m a simple person,

I see Mallory, I click.

Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas 2 months ago

I don't keep clicking on this advertisement to check out the mattress.

Ryans Channel
Ryans Channel 2 months ago

Who’s the girl in the ad?


studio c fans-
did anyone else get the Kyle reference at the end? Mal says "thank you! now I have two!" classic Kyle line.
its at 2:54

Tony B. Ferrandino
Tony B. Ferrandino 2 months ago

I've been debating on getting a Queen size Purple mattress but after seeing the weight test and the BTS raw eggs, I'ma buy.
Thank you Rocket Scientist and Goldilocks!

Jayzic Landucci
Jayzic Landucci 2 months ago

Tbh this wasn’t recommended you searched this video to feel old

You went this far, like this comment

Aphrodite in America
Aphrodite in America 2 months ago

This is an ad I will never skip.

Rebecca Sylvia
Rebecca Sylvia 2 months ago

I forgot Mallory did this commercial. It makes it 100x better when you remember Goldilocks from Purple is also Devin from Freelancers.

PluralRaccoon 2 months ago

I accidentally clicked on a video and got the same ad 😂

Sofia Seaburg
Sofia Seaburg 2 months ago

Studio c!!!!!!!!!! Mallory!

Strawberry 2 months ago

If you put one of the original 10 cast members of studio c in your add, you have the perfect add and product.

Aayla Secura
Aayla Secura 2 months ago

0:46 “What did you say?”

Lol, but The Clone Wars Anakin is actually not that bad.

mehmud 2 months ago

i cant belive such a matress can exist, i want someone to try this egg test on spring matress of soft high end

Henry Wojas
Henry Wojas 2 months ago

HowDo we know that the eggs on the purple mattress are real and if purple came up with the purple mat for test then they’re just making the wall rules to their advantage

lil avacado
lil avacado 2 months ago

I have seen this ad so many times and only now did I realize that it's Mallory Everton from studio c

notAfont 2 months ago

But it collapses over time like some cheap sneakers or Anakin Skywalker

Livia Horowitz
Livia Horowitz 2 months ago

Cool! Now I have two Purple mattresses!

Elisa Espinosa
Elisa Espinosa 2 months ago

Ayyyyyyy Mallory! No wonder this came up on my recommended section!

Jenna Ball
Jenna Ball 2 months ago

I want that bed now...😂

Georgia K.
Georgia K. 2 months ago

Wait why have I never noticed that this was Mallory? I feel so dumb

Illuminati14 2 months ago

Purple smell funny

JustAStarWarsFan1218 2 months ago

I saw Mallory in the thumbnail. And actually thought it was a Studio C sketch

Bone Sauce
Bone Sauce 2 months ago

'it starts out ok but collapses over time, like some cheap sneakers or anakin skywalker ' 💀💀

The Perfect Business
The Perfect Business 2 months ago


K2KTechReviews 2 months ago

2:54 "Now I have two!" says Mallory. Where's Kyle?

Youngsuh Lee
Youngsuh Lee 2 months ago

Mallory! the Studio C fans are now hear

Dragoon 5672
Dragoon 5672 2 months ago

This video got recommended to me while I was enjoying a Minecraft animation of the FNaF song "Bonnie's Mixtape." Funny how that happens.

Anyone ?
Anyone ? 2 months ago

Anyone else think this was an unusually informative Studio C video?

erroneousdays 2 months ago

Do they ship overseas?

Madeline Ardoin
Madeline Ardoin 2 months ago

Eee this is Mallory! From studio C and JK studios! :D


2:55 now I have two mattresses!

Lily Kay
Lily Kay 2 months ago

Has anyone seen Matt in the add for Zip Tops??? I LOVED IT. LOOK IT UP.

Lily Kay
Lily Kay 2 months ago


TV AwesomeParodys
TV AwesomeParodys 2 months ago

For some reason, this commercial brings back so many memories of 2016 - 2017 YouTube.

Fan 2 Fics
Fan 2 Fics 2 months ago

Ok seeming as the views on this are massive
Stan JK studios guys

Cole Customs
Cole Customs 2 months ago

"If you or a loved one sleeps..." best. line. ever.

Kasey Ramey
Kasey Ramey 2 months ago

They did it the made a add that people search

Marvel Disneyfan
Marvel Disneyfan 2 months ago

It was strange watching this before coming across Studio C or JK Studios. And I still didn’t skip.

PikaPika Gamer
PikaPika Gamer 2 months ago

I randomly remembered this add and it's as good as I remember it being, next time I need a mattress, I'm buying Purple

Kelsey Bryson
Kelsey Bryson 2 months ago

Were sorry about that we're the best

Sweet Dreamer
Sweet Dreamer 2 months ago

When Mallory said "now I have 2!" It reminded me of Kyle😉

Alejandro Reguera Diaz

188 wtf

Mary Browne
Mary Browne 2 months ago

"Now I have two!" Just like Kyle!

Jagger Staley
Jagger Staley 2 months ago

I knew that Goldilocks was Mallory from Studio C!

Layla Hutcheson
Layla Hutcheson 2 months ago

It's Mallory from studio C! She's great in adds to!🙃

Bobby Boucher31
Bobby Boucher31 2 months ago

Anybody else noticing the sudden surge in commercials that shamelessly try to copy Purple Mattress?

CraftimeArt 2 months ago


Rocker SFM/GMod
Rocker SFM/GMod 2 months ago

hey they did a star wars reference