Goodwill, Salvation Army, \u0026 charitable thrift store haul for resale #232 Part 1


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Information Goodwill, Salvation Army, \u0026 charitable thrift store haul for resale #232 Part 1

Title : Goodwill, Salvation Army, \u0026 charitable thrift store haul for resale #232 Part 1

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Frames Goodwill, Salvation Army, \u0026 charitable thrift store haul for resale #232 Part 1

Description Goodwill, Salvation Army, \u0026 charitable thrift store haul for resale #232 Part 1

Goodwill, Salvation Army, \u0026 charitable thrift store haul for resale #232 Part 1

Goodwill, Salvation Army, \u0026 charitable thrift store haul for resale #232 Part 1

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Living The Good Life
Living The Good Life 2 months ago

Hi Michelle! I agree about how hard it is getting to find nice items at Goodwill; they are putting them in on-line auctions instead of the stores. Sadly, I've quit going since it's just plastic, clear glass, and broken items in my stores.

Eloise Muller
Eloise Muller 2 months ago

I guess one has to live in an upscale area for the local goodwill to carry the kind of donations you have access to. Our goodwill sucks.

AsphaltGypsy 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Michelle!

Dotlikesred 2 months ago

Wonderful finds Michelle. When you showed those Symphony plates next to the Corning Ware my mind was blown! The TST bowls-completely fabulous 😊💕

Sarah J.
Sarah J. 2 months ago

Wonderful..Loved that elephant!!

tammi waddle this old woman's view

Love the new hair, and you look really nice in black. Nice haul

Laura Simpson
Laura Simpson 2 months ago

Love that Grandmas cookie plate. Thanks Michelle.❤️🇨🇦

Allison McMillan-Lee
Allison McMillan-Lee 2 months ago

That plate is adorable! Glad to see you looking so good and out thrifting again. I am sending my eBay seller friends and FB friends to your channel to learn more because you are so generous in teaching us all about everything! Thank you!

Ozark Picker
Ozark Picker 2 months ago


Melody Humphrey
Melody Humphrey 2 months ago

I love your videos!!

Sylvia Lavengood
Sylvia Lavengood 2 months ago

Lots of nice stuff I feel your prices are quite high though

Mary Ngo
Mary Ngo 2 months ago

I’m always happy when I see a video from you. Thank you!

Ronni DC Native
Ronni DC Native 2 months ago

Hi Michelle. Welcome back, you look great. Your hair looks simply Mahvelus! The Casa Madrid Granada bowls were my favorite. And the Camp Grandma cookie plate is adorable!

pat goff
pat goff 2 months ago

Love your hair. Just gorgeous

Sherry Barnes-Stebbin

Love your videos

Christine Reed
Christine Reed 2 months ago

Those berry bowls are so pretty
And they look great for over 100 years old!
ps...I watched 2 ads all the way through
I hope it helps $$$

C H 2 months ago

Love the new opening theme and visuals, very nice!

fussycoose 2 months ago

Love the berry bowls. Always amazed at how those delicate items survived all this time.

Michele Lupe-Bowe
Michele Lupe-Bowe 2 months ago

As usual beautiful things to admire with an education. Thank you Michelle. Your hair looks gorgeous!

Will's Thrifting Ventures!


Will's Thrifting Ventures!

Hello just ran across your channel!! I Been trying to learn vintage glass!! New sub here

laceylocket1 2 months ago

Loving the Grandma Plate and The German Fine China Michelle ...I have not had any Good Finds in the Charity Shops for Ages ..My last good finds were a Stunning Lladro Figurine and a Royal Crown Derby Figurine ..

maryann thornes
maryann thornes 2 months ago

Loved the camp grandma plate. Such gorgeous glassware. Thanks Michelle.

CJ 1419
CJ 1419 2 months ago

Really cute stuff! The cookie plate is adorable!

marie teresa
marie teresa 2 months ago

You're right about not finding good bargains at Goodwill anymore. They've gone up on the prices since reopening after quarantine. I'm liking Salvation Army store much better later.
P.S. do you have any control over the ads we see? Too many Trump commercials....UGH!

Wendy N.
Wendy N. 2 months ago


Terri Lynn's Southern Home

Those berry bowls are beautiful! And that cookie plate is adorable! Thanks for posting, Michelle. I watched this video while camped out in the hall bathroom as Hurricane Zeta is passing overhead. The wind has been so loud and frightening, and this video gave me a few minutes away from it. Always love to watch your videos!

Avant Gardener
Avant Gardener 2 months ago

Hey neighbor! Melbourne here also! I'll say hi if I see ya out thrifting. Great stuff! Great knowledge!

Helen Baysinger
Helen Baysinger 2 months ago

Hey. The EBay link, isn't working?? Great video😊😊

LucyVanPelt 2 months ago

The Grandma plate is AD😍REABLE! The berry bowls were very beautiful. A really great haul. You look glam with your tan and your hair looks great! Keep up whatever you are doing! 👍🏼🥰

DD Green
DD Green 2 months ago

I love your hair!!!

Piper Smith
Piper Smith 2 months ago


Lorna F
Lorna F 2 months ago

Mehri T
Mehri T 2 months ago

Great video ilovet thanks for sharing.

Rosemary 2 months ago

Thank you Michelle! Wonderful haul as usual!

Love Beaches
Love Beaches 2 months ago

Hi Michelle, another great haul. Adorable hair today!

CJ Bailey
CJ Bailey 2 months ago

awesome pieces!

Alisa Vogt
Alisa Vogt 2 months ago

Just loved that camp grandma plate. I didn't realize there was a book. My nerves cam to spend the summer after I retired from the Navy and they called it Camp Abuelita and it reminded me if that time!

Michelle Lehman
Michelle Lehman 2 months ago

I need to take you with me shopping. Everything I see I wonder what would Michelle do??

thruErinseyes 2 months ago

Wow you can spot such cool stuff! I wish I could go with you sometime. How fun! And your tan looks AMAZING!

Thrift Queen
Thrift Queen 2 months ago

Very nice haul! Hey Michelle!!!

fanorama1 2 months ago

my sales suddenly picked up.. hoping yours do too!

Pam Clift
Pam Clift 2 months ago

Oh my! Can't pick just one this time as my favorite. Loved it all!

Lisa Ioannou
Lisa Ioannou 2 months ago

Great items. You look fabulous. Love your hair.

Like Me Or Don’t
Like Me Or Don’t 2 months ago

I received my notification and I vouldnt click over fast enough! You always find the best stuff.
I love your haul videos almost as much as I love peeking at your private collections.

JRS JRS 2 months ago

Michelle, why do you think it is getting harder to find good pieces? Are people not donating, are they being snapped up or are they overpriced? 😘