Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Canon Rock


Raspberry Pie

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Canon Rock

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Canon Rock

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Antony Januário
Antony Januário 2 months ago

música marcada quando stefan desligou sua humanidade pela ultima vez🖤

Rocky13Ray 2 months ago

How has this not out done Mariah Carrey's bull shit "have yourself a marry little Christmas" song??

alpha 2 months ago

Salvatore brothers❤ merry christmas brother, merry christmas 😔

shabaaz nankoo
shabaaz nankoo 2 months ago

Vampires diaries😍😍❤❤

zineb zardi
zineb zardi 2 months ago

Reminds me of Damon and Stefan Salvatore

lucas zm
lucas zm 2 months ago

Speed: 1.5x

Thanks me later

Suz Pratt
Suz Pratt 2 months ago


cristina salazar
cristina salazar 2 months ago

Belleza 😘

Christian Hafer
Christian Hafer 2 months ago

This is great.

Shelley Klinke
Shelley Klinke 2 months ago

My favorite Christmas music video of all time! ❤
❤ 🎀•` `•.¸.•´ ` • 🌲 •` `•.¸.•´ ` •🎀🎀•` `•.¸.•´ ` • 🌲 •` `•.¸.•´ ` •🎀🎀•`🌲

JOHN SangteaRalte
JOHN SangteaRalte 2 months ago

2020 Christmas anyone??

LordKai 2 months ago

Merry Christmas brother....meeeerry christmas

Sane Simanjuntak
Sane Simanjuntak 2 months ago

Merry Christmast Everyone..😇😇

Atula Jamir
Atula Jamir 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to everyone

AcE RaBbiT
AcE RaBbiT 2 months ago

Like it if your heart beats😘

Billy Anandhika
Billy Anandhika 2 months ago


Saber Noble
Saber Noble 2 months ago

When I was six and my dad was seven he told me he would train me, in the arts of his creators, and that one day I would have to defeat him in mortal combat. He said it was a truth-telling ceremony, and that each person was supposed to go out into the world better than their builder. He said the greatest thing in all the world was to be excellent to each other.

King-of-aces 13
King-of-aces 13 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to all please take a minute out of your day to call loved ones u may not see this Christmas and wish them a happy holiday

dharv88 2 months ago

666 dislikes, Satan is wrong for once

Maycon Maciel
Maycon Maciel 2 months ago

My favorite song 😲

Ca Chhakchhuak
Ca Chhakchhuak 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 2020

Andy Clifford
Andy Clifford 2 months ago

No matter how many time I listen to this, it is still awesome!

Nizar Elallam
Nizar Elallam 2 months ago

Merry christmas brother…merry christmas😍🫀🧛🧛‍♀️🫀

Jennifer Ann Keeling
Jennifer Ann Keeling 2 months ago

The guitar riffs..good God.

Jeroussalem 2 months ago

2020 the end of corona virus

X H 2 months ago


NightShadow720 2 months ago

I think I have finally found one of the best metal Christmas songs ever.

Subham Padhy
Subham Padhy 2 months ago

I came here after martin kove used this in his stories #cobrakai #nomercy #karatekid

Stillman Burnett
Stillman Burnett 2 months ago

1:06 my favorite part

Sam Hill
Sam Hill 2 months ago

Who hear from 2020 December!

Isaiah Turner
Isaiah Turner 2 months ago

Check out my cover of this tune 🤘❤️

Wungraizan Haoshimwung

Anyone 2020

Phillip Parcheminer
Phillip Parcheminer 2 months ago

This song truly is Christmas! It is so powerful and I never get tired of it. I have other Christmas favorites. Yet, nothing beats this song. It is so powerful and I do not care that the lyrics are not that clear really because the song is so powerful that I do not care.

R & B Records
R & B Records 2 months ago

2020... Time flies by... BUT......BEST CHRISTMAS CANON EVER>>>>

Iris y Angel
Iris y Angel 2 months ago

😳 this is not a rock song 👎

H.Hikato Shohe
H.Hikato Shohe 2 months ago

Its november guys ,.....time for some christmass songs

Your Local Icon
Your Local Icon 2 months ago

ahahaha this was posted 2 days before i was born!!!

Toki Naga
Toki Naga 2 months ago

It's almost close guys. I pray we all have a healthy life and in good health so we can spend this Christmas again.

Chhana Fanai
Chhana Fanai 2 months ago

Who still here in 2020,, alawys even before the month of Christmas

bpbj blitarkab
bpbj blitarkab 2 months ago


lawmpuia ralte
lawmpuia ralte 2 months ago

Avan nalh tak emm, christmas dawn apiang in k ngaithla ziah

woodchuk1 2 months ago

My God, Jennifer Cella absolutely SLEIGHS (pun intended) the vocal on this one! Assuming this was one take, I can’t even hear her take one breath in that last part leading up to the guitar solo...unbelievable!!

Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore 2 months ago

This is a good song

Angela Chibi
Angela Chibi 2 months ago

Like si alguien mira en 2020 😻

Scrub Plant
Scrub Plant 2 months ago

Angus Clark does the greatest Solo in the song!!

Kanar barwari
Kanar barwari 2 months ago


Claudia Zepol
Claudia Zepol 2 months ago



O Stefan Desligou sua Humanidade, The Vampire Diaries

Neisezolie Thevo
Neisezolie Thevo 2 months ago

Anybody listening in Quarantine 1st August 2020.

