How to choose the best artificial Christmas Tree: REVIEW \u0026 GUIDE



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Information How to choose the best artificial Christmas Tree: REVIEW \u0026 GUIDE

Title : How to choose the best artificial Christmas Tree: REVIEW \u0026 GUIDE

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Frames How to choose the best artificial Christmas Tree: REVIEW \u0026 GUIDE

Description How to choose the best artificial Christmas Tree: REVIEW \u0026 GUIDE

How to choose the best artificial Christmas Tree: REVIEW \u0026 GUIDE

How to choose the best artificial Christmas Tree: REVIEW \u0026 GUIDE

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FUSIONBYLUCY 2 months ago

Lovely video check out our video on cheapest Christmas tree in Senegal

Christmas tree
Christmas tree 2 months ago

Omg thank you so much!! I needed a Christmas tree this year since my old one broke and I just ordered it and I’m glad to see you back 😊❤️

Melanie Silva
Melanie Silva 2 months ago

Csn you advice me from where I can buy this kind of a pe xmas tree

Luke Mortinson
Luke Mortinson 2 months ago

Never buy artificial. Ruins the whole experience. Just don’t purchase trees from the overpriced vendors. With a real Christmas tree, you miss out on the scent, deep, rich look, not plastic-y feeling needles.

Denise Montan
Denise Montan 2 months ago

Thank GOD this video exists I've been searching for PE trees and had no idea what wording to use. You're an angel.

Geeky Viky Russian
Geeky Viky Russian 2 months ago

It’s nice one, but 1k is a bit too much

Jeremy 2 months ago

The majority of artificial Christmas trees are horrifically toxic - lead, carcinogenic flame retardants, etc. I'm surprised you didn't look at that if you're going to do a review. I would not recommend putting one up with a baby in the house. Literally the only safe one on the market at the moment is sold by Ikea, but it's is sad looking. Bottom line, get a real tree, organic if possible, because the farms also drench them in pesticide that will impact babies.

Brad Tada
Brad Tada 2 months ago

Hi. Thank you for your detailed information. Could you share with me how tall is your ceiling? It will help to better visualize and understand the space that the tress is filling in your room. Thanks you.

kevin H
kevin H 2 months ago

yeah to late all sold out everywhere

claudia P
claudia P 2 months ago

Just listen to your voice I felt I fall in love with you already.🥰

Angelina Estrella
Angelina Estrella 2 months ago

I’m a first time buyer of an artificial tree; I don’t know exactly the correct way of fluffing a tree. Can you do a guide on how to fluff an artificial tree?

likeliterallysocute 2 months ago

If you got this tree for free you should have announced it at the beginning of the video

Erwin Gonzalez
Erwin Gonzalez 2 months ago

Sold out :(

Jerrie Yoakam
Jerrie Yoakam 2 months ago

Thank you for your detailed explanations concerning branch tip and light ratios! Very informative!

Teddy Mckinney
Teddy Mckinney 2 months ago

Hey there!! Enjoying your videos! Have you considered using SMZeus . c o m to help your videos rank better?

Danyella78 2 months ago

Beautiful tree! 😍

Sherif Megalli Basali

You said this is a 7.5 ft and the bag for 9 ft tree , am I missing something?

Alessandra Varricchio

Where did you purchase the rug that was in the picture of the flocked tree?

asmr p2p
asmr p2p 2 months ago

You have no idea how helpful this is. I know i can wait until after Christmas when the trees go on sale; however, I want one for this Christmas, so being that its an investment, I need one that doesnt look plastic, and nice a full.

c wess
c wess 2 months ago

Hi Stephanie! SO glad to see you back!! Hope you and your family are doing well :)

I have watched all of your holiday videos and have taken so much good advice from them☺️
I actually bought your exact Home Depot Xmas tree from years ago and I love it 😍

One question I have there any reason you prefer the KOC trees over Balsam Hill?

Darth Prime
Darth Prime 2 months ago

This was very informative and a huge help!

Madeline Lozada
Madeline Lozada 2 months ago

Thank You so much!!!!!

Vivian M
Vivian M 2 months ago

Welcome back!!! 🥰 You’ve been missed ....
Congratulations to you and your hubby on your new bundle joy!! ❤️🥰

Cristina T
Cristina T 2 months ago

The link to the tree doesn’t work :/

Christina Chan
Christina Chan 2 months ago

Tried to click the referral link but it doesn't work!

sassy tbc
sassy tbc 2 months ago

So happy to see a new video from you.

Kelley G
Kelley G 2 months ago

Such helpful information! Thanks for educating me😃

Linda 2 months ago

Welcome back

Linda Eshbach
Linda Eshbach 2 months ago

OMG Stephanie, glad to see you back! Missed your decorating and opinions. This is like the first time I found you talking about your flocked tree.

B 2 months ago

Welcome back Stephanie! Love your Christmas videos.

Kitty L
Kitty L 2 months ago

Glad to see you are back- missed you!!😊

Lindsey Merk
Lindsey Merk 2 months ago

Sooo good! King of Christmas has amazing trees!

Baby Girl B
Baby Girl B 2 months ago

Hello 👋 you are back we missed you and your family 👨‍👩‍👦 I just put my 🌳 up this weekend again thanks for more 🙏 videos 📹 😀

norweeezy 2 months ago

Omg lots of great infos here :)

Taylor Englert
Taylor Englert 2 months ago

A great review! Thank you!

Baskets and More
Baskets and More 2 months ago

So glad your back congratulations on your baby

Grace Sanchez
Grace Sanchez 2 months ago

I love watching your videos! 💕