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Patricia Chincho
Patricia Chincho 2 months ago

alguien me dice que capitulo y temporada es este que monica deja decorar e larbol de navidad??

Dahami Samarathunga
Dahami Samarathunga 2 months ago

Monica is the best!!!❤❤❤

Courtney 2 months ago

Tbf to Monica Rachel, Chandler and Phoebes side of the tree looked an absolute mess, like a bunch of toddlers decorated it

Jessi Lizzi
Jessi Lizzi 2 months ago

Christmas lights have only gotten smaller since then...poor Grandpa Chandler.

Ev666 2 months ago

Jewish its not just a religion. So its a matter of nation race and identity too. Its not a game. Ignorants

Thamires L.
Thamires L. 2 months ago

I Love Monica Geller

Ev666 2 months ago

Ross and monica are supposed to be jews... yeah right.

光光大熊 2 months ago

Everybody needs Monica.

T. Am.
T. Am. 2 months ago

I hate people who say they are quarter Jewish,quarter Buddhist,half Christian. You are in a religion that YOU believe in.Its not ancestry like your race

Vlad Cirus
Vlad Cirus 2 months ago

I do the same :))

Ev666 2 months ago

Its not make any sense with all the beauty lights of christmas, that jews would celebrate christmas.... the writers lose their reality judgment.

Greta Van
Greta Van 2 months ago

what epsoide is this and what season?

Tiana Pi Tesr
Tiana Pi Tesr 2 months ago

too much green and canes and no beads!