Wayne Ediger
Wayne Ediger 2 months ago

I went to the trans Siberian Orchestra concert it was awesome they pretty awesome the tribute to paul o neil was good

Wayne Ediger
Wayne Ediger 2 months ago

I went the trans Siberian Orchestra contact it was awesome they were pretty good

Sheriff K-9 Gaming
Sheriff K-9 Gaming 2 months ago

Me: Hates Christmas Music in December

Hợi Bế
Hợi Bế 2 months ago


Erick Fair Child
Erick Fair Child 2 months ago

I feel like crying whenever I listen to this song,it doesn't remind me only of Xmas times but those I cared for and aren't there anymore 😭

Bradley Casady
Bradley Casady 2 months ago

Double ads is bullshit ---YouTube wasting my battery ...! !

detroitbob58 2 months ago

I believe this is Jennifer Cella, she played with TSO for about 10 years. She was the BEST at this song, she had the pipes to really deliver it, like it needs. Reminds of Floor Jansen!

Todd Gilmore
Todd Gilmore 2 months ago

The passage from 3:33 on contains some of the most beautiful electric guitar playing I’ve ever heard, and at 62 I’ve listened to an awful lot of beautiful electric guitar playing. It actually brings me to tears.

꧁ Tú Muy Bien ꧂
꧁ Tú Muy Bien ꧂ 2 months ago

this piece was stoled by moron5

jb111082 2 months ago

We are waiting. And we have forgotten Him. Glory to Him!!

R&J Mooothical Show
R&J Mooothical Show 2 months ago

I’m jewish and this slaps lol

Floyd Lawton.
Floyd Lawton. 2 months ago

Better than Mariah Carey

Ghillie Ngaite-a
Ghillie Ngaite-a 2 months ago

Marry Christmass from mizoram

Jeff Everhart
Jeff Everhart 2 months ago

Merry Christmas from Vegas!

coffeebirdtree 2 months ago

best Christmas song

John Surabian
John Surabian 2 months ago


fmanakmf 2 months ago

Merry Christmas‼

Trina Dinnar
Trina Dinnar 2 months ago

Surprised I didn't discover this song sooner. Love!

RainzFiggz YT
RainzFiggz YT 2 months ago

Christmas time bring me here:) oow! Its 2019 btw

Wenzel Shovel and Pick

Someone in 2019?

CrusaderGaming 2 months ago

1:06 🔥🔥🔥 FIRE

Billie Meyer
Billie Meyer 2 months ago

I can't play this loud enough :( I need it to break my ears the way it breaks open my soul and spills me onto the floor

Ethan Wakeman
Ethan Wakeman 2 months ago

TSO is the Christmas music I listen to

Mary Belliveau
Mary Belliveau 2 months ago

One of most favorite Christmas songs :)

420dredog 2 months ago

@3:20 .... runs through my head constantly. Her voice is truly incredible. Not many people have those kinds of pipes lol

ScaryCareBear 2 months ago

Still one of my fave songs by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Merry Christmas everyone!

Joan Gentile
Joan Gentile 2 months ago

Wow!! Amazing voices!! Beautiful!!

Ronny Harrison
Ronny Harrison 2 months ago

Straight from TVD.

Trish O'Connor
Trish O'Connor 2 months ago

Welp, I guess all the versions of this on YouTube have multi-minute ads on 'em, so out it goes from my Christmas playlist. I don't mind the banners on the screen, but come on.

Bossy Guy Mike
Bossy Guy Mike 2 months ago

It's a shame Savatage had to die to bring forth TSO.

Matthew Todd Adcock
Matthew Todd Adcock 2 months ago

One of the greatest strongest nicest sounding iconic influential sounding songs I’ve ever heard in my life from #TSO! Thank you for everything guys and gals!

Nick Carothers
Nick Carothers 2 months ago

This gets me into the Christmas spirit really good!

Thuyên Thà Thật 1994

video xem lâu lắm rồi bài rất giờ mình mới bình luận

Munsong King XIV
Munsong King XIV 2 months ago

the time has almost come 2019 November

Shah Hasrin
Shah Hasrin 2 months ago


MrErikw26 2 months ago

What a set of pipes on the vocalist!!!!
Brings tears to my eyes every time

dumdrop17 dumdrop17
dumdrop17 dumdrop17 2 months ago

its a decent song without little drummer boy.

Jameothey 2 months ago

Its Raspberry Pi not Raspberry Pie😉

Alexander Kovacs
Alexander Kovacs 2 months ago

Le a kalappal, Pachelbel mester nagyot alkottál ! Hogy így 339 évvel később is kivételes érzéseket/érzelmeket eredményez bennem az élet műved modern feldolgozásban is ! 💖

Andrewfication Gaming

68 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Immanuel Chan
Immanuel Chan 2 months ago

great song,no other words to describe.

happyson muinao
happyson muinao 2 months ago

I walk down the aisle at my wedding....

The-EXpertStreet B-Racer

Switch it off Stefan

No REGRETS 2 months ago

Please make an instrumental of this beautiful piece. Pls??

Thana sailo
Thana sailo 2 months ago

If you can listen every year never take it granted God is Good 🙏🙏🙏😘💯

Tolga Karakus
Tolga Karakus 2 months ago

İşte budur++++++++++!

XTREAMGAMER 2 months ago


Ditsü Sapalbüwu
Ditsü Sapalbüwu 2 months ago

Merry Chirstmas in August 🥰

that guy
that guy 2 months ago

anyone from 2019 ?

Susanna (Sanna) Wensel

I'm still watching this 12 years later ♥️

D_abhi 2 months ago

From India I love this